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10 Serious Lack Of Vitamin D Warning Signs

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Muscle weakness is usually caused by a Vitamin D deficiency. Muscles have Vitamin D receptors. They must have a constant supply of Vitamin D to function. If your body has a deficiency of Vitamin D, your muscles will have trouble functioning. Bone Pain Shunning the sun and being lactose intolerant can leave you with a deficiency of Vitamin D. This can lead to bone pain, which can be difficult to distinguish from muscle or joint pain, but generally manifests as a deep, full pain that can't be isolated to an exact area. Constant Respiratory Problems Studies show that Vitamin D may help defend against respiratory illness. This is especially true in children. If your child has severe asthma, you may want to increase their Vitamin D intake. Sweaty Head Years ago, doctors used to ask new mothers if their newborns' heads were sweating more than normal. This is apparently a very early sign that a baby is Vitamin D deficient. If you're breastfeeding, you'll need to increase your sun exposure or consume more foods rich in Vitamin D. Depression According to the Vitamin D Council, this essential nutrient helps your brain's neurotransmitters produce the fluid serotonin. This produces our feelings of happiness. Studies have linked low levels of Vitamin D with episodes of depression. This happens especially during the winter months, because of the lack of sun during that time of year. Chronic Infections The Mayo Clinic has advised that Vitamin D is crucial to our body's health. It is a necessary vitamin in helping our body fight infections. If you notice you or your child is prone to getting infections, you might want to ask your doctor to give you a Vitamin D blood test. Cardiovascular Disease Articles published by the National Institutes of Health have shown that deficiencies in Vitamin D can lead to congestive heart failure. Make sure your body maintains the proper amounts to guard against the risk. Home tests are available to check if you have a lack of Vitamin D. Psoriasis Although psoriasis is not always caused by a lack of Vitamin D, it's used in treatment. The Mayo Clinic claims that if you have a lack of Vitamin D it will be harder for your body to defend itself against psoriasis. Chronic Pain Studies have shown that low Vitamin D levels impact a person's chances of having chronic pain. People with darker skin are more prone to these effects, because they need more sun exposure to actually absorb any Vitamin D. Tiredness Vitamin D is one of the necessary vitamins for your body to create energy. Without it you can end up feeling tired most of the day. This will make it hard for you to get around or even get to work. You should consult your doctor if you have constant feelings of tiredness. Hypertension Harvard University conducted a study on women. The study showed that women with low levels of Vitamin D have a 67 percent increased risk of hypertension. If you suffer from anxiety, you may want to consider purchasing Vitamin D supplements and adding them to your daily routine. Crankiness Vitamin D also affects the levels of serotonin in your brain, which is what impacts your mood. If you're feeling cranky, it might be because you're not producing enough serotonin!
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Justin Wood (1 month ago)
Started taking 2000 IUs every morning since a month ago. I can actually get myself out of bed a lot easier again and think more clearly again.
trafficjon400 (1 month ago)
I ONLY BEEN TAKING VD3 FOR 5 DAYS. AND oh my dear lord god jesus i am coming out of depreshin brain fog and feeling more awake.
Dribbleholic (2 months ago)
I might get cancer because I have low vitamin D
Blackgeoff1 (3 months ago)
Very interesting and useful information -- but why do so many people who produce useful videos wreck them with a load of background noise that interferes with listening to what's being said? It's damned annoying. It's not "music", and even if you call it music, you're not paying attention to it while you're trying to understand what you're been told. The noise stops for the last half-minute - the only part that's easy to listen to -- after most of the good stuff has been said. Anyway, aside from the stupid distractive background noise pollution, a potentially useful video on an important topic
Element XVI (3 months ago)
Who goes outside in 2018 honestly
kaden graves (3 months ago)
Element Evolve not much
Bella Marín (6 months ago)
There are vitamin D pills to for those who dont know
Shamik Halder (6 months ago)
samerj (8 months ago)
Was anyone dancing and listening to this? Or just me? Dont forget magnesium. You need it to metabolize vit d. This video didnt cover that.
lightconnection1 (9 months ago)
and whe trow ore eggs shells away... the best source of vit D
TheLongjohntim (9 months ago)
Started taking Vitamin D3 three weeks ago, I work 5pm to 5Am so I wasn't getting enough light. It cured my IBS, Acid reflux and incontinence. I knew to would help my mood but had no idea it would do all that, WOW!!!
Shorouq Abdalah (4 months ago)
TheLongjohntim hi ,im glad that you're doing better can u plz write me down the brand of vitamin d that your take ng im always definition on vit d and last year i had thyroid cancer and i have autoimmune defeciancy
True Natural Healing (10 months ago)
Hair loss and loss of appetite
Rose Treiger (11 months ago)
If vitamin D is so great how come everytime I take it I get vertigo for days and can't get off the floor and puke all over the place? Can someone literally be allergic to vitamin D no swelling no rash no itching just vertigo I never had before to a point where I couldn't stand up and had to be hospitalized for 3 days.
Shorouq Abdalah (4 months ago)
Rose Treiger i hope you feel better ,,,if you're low on vitamine d get it through the sun just sit outside in the sun for 20 minutes between 8 to 11 in the morning four times a week try that hope it works for you
xeena67 (6 months ago)
I couldn't take it either but I found Garden Of Life Vitamin D and it's plant based. I take it with no problem.
Eramie Mhie (11 months ago)
Im lack of vit.D and Vit. B12
Joslin Qubti (11 months ago)
Hi, My sister live in Lebanon, the vitamin D supplement in the pharmacies there is just 10,000 unit. Is it safe for my sister to take one tablet every four days ? My sister is 55 years old and she don’t have any health problems . Thank you 🙏🏼
UFC Fighter (4 months ago)
Joslin Qubti she can take 1 every 4 days, make sure she takes it with food, preferably a fatty meal
Shorouq Abdalah (4 months ago)
Joslin Qubti she needs to do blood work first if she is low on vit d then she can take 10,000 iu every day without any problems
xeena67 (6 months ago)
She should take it every day if she's deficient.
Loop Garoo (11 months ago)
I can agree with most of these signs. I started on a regimen of 5,000 IU per day. I take vitamin D 3 gel caps. They are very cheap. 200 caps for $10. One a day is all you need.
Actiwave Australia (1 year ago)
Hi everyone, We are a start-up company consisting of a dietitian and a research scientist. Having had Vitamin D deficiency in the past, we are passionate about helping people improve their Vitamin D status in Australia and worldwide. We are looking at inventing a small home appliance that activates Vitamin D in mushrooms 🍄 . We'd greatly appreciate if you could complete an online survey (less than 5min of your time). Upon completion, you will go into the draw of winning a $100 gift card. Thank you for your time in advance. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScgr0dVNcNA9n8XvJ7cjLQDqqHl0ysZbZdArw-FN-l1LQMe6g/viewform#responses
Sharis Lives (1 year ago)
Music 🎶😒
NutraInfo (1 year ago)
Ra Mighty The 1 (1 year ago)
Jakke Vercede (1 year ago)
The title said 10 how did it end up to 15, does the video have a lack of vitamin d as well?
Luna Moontale (1 year ago)
I need vitamine D, but i hate being outside!!!!!! in the sun! #ImWierdPerson
COOKIES ;3 (4 months ago)
Luna Moontale Same
Minh Au (9 months ago)
Kitty's Animatio
K2 FU (10 months ago)
So food won't cover the vitamin d anyone???
Punjabi Sher (11 months ago)
Kitty's Animations use d capsules 60k iu
Dildo Swaggins (11 months ago)
Kitty's Animations Life is unfair. I have sensitive skin + eczema, which makes me sick if i stay in the sun for a short time. And now I've got low levels of vitamin d 🙁
Rosalind Kensic (1 year ago)
I feel as thou I am Dealing with Depression & Blurred Eye Sight from Lack of Vitimin D. I Found out from my Blood Work I Lack Vitimin D & this is the main problem in Loosing Muscles & Bone Strength & having Eye Disease Which Runs on my Moms Side of our Family so I Decided I would Try & go to the Pool Every Day this Summer Cause I Feel as thou I am Loosing my Eye Sight to Macular Degenerate Desease & Bone & Muscle Lost
Blackgeoff1 (3 months ago)
Rosalind Kensic -- it's a year since your comment; I hope you have things under control now.
Blackgeoff1 (3 months ago)
TheLance3185 -- maybe you're on the wrong video comment thread; maybe you've lost your way. Go bother a flat earther -- they usually need help with spelling. I'm of the view that if you got nothing useful or interesting to say, then just fuck off or shut up. Simple.
Wayne Loveday (1 year ago)
TheLance3185 Why would you feel the need to make a comment like that?
TheLance3185 (1 year ago)
Rosalind Kensic. I think it is also affecting your spelling.
Mudpaws Voom (1 year ago)
fact +
Karen Love (1 year ago)
I take 10,000 iu dosage daily and it helps!
Kelley Johnson (5 months ago)
Karen Love I read your comment about the D3 video on You Tube, and you said you take 10000 IU per day. Is this something your doctor told you to do? The reason I ask is, I started taking D3 today, and I know I'm very low, but I still only took 1 gelcap as directed on the bottle. Should Intake more or another question, is it safe to take 10000 IU a day?
RKBA (6 months ago)
That's 5 times what I've been instructed to take daily! Geeezzzzz!!!!
K2 FU (10 months ago)
Karen Love Does lack of sun really cause this,also foods can't cover the vitamin d intake?
I go to the tanning booth. You get 10000 iu in 20min. I've done it off and on for years. Don't lecture me
Pearl Ford (6 months ago)
Kandice Bilisoly .U shouldnt have have told people if u didnt want lecturing.My husband got skin cancer on his nose it all had to b dug out. I wouldnt wish it on anyone.But take care.😊
Cheryl Smith (9 months ago)
Kandice: Okay leather skin, we won't lecture you. Good luck with that skin cancer.
Tom Trant (1 year ago)
you also get cancer :d
dbedazzling1 (1 year ago)
hairloss is associated with vitamin d deficiency
Maximum Mayhem (7 months ago)
Ok so I my noticed major loss of beard hair, muscle fatigue/weakness, anxiety and depression. In an attempt to self treat, I dosed myself with 25,000 I.U.'s of D3. I passed out as if I hadn't slept in weeks, entered R.E.M. sleep for the first time in months and had little to no anxiety the next day. I'm convinced even though I've had no bloodwork done (yet) that I'm deficient. The hair loss tip is much appreciated! That could be the final piece of the puzzle for my troubles. Thank you for your comment sir!
Deborah Gray (11 months ago)
lauren sherman (1 year ago)
Good video. I have most of these symptoms and my levels are 19. my symptoms are pretty severe and I've had to stay at my parents temporarily because of my deficiency. Video is spot on.
ChessMaster (6 months ago)
For next 3 months i have big vitamin D doze... Been using it for a week and there is a lot less depression and head pain.. Will update after a while. Idk how did i get this bad... I go outside as much as poasible
ChessMaster (6 months ago)
I see all kind of numbers here... Mine was 9 and to be honest suicidal thoughts been in my head for a while.. Coulsn't even go to my doc because of depression and head pain...
Riff Maker (8 months ago)
Hi Lauren, how are you feeling now?
Andy Broeckx (8 months ago)
lauren sherman are you feeling better
no name p.h (1 year ago)
A have only 18 ☹
Burning Daylight (1 year ago)
For years I have been tired (mild tiredness mostly but heavy tiredness at time) even after a good sleep, healthy foods and very little stress. I took nothing in meds of any type... AS I think and mostly still do think most meds prescribed to the general public is an absolute joke. But not to long ago I thought aw well, I should give this "D" vitamin a chance. All I can say is WOW! for within 30 minutes I noticed an instant change in Awakeness. An awareness was stark and instantly recognizable that a change happened. Since that day I take one "D" tablet each morning and my only complaint now is I find it harder to go to sleep. "D" changed my life, never have I felt so awake and so good. But I take nothing else and made no other changes.
Nayir Khan (1 year ago)
Burning Daylight ........Try poppy seeds with milk at night,poppy seeds helps to relax,please do your research..... google it.
Alan Fox (1 year ago)
What about vitamin R
Oop (1 year ago)
Gym Guy (1 year ago)
Thank you 😊
Ram Kumar (1 year ago)
very good
Sumaira Farid (1 year ago)
and then the doctor said to me yday I have no vitamin d in my body!!! nothing to measure......I don't even know where to start ..
Shorouq Abdalah (4 months ago)
Sumaira Farid you need to take 10 thousand iu of a good vitamines n d brand daily or youll end up with cancer and autoimmune defeciancy god forbid
RKBA (6 months ago)
@ Sumaira If your doc didn't instruct you on dosages, etc. GET A DIFFERENT DOC!
Sumaira Farid (1 year ago)
I started supplements. and my hair became softer, hands softer, no more dry skin, no cracked heels....I thght it was ageing, but I guess early 30s is too young fr those symptoms
High Priestess (1 year ago)
they need to prescribe u something
Peter Rabitt (1 year ago)
I stay indoors all the time and I suffered several of these symptoms. As soon as I started vitamin D supplements, my strength at the gym doubled within a week.
Kathleen Hudson (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing great information.
Ancap2112 (1 year ago)
Nice background music
Alan Fox (1 year ago)
Yes, it make it catchy
henriette weeber (1 year ago)
and what when j have low bloodpress...and very tired every day
Richard Sandwell (1 year ago)
Its just stupidity, people wear Jeans and Trousers while in the summer sunshine, they deserve to become ill, we were never designed not to get sunshine. Then people use toxic chemical cocktails called sunblock on their skin, we have all been sold a big white elephant by the drug companies, who churn out the rubbish, and the same companies make all the pills to treat the people who gt sick from lack of sunshine. Its all a big con job, and people are too stupid to realise it.
terry richards (11 months ago)
Richard Sandwell most sunblocks contain aluminium . apparently .
Lisa Colbert (1 year ago)
If your intention is to convince people, try not to insult them.
david devault (1 year ago)
John Sweeney I see it. Ok lack of vitamin d causes the body to react. ie self correction, make more cholesterol, so I can make more sunlight into vitamin d. so instead of stations get more vitamin d sunlight or suppliments
John Sweeney (1 year ago)
Richard Sandwell fare play you know your stuff 👍
Realladi 228 (1 year ago)
5000 units per day..works half if you are concidered small in stature....omega 3 oil helps to absorb vitamins should be taken together....
DONNYROCK911 (1 year ago)
this is all bullshit i took there super d pill by the doctor health has been way worse since should have known better!
Feriin (1 year ago)
Gary Shaw (2 years ago)
to all of you diagnosing yourself. get a blood test. it could be something completely different and here you are giving yourself too much of a fat soluble vitamin. those symptoms are not exclusive to d deficiency
Gary Shaw (2 years ago)
I gave your girl some vitamin D
J Ctve (8 months ago)
allyonightmare.....Waiting on you to come outside and be victimized.
Jhendry (1 year ago)
Thank's wouldn't want her being moody at me for no reason
Maria Mair (1 year ago)
Gary Shaw uhu
John Cooper (2 years ago)
excellent thank you for posting this . Its the first time that I have seen sweaty head linked to chronic Vit D deficiency. Your list of symptoms almost exactly reflect those of my own. Because I am Hypothyroid my Dr assumed that is the cause of my symtoms and despite having low Vit D for years refuses to give me a prescription for Vit D . He says that 39 isn't that far outside the threshold of 50 and because my levels have remained consistant for years its not a problem. He refuses to go by a persons physical condition and symptoms and treats according to some weird interpretation of blood test results only. You need to fight this ignorance and insist on proper medical treatment from the Health Service. I have been very ill for nearly 10 years with low Vit D and undiagnosed pre Diabetes . Don't waste a minute of your precious life ,( I have lost 10 years of my life ) you'll not get a minute back again. If you are not taken seriously by your Doctor ask for a second opinion or a referral to a specialist. After suffering for 10+m years I insisted on a referral to an Endocrinologist who eventually found that I also had a macro prolactinoma (tumour of the Pituitary gland ) and very low Testosterone , Hypertension and Adrenal Fatigue , Type 2 Diabetes and Hypogonadism This is an extreme example but if you have any of the symptoms listed on this video over an extended period of time insist on a full blood panel so that you can see what is going on.
Dat50go (7 months ago)
TINA ELAINE HOWE υ need ѕυn. 😊
Dat50go (7 months ago)
we are oυr own docтorѕ. anoтнer perѕon coυld noт looĸ aт мe and тell мe wнere ιт нυrтѕ on мy вody or wнaтѕ wrong wιтн me nor can тнey ғιх or repaιr cυтѕ and вrυιѕeѕ. "We" do. a docтor doeѕnт looĸ aт us and "тell us" wнaтѕ wrong wιтн us. тнey "aѕĸ υs" wнaт ιѕ wrong wιтн us. a docтor aιn'т тoo мυcн вυт a perѕon wнo тooĸ a ѕworn oaтн тo мanιpυlaтe тнe нυмan вody, wнιcн ιѕ naтυre'ѕ creaтιon. ιғ a docтor waѕ "good" тнey woυld тell congreѕѕ тo ѕтop ѕprayιng тнe ѕĸιeѕ wιтн ѕιcĸenιng parтιcleѕ, ѕтop ғlυorιdaтιng тнe waтer ѕυpply, and ѕтop poιѕonιng тнe ғoodѕ, ѕтop prodυcιng gмo crap, ѕтop pυттιng l.e.d. lιgнтιng everywнere, ѕтop wιтн тнeѕe мaѕѕ ғreqυency тranѕмιттerѕ,aѕ ιт "all" ĸιllѕ тнe нυмan cell... вυт тнey're noт.. нa! тold ya тнey were "good". waĸe υp. ✌
TINA ELAINE HOWE (1 year ago)
TANIEL J , Thanks for the information, I actually do need to drink more water, I don't drink any coffee, I do make in extra bottles of juice cyrstals that have extra V,C in them but not enough, thanks for the tip!!👍
TANIEL J (1 year ago)
TINA ELAINE HOWE. Vit D really will help you. Drink lots of water also.
TINA ELAINE HOWE (1 year ago)
I did my own research, and have all the symptoms,Fuck my doctor, he' s a goofy little 💩 head, I just went and bought my own supplements, right now,I have the Air Conditioning on yet I'm still sitting in a pool of sweat, tired ass hell, I just hope this doesn't take long to recover, because I can't stand it anymore!!😈
Andre' Pierre (2 years ago)
The Sun is for plants and Gods (blacks) anything else will get sunburned eventually... factz
Blackgeoff1 (3 months ago)
Andre' Pierre -- if you just want to get into race shit when the subject at hand is health related, why not stick to appropriately stupid racist videos and leave interesting useful conversation threads alone? Your brand of bullshit is as stupid as it is distractive.
cheeky man (8 months ago)
Andre' Pierre god's can't be slaves...
Devin Williams (1 year ago)
Rocky Hart, that's false. Whites are predisposed to many cancers because of their Neanderthal DNA.
Roxy Hart (1 year ago)
+Andre' Pierre Too bad those black Gods of which you speak disproportionately get sickle cell anemia, cancer, heart disease, lactose intolerant, obesity, kill each other AND have 2nd lowest IQ (avg 70 which is borderline retardation)of any race above only aboriginals but, their vitamin D is God-like! Blacks are delusional and borderline retarded, so we should all bare that in mind when dealing with them.
Andre' Pierre (1 year ago)
El Payaso No Tiene Pene Im not a racist, I love all
Prinzip Nach (2 years ago)
Ich konsumiere täglich 20000 Einheiten Vitamin D3 http://amzn.to/2auKjiA Dazu nehme ich immer eine Kapsel Vitamin K1 http://amzn.to/2auL8Yr
Donna Lewis (1 year ago)
not enough at all, take at least 2000 per day.
Jerry Perry (2 years ago)
That's 50 times more than me. I take 10 mg per day which is 400 IU. Don't know if it's enough but that's what they recommend.
Jeong-hun Sin (2 years ago)
We're doomed if we do, and we're doomed if we don't. Avoid the sunlight, bam, vitamin D deficiency! Exposed to sunlight, bam, skin cancer and ageing.
Nicole Burns (1 year ago)
My uncle was outside all the time. Super healthy...golfed and hiked with no sunblock. Gorgeous tan. Died before 50 from melanoma. His sister, my grandma, has had scc and bcc 17 times with part of her ear removed. She never worn sunblock but she used to golf while wearing wide brimmed hats and long sleeves because if how pale we are. Dont tell me the sun doesnt cause cancer. I call bullshit.
madi h (1 year ago)
Emperor I was told the skin can't absorb lotions, hence why no matter how expensive option you buy you can't get rid of wrinkle. Sunscreen is just sunblock doesn't actually absorb it but the aluminum in deodorant is bad
jake boswell (1 year ago)
Jeong-hun Sin at least15 minutes a day sunshine
The Shroud (1 year ago)
Learn to spell you fool.
Tony Tran (2 years ago)
I'm like a vampire because I stay indoors all the time, good suggestions in videos, gotta get outside more often
erinn kemp (7 months ago)
Rain or shine 20 minutes is all.
Gary Shaw (2 years ago)
you will only produce D when the sun is directly above you. there is less atmosphere for the UV rays to travels through to get to your skin. I think its UVB rays that cause vitamin d production so you cant wear sunscreen.
how long does it take to cure anxiety caused by low levels of vitamin D and B12?
UFC Fighter (4 months ago)
Vankayala Kameswara Sarma how are you going?
K2 FU (10 months ago)
3 months for vitamin d to build up in the system.
*A__ FuNkZ* (1 year ago)
pal singh is that yeast only for vegetarian meals?
pal singh (2 years ago)
try take braggs nutritional yeast.... loads of b1 and other b vitamens.. helped me with anxiety.
Bella clarkson (2 years ago)
I have been on vitamin d tablets for 10,000 iu per day i dont see a difference in any improvement and i have been on it for months now
Bella clarkson (1 year ago)
I had been taken off the vitamins because my vitamin levels quickly recovered, but later I began to feel the symptoms of deficiency again so my mum booked me in to get my bloods taken again, I have been given the results today and still have a vitamin d deficiency but have been put on a much lower dosage of 1000 iu per day but the doctor said I will probably have to take vitamins for the rest of my life now? And I'm only 13 and not looking forward to it 😂 I used to struggle taking the pills ALOT up to the point of a panic attack before taking one, but I don't mind it now because I know how it feels not taking them, thanks for the advice everyone
Donna Lewis (1 year ago)
are you taking D2 or D3?
Gary Shaw (2 years ago)
if you have a deficiency and you are active you will notice the difference when you take some. if you don't exercise or work a lot of hours that may be too much but I think the toxic dose is some huge amount. 50,000 IU once a week was prescribed for me to get rid of my deficiency. I would exercise hard and halfway through the week I could feel that my levels were down again
Herman Chow (2 years ago)
wonder are you taking vitamine D3 you only need 2000 ui a day or under the sunlight for about 30 min. it will take 3 to 4 mothes to know the result just be patient !
MandaStarlight (2 years ago)
I am as pale as you can get and my vit d level was 7 ng/ml when I got tested a year ago. Of course, it is generally harder to get enough the darker ones skin is, but assuming that it is unlikely for fair people to be deficient doesn't make sense when our new lifestyle involves staying Indoors whole the time. + Everyone cover up their skin. So there are other factors involved as well. Also, it depends on in which country you live in. I live in Sweden and we only get a couple of months of hot sun each year (but then we get bad cloudy rain wheater instead lol) and it isn't enough for me to stay healthy even though I go outside and take supplement on a daily basis. We have months of complete darkness during the winter (not joking, the sun isn't even visible) and most people are very likely more or less deficient here and yet extremely uneducated about it. Instead, most call it "Winter depression" *smh* Perhaps it is rare in sunny countries for fair skinned people to be deficient, but yeah, I don't know anything about that so can't really say anything. But from what I've gathered this is a world wide problem, for all races and skin tones. There have been studies that showed that only 5-10% of China's population had enough because of their bad air.It's seriously crazy scary where the world is going if you ask me. I don't know if I came on too strong, I know that it is even harder if you have dark skin to get enough, my point was that that doesn't change the fact that a lot of fair skinned people have this problem as well. Perhaps I am a rare case, but I haven't been able to get higher than 30 ng/ml since I started last summer, and now WINTER IS COMING again and I won't be able to sun until late May possibly June. :P Anyway hope this'll work out for us so we can become healthy
Shubhra Tyagi (2 years ago)
FeelGoodGold (2 years ago)
Ageing is the enemy, this may help.
Bernia Blount (2 years ago)
The Dr told me I have less than 4% vitamin D and my hemoglobin was at a 7
Iam 27 And Iam Only In 8% The Doctor Send Me To Take 1 Capsule Once A Week For 4 Weeks And Told Me To Go Outside More And Get Sunlight And Eat Dairy Fish, Eggs, Cheese, Milk
Sahrish Moin (2 years ago)
yes I ve a problem of vit D I ve only 8 %vit D in my body I'm 28 years old what should I do?plz help me
John Sweeney (1 year ago)
Sahrish Moin cod liver oil has vitamin d also mushrooms grass fed cow butter also milk to name a few and obviously a vitamin d3 supplement oh and a nice multi vitamin. may God bless and keep you amen
Never Knew (2 years ago)
thats why i prefer sunlight as my source of vitamin d supplementing could be dangerous if taking too much
Ali93594 (2 years ago)
I hope you went to doctors and got the right dosage because too much also can be very bad for you
Iam 27 And Iam Only In 8% Too The Doctor Send Me To Take 1 Capsule Once A Week For 4 Weeks And Told Me To Go Outside More And Get Sunlight And Eat Dairy Fish, Eggs, Cheese, Milk
Merca coffee gardens (2 years ago)
wow that's very low, try to get some high dose of vit D atleast 10,000ui. and try to show some skin to the sun without sun protecting creams. also eat diet that consists of salmon, herring and other oily fish.
MultiMusik4 (2 years ago)
i would like to k innow how long it took you to see or feel results im a month into d3 and alpha mineral supplements
Maram S (2 years ago)
I have at least 6 of these 😕, does that make me deficient ?
Maram S (2 years ago)
hopefully you're doing OK ?
Ali93594 (2 years ago)
yeah mine is 13ng/mL and my body is in so much pain at the moment. I feel so weak and tired :( but i also got send for thyroid blood test. so its best to get blood tests done
Maram S (2 years ago)
thanx budd :)
Mouhamed Lamine Bah (2 years ago)
+Maram Otb Go to your hospital and request a vitamin D blood test. if you have less than 50 ng/ml you are deficient
MAX'SDAD CHRIS (2 years ago)
that sweaty head Is me
Bobby Balboa TV (1 year ago)
the sweaty head comes from heart working so hard and also thin skull get vitamin c as well that is the combo c helps get rid of heart issues and d helps give the hormones a major boost making you super strong and relaxed add some aschwagandha and you set
Gary Shaw (2 years ago)
here let me slap it
Winter Star (2 years ago)
Millions who live even in sunny regions like southern coastal States, seven surfers outside all day, etc., have measurable deficiencies of Vit. D. That leaves only a couple probably causes: 1. the test is inaccurate. 2. We all subsist in a virtual soup of tens of thousands of chemicals, many of which are "hormone interruptors"....those interrupt all hormones, to some degree or another...ALL. And, Vit. D in the body, is used more like a hormone...so it can be interrupted by all those chemicals...so no matter how much one gets by being in the sun, or even taking supplements of it.... the body has a harder time converting that to a usable form, or, that can be blocked at receptor sites, leaving the body functionally deficient. And there are increasing numbers of folks who simply spend most of their time in a dark "cave".
dale carpenter (2 years ago)
my doc gave me 5000 mg a day .been taking it for a year feel like 30 yr old .i'm 60 yrs old just had a motorcycle accident (a deer tried to kill me for killing and eating his cuz ) broke my tibial plateau 5-3-15 .10-5-15 went backpacking hunting in the trinity alps . i had or have most of these conditions .haven't had an ACL (in the knee i broke)sense high school football have had pain ever sense but now it's almost gone . i have injured that knee more than a hundred times .
Ann Macleod (1 year ago)
Just because you have vitamin deficient doesn't mean your weard
John DePaoli (2 years ago)
dale carpenter
dale carpenter (2 years ago)
+teeduck cull
teeduck (2 years ago)
+Lotus Bee. he kills deer, I don't get it. I'm sure it was a fair fight, his . 30 -06 vs a deers hoof.
dale carpenter (2 years ago)
+Lotus Bee       only if i have to be .until then i'm the nicest guy you will ever meet .
Barbungar X (2 years ago)
I'm screwed I have 90% of these
Sharon Kirby (1 year ago)
Me too
Sharon Kirby (1 year ago)
Lol that's funny
Nancy H (1 year ago)
I was going to put the laughing emoji but stop because why is this comment funny 😕
stamped5150 (1 year ago)
Gavin Smith lol... kinda go thru similar battles myself.
lauren sherman (1 year ago)
the panic attacks are the WORST
Kevin Anderson (3 years ago)
so basically, we all have a vitamin D deficiency. I can't wait to buy a bottle and be cured!
Maria Nova (9 months ago)
Kevin Anders
K2 FU (10 months ago)
Takes 3 months to build up in the system from what i hear.
Winter Star (2 years ago)
+Reptilian Healer ...yeah...a little sarcasm goes a long ways.   Seriously... Only D3 is bio-available.

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