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Drive-Thru Guy Has the Best Voice You Have Ever Heard

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More from Inside Edition: http://bit.ly/2bF0iuC Josh Lewis might truly have one of the best voices you'll ever hear from the speaker of a drive-thru. While working at a Wendy's in Florida, he uses a movie trailer-esque voice when taking people's orders and speaking with customers.
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4N1M3_ FR34K (5 days ago)
Wendy’s rule
Nolan AKA Juicy fart (5 days ago)
Byron .d (8 days ago)
This does not sound like a movie trailer voice
Sabriyya Harris (8 days ago)
Just4Fun (8 days ago)
He should work as a commentator for WWE!! HIT LIKES IF YOU AGREE!!! 😁😁❤❤💘💘👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Mariah Moore (8 days ago)
Cody Young (8 days ago)
a lot of ppl would complain they work at fast-food, refreshing to see someone grateful for their job
Mr. Mystery Guest (9 days ago)
check out my movie voice on p___hub. my username is assman20182018
Mr. Mystery Guest (9 days ago)
Rob Schneider?
DeMarco Cruz (9 days ago)
If y'all think this is something you guys have never been to the zaxbys on cypress garden
HssRamm_Fifa _ (9 days ago)
Sponsored By Wendy's
Trou!ble (9 days ago)
Is he the person that roasts people
Cat Bird (9 days ago)
What has world come to? I can talk dumb like that, hire me! Lmao
JoshPlayz-_ (10 days ago)
He sounds like those people that tell you to keep your hand and feet in the rides at all times
Kim (10 days ago)
Awesome voice !
Alyssa Gaming (10 days ago)
Hearts for Christ (10 days ago)
This man is fire 🔥 I love how he took something bad and made it good!
Miggs Master (11 days ago)
Me: Oh this is in my recommend, he must have an Elmo voice. *One minute and thirty seconds later* Me: Wait...he didn’t have an Elmo voice?.....THEN WHY TF DIS IN MY RECOMMEND!?!?!?!?!?!
Jackson S (11 days ago)
Josh is the coolest!
Pedro C (11 days ago)
Is not the voice.. Is the Attitude 😎
zSyphe (12 days ago)
He's sounds more like one of the people that talks on the speakers at fair rides
bernardotz (12 days ago)
Sounds likes a pedophile
Madison Buckle (12 days ago)
This dude needs a raise please
stevenrb playz (12 days ago)
Donna Woodford (12 days ago)
He's got a positive personality, could do voice overs, be an auctioneer, record books on tape. Great customer service. In Florida, he could host events as emcee in Disney world. A future with endless possibilities.
Brooke Brohammer (12 days ago)
Whitch city in Florida because I wanna meet him
Thylo YT (12 days ago)
Ill see you on Avengers 10
Prisma MLG (13 days ago)
Uncle Monty, is that you?
Sania Amirbaaz (13 days ago)
My dad works at Wendy’s to
Jordie :P (13 days ago)
Mr. Jackson (13 days ago)
4k haters thumbs down this video.
Nick Talleyrand (14 days ago)
Porn. Do Porn. It's bigger than movie industry.
Jug (14 days ago)
He should be a Sports Broadcaster
Wendy Sandoval (14 days ago)
Florida i live there yay
Alyssa Touk (14 days ago)
Omg sounds officisl
P- Star7 (14 days ago)
Hope he owns a wendy one day you could tell he works hard
P- Star7 (14 days ago)
That skills
Jonathan F (14 days ago)
This is an opinion. It should be like "this guy sounds perfectly like a commercial guy" Best voice can be anyone's opinion
Andy Saenz (14 days ago)
Wow, he's got a great voice! He should try breaking into the movie industry!
T H E P A T R I C C (15 days ago)
His voice is way better than all singers these days...
SevenDeMagnus (15 days ago)
lol, must switch career to voice acting for animated shows and films to tv announcer or boxing ring announcer like Buffer. He'll be the new voice of Rocket. God bless, Proverbs 31
KouhaiChan (15 days ago)
Running out of ideas, inside edition?
Naze (15 days ago)
Dreahh C. (15 days ago)
Sounds like that half bodied man that is always at the fair every year! Maybe he should try to apply lol
AFreeSpirit (15 days ago)
I would cringe and leave the drive thru
DominusZak (15 days ago)
This is the best voice https://youtu.be/iySs_1nJQM4
ii_sadvixbz (15 days ago)
He could be in a movie
Donnie Wallace (15 days ago)
The girl at the end was smoking hot
Sophie Official (15 days ago)
now he's 31
Sean Fisher (15 days ago)
If he shaved those pubes off his face he might have a chance to escape the orbit of fast food.
RealCole ToSpace (15 days ago)
And why did you make this
Mr. ObeseNoodle (16 days ago)
Give him a raise, this guy is just a legend
Fumi Rose (16 days ago)
It’s not like movie trailer it’s like the voice of like a bidder. I don’t know maybe it’s just me
Kamron Latimer (16 days ago)
If I was on the other end I would just think it just a wired dude
Random Stuff (17 days ago)
0:34 😂😂
leroy jenkins (20 days ago)
Hire him for what lady? We're not running no escort service here. FREAK!
Dre12008 (20 days ago)
He Should Just Be A Voice Actor
Fifty Shades Of Cringe (20 days ago)
“movie trailer voice” i thought hes the recantation of the old oxy clean guy
chill chill (22 days ago)
brought a smile.to my face lovely chap
Joshua Samuel (23 days ago)
He has a great name
no one (24 days ago)
Best voice is a guys tired voice
samantha ouk (24 days ago)
It sounds like a commercial
callmehsky (25 days ago)
Is it just me or he sounds like music man from Fnaf Ultimate Costum Night?
A _ Cash (25 days ago)
This is why i like wendys
Alex (26 days ago)
Strange Waffle Guy (26 days ago)
Who really cares though? Is this the best news you could find. I'm not on the edge ofy seat because some guy has a great and enthusiastic voice.
JTConner (26 days ago)
he's not black so he's not going on Ellen anytime soon
Rizers Wolf (27 days ago)
On the thumbnail i was expecting mario’s voice....im not the only one right?....
Sophia Covolesky (27 days ago)
McDonald’s is quaking
Nikolas Carmichael (27 days ago)
WoW that girl was smokin hot..! (Customer) Further more.., he does have an "announcers voice"
Bayan __ (27 days ago)
Jason Muniz Sanchez (27 days ago)
Hope he does phone sex soon.
He makes people feel happy
Kollteltel person (28 days ago)
WAIT that's the positive guy at that Wendy's I've heard him before
Jay Arzate (28 days ago)
He works at McDonald's now!😂😂
longshui ren (1 month ago)
Wendy’s is getting better. From roasting to a trailer voice. 👏🏻
Jo&kpop (1 month ago)
This voice sounds like the voice you hear in theme Parks HAHA nice one
Christopher Smith (1 month ago)
Wendy’s my favorite!
June Llantada (1 month ago)
1:08 👁 👁
Landon Lee (1 month ago)
He sounds like Funtime foxy
Sayonara (13 days ago)
I was gonna SAY THAT
josey berger (20 days ago)
golden blue (1 month ago)
He sounds like the narattor guy from JUMANJI
Sambayi Mushiyi (1 month ago)
This guy sounds better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lk_eRzO1kcs
TheDivineApple (1 month ago)
Psalm 112: 7-8 (1 month ago)
There was this young Teenager who worked the Drive Thru at Taco Bell (@ Mesa, AZ Superstition Springs on Southern - shoutout) He would bow to you before you drove off. He became a legend in his own right, needless to say.
Psalm 112: 7-8 (1 month ago)
So getting bored at Wendy's and deciding to change your tone of voice lands you a spot on Inside Edition these days?
Darrell James (1 month ago)
Dam its wendys too
Pinknight :D (1 month ago)
My dad has a cooler voice
Pr0xy Gamer xD (1 month ago)
*Swaggersouls vs Josh in a voice off, pick your fighter*
Omar Abdullah (1 month ago)
That’s an annoying voice
Denise Spurlock (1 month ago)
This is what happens when you get fired from your broadcasting job.
Joana Rameriz (1 month ago)
Dude he was the guy who spoke The Godfather lmao
Francisco lopez (1 month ago)
He should work at chickfila
Andrew Lester (1 month ago)
Damn... that chic lost her panties over that
damesio jones (1 month ago)
would you like some chin hairs with that?
Mick C (1 month ago)
I would love to see where this ends . Good luck to him.
Cindy Rolle (1 month ago)
Josh...control your destiny....it will happen for you.
soda (1 month ago)
Sounds like an announcer at a race track
Luis Hernandez (1 month ago)
2 muchh
Sarah_0of (1 month ago)
K (1 month ago)
What microphone was this recorded with? The Potato 120??

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