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Benedict Cumberbatch Can't Say 'Penguins' - The Graham Norton Show on BBC America

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Benedict Cumberbatch does a Jar Jar Binks impression, shows us the voice of Smaug and can't say the word 'penguins'. "Pengwings." Don't miss an all new episode of The Graham Norton Show with guests Benedict Cumberbatch, Timothy Spall, Miranda Hart and Maroon 5 *** Saturday November 1st at 10/9c *** Immediately following Doctor Who only on BBC America. Watch GRAHAM's Wildest, Craziest Moments Ever: http://bit.ly/1vnKBZr Subscribe now: http://bit.ly/1rPU6lH Twitter: http://twitter.com/bbcamerica Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GrahamNortonBBCA Tumblr: http://grahamnortonshow.tumblr.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcamerica
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MuffinApple (18 hours ago)
Honestly we should, as individuals, call ourselves Cumbercookies, so as a group we can be known as the Cumberbatch
KKrebia (1 day ago)
Then Cumberbatch does Penguins of Madagascar lolololol
Mason Cumberbatch (1 day ago)
Pengwag 😂😂😂
Young-sun Ju (1 day ago)
Avery Kane (2 days ago)
Ben for Batman! I'm all for it!
AbigailPlayz321 (2 days ago)
Mannn he’s just so embarrassed rn. So adorable haha.
something something (2 days ago)
Toto The Squid (2 days ago)
Bree B (3 days ago)
Poptart_ Warrior (3 days ago)
4:10 pangwangs
The fandom name should be pengwengs or otters xD 🐿🐧
CoralCarne372 (3 days ago)
Pengwings or Penglings
VinnieVin Cooper (3 days ago)
But still, I find his pronouncing of penguin more sexy... ;)
Mr Joslin (4 days ago)
I totally missed that when I saw the documentary a while ago
Just a Biscuit (4 days ago)
Peng wing
hey what's up guys? (4 days ago)
lala 303 (4 days ago)
Benedict's answer to every question: Ya
Maddie Kim (5 days ago)
courtney fortune (5 days ago)
Lautryn Damasco (5 days ago)
*Pangwang Chumberbatch*
Bandaidflick Crumblepatch
FreddieHg37 (6 days ago)
Benebatch Cumberdick
ŠtÅrĶ #StarkSquad (6 days ago)
I love pengwengs
Moesha-Jane E (6 days ago)
Pengwings... are these some sort of chickenwings?
Adolpho Castro (6 days ago)
Can someone please add American subtitles to this? Thanks
Maryam Shareef (6 days ago)
Benedict cumberbatch was born july 19
Koffeeta (6 days ago)
Stella Lee (6 days ago)
michael coffey (7 days ago)
Ball continuing historically wind barrel constantly everyday utility tune diabetes third
Izzyoma Animalistic (7 days ago)
Houston, call the news, we've discovered a new animal..... *A Pengwing*
Jivan Scarano (7 days ago)
Michele (7 days ago)
Adrienne Esposito (7 days ago)
He said the word "penguin" completely normally once during the commentary on it and no one noticed he said it
Adrienne Esposito (7 days ago)
He said something about being in the booth...
Elyssa Chandler (8 days ago)
Way to just shove his insecurities down his throat
TheCommieBoy (8 days ago)
Bendadick Cucumbersnatch is just perfect
Thecatinator MK20 (8 days ago)
We are the pengwings
shuyee s (8 days ago)
Wow. That was so funny i love Benevolent Crumpetbag.
butch jebbodiah (9 days ago)
Kind of looks like Bill Nye
Oleksii Morhul (9 days ago)
Jacquelyn D. (10 days ago)
"Penguins" at 3:28
Luana Hintz (10 days ago)
I just can't stop watching this.
Scarlet Witch (2 days ago)
He's absolutely adorable when he says it.😂💗
Scarlet Witch (10 days ago)
2:33 O.O
Scarlet Witch (10 days ago)
They could always use "cumberbatchers" (my idea)
Mareeah Tlc (10 days ago)
fällēñ łóşsømE (10 days ago)
*PanGwAnGs* aahhh i cant hes too cuteeee
Amy Yauu (11 days ago)
4 Years later i‘m still laughing at this
Sidonex 5176 (12 days ago)
"Can we just try the word penguin again? "May..may...may...maybe..maybe." I'm dead XD
Marianne Fong (12 days ago)
That was funny.
phoenix feather16 (12 days ago)
WHY CANT A-a SHERLOCK SAY PEGUIN. Pang wants is the best tho
phoenix feather16 (12 days ago)
Sherlock is on while I'm watching this
waterfish (12 days ago)
*The Quackson and Pengwengs*
One Without A Name (12 days ago)
He didn't say it correctly in the Penguin film.
Anika Bhawalkar (12 days ago)
4:12 is where it all begins
Emma Schmults (12 days ago)
Am I the only one who forgot who how to say penguin when watching this......😂
Nicky OldfieldDesciple (12 days ago)
I love Benedict. He is such a good sport.
Alyssa Leyva (13 days ago)
I can't say catipiller I pronounce it like catpitiller
Pat Fitzgerald (13 days ago)
Those penglings sure can swim.
Pat Fitzgerald (13 days ago)
This guy can’t say the word penguin and I am a compulsive drunk - we all have our problems. I really wish I had his problem.
Nymphadora Lupin (13 days ago)
I am german, student and so on, really need to look that up now.
SteelSkin667 (14 days ago)
Penglings are so cute.
EmilyLily (14 days ago)
can boinkydoink coodledoo please marry me
Galaxy.EXE (14 days ago)
Ze ängri Görman (14 days ago)
Bendadick Cocumberpatch 😂
Maya Whiteside (14 days ago)
Whats great is theres a video out there of him saying pengwangs in the pengwangs of madacascar movie... he still had it wrong.
monkeymungle (15 days ago)
nanami (16 days ago)
Karina’s MusicLife (16 days ago)
I have to watch that documentary now
lord tachanka (17 days ago)
Pangwang Pingwing Panglang
MgLilSis (17 days ago)
Why is nobody talking about how adorable he was when he stuttered on “maybe”
Carden Blackthorne (18 days ago)
I agree with Benedict. Why did none of the crew correct him on his pronunciation?
TheUglyDuckling (18 days ago)
TheBobBrom (18 days ago)
"I've had a word with Disney to make sure I am saying it right" Errr 'Penguins' isn't made by Disney? I'd like to see how that conversation went 😂
Ngo Huyen (18 days ago)
Cant stop laughing, i watch this every time I felt tired 😅
mxgirl918 (18 days ago)
The BBC just couldn't let it go: "Royal "Pengwings" Penguins | Benedict Cumberbatch narrates South Pacific" 😂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eY9pXHWYyM
Ghufran mujahid (19 days ago)
is it just me or Graham Norton looks a bit like simpn pegg
Azure Rosé (19 days ago)
We're just cute-cumbers- All of us.
Kyrin (19 days ago)
my brother, sister, and father can all do versions of Benedict's Smaug voice and I'm SO JEALOUS :D
Sara Lang (19 days ago)
We should be the cumber bunches
a slice of pizza (19 days ago)
That jar jar impression killed me😂
Starfire 7 (19 days ago)
marlander X (20 days ago)
Many Name (21 days ago)
Mark Chapin (21 days ago)
Timothy Spall looks so distinguished!
Hamnah Malik (22 days ago)
This is funny that the title comes in the middle
Sachiekat123 (22 days ago)
oriongaming (22 days ago)
oh dear that man trying to say penwen XD
Kurt Rhim (22 days ago)
Benedict slays
Tacocat Gamer (22 days ago)
I am a Cumberbitch and a Hiddlestoner We need to make a fanbase name for RDJ
amandeep kaur (23 days ago)
it sounds like penglins
Łucas (24 days ago)
Father Noal meets Dr. Strange.
Meow Schwitz (24 days ago)
Britain is an oppressive Islamic country. But good thing they beat Hitler or else they'd be speaking German. Also do you have a license to breathe?
Abhishek Iyer (24 days ago)
Such a huge fan of Engelbert Humperdinck...
Raven Flight (24 days ago)
Camelknuckle bufferditch... My favorite bufferditch. 😂😂 but seriously we love you Benedict.
Fisher Peace (24 days ago)
what kind of training do these brits actors get? their voice is so magical
Bill Moore (25 days ago)
I'll bet he goes dawnsing in the wain, jerk!
Dragonofdarkness 1 (26 days ago)
Penwings penlangs ?????????
Danmighthavebeenonfire (27 days ago)
3:23 yaa
Sleep_AlDayyy (28 days ago)
Arisce T (28 days ago)
Benedict Garbagebag

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