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John Carreyrou: Theranos scandal is a cautionary tale

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John Carreyrou broke the Theranos story in the Wall Street Journal and wrote "Bad Blood," a book about the scandal. He talks with CNN's Julia Chatterley about the rise and fall of the biotech startup.
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Joseph Smith (24 days ago)
It looks like the anchor is on cocaine... or some high doses of energy drinks...
Joseph Smith (24 days ago)
I bet Elizabeth Holmes is thinking about cracking John Carreyrou's nuts...
Izreal Zeus (25 days ago)
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Frank Gutowski (25 days ago)
The host thinks MDs know about blood testing. Not really. Interpreting results, yes. The science and methods underlying clinical chemistry, not so much. Holmes was both charismatic and evasive. Listening to her interviews, the latter was inescapable.
moviedude22 (25 days ago)
How is it possible when the board was staked with such "intellects"?
Frank Gutowski (25 days ago)
moviedude22 Her BOD was advisory. She controlled 99+% of the voting shares. In a deposition, G Schultz (possibly) stated that he didn’t think to question the tech. Presumably, nor did others. She lied to investors and to her BOD. Apparently, she got away without an audit committee. His grandson, Tyler, was the whistleblower who, with Carreyrou, started the company’s epic tumble.
jag10 (26 days ago)
wow, cnn doing real news. amazing

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