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Birth Control 101 | ilikeweylie

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Please THUMBS UP this video if you've been waiting for this video & found it interesting or helpful! PLEASE READ ME.... P.S. My hair is not as yellow as it looks in the video! I filmed it on a gloomy day and the artificial light made my hair look really brassy and yellow. Just wanted to warn ya because I was pretty surprised by how yellow it looked on camera. lol A lot of you have been asking me about birth control pills ever since I mentioned it in my vlogs a while back. In this video, I share with you guys what I know about birth control methods and where you can find more information on it. I ain't no doctor, so please refer to your own doctor for more information/advice if you plan on starting birth control. This is just general information about MANY different methods. Like any medication, there are risks and many other factors to consider, so please do your own research as well! I am not encouraging anyone to start using birth control methods. This video is made to inform those of you who are curious about birth control and hopefully help you guys understand it better and know the health risk and benefits from it. All the info I shared in this video is from my personal experiences, speaking with my own doctor, and http://www.plannedparenthood.org. I'm sure I missed a lot more information about this topic and I would love to make a part 2 to fill you guys in on more information. I would include it all in this video, but ain't nobody got time for a 50 minute video. LOL. So please, leave any questions you have down below and I will get back to you in the comments or a part 2 for this topic. ______________________________________ C O U P O N ♥ C O D E S: My favorite brand of false eyelashes: V E L O U R ♥ L A S H E S http://www.velourlashes.com Use code "WEYLIEVELOUR" for 15% off your purchase My favorite subscription box! W A N T A B L E B O X http://bit.ly/TheWantableBox What I whiten my teeth with: W H I T E N I N G ♥ L I G H T N I N G http://www.whiteninglightning.com Use code 'weylie' for 25% off the entire site Use code 'wkit' for Dial A Smile Kit $59 Use code 'wcombo' for Dial A Smile Combo $65 Use code 'weylie20' for 2 whitening pens $20 My favorite masks for acne and back acne: G L A M ♥ G L O W http://www.glamglowmud.com US ONLY, valid through Oct. 31, 2014 Use code 'weylie20' for 20% off your purchase! ____________________________________ NOT SPONSORED! ____________________________________ Please Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ilikeweylie Connect with me! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/callmeweylie FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/callmeweylie Instagram: http://instagram.com/weylie Tumblr: http://callmeweylie.tumblr.com Business Inquiries ONLY: weylie2011@yahoo.com Wah's (my boyfriend) & my vlog channel: http://www.youtube.com/WahlieTV Thanks for watching! See you on my vlog channel or next video! Hey girl hey! I'm Weylie, welcome to my channel! I'm the sister you never had.....or the sister you never wanted. Haha My videos consist of hair, beauty, advice, and anything random...really. Previous Video:
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Text Comments (1384)
swathi (1 month ago)
Anyone used Taytulla so far ? I just started.
yingying ang (2 months ago)
Hi, I’ve been bleeding for more than two weeks since I taken combination pills, it’s my first time on pill. Is that normal?
TSMPimpDaddyPain (2 months ago)
Why do people go through all the trouble of researching and finding the right birth control option and then end up using condoms anyway?
Elham Hemat (2 months ago)
oh a channel for prostitutes .
J Ch (4 months ago)
This is so helpful! Thank you! I just have one question about bcp (21 pills). It says that take it on the first day of the period - take it for 21 days consistently - a 7 day break - then start a new packet. But if my next period started a few days earlier or a few days later, then the break would be less or longer than 7 days. Do i stick with the 7 day rule? or do I just take it on the first day of every period whenever it starts?
Kamilla Iqbal (4 months ago)
Try them 4 acNE but beware of the hormones in them. I've heard they can improve period cramps too.
Felix Bruyns (6 months ago)
"'Every action which, whether in anticipation of the conjugal act, or in its accomplishment, or in the development of its natural consequences, proposes, whether as an end or as a means, to render procreation impossible' is intrinsically evil."- Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part 3, Section 2, Chapter 2, Article 6, Subsection 3, Paragraph 2370
Belkis Bakhouche (9 months ago)
ur so annoying
You’re so pretty❤️☁️
LoveMe,com (11 months ago)
Every woman should be aware of her own body and know the things that she's capable of. It's a must to always protect yourself especially the young ladies out there who are not yet ready for responsibiltes. Think for yourself because opportunities lies ahead of you.
Supreme (11 months ago)
Are u Chinese or Japanese
Supreme (11 months ago)
You talk way to fast. It's annoying.
Jessica Mason (1 year ago)
Nurx App is Awesome for Birth Control too!! If you hate going to the Doctor to get your Birth Control I recommend this! promo code RUBY-DYDQ to get $20 off. If you have insurance it uses it the same way if you were to go in. Doctors through the app ask you a couple question and if everything is ok they send your pills through the mail. I mean really no Pap Smears!!!!!! Ladies!!! By all means, if you have extra things that need check ups go in but if u know you are fine and just need the Birth Control try this...... amazing and Hazzle Free For Sure. I love it!!
Try Kylena.
Zyanya Garcia (1 year ago)
You forgot IUDs
HUM R (1 year ago)
Anyone have any comments about sprintec?
chelsgomes (1 year ago)
Once I started a steady relationship, I decided to get on birth control pills (Microgynon) and it was the best decision ever. It is highly reliable if you take it everyday at around the same time, did not give me any side effects, I did not notice any weight gain or change in mood. A big plus is that is helps with acne and also lightens your periods considerably! Been taking it 8 months now and I'm continuing to 😊👍🏼
petch from texas (1 year ago)
I'm 14 and I feel like I should start taking it. I'm in a relationship and I feel like it's better to be safe than sorry even though I'm not active.
Hurr DurrDurr (1 year ago)
Plan B is an *emergency* birth control. In other words, it should be a last result that you keep in a safe place, right next to some pink dye pregnancy tests. (Btw, if you have birth control pills, you can take two pills that start your period. It's the same as Plan B.) Please be careful out there and protect yourself anyways. The pill isn't​ 100% (not even emergency contraceptives like Plan B,) and STDs should also be a concern. Wear a condom! Get tested, go to your doctor! Peace.
Aria Lynn (1 year ago)
My birth control was free (: I just started today✨
a bc (1 year ago)
6:20 is where she starts talking about birth control pills
jennifer brackett (1 year ago)
My mom always tell me birth control is bad for you because the hormones have no where to go once they're in your body. She got a bowling ball size tumor in her stomach from taking birth control ( that's what she thinks caused it) so she won't let me get on birth control. I'm 18 and I do have sex with my bf ( with a condom of course) but I really want to go on birth control to be extra safe. My mom would literally never let me go on it and there's no convincing her. Anybody have any advice?!? 🤔 also I really don't want to spend money on birth control and I can't go through my health insurance or my mom will find out. Help plz :)
XNqv (1 year ago)
I am very very very sorry for asking this but what camera are you using? It is AMAZING... And yes, I am a man, trying to help my wife decide what to do... I want babies, she's the one saying NOT NOW :D
Selena Wassell-Waa (1 year ago)
I've tried the pill but then I came off it because I keep forget to take it and everything, then I tried the depo and I didn't like it as it caused to many side effects for me personally so I've decided to go back to the pill ( the combined pill) because it's best for my body seeing as I have a hormone imbalance so I highly recommend taking it if you have a hormone imbalance and wish to go on birth control pills.
Jessica Nikita (1 year ago)
I want to take birth control pills for my severe period pain ( not for sex 😂) but will I get depressed ?? Because people say that and I'm scared cause I'm already stressed. Did you also gain weight ? Where did you gain weight ? Did your breasts only get bigger ?
Jody Schulz (1 year ago)
how long does the pill take to work.
Destiny Price (1 year ago)
Did your doctors recommend you to go on any vitamins once you started birth control?
Stone Cold (2 years ago)
can i have sex exactly on the 7th day i started birth control and btw i started on Sunday but i was not on my period need help asap
Yuukixo (2 years ago)
Can anyone help me, I missed one day of my birth control its Sunday and I always take it on Sunday and I've been on BC for 6 months now this is my first time missing bc so do I take 2 tomorrow morning? the sunday and monday pill tomorrow as soon as possible?? I always take my birth control at 10 pm but I can't get my birth control right now because my pharmacy is closed
Madison Joyner (2 years ago)
Yuukixo - my BC says if it's your first time missing, take the pill as soon as you remember it (in your case, it would have to be tomorrow) and then take your other pill at the normal time. That means you WOULD be taking two in one day, but you wouldn't take your second one until your actual scheduled time.
N (2 years ago)
The fucking video starts at 1:58
fobpatdrkcgp (2 years ago)
Does anyone know anything about the seasonal pills? like seasonique or seasonelle?
v pal (2 years ago)
SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! So I got my birth control, and I start my period next week..so should I take it this Sunday?? Or the Sunday after I'm done with my period! Please
Shyla Wre (2 years ago)
Carly Kennedy same
v pal (2 years ago)
Lauren Taylor okay thank you! I'm going to take it this Sunday because I'm eager to take it too haha
Lauren Taylor (2 years ago)
Carly Kennedy I don't think it matters. I was eager to start my birth control and was in the exact same situation as you! I ended up just taking it the Sunday before because let's be honest, either way your period and hormones will be messed up for the next few months!
Chardai Everett (2 years ago)
i took one pill today and i feel feverish a head ache neasua and my lower back is in so much pain i wanna cut it out
Maternity Pregnancy (2 years ago)
You can put the patch anywhere on your body pretty much
Christina Davis (2 years ago)
You start them the first Sunday after your period right?
If you missed taking the all active pill by over a day, is it safe to take morning after pills as an extra countermeasure?
Annie Chen (2 years ago)
Anyone know a good over the counter birth control brand? I am looking for something to regulate my periods mainly & I am not sexually active at moment.
Lilyanne 10602 (2 years ago)
Annie Chen right now I am taking alysena. But I just started so I have no indication if it's gonna regulate my period yet but hopefully it will over some time of taking it.
Gee Cee (2 years ago)
I'm 22 & I have been on the birth control pill since 18. I don't ever want children so I plan to stay on birth control possibly for life (yes my doctor says this is safe especially since I don't smoke). I rarely am sexually active so that's a plus too. Besides no pregnancy, it helped my acne and prevents ovarian cysts. No complaints here so far.
Caroline Chalue (2 years ago)
You can put the patch anywhere on your body pretty much
an d (2 years ago)
I just started taking the birth control pill and I'm slightly paranoid on some side affects. Is it true that it can increase the chances of you getting breast cancer, other types of cancer, blood clots, heart attacks etc?
heyshaybee (2 years ago)
an d it actually reduces the probability of getting ovarian cancer! It can increase blood pressure but ya know just keep an eye on ya BP
Kitty_Plays (2 years ago)
I've had my period everyday since November, I'm using the implant that goes in your arm. I prefer it over normal periods because I have no cramps, no PMS, no tenderness of my breasts or anything like that. I think it's great. Obviously it varies for people, I have two friends that have it too, and they went back to their normal cycle after 3 months. Everyone's different.
Mason George (2 years ago)
Guys please help me. Me and my gf just started having sex. She is on birth control pills I don't know which kind. I have never came in her and I never wear a condom. Do you think precum can get her pregnant? Thank you guys so much
nyah Pittman (2 years ago)
Birth control isn't 100% crontraceptive so yes,she could still get pregnant though it's not as likely...I recommend you buy condoms,there's no such thing as "too much" contraceptives,aha. And if you have any more questions you can kick me:) @nyah.pittman
Mason George (2 years ago)
+Brijonna Rockett thank you I have more questions do you have a kik or something?
Brijonna Rockett (2 years ago)
She can't get pregnant if she's on birth control and takes it everyday:)
Nikki Jones (2 years ago)
Learn about natural methods of birth control...neem oil, wild carrot seed and penny royal.
Ashley Cartagena (2 years ago)
I'm sixteen years old and I need birth control to regulate my period, but my mom is completely against me going on birth control although my period often skips months sometimes, bleed heavily within a short period, had awful cramps and weakness, and even nearly passed out twice (my vision was darkening). am I able to get birth control without her knowing?? my doctor recommended a visit to the gyno but bc she mentioned me probably needing birth control, my mom refuses to take me but my periods are such a pain. is there a way for me to get birth control without her finding out?
J D (2 years ago)
I totally feel for you when I was 16 my mom did the same to me when in reality I just wanted the BCP for my period problems lol! So when I was 17 the doctor got mad at her (my family doctor) and she finally agreed to let me go on the pill. So tbh when you turn 17/18 your mom might let it slide. My mom just didn't want me to go on it at a young age. Also if you have heavy periods get your iron levels checked! Iron is a mineral found in blood and that is lost when we're on our periods. My iron was 25 and the normal is like 70! So I take iron supplements (blood builder mega food tablets) and I'm doing better now. The BCP will get rid of the cramps and regulate your period and the iron tablets will make you feel better since anemia can make you tired, dizzy, drowsy, etc.
Dalia M (2 years ago)
use projectruby (its a website) its about $20 per pack to order online. but go to planned parent first so they can recommend a brand, then just choose the generic kind of that, example I was perscribed orthysia, which can be known by several other names, just find the one that lists the brand you were perscribed as comparable to. just a suggestion, make sure you read the reviews and see if this is a good option for you. personally i use it and like it.
cristinahh (2 years ago)
Planned parenthood is awesome gal !! It's confidential (nobody will know but you) and it's free
Shannon Fleming (2 years ago)
If you have a plan parent good near you, you can go and it is free!!
Maddie Schulz (2 years ago)
For the most part you should be able to get them through your doc with full confidence that it will be confidential. You might need to get a job and pay over the counter, but it's not that bad. Mine maybe costs $35 at the priciest pharmacy. However you probably have to be at least the age of consent (assuming you're in the states.) I had to be 16, I know other states have it higher and some lower though. Hope that helps 😊
briana magana (2 years ago)
Weylie, have you by any chance purposely skipped your period? the doctor told me that with the pills, you're allowed to sometimes just go right on to the next packet& skip the placebo pills & it'll skip your period in case I'd ever want to. have you done so? & if so, did you trust it/felt comfortable? 😮 hope to hear from you.
Navreet Sidhu (2 years ago)
It is not recommended by doctors. U could have long time negative effects like cancer or never having children. Don't to it
briana magana (2 years ago)
+Kacy Aragon thanks! I'm suppose to get my monthly "gift" -.- next week but have been spotting nonstop for a week straight already. has this happened to you?
Kacy Aragon (2 years ago)
I do it all the time & I feel fine doing it.
Ari .M. (2 years ago)
Is the whole blood clotting, strokes and heart attack real? I wanna take it for my acne and breast enlargement (cause I'm extremely insecure about it) so i was planning on taking it for around a year-ish and I'm kinda scared now.
Marietta Herrera (2 years ago)
It's more of an issue if your a smoker.
Destiny Moet (2 years ago)
I got my first depo shot in January of 2016 and shortly after experienced non stop bleeding. I went back to my clinic a little before the 3rd month mark when I was due for my second shot and they told me that if I went on the pill it'll help stop my bleeding(I never got a second shot). Almost immediately after being on the pill I stopped bleeding but towards the middle/end of the pack I started bleeding again (before the bleeding I was experiencing brown discharge) I finished the pack and never started the second pack because I wanted to give my body a break from all those hormones. I haven't stopped bleeding since the end of April. I went back to my clinic about two weeks ago and they put me on a different set of pills (combination pills this time) and it's almost my third week in and I'm still bleeding! What should I do?
xxnikki0330xx (2 years ago)
Hey guys, I've been wanting to get some birth control pills to help regulate my period and hormones (and also if I decide to become sexually active). How can I get these without my mom finding out? (she's conservative and asian, enough said haha) Can I get them for free? I'm 16 years old, btw
Lilyanne 10602 (2 years ago)
xxnikki0330xx you can get them for free if you get them prescribed by your doctor like I did and I'm 14 and taking them for the same reasons.
ShoppingBunny (2 years ago)
You can order them off an app like lemonade, nurx and many more. You get a consultation with a doctor and they give you a prescription. You can either have it mailed to you or you can pick it up at the pharmacy. I'm not sure how old you have to be but check it out. And they accept insurance.
xCheriiHaruka (2 years ago)
xxnikki0330xx if you live near a planned parenthood they usually give it to you for free if your under 18.
xxnikki0330xx (2 years ago)
+Hana Kim Good luck!!!!
hana (2 years ago)
+xxnikki0330xx okay thank you so much! my friend gave me 2 months of birth control but I'm gonna ask my mom for them for "cramps" haha
Emma A (2 years ago)
I love u sista!!!!!!! This was soooo helpful❤️
80sLoveV (2 years ago)
is it important take the Sugar pills ..I got the Comb pills but some people have told me I don't need to take the Sugar pills.. it's my first time taking birth control pills
Ellynn Sy (2 years ago)
+cupkvp you dont need to take the sugar pills. its just there to help you get used to taking pills everyday
Priya Singh (2 years ago)
hey my boyfriend an I had sex but he didn't break in me can I get pregnant
Candice Jackson (2 years ago)
If you're on birth control no, but if you are not yes you can get pregnant, precum can contain sperm c:
Kestra Camara (2 years ago)
Love your background 😍
jealousteenager (2 years ago)
my birth control is me watching my 3 year old niece
Ker Dunne (1 year ago)
Same I watch my 5 year old brother and it's all but inverted my womb forever. XD
I relate to this except, younger brothers 😂
xxlovelaughlivexx20 (2 years ago)
In August 2015 I had my first form of birth control. I went on depo. It's a shot once every three months. And I hated it, in November 2015 I never took my second shot. About 4-5 months I let my body have a break, now today, I went to get birth control, which is the pill called Alysena
Blue Berry (2 years ago)
I hated the shot. I had my period three times in one month.
zarahxlove96 (2 years ago)
I was on the pill for 3 packs and it messed my body up so bad. I've been bleeding nearly everyday. My doctor switched me to the IUD and I'm still bleeding nearly everyday. I just wanted to know if any other people have this experience
zarahxlove96 (2 years ago)
+Blue Berry it was like a week or two into it. Everyone's different but it was terrible. I'm finally on a schedule with my period with my IUD.
Blue Berry (2 years ago)
Hey, when did you start bleeding? I just started the pill. I'm going to take my 5th pill in 5.5 hours.
Danna Kate Lee Velarde (2 years ago)
i took the pills and its been two weeks. i only experienced nausea and bloating but i did not experience spotting, what does it means?
Lizeth Prospero (2 years ago)
+Blue Berry lol
Blue Berry (2 years ago)
Dezzi Stone (2 years ago)
I have an alarm.m set for my pills and it help me take it on time everyday! Haven't missed of been longer then 45 mins late
Blue Berry (2 years ago)
Same here. I set a reminder on my iPad & iPhone for 8:00 pm every night. Last night, I was in the car & I did not have water, so I hit my 15 minute button. Thank God I did bc I totally forgot about taking my pill. I was sittin on the couch, watching tv, & playing with my iPad. All of a sudden my alarm went off 15 minutes later & I was like ohhh yeahhh. I love the pill bc it makes me feel like I'm in control. I love taking it daily. It's not hard to remember taking it daily if you own an alarm. I don't like the idea of a foreign object just chilling in me for birth control, so the pill is definitely for me! 😀 I would hate to have to see a doctor to get my arm cut open just to remove my birth control. That's crazy to me.
PrincessLuLu (2 years ago)
Plan B &generic equivalents can be sold on store shelves to anyone regardless of age or gender and you can buy as many as you want whenever you want. Some stores still have them over the counter or in a security box, but mainly when there's a theft problem. You can still get them as prescriptions but it's no longer required. Some 2-pill packs (not as effective) and one called Ella (its stronger and good for ppl who can't take levrostongel) have to get some type of prescription. All of this is official for the FDA
PrincessLuLu (2 years ago)
+Blue Berry No problem! I am happy to help
Blue Berry (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for the information. I just started taking birth control pills n wanted to know about plan b encase i ever forgot to take a pill I actually took plan b 11 years ago but that was when you needed a prescription
Tia Nahbexie (2 years ago)
What Age Do You Have To Be To Take Birth Control???? :/
Tia Nahbexie (2 years ago)
+Justine Ramirez okay thanks!!! :)
Justine Ramirez (2 years ago)
You don't have to be a specific set age to be on birth control. Just ask your doctor for a prescription :) For the plan b pill, or morning after pill, it varies though. In my state you have to be 17 to get it over the counter, but like I said it varies.
Jessica Davenport (2 years ago)
Hi. How are you? My name is Jessica Davenport. I feel that young girls either are misinformed or overlook the dangers of blood clots, strokes and death. I know when I started birth control at 16 I had no clue about the dangers. And had a huge curveball thrown at me at 19 when I had a massive brain stem stroke from birth control. Who knew something so little could cause something like this? I am 31 and my life is completely different from 19. As much as I hate what happened to me and my new normal every day, I wouldn't change it! I mean seriously who would give up their fabulous handicap parking? Lol. I still completely agree with the use of birth control but you need to know the dangers before starting the medication. Over 3000 women in the United States have died from strokes or embolisms due to birth control and it's my mission to stop it! And just recently I read about a 17 year old girl that died from this. 17! That could have been your friend! Please help me spread the knowledge of the dangers of birth control. If my story makes one person stop and think that's enough for me. So now it's my life's calling to inform all people especially girls about the dangers of birth control and tell them about their numerous options. I already have a Facebook, Twitter, Blog and Youtube channel. But those don't get to nearly enough people. You all helping me would reach so many people and be greatly appreciated! If you're a teacher or run an organization around Wilmington, De and want me to come speak about the possible dangers of birth control email me! (or if you're farther we can Skype). Please help me fulfill my life’s passion. Thanks, Jessica
hot pink (2 years ago)
hello I been on birth control pills for a month now but I have bleeding cramps and spotting without cramps sometimes what's doe's this mean
Brittni Harriss (2 years ago)
Give the pills a couple months. Your body is not quite used to them yet. It will take a while for your body to get used to the change
justwayne (3 years ago)
Plan B is three days honey!
SuJu ELF since 2009 (2 years ago)
+Daniela Prescott it's 3 days for plan b and 5 days for Ella.
Emily Elizabeth (2 years ago)
+Daniela Prescott it's actually most effective within 48 hours, the longer you wait the lower the accuracy
Daniela Prescott (3 years ago)
It's actually 5 days it just works best within 3 days Ella works better js :)
kiwifruitkl (3 years ago)
This is a good brief outlook on birth control pills, patches, shots, etc. Wow, I can't believe girls in your high school started using birth control. So young. I wonder how they managed to have sex without their parents noticing. They must have a lot of privacy in their lives, and/or their parents choose a healthcare plan for them that covers birth controls. I've noticed that most of the mentioned birth control methods mentioned in this video are hormonal, which means that they do not protect you against STIs. So, you can still contract oral or genital herpes from an infected partner (it just takes once), and you can still get HPV, the cause of genital warts and cervical cancer. Sometimes, it doesn't hurt just to be abstinent or be monogamous with a person who has always chosen absolute abstinence. That method doesn't work for everybody, but for the people that do benefit from abstinence, it really pays off in the long run.
Blue Berry (2 years ago)
I'm 27 & I began having sex when I was 15. My friends began having sex when they were 14. It's not strange for girls in high school to be on birth control also you look very stupid judging girls in high school or being on birth control bc I know many people who used birth control BEFORE they began having sex. Yes, it's the main reason why ppl use it. And? Just bc it's the main reason does t mean everyone in high school on birth control is having sex. I'm a mom and I will put my daughter on birth control the second she asks. I don't care how old she is. I'll even tell her about it and ask her if she would like to try it to try to get rid of her period or lighten it.
kiwifruitkl (2 years ago)
+Abigail Bruce Yes, but the main purpose of birth control (pills and shots) is to use it as birth control. The ingredients of birth control pills may also be used to regulate cycles or prevent endometrial hyperplasia. The fact that the ingredients in birth control pills and shots can also be used to treat endometrial hyperplasia does not undermine the benefits of sexual abstinence. For one thing, sexual abstinence can be used as birth control as well as STD prevention. Hormonal birth control has never been about STD prevention, but about fertility control and therapy.
Abigail Bruce (2 years ago)
+kiwifruitkl you do realize birth control isn't just for sex. You use them for other things too.
Abigail Bruce (2 years ago)
+kiwifruitkl you do realize birth control isn't just for sex. You use them for other things too.
Daniela Prescott (2 years ago)
+kiwifruitkl lmao no shit I didn't use good grammar
TheARTistic7 (3 years ago)
disclaimer you CANNOT be ovulating when you take the morning after pill plan b, first choice, etc. It will not work. I just had a baby and I took the pill the same day I had sex.
Samantha Schaefer (2 years ago)
I have taken plan b while ovulating and it worked. I dont think that it failed because you were ovulating because that is the only time you can get pregnant so if the pill didnt work at that time than it wouldnt work at all
Queen Kamo (3 years ago)
wtf? i thought birth control pills are basically supposed to stop periods... hm.. alright then.
SuJu ELF since 2009 (2 years ago)
+sara elisabeth it depends on the pill. Some pills can let the user have their period every 3 months. And some does regulate the period.
Blue Berry (2 years ago)
Lol nope
Queen Kamo (3 years ago)
well damn .-.
sara elisabeth (3 years ago)
No they just regulate them and make them more manageable
Madara Bogdānova (3 years ago)
how much it costs
Blue Berry (2 years ago)
Free unless u make a lot of money
ZSAZSA RODEO (3 years ago)
Blue Berry (2 years ago)
FernZii (3 years ago)
can u get an implant under 18? i been trying to search for the answer..
Erika Torres (2 years ago)
What implant
Truth Teller (3 years ago)
The only safe form of birth control are copper (non-hormonal) I.U.D.'s, and condoms. The rest (hormonal) will only make you crazy, completely change who you are, and they even affect the types of males you are attracted to. Women taking hormonal birth control are proven to be more attracted to more feminine-looking men. This is not natural. Hormonal birth control is pure poison for women. Blood clots and strokes are also very common, as well as hair loss and weight gain.
Truth Teller (2 years ago)
+Sarah Martin The change is in the subconscious mind. You won't even realize it. They've done studies on it. Men and women are being toyed with on amazing levels with xenoestrogens.
Sarah Martin (2 years ago)
the only problem for me was when I first started it I got really emotional but then I was fine. didn't change who I was at all
Truth Teller (3 years ago)
The only safe form of birth control are copper (non-hormonal) I.U.D.'s, and condoms. The rest (hormonal) will only make you crazy, completely change who you are, and they even affect the types of males you are attracted to. Women taking hormonal birth control are proven to be more attracted to more feminine-looking men. This is not natural. Hormonal birth control is pure poison for women. Blood clots and strokes are also very common, as well as hair loss and weight gain.
howtopasstime (3 years ago)
Is it important to take the combination pills every day at the same time? I've been taking them for a week but I always take them between like a 6 hour ish time window, before I go to sleep. Which can be like 10-3 am.
Blue Berry (2 years ago)
You're definitely fucking up bad you need to take the pills at e a try the same time for example I always take mine at 8 pm
Daniela Prescott (3 years ago)
+howtopasstime OMG Noo you have to take them everyday and the same time
Vivian Valencia (3 years ago)
If you take it in a 6hr window it will be less effective and you will be more likely to get pregnant
howtopasstime (3 years ago)
+Kong Le but I heard that's only for the progestin pills and not the combination pills
Kong Le (3 years ago)
Yes, you're supposed to take the pills everyday at the same time everyday. I heard it won't be effective if you don't do so
Sania Khan (3 years ago)
Hy I have a really important question to. Ask: so does your birth control method causes facial or body hair?
Blue Berry (2 years ago)
No u get less
Hannah Schneider (3 years ago)
I love you're videos. u make being a girl less awkward. and tell us things we need to know. I even watched you're vidoe on "how to insert a tampon" cuz I was new at using them. but I laughed. you're amazing!! and I'm 16 btw. and I'm on birth control. today is my first day. it's a medical reson. it has nothing to do with sex.
Rebekah J. (3 years ago)
I was just put on the pill, because I have my period every 2 weeks. I have been told that it can cause cancer of the reproductive system, is that true?
Jada (2 years ago)
+Rebekah-Rose Jones its supposed to lower your risk of cervical cancer!
Rebekah J. (2 years ago)
thanks I wasn't sure
Emily Elizabeth (2 years ago)
+Rebekah-Rose Jones very unlikely
Jae Brooks (3 years ago)
OMG vaginas are so complicated and scary
philip k (3 years ago)
Very helpful video. As a male, I never truly understood how much maintenance females had to do in order to stay healthy. Thanks for the insight
Blue Berry (2 years ago)
Healthy? There's nothing unhealthy about women who aren't on birth control lol. Birth control is taken to prevent pregnancy & sometimes abstinent girls or women take it for their periods.
Erika Torres (2 years ago)
Hannah Brown (3 years ago)
does a gynecologist have to look down there for you to get birth control pills?
Hannah Brown (2 years ago)
+Blue Berry birth control pills can be used for other things than having sex, it can be used for other things like regulating your period, that's why I'm asking. and I'm only 15 so no I wouldn't be using it to keep me from getting pregnant I would use it to regulate my period. you sound really immature bc you don't even know what birth control is used for.
Blue Berry (2 years ago)
Why are you worried about a doctor looking down there to get birth control? And you do realize that a doctor will have to not only look down there put look inside down there and stick things inside you once a year or more once you become sexually active? If the first thing on your mind is whether or not the doctor has to look down there in order to get birth control, then you sound way too immature to even be having sex.
Candace Lee (3 years ago)
No they don't have to.
adorexalyssa (3 years ago)
+Hannah Brown some doctors make you , and some don't . it's basically so they can check for cervical cancer , yeast infections , ect .
Hannah Brown (3 years ago)
why +adorexalyssa
wtb- life (3 years ago)
Have you ever had an paranormal experience ? If yes please a video , love you girlfriend 😘😘
Karlee Huynh (3 years ago)
I've been taking birth control at night for a week now & I've been nauseous randomly when I wake up in the middle of the night (4 P.M.) & I didn't have my period, can birth control make you miss a period? (I haven't had sex in the past 2 months.)
Daniela Prescott (3 years ago)
If your on the progestin birth controls the lucky side effect is that you don't get a period and no this isn't bad for you :)
lomaine sam (3 years ago)
Yes it can, but you shouldn't miss more than one. So if you miss it twice without skipping the placebo week your best bet would be to take a test
Kara Smith (3 years ago)
Be careful with antibiotics ladies or ANY medication you take while relying on birth control pills alone! I got a UTI and they told me it made my pill inactive so please be careful!
Kara Smith (3 years ago)
The UTI antibiotic** sorry :-)
jasmine qq (3 years ago)
Use condoms.
The Cabal (3 years ago)
+jasmine qq Thats not fun
Mnemosyne (3 years ago)
I'm watching this video as revision for child development so I get to watch my favourite youtuber as revision 😂😄
Minhateu (3 years ago)
How do you get off of using birth control? Like when you want a baby? Sorry I'm clueless
Minhateu (3 years ago)
+Tiana Sharp thank you! :)
Tiana Sharp (3 years ago)
That's probably not true for most girls. Once you stop taking birth control you just go on living life. That maybe true for someone, but it's rare. The absolute best advice I could give is go talk to a doctor. They'll know the answer:)
Minhateu (3 years ago)
i was told if you stop taking them something will go wrong is that true?
Tiana Sharp (3 years ago)
+Minhateu You just stop taking it. If its a birth control that is inserted inside your body, then you need to speak with your doctor about having it removed. It may take a little time to get pregnant after you stop taking them, due to your hormones balancing out. Besides that you should be able to get pregnant after you stop using birth control. Everyone is different but that's the gist. Hope that helped:)
Diana Morfin (3 years ago)
I want to know about weight gain when taking the pills!! plzzzz. I know its different for every one but I want to hear your opinion and if you've experience it or some you know has ?
Daniela Prescott (3 years ago)
The Depo shot's common side effect is weight gain but I didn't gain or loose any The combination pill works best to maintain your weight if you try to loose and or gain you will :)
Truth Teller (3 years ago)
+Diana Morfin The only safe form of birth control are copper (non-hormonal) I.U.D.'s, and condoms. The rest (hormonal) will only make you crazy, completely change who you are, and they even affect the types of males you are attracted to. Women taking hormonal birth control are proven to be more attracted to more feminine-looking men. This is not natural. Hormonal birth control is pure poison for women. Blood clots and strokes are also very common, as well as hair loss and weight gain.
char (3 years ago)
I take the pills and I I have been on it since November of 2014 and this is the first month I haven't had a period.
ShellAlexandra (3 years ago)
Super informative! Love your personality :)
KarlaO1986 (3 years ago)
Plan B is an EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTIVE! not to be used as a regular form or birth control. That shit can make you sterile.
KarlaO1986 (3 years ago)
The patch drove me nuts
mg gm (3 years ago)
Have anyone heard of a process called the mirena? And if someone has it what are the side effects you are having?
Alayna Fonville (3 years ago)
Is it true that you have to have a pap smear done before you can get on birth control no matter what age??
Susannah Gilliland (3 years ago)
Squirrel! 😂 hahaha!
Riana (3 years ago)
Is it true that they make your boobies bigger?
Miah 101 (1 year ago)
Riana Depends on you ... It didn't work for me.
BlissfulAngie (3 years ago)
I'm taking combination pills and I have not had any problems with it so far. One thing I really liked about it is that it cleared up my acne! :)
Catherine Helberg (3 years ago)
She is my new favorite YouTuber . Love her energy
Susan Brownfield (3 years ago)
Interesting to know: http://www.theguardian.com/news/video/2015/jun/22/the-pill-could-could-birth-control-methods-kill-you-video
PurplePearlVoice007 (3 years ago)
Some people lose weight i was 90lbs now im over to 150... Ugh...
PurplePearlVoice007 (3 years ago)
Going to dr to end this or something cuz my symptoms: Emotional mood swings Hair growth (face and arms) Moderate Depression/ Suicidal thoughts Paranoia(mild/moderate)
PurplePearlVoice007 (3 years ago)
Shot sux!!!
PurplePearlVoice007 (3 years ago)
Never TAKE DEPO PROVERA!! U gain weight!
PurplePearlVoice007 (3 years ago)
Could u do reasearch on Depo Provera?

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