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Charles & Diana Wedding in 4K | Part 1 | Arrivals at St Paul's Cathedral | 1981

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Viewable for the first time in high quality 4K, this is reel 1 of the 25 minute British Movietone documentary called "The Royal Wedding". This stunning 4K version has been made from the original British Movietone 35 mm negative. Movietone were the only company to film events of this momentous day on film rather than video. A seamless version of the documentary is available via AP Archive in London. The file size is too large to upload to YouTube so we have loaded up each individual reel for you to enjoy in 4K quality, plus 12 clips of key moments from this special day. Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AVxcfadVkU Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJQjF7iGldI&t=29s REEL 1 - GV The Queen's Landau from Buckingham Palace zoom into the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. LS The Queen Mother's landau. GV Bridesmaids car arrives at St. Paul's Cathedral. GV Crowd. MS Bridesmaids from car. MS Bridesmaid and Page boys up steps and into St. Paul's x 2. MS Margaret Thatcher and Denis Thatcher. LS Mrs Nancy Regan arrives. GV Crowd and flags. LS Crowned Heads Of Europe on St Pauls steps. CU The Queen and DUke in landau x 2. GV Prince Charles landau from Palace zoom into him and Prince Andrew x 3. TS The Queen's carriage arrives at St. Pauls. CU Lord Mayor Of London (Sir Ronald Gardn � er-Thorpe) MS The Queen and Duke greeted by Lord Mayor. LS The Queen Mother and Prince Edward. LS The Queen, Duke, Queen Mother and Prince Edward enter St. Pauls. Zoom in Prince Charles' Carriage Procession x 2. MS Mounted Police outside Clarence House zoom out The Glass Coach leaves Clarence House. GV Interior The Queen's procession in St. Pauls. LS The Queen and Duke. LS Members of Royal Family move to seats. MS As before with King Of Tonga in background. LS Members of Royal Family followed by Queen Mother, Queen and Duke pull back to show choir and congregation. MS Royal Family seated. Zoom in Prince Charles and Prince Andrew from carriage and up steps x 2. LS Brides Carriage procession in Trafalgar Square. LS Prince Charles walks up aisle x 3. LS Glass Coach arrives at St Pauls. MS Earl Spencer out. CU Lady Sarah Armstrong Jones and India Hicks. MS Bride from carriage. MS Bride and father wave from half way up steps. MS Bride on steps whilst train adjusted. MS Bride up steps. LS Bride into St. Pauls. GV Interior Bride's procession up aisle. LS Procession of Clergy. CU Bishop of London (Right Rev Graham Leonard). LS Bride up aisle and joined by groom. GV Congregation. This footage is available to licence for commercial use from the AP Archive - http://www.aparchive.com/ContactUs Find out more about AP Archive - http://www.aparchive.com/AboutUs Twitter: https://twitter.com/AP_Archive Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/APArchives Tumblr: https://aparchives.tumblr.com/
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Text Comments (98)
Agustín Gómez (9 days ago)
What's the title of the song from 8:51-10:21?
Darwin Aguilar Vega (13 days ago)
7:02 looks like homosexual
John Vaughan (19 days ago)
Camilla is in the audience if you watch the documentary on Netflix diana talks about how she saw her and her son on the way down the Isle that bitch had the right to show up to the wedding
Pynkynmaw Malngiang (19 days ago)
Royal family in britain is the greatest family in the world
Naseana Moodie (26 days ago)
I seriously don’t want Camila to become queen.
Gus Putin (27 days ago)
The atrocious royals
Victrola66 (30 days ago)
So interesting , Prince Andrew was Prince Charles’s best man and Prince Edward was Prince Andrew’s best man.
willie consort (30 days ago)
Esta boda jamas será igualada en gloria y majestad!
Nightwing. (1 month ago)
2:20 Ha thats our queen in the blue.
Joanna Bickford (1 month ago)
Prince Andrew was the best looking brother :)
alondra Carrillo (1 month ago)
Es la boda maa aaaaassss hermosaaaaaaa en la vida
Vitor Rivadossi (2 months ago)
What is the name of the song played at 4:50 ?
Rafaela Soto (2 months ago)
Lady Diana, Princess, Beauty, Queen, Royalty, Nobility, Love, Generosity, Friendship, Mother.
Rafaela Soto (2 months ago)
Always loved and missed Princess Diana ❣️❣️❣️
Debbie Parkes (2 months ago)
Princess Diana was always loved and missed.
Rafaela Soto (2 months ago)
Princess Diana
Debbie Parkes (2 months ago)
She's the people's princess of Wales.
Rafaela Soto (2 months ago)
The sovereign splendor of Lady Di always iluminates the world
Rafaela Soto (2 months ago)
The sovereign
Rafaela Soto (2 months ago)
Lady Di, Princess of Wales. She was, is and will be a commoner forever. She is always present in the hearts of the people
jensmom604 (27 days ago)
Diana was not a commoner. She was the daughter of an earl and had a far better pedigree than Charles!
Debbie Parkes (2 months ago)
Rafaela Soto (2 months ago)
Forever Princess Diana. England’s Rose! 🌹Queen of England and the world forever. The most great woman of the world. The Universe loves you ❤️. You are wonderful
Debbie Parkes (2 months ago)
Princess Diana was England's greatest rose. In 1981, Princess Diana got married to Prince Charles at St Paul's Cathedral, London.
Enigmo (2 months ago)
I hope many more of these old films get a 4K remaster like this.
Rhys Hoffman (4 months ago)
The Queen Mother was so classy!
Pris Stratton Fam (5 months ago)
The name 'Diana' means "Heavenly Divine" and this wedding was indeed HEAVENLY DIVINE!!!
Bernard Hamilton (5 months ago)
Then Came Nancy Reagan Class Act 2:10
DearMakeUpDiary (5 months ago)
Wrinkled “cake”-ish dress and sour looking groom aside... this was the wedding of the century. Diana looked amazing, she really didn’t need much to look beautiful.
Laura Shaughnessy (5 months ago)
im sorry but what's with the hats
LaProfetesse (5 months ago)
Prince Charles and Andrew are so un-elegant compared to William and Harry. When they walked down the aisle, you really felt their royalty, and you were so glad to be near them, even afraid.
Veronique Ramirez (5 months ago)
Um, why did the narrator call Princess Diana a commoner? She was Lady Diana Spencer before marrying Prince Charles. She was an aristocrat and her father an Earl.
Rhys Hoffman (4 months ago)
She WAS a commoner. She was only "Lady" by virtue of being the daughter of Earl Spencer. It was Earl Spencer who was the peer - Diana was just his daughter.
Coco Chanelll (5 months ago)
Charles looks miserable
ǝllǝʇuɐɥƆ (5 months ago)
She was stunning.
Debbie Parkes (2 months ago)
Princess Diana looked beautiful in her wedding dress.
yozie Viena (5 months ago)
The most beautifull bridge in British Royal wedding
Arif Aziz TV (5 months ago)
yozie Viena Orquia Lady Diana Beauty Queen of Royal Family
mos afoa (5 months ago)
can anyone tell me the name of the classical piece that Diana is walking down the aisle with her father called
Truth Seeker (4 months ago)
Trumpet voluntary by Jeremiah Clarke
alunday1991 (5 months ago)
Loving the quality
Qz Qx (5 months ago)
I am watching this and just loving how the Uk has a real culture . America mmmmmm.......
Jazmin Ruffa Orquia (5 months ago)
Dearly loved and missed Princess Diana....
Debbie Parkes (2 months ago)
She is dearly missed and loved.
Arif Aziz TV (5 months ago)
Jazmin Ruffa Orquia Lady Diana Beauty Queen of Royal Family
Daniel Ramírez (5 months ago)
The wonders of film footage and not tape.
Truth Seeker (4 months ago)
It’s crazy how it adds an element of reality. I mean, it’s the same wedding, everything we’ve seen we have seen already, but the quality makes it look and feel like a completely different experience. Weird haha
Wana Salce-Liger (5 months ago)
What a wedding! ... filled with tension with the prince's adulterer girlfriend in attendance!
Debbie Parkes (2 months ago)
Diana acquires the title of Princess of Wales when she married Prince Charles at St Paul's Cathedral in London on 29th July 1981.
stella riviani (5 months ago)
She has a good heart,, #foreverprincessdiana
Amelia Reagan Wright (1 month ago)
"Had" a good heart.
Debbie Parkes (2 months ago)
Princess Diana has had a good heart. She became Princess of Wales when she married Prince Charles at St Paul's Cathedral in London on 29th July 1981, which was three weeks after her 20th birthday.
BLTKellys (5 months ago)
I can't believe that whore Camille had the nerve to show her face at Diana's wedding.
Fly by night (5 months ago)
Thanks for the history lesson Seth. This all may be true when you get down to brass tacks, but I guess i meant "Commoner" as such. One of the people, and not aristocracy. She's from a very old family line. Longer than the windsors, and theyre aristocrats so no I wouldn't title their offspring in any other light than what they are. Most commoners I know don't go by Lady or Lord.
Fly by night (6 months ago)
Great coverage but diana was NOT a commoner. She was an aristocrat from a long line well known aristocratic family. Why do people not know This? Annoying. DO YOUR HOMEWORK
John Vaughan (19 days ago)
She was not born royal that's why she was technically classified as a commoner
Rhys Hoffman (4 months ago)
Diana WAS a commoner before her marriage. Her Father Earl Spencer was the peer! Her title "Lady" was by courtesy of being the daughter of an Earl.
Seth Tubman (5 months ago)
Sorry 'flybynight" but you live up to your name. In the United Kingdom, "nobility" and "commoner" are very strictly regulated by Letters Patent, etc. ANYONE who is not the Sovereign or a peer is technically a commoner. Only the holder of a Dukedom, Marquestte, Earldom, Viscountcy or Barony is a peer. Aristocracy or even royalty is not the same thing as nobility and commoner. Prince Harry of Wales is a commoner because he is neither the Sovereign nor (for now) the holder of a peerage. While the Spencers are aristocratic, only the Earl of Spencer is a noble. There are substantive titles, such as the Earl of Spencer, and courtesy titles, such as "Lord" or "Lady." Diana was one of those. With the possible exception of the Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, any Princess is a commoner, even if they are royal, even if they are married and have a title, such as Duchess of York or Countess of Wessex, because they do not hold the title themselves, they are granted it by courtesy as the wife of the Duke or Earl. It is an intricate system that is poorly understood by many, even by the Palace themselves. But it is as it is. Diana was ALWAYS a commoner. The class system in Britain is also such that people who have millions, such as David Cameron, are still considered "upper middle class" and not the upper class because they are not part of the aristocracy. In turn, being part of the aristocracy or even royal family, do not make you not a noble, they make you a commoner, unless you are the holder of a substantive title. WHY don't people know this? It is very annoying. :) Cheers! And God Save the Queen.
Menahem Ben Ammiel (6 months ago)
We must occupy our life, time, energy, resources in Worshiping the God of Israel, Reading and Obeying the Commandments of the Torah (Genesis to Deuteronomy). It is not necessary to strive for a wedding, with hundreds of guests, elegant dresses, elegant cars, etc. If in the end, these 2 people divorced and the short time they were married, they had a toxic relationship. The same as Kim Kardashian did in his 72-day wedding.
MrAeronuk1 (6 months ago)
The Queen wore lovely hats in those days unlike the boxy ones she wears now.
annie64ist (6 months ago)
Run Diana, run away and don't look back.
Rida Ait Khadir (1 month ago)
It's too late now
Veronique Ramirez (5 months ago)
annie64ist too late.
Isyana Arslan (6 months ago)
A bit unrelated, but it’s strange to think that Kate and Meghan are now older than Princess Diana was when she passed away.
Jayden Tyler (5 months ago)
Isyana Arslan ikr
J Day (7 months ago)
So we had HD pictures in 1980.
Arif Aziz TV (5 months ago)
J Day yes mam 1980 HD picture available in movietone production in London
Benjamin Burkhardt (8 months ago)
She died too young... remember her passing. I can't imagine losing my mother at such a young age. I didn't think about William and Harry as much then. I was young as well. William and Harry at least grew up well. But it was very unfortunate. I can see why they are wary of the press today.
Debbie Parkes (2 months ago)
Diana, Maycee's best princess of Wales, died at the age of 36 years old. In this video though, the princess of Wales gets married to Prince Charles at St Paul's Cathedral in London.
Susie Nunya (11 months ago)
Where is the slut in these videos
DGJ P (11 months ago)
I love the way how they restored the film, The magic of editing
Arif Aziz TV (5 months ago)
DGJ P Editing Amazing
2000coco (11 months ago)
And then he went and cheated on her ! cad 🐖🐷🐽🐽🐖🐷🐽🐖🐷🐽🐖🐷
willie consort (1 year ago)
Eso fue un casamiento!
Princess Chewie (1 year ago)
Such ugly styles of the 80s.....
Artemis Zeus (1 year ago)
What a bloody terrible arrangement it all was. You can tell looking by Andy's face that he thinks it is all terrible. Can't believe that Camilla Shand had the nerve to attend. Chilly bunch of people.
Newnecker1 (1 year ago)
Was that commentator an author?
kona1967 (1 year ago)
Wonder how much the had to pay per plate for the reception? Probably put it on a credit card.
Crismilda Melo (1 year ago)
kona1967 z
Nathan Graf (1 year ago)
Diana looked like the abominable snow man, Charles has big ears, and the Queen has a horse face. Britain has the worlds ugliest royal family. It's a fact.
midget_ 4545 (5 months ago)
Nathan Graf lol look at you 😂
aphroditewitch (1 year ago)
The Queen is half Scottish.
Jennifer Wulff (1 year ago)
Yes, that's what really matters in life. Good thing you are so incredibly handsome, right?
I’m Neina (1 year ago)
Nathan Graf that's true 😂
Dimastiy585 (1 year ago)
Can anybody explain, what the streets were covered with sand for?
zineb smily (5 months ago)
For the horses to make it easy for them
jane doe (1 year ago)
Traction for the horses so they do not slip on the cobblestones in front of the church.
Caligula Longhbottom (1 year ago)
horse shit
feverspell (1 year ago)
Perhaps to help with the ease of clean-up when the horses invariably did what horses will do.
NingasKugon09 (1 year ago)
for traction for the horse/carriage ...probably. I was wondering too.
timothyj1966 (1 year ago)
Stuff that Fairy Tales are made of... Brilliant new coverage!
043778cc (1 year ago)
It looks all so very horribly artificial, not natural. This is realy old styled news coverage.
justme (1 year ago)
I was a teen and loved it, all day coverage!
MaineShutterbug (1 year ago)
I was a young child on this day, annoyed that it was on TV. I can see it now as an adult & appreciate its splendor. Knowing what we know now, though, it seems so sad. The awesomeness of this: the detail is so crisp! It feels like it happened yesterday!
Marwa (1 year ago)
MaineShutterbug i wasnt even born
Fitzgerald Mistral (1 year ago)
Murdered by MI6. 100% FACT.
Gus Putin (27 days ago)
Absolutely Diana was murdered in the Ambulance by MI6
Sebastian Elytron (1 year ago)
We already know. Wanna break the news that the Pope is Catholic?

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