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Build A Wooden Canoe By Hand

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We visit Cherry Bend Canoes in Bowling Green, KY where David West builds some of the most beautiful canoes you've ever seen. Hit "Subscibe" for more from Kentucky Afield! Follow @KentuckyAfield on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!
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gary24752 (5 months ago)
Are the strips cove and bead? What kind of glue do you use? Why aren't there internal ribs?
Joe O's Channel (20 days ago)
Bead and cove yes. And this type of canoe construction does not require ribs at all.
Adkins Mikkelsen (5 months ago)
If you want you can learn how to make it from woodprix woodworking plans.
Aiden6 (6 months ago)
nice work guys!
I'm so sure that you can make it too guys. Just look for woodprix.
Geera Singh Singh (10 months ago)
LIBERTY MAN (1 year ago)
Rosie Wagner (5 months ago)
Steve Tackett (1 year ago)
Very nice. I am building a kayak right now but a canoe is really what I want to build. These just look fantastic. Excellent work.
david,r. massey (1 year ago)
Love to see the real deal! In 53 years 22 canoes i do a little different. Current 18ft-6" Jensen style(except true center is moved to 1 foot astern). Strongback is all "T"- slotted metric extrusions. Forms ,strongback, and canoe are supported by (2) 1/2" 1045 dowels bow&stern. Dowel holes(45mm apart) are plugged in final step after shell is removed from jig. This jig is2500$ of slick design. It rotates in 10 degree steps(rotary indexer each end. Can build 2ft to 24ft long canoes with same sliding JIG, by just simple adjustment.
johnnybarbar (7 months ago)
Why no videos of your builds?
gary whelton (2 years ago)
Built one 2 years ago and you at rite , they are a labour of love , but well worth the time .
Trail Shooter (2 years ago)

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