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IELTS Writing Task 1 - What to write!

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How to succeed in Task 1 of the IELTS Academic writing section. One question that often comes up in Task 1 is "What should I include in the report?" In this lesson, we'll go over some of the key elements to look for in the infographics you will be given, as well as how to present them in a clear structure. Should you write an introduction? What about a conclusion? Should you put in your personal opinion? If you're talking the IELTS, you *must* watch this class! Take the quiz here: http://www.engvid.com/ielts-writing-task-1/ More IELTS resources: http://www.GoodLuckIELTS.com
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Text Comments (848)
Valenci Kalista (8 hours ago)
Thank you, this video really help me
har singh (4 days ago)
Hey thanks Adam...I followed ur task 1 writing pattern and scored 7 in writing,,,
khalid alsalman (5 days ago)
Watching an hour before the test ... wish me luck
Nada s (12 days ago)
Wish me luck in IELTS
Robin Singh (14 days ago)
Very helpful man. Thanks
Olaskcay Gulasksen (19 days ago)
Thank you so much for this useful video!!! Its very compact and still a lot of important information. Just great.
Wang YiXing (23 days ago)
Watching 1 minute before the test.
Dinusha Chandima (1 month ago)
Superb <3
Dhiraj Bhandari (1 month ago)
How to coordinate sentences?
vanamohan karan (1 month ago)
hi sir i will show the video the you tube i need help because my exam the part of writing
baked (1 month ago)
Watching 20 minuets before the teat i don’t even know what the test is may god be with me
Preet Bhullar (1 month ago)
I have done ielts for 2 times bt i am not able to score even at least 6 bands 😣😣 I can’t understand where i am lacking Plz help me
Beri Beri (1 month ago)
I’ve my IELTS exam on 15th and I’m super scared about my speaking part and also the writing part
General Motors (1 month ago)
Watching one day after my test
Somnath Bhattacharjee (1 month ago)
Very helpful video sir... The instructions given by you helped me in report writing in my college exams.. thank you sir
Ava Atroshi (1 month ago)
Hahaha Economics major, I F*king Love you!
Kanza Hussain (1 month ago)
isn't this Axis ?
Trang Giang (1 month ago)
Thank you
Rafael Melo (1 month ago)
Thanks you! Very Good tips!
Shua Razzaq (1 month ago)
Any video for general training test? because they have to write letter in task 1
Mageshwari Venkat (1 month ago)
Adam appreciate you that your language is very understandable for all people across the world and gives very valuable info to take up ielts
Saad Riaz (1 month ago)
Excellent explanations
Nikhil Sharma (1 month ago)
Do we have to add the introduction in first para? While we are writing trends??
amin hosseini (1 month ago)
One contrast! You colleague - Emma does say it is necessary to have a CONCLUSION at the end of the writing and you deny it! How so?!
samaryaa (1 month ago)
10 hours before the exam 🌚
arian amjady (2 months ago)
Thanks it was a helpful lesson👏👏
Anhnguyen Nguyen (2 months ago)
i have some web can fix your writing effectively. repply me if you care ^^
if we have 2 charts, should we write 2 different introductions?
Fingol firn (2 months ago)
Anybody is here watching this video 2 hours before their IELST? 🤣
You're the best thanks !!!!!!!
venkat somanath (2 months ago)
Yesterday I got my IELTS score Overall-7 Listening-7.5 Reading-7 Speaking-7 Writing-5.5 😏 As I have to go for Canada,min of 6 in every band is Mandatory
SANDRA SIRVYDYTE (2 months ago)
Anyone interested to practice speaking part hit me up on fb or skype Sandra Sirvydyte
Dx Rocker (2 months ago)
you guys are life savers Thanks so much
sheza raza (2 months ago)
Hello, is it a good idea to put heading before paragraph?
Manoj Roy (2 months ago)
What about overview ....did u need to write an overview in a separate paragraph?
觀星望月 (2 months ago)
Damn I have to take it again, now I’m watching it one day before.
Kamil Sariyev (2 months ago)
Watching 3 days before the test, a lot of new information, it now seems simple, thank you!
Priya Nahar (2 months ago)
thnx a lot sir 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Your the best tutor, thanks a lot ******
Conan 2017 (3 months ago)
Thank you so much for this video 😍❤️❤️❤️I have understood a lot about the exam ☺️it really was very helpful to me 👍🏻
Narmin Aliyeva (3 months ago)
Thank you✊ you are the best teacher 👍
Behnoosh Motarjem (3 months ago)
Hi! you colleague says to write a conclusion and you say no conclusion. please help me, I am a bit confused. Thanks!
Ishaan Chawla (3 months ago)
GOOD MORNING SIR Can i use "To summarize " to begin the conclusion of task 1
kalinka 918 (3 months ago)
@EnglishLessons Can you say “one can see a surge in numbers in April” for example? So one instead of we ? Please help ._.
Vishal Chodankar (3 months ago)
Hi, give some example and how to express that in words .
Very helpful. Amazing teacher.🤩😁🧐
Amr Elhenawy (3 months ago)
Thanks a lot, for helping it was an amazing lecture.
ryan14215 (3 months ago)
watching 1 hour before the test
THE Rock (3 months ago)
any one tell me about the timing of task 1 and task 2 in test
Lana Jan (3 months ago)
hello adam thank youu
Shivangi Singh (3 months ago)
Thank you so much !!
justineTV (3 months ago)
tomorrow is my exam.....*nervous
Craciun Liviu (3 months ago)
For the IELTS I test took the lazy man's option - I watched your videos as the only form of studying (I had some difficulties with the writing test). I passed my IELTS (academic) with 8 overall some time ago (I was C1 when tested a few years back, but for what, and especially how, to write your essays you were right on the money). Thank you.
Rem0rs3 (4 months ago)
I think that you MUST write a final paragraph, with an overview of the chart or diagram you analyzed. I can see that the video was posted 4 years ago, but people might get confused.
Dilrajpreet Singh (4 months ago)
Really it's not necessary to write conclusion in writing task 1
Vivi Armelia (4 months ago)
i'm a bit confused actually because the video emma recorded is mention that we need a conclusion but in this video it is mention not to. so which one is true ?? i really need a reply soon 😢😢
Kulwinder Kaur (1 month ago)
see the thing is really simple. Dont put your point of view for the sake of conclusion, here conclusion is the summarisation of the data at the end of your passage.
Alex (4 months ago)
1.5x speed
Yadhu Mall Yadhu Mall (4 months ago)
think you jii
Faran Sheikh (4 months ago)
watching 4 hours before the test. :)
Muhammad Mohsin Zaheer (4 months ago)
Hi! I have seen various videos on that part of Ielts but you have explained it Amazing man!
Ji Yun Park (4 months ago)
You are the best teacher. Thank you for making the video for people who struggle to how to study. ^^
Norita Aflyanny (4 months ago)
It's very useful to improve my writing in IELTS exam but, I think I need somebody to correct my write. Where do I can find a proper tutor who can correct my write by online? Is anybody have an idea?
Trend Thamizhan (4 months ago)
Sir I don't know how I missed I just got 5.5 in writing can you please say me how to increase
Ser Vester (4 months ago)
Your amazing bro!!
Prashant Kumar Pandey (4 months ago)
Hi Adam. How do you count the words, do you include preposition, article etc.? Thanks for the videos which are actually useful and well-presented.
Odedele Emmanuel (4 months ago)
Good job.👌
François Illi (5 months ago)
Hello Emma & Adam, it would be nice if you guys stopped contradicting yourselves. Conclusion or not ? Do we recopie the question or not ? Etc... Otherwise thank you very much for your videos !
Nur Nur (5 months ago)
Hi Adam but Emma said we have to write conclusion in task 1... You’ve just said we don’t need it 🤔...
Dhruba Paudel (5 months ago)
thanks alot
Tito Pramudita (5 months ago)
You know what, he is a perfect teacher!! recommended this stuff especially when you'll get ielts test
Juan Sanguineti (5 months ago)
Hi! As you have already taken the test, do you know if you can move to the next text session, once you finish the previous one early? For example, if you finish to transcribe your answers from the listening, can you move to the reading part?
Vatsal aru (5 months ago)
Hi, thank you so much for the information. I have scored 7 band without any practice just by watching your videos. Thank you
varinder singh (5 months ago)
thanku sir
Econ Dude (5 months ago)
Great lesson, thank you!
Nazia Mirza (5 months ago)
hi, you said conclusion shouldn't be written but Emma says for task 1 - intro, body and conclusion. Please clarify.
Mc Bee (6 months ago)
OMG im really excited about your videos , it's so clear and useful , thanks so much Sir . Best wish for you
Roly (6 months ago)
7.0 at the ielts ! Thank you so much, i love you !!!
Ahmed Omer (6 months ago)
Bm Life (6 months ago)
why emma say's u need conclusion and u say we must not write it
harsh soni (6 months ago)
Nice work.
yashesh pancholi (6 months ago)
i got 5.5 only 😢
Mohamed Milady (5 months ago)
i wonder why? were you stressed and uptight? and how's the test? i hope you do better next time cheers.
M bilal Khan (6 months ago)
my exam tommorw
Ahmed Hassan (6 months ago)
I am from kenya want to do my ielets exam after amonth ur ideas plz
NGUYEN CAO DINH HUNG (6 months ago)
Buy original IELTS and avoid being used or being scammed by people .I got ielts from +17173849221 and it was confirmed with a video over the official website and also i verified it later on myself before using it for immigration .Hurry and get yours , your future awaits you .goodluck !!!
Sushant Kanchan (6 months ago)
Hello, Can I use I'll, 'I'd instead of I will/shall and I would in Writing Tasks 1 & 2?
Ethiraj Parachuru (6 months ago)
This video is for IELTS academic as general test has letter writing in task 1.
Islom Karimov (7 months ago)
hi.your videos are really useful.I wish you would prepare videos how to study for CEFR exam .thank you
Disha Thakur (7 months ago)
I got 7.0 by watching your videos and following you Adam. Love you for that. Huge respect!
Amrit Gurung (7 months ago)
Only 2 hrs left n i m watching this video😄
Elmurad Ahmedov (7 months ago)
A lot of thanks, I learned more things.👍
Aamir Nawaz (7 months ago)
Chinees company launches most expensive ever campaign to promote pakistani Gawdar in the heart of world's financial capital London.( Uk )
Fawad Umar (7 months ago)
your teaching way is good
Glenn Man (7 months ago)
Is the IELTS writing done on a piece of a paper or the computer?
Parth Sharma (7 months ago)
Can't we write - to sum up, at the end in2 sentances?
Dr.Aarushi Agarwal (7 months ago)
Hello Sir I have a few questions. 1) Is it fine to write symbol % for percentage or the whole word needs to be written? Also & for and? 2) I tend to exceed word limit but within time and also my handwriting is big and takes more space. So, Can I add an additional paper or do I need to fit the answer in the provided space only . This is for Ielts. Thanks in advance Regards Aarushi
Gurpreet Singh (7 months ago)
hi i register for UKVI IELTS ACADEMIC which will be on 24 march i am trying to watch all of your videos . i hope with help of your videos i got good band . but the problem is i still do not know what i am going to face in ukvi test could u please help me .
English With Mandy. (8 months ago)
Anyone need any help in vocabulary??? subscribe to my Channel. Ask me anything regarding IELTS exam. I will help you with my Personal Experience. I gave my IELTS General last weekend.
Rohit Singh (8 months ago)
Hi Adam, First things first, I would like to thank the whole team of engvid especially you for doing such a great job. In one word, RESPECT. But, I am a little confused here i must say, because I saw your this video and also the Video made by Emma for Task 1 , which you mentioned as well in your Introduction of this Video. In her Video, Emma described that in Task 1 we will be marked on 4 aspects, Vocabulary, Coherence (An Introduction, A Conclusion),Grammar and Candidates ability to do what is asked for. Now you both are contradicting each other, Emma tells Vocabs are needed , you are saying high end Vocabs are not needed keep it simple. Again,Emma is telling An Introduction and a Conclusion is needed, but you are saying Conclusion is not needed at all, So on and so forth I am a bit confused, Please help me clear this Dilemma. Thanks in Advance !
Rupak Subedi (8 months ago)
One of the biggest dreams of my life is to meet you in person sir. 😊

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