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Rip Off Medications: Duexis

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sphynxboy2006 (8 months ago)
Just picked up 30 pills at Walmart for my wife. Cash price without insurance is now $2,836.
StuArtThat30 Atgmail (10 months ago)
I've been on Duexis for a year. For a back surgery to fix a bulging disc and subsequent sciatica pain. It's a joke. It's a scam. It's ibu. And it doesn't help me one bit. Hasn't yet. And it's been a year. Therefore, screw Duexis and screw Rothman Institute. They're hacks. conmen. And, as most docs are, experimenting on their suffering patients.
Nidal Shehadeh (10 months ago)
Duexis Be careful with this medication aft I want on it I had problem voiding meaning going to the toilet , and right now I am having blood in the semen , this medication needs a serious look
jan caballero (2 years ago)
The redeeming feature is my co-pay is $10 for Duexis
Lynn Dollar (2 years ago)
What in the sam hell of prescriptions is goin on here ?? This drug was offered to me at my doctors office this week. They told me it was free. They said I would be getting a call from a pharmacy that day. The call came, they took my insurance info, and then told me that my insurance would not pay for this drug. So they charged me $10 and called it a co-pay. They sent the Rx and I got it today. And now , I don't know what to do. Send it back ??? I've not paid the $10. I have a big bottle of Ibuprofen already. And I gotta say, I'm lookin at my doctor in a different light, especially since he may be doing surgery on my shoulder. This is perplexing .
what's funny is my husband got free samples from an Urgent Care Dr. last night for this exact stuff& she talked about how good & how much safer it is for you . she claimed the combination of the ingredients makes it so you won't get ulcers. She said it is better for you because it doesn't hurt your stomach Iike regular
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
+Tony Esparza Its a fact. You can use this tool to search some of the documented payments that have been made. Mind you many will not be on here, there are lots of clever ways to avoid ending up on here, but its better than nothing. Hope you find that to your benefit and interest! https://openpaymentsdata.cms.gov/search
Anthony (2 years ago)
+J.Summer. Breeze. S Mrs . Shakur And whats more messed up I heard doctors get paid some commission for prescribing these ridiculously priced drugs.
+ONEEZE Thanks! 😊 Have a wonderful day !
ONEEZE (3 years ago)
+J.Summer. Breeze. S Mrs . Shakur Yes when you see the price its absolutely insane. Glad to help! Hope your husband is doing better!
so I imagine the companys are feeding this information to the doctors! crazy! great video!
Keith MX (3 years ago)
i hurt my knee and my dr gave me this and now my insurance company is bitching.
Tyler Short (3 years ago)
Ridiculous yes...but that's what pharmacists are for. Pharmacists would not let this shit fly, nor would any insurance company pay for something like this. There is a reason why when you go to the pharmacy and try to pick up a prescription of this shit, you have to have a PA.  Let's not throw the entire health care industry and the pharmaceutical companies under the bus, because believe it or not, there are people in the same industry calling this bluff.
Dislikes GglePlus (3 years ago)
of course they charge a shitload... they're trying to make any semblance of a profit from this bc everyone knows the alternatives are cheaper. use your brain for something besides whining.
pyrobooby (3 years ago)
This is a great insight on the scamming industry and how much attention it's getting. Can we chat when you have a minute? Contact me! chao(.)outside(at)gmail(.)com
ONEEZE (3 years ago)
Graeme Bouchard (3 years ago)
Cool video, but not digging your headwear 
Authuser (3 years ago)
This is just big pharma standard practice. Perform their own studies, cherry pick the results & send the drug to market, when the patent is about to run out they change one element of the chemical structure & take out a new patent on essentially the same drug with a new name, usually at double the price. Money grabbing whores.
Ornatus (3 years ago)
Current society is nothing but a pyramid scheme
Patrick Zarrelli (3 years ago)
Posted to www.printkiller.com!
ONEEZE (3 years ago)
+Patrick Zarrelli Thanks appreciate that!
George S (3 years ago)
Knowledge is the best currency. 
Taha Shalaby (3 years ago)
Your efforts are really appreciated!
mmJonesy2014 (3 years ago)
Shit, in the Military we get 800mg Ibuprofen for everything. Papercut? Ibuprofen. Wisdom teeth? Ibuprofen. Broken neck? Ibuprofen. Now all I need to do is get the other ingredient and sell them!  Disclaimer: I don't actually sell drugs.
Gregory Van Der Mewve (3 years ago)
I am sure most of American Medical bills should be 100 times the price. If the government stepped out of the industry completely and big pharma could no longer control the market through the government. Then prices would come down as more generic medicines were permitted in to the market and more doctors were available due to the barriers to entry being removed. Unfortunately the state has a different solution and that is more government, they think that making it free will make it cheaper, big pharma are laughing all the way to the bank as they will now get trillion dollar deals guaranteed with their buddies in the socialist healthcare state.
IVINimasIVI (3 years ago)
+Gregory Van Der Mewve You're stupid for thinking that and completely retarded for saying it.
Spartak Muho (3 years ago)
someone from Horizon Pharma did not like this video...Good video ONEEZE, liked it.
Commercial Critique (3 years ago)
+Spartak Muho it's either piece of shit employees who are in a similar business or people too sad and stupid to see reality for what it is..
CygnusXII (3 years ago)
My Doctor got me with this one, before I realized WTF happened. PAYOLA!!!
Chris (3 years ago)
@ONEEZE Can you please do a video comparing Nuvigil vs Provigil? Nuvigil for ADD, works well and is not a amphetamine. It doesn't have the typical side effects (or if it does its not to the severity) of typical stimulants. Provigil is significantly cheaper as there are generic versions of it. I speculate that Nuvigil was invented because the companies patent for Provigil ran out, Nuvigil allows the company to keep the price high and keep it for themselves. I have read Provigil and Nuvigil are almost the same compound but can have different effects/doses. Any feedback you could give would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time -Chris
Ignacio Valdes (3 years ago)
The claim that we prescribers get some sort of kickback or compensation is false. The claim of $1,400 for the medication appears to be true. However, insurance company 'prior authorization' will very likely nip that in the bud as the insurance companies won't pay for it. 
ONEEZE (3 years ago)
Its not false. The criteria needed to get it approved is trial and failure of ibuprofen and famotidine as a non combination product. Its the only way to get it approved. If the patient says that they didn't work, for what logical reason would a prescriber think, well if that didn't work let combine them into one pill, that'll work. If it really didn't work why not try a different drug? That would be like if someone didn't like big macs and fries, well lets just put them into one bag and give it to them. That'll work and oh by the way it'll cost $1400. Rather than doing that why not try KFC? I'm failing to see the logic here. Most prescirbers have very high integrity and would never even allow someone from this company to set foot in their office. People who write for this are not among them. Just like in auto repairs, most of them out there have integrity, but not all. There are some tricks you can learn to know when someone is trying to rip you off at the repair shop. Things they will try to get you to buy or do. This is one that applies for medicine.
Shane Dawson (3 years ago)
ONEEZE (3 years ago)
Welcome aboard!
JisforJenkem (3 years ago)
Nice work except for claiming that every provider that writes for this is scamming patients.  We often have no idea what meds cost and it is not always easy for us to find out.  Can you explain how providers are making money off writing these scripts?  You (might) be able to up code based on risk management rules in E&M coding, but there are easier way to do that anyways if you wanted to scam the system.        Do one on solodyn., it is (or was) as bad as duexis.
Samuel Pharr (26 days ago)
My Dr gave me this script and told me I could only fill it at the pharmacy next door. When I was out of town the pharmacy delivered it to my house. Now I see why.
Daniel (3 years ago)
+JisforJenkem go to mexico where the medication pattens are very lax and you will agree with him.
Laughing Achilles (3 years ago)
As a consumer I am aware of the costs of these medications, so how as a provider are you not aware?
ONEEZE (3 years ago)
I didn't mean to throw y'all under a bus there. I can believe they don't know it costs $1,400. That I can believe. What don't believe is they don't know its expensive. It's a branded drug of course its going to be expensive. At least $100. I also don't believe they don't know the other stuff is cheap, everyone knows that, its OTC. Even if it were only $100 its still a massive rip off. Second this drug is always going to be rejected for obvious reasons. When that happens the first thing the office is going to get is a phone call about the cost of the drug to get a PA or something completely different. If they didn't know on the first script, by the 5th one they will for sure. I stand by what I said. They all know, people just forget things like that when a paycheck depends on it. Most people are pretty cautious in other fields, but not as much in medicine. People trust medical professionals, their health is the most important thing they will ever have weather they realize it yet or not. As a medical professional I think we have a duty to protect them and do the job with honesty, integrity, and to the best of our ability. Now you know how much everything costs: http://www.goodrx.com/ They get paid all kinds of different ways, this would be a nice tool if it where up to date, this only has 3 months worth of data on horizon pharma unfortunately. From 9/13-12/13. I can do a whole series on how people get compensated by pharma companies if you like. I know everything about it: https://openpaymentsdata.cms.gov/company/100000005713 Thanks for you comment!

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