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Police pull over state attorney

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The Orlando Police Department released bodycam footage of two officers pulling over Florida's first black elected state attorney, Aramis Ayala.
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Soviet Mapping (12 hours ago)
This video is fake as hell.. anything on CNN is a lie
Paula Zemeckis (13 hours ago)
I think the stop was ligit....cops run random plate checks all the time...that's a good thing. he pulled the car over because the data didn't return what he expected. that's a good thing. just imagine if she got car jacked 10 minutes prior and the cop did the same stop....
GG Bro (1 day ago)
Oh God another video by CNN over analyzing things..it was a basic traffic stop and neither the cops or the state attorney did anything wrong, in fact if more people behaved this way during traffic stops the world would be a better place.
Christian Chavez (1 day ago)
Damn I need a women like that in my life!!!!
Travis Warren (2 days ago)
Wait what.... so because shes a black state attorney she cant be pulled over?? I thought nobody is above the law.
Alexander Sheffield (1 day ago)
Yeah this isn't the whole video. Dude was being very ignorant and asking if she had any drugs or guns on her then the minute he realized it was the state attorney his tone changed.
Javier Soto (2 days ago)
Wtf is a state attorney
Curiosity Unlimited (3 days ago)
She would be dead if not attorney while black
saveonthe1 (3 days ago)
Bitch ass pussy cop
Pete Siruk (5 days ago)
This proves again if you work for the system, the system works for you.
Tee (6 days ago)
ATLANTIS (6 days ago)
Nothing happened in this video, what a waste of data.
Letmez your Toyz (6 days ago)
Hebrew Champion (6 days ago)
Women are clueless! The White man only exalts them to opress Black men and soon according to Bible prophecy (Isaiah 3-4), they will suffer for supporting this evil society in America!
Eric Black (6 days ago)
@ 0:52 that was a very nervous "Yeahh" LOL
Laureen Callahan (7 days ago)
She's just another human being! Nothing more, nothing less. This whole situation is boring! Best to All!
Eduardo Silva (7 days ago)
Elaine Adams (8 days ago)
f0t0b0y (8 days ago)
Her window tint was super dark, and both her front windows were down. I do the same thing when pulled over because my tint is also illegal.
Ricky Landry (9 days ago)
deusimperator (10 days ago)
This is routine LE stuff. Nothing about race here.
tree robo (10 days ago)
she is no better than anyone else whats the deal they were doing their job
A Khan (10 days ago)
Wow a nice car.....wait a black person is driving, must be stolen.....morons.
Cricon Investments (10 days ago)
Cellus KH (10 days ago)
Does he stand behind her like that to intimidate or because he's scared she'll get a good look at his face?
Raymond Pittman (11 days ago)
I am really sick of African Americans thinking everything is profiling, come on. This shit happens to white people all the time.
Nicolas Davies (11 days ago)
she looked so arrogant
Keeping It Real (11 days ago)
why did CNN have to say "black" state attorney exactly???
TANISHA RENE'E (11 days ago)
Dyler Turden (11 days ago)
Boys... you done messed up.
Jenjenjen A (12 days ago)
She shut this down by handing the cop her ID, which most folks don’t do when they get stopped by cops, which lead to.....
Julia Gomez (14 days ago)
Lets do the math, the state attorneys are university grad and officer are training classes ...
Petyr Kowalski (15 days ago)
She had done nothing wrong and the cop was fumbling for an excuse.
Phryne Mnesarete (15 days ago)
oh my god he's so nervous lmaooooo he sounds exactly like how i sound when i'm bullshitting
kirstie martin (16 days ago)
rlywhocares (16 days ago)
how is it 'incident'? nothing happened really
Flea1991 (16 days ago)
As others have said, I guess I don't see the big deal. They were both very nice and went on their way. Seems like a stale nothing burger from CNN. Lame
Kevin Carter (16 days ago)
Dont see any "race issue " here...well done respect on both sides
Brisk4cityGz (16 days ago)
Lazy shit cops only run tags and nothing else. That's were our tax money goes
Uncle Tom (17 days ago)
All the racist liberals accusing this guy of being racist lol
StarQualityWins (17 days ago)
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Bleach motherfuckers (18 days ago)
"what adgency u with u hoe" state attrorney my nigga" oh phuc
Jamal Smith (18 days ago)
Bomb ass police job
Stinky Finger (18 days ago)
"I saw that the windows were really dark, but I don't have a tint meter with me... that's also the reason for the stop" Translation.... "I saw that there was a black person driving... so I figured there was a crime in progress"
Pablo Sergio Rivera (19 days ago)
OUCH. I'm sure he soiled himself.....
usman boota (19 days ago)
This is epic, as soon as they know who she is, they shit it lol
Melvin Bonzarelli (19 days ago)
Bet if they took her out and searched the car they would have found drugs in the car.
Doris Abrams (21 days ago)
She were very professional good job .
yung doggo (21 days ago)
"We check if cars are stolen" "Oh this isnt my car I can write down my name" me: hmmmmmmm
Go Ku (21 days ago)
This is what happened in the video - cops pulled over lady everything was all good everybody was polite went their separate ways. This is whats happening in the comment section- racial profiling racist cops if she didn't tell them her position she would've been shot she owned them fuck the police strong black woman fuck white ppl This is what I think- you're all a bunch of brainwashed race baiting morons to stupid to even realise you're being programmed by left wing media
ryan93280 (22 days ago)
smokey voice: He gonna cry in car
nachos (22 days ago)
and? the only "power" she has here is that she knows the laws better than the average person does. that's about it. if it's a legal stop there's nothing she can do. it's not like they pulled over the emperor of rome or something!
jose Malagon (23 days ago)
So because she is the state attorney she can’t be pull over? However, she said I need your information ok go tell them that nobody Can stopping you
XayBo's SVT (23 days ago)
0:17 at that moment HE KNEW THAT HE HAD FUCKED UP 😂
Gary Sicemore (23 days ago)
No doubt that it was a valid stop. Different states have different laws when it comes to tinted glass. I have been told if it's manufactured from the company then it is legal.
Prince White (23 days ago)
BlackPower!! Oh and EminemTheGodOfRap
She should be jailed
Prince White (23 days ago)
No.. She should be dating me
rmwua (23 days ago)
Dn D (24 days ago)
arent routine checks a good thing? i dont get the outrage. you americans are being so fucking pathetic
Prince White (23 days ago)
White ppl don't get checked u ass
The Maximum (24 days ago)
Oh wait, you're a lawyer? You want me to cover my tongue in marmelade before I lick your anus?
Prince White (23 days ago)
Yes please thank you very much
stillrad though (25 days ago)
They were like "we are so fucked"
Prince White (23 days ago)
Victory Library (25 days ago)
That's not an attorney, it's not even a woman. Just another entitled monkey.
Prince White (23 days ago)
At least she don't shoot up malls concerts churches arenas clubs jobs... Like white ppl do lmao
rmwua (23 days ago)
you poor racist girl, get outta here before she sues your white ass
Kevin Carson (25 days ago)
Cops doing there job. I don't know what the point was of her asking for their names. Save the bullshit baby.
Prince White (23 days ago)
Ur dog is ugly like those cops wives n daughters
Michelle Brodeur (25 days ago)
I could hear The oh crap moment when she said she was a state attorney
More fake news from the Clinton News Network
Tony 7 (25 days ago)
She might be The State Attorney, but I can bet her liberalism, prevented her from pursuing any repercussions for this incident.
Proud Veteran (26 days ago)
as reported by center for negro news CNN how appropriate lock her worthless ass up
carlsbad nicholl (26 days ago)
if she were bad, or car was stolen, everybody would be happy she was stopped, tags dont come up, dont matter whos driving...pull em over. She should just say thanks for doing a good job.
M D (26 days ago)
No problem with the stop or what happened. This is a non issue....CNN Fail
Cool (26 days ago)
So exactly was the news here?, a cop pulling over a woman, something that happend thousands of times a day, shes part of the legal system so he left her go, if where a white man, cnn make a news of that?
CC Perso (26 days ago)
Yes,people can be stop for verification!!! State attorney..wow??? Neiggers.
Joey Bounce (26 days ago)
lol she got the get outa jail free card.. work for the state and they give u immunity.. she still didnt like being pulled over whether she admit it or not she was racially profiled
MrSmooth (27 days ago)
So what if shes the state attorney she is still allowed to be pulled over and the officer didnt need to even break a sweat
Dave Milton (27 days ago)
Yeah, we pulled you over because you were black, but then found out you were State's Attorney and we were like "oh fuck".
Gang Tv RED (27 days ago)
LOOK AT THIS TECHNOLOGY SOUTHWEST LAPD IS USING ON ME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koPdie_zh-w
rudesoto (27 days ago)
I think he wanted her number but got too scared at the end. Don't give up my brother
Tera Aubrey (27 days ago)
had to tuck his dick 😂😂
Ryan432120 (28 days ago)
He seems like a nice Cop, nice and respectful, thats how cops should be... =)
boring khaled (28 days ago)
First black to not get arrested
adam cooper (28 days ago)
Fake news
Bolotautau 685 (28 days ago)
0.18 you can hear the officers balls roll under her car
Sumayyah Hussain (29 days ago)
It wasent legal. No reason to run tags. Hey if got an idea... put everyone's photo on tv... and ask the public if this person has committed a crime. Lol let's not forget the true freedom of expression please... so... this was not legal.
Jay Perez (29 days ago)
ʏᴏᴜ ᴍᴇssᴇᴅ ᴜᴘ ᴅᴏᴜʙʟᴇ. 1. ɪᴛs ᴛʜᴇ sᴛᴀᴛᴇ ᴀᴛᴛᴏᴇɴᴇʏ, ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴅᴏ ʏᴏᴜ ᴇxᴘᴇᴄᴛ 2. ʏᴏᴜ ᴘᴜʟʟᴇᴅ ᴏᴠᴇʀ ᴀ ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ ᴘᴇʀsᴏɴ
LVMYKDZ (29 days ago)
People..............let me explain. She is a State's Attorney, which likely means she drives a Government vehicle, which will often times return in the motor vehicle's system as "NOT ON FILE", for confidentiality purposes. I stop cars all the time that return with that info, since I work in a metropolitan area where many federal and state employees work. I often stop those vehicles because it's the only way to verify that the vehicle is legitimate (registered, not stolen, etc.). The officer, in this case, should have taken the time to explain in more detail. I personally have actually allowed people to walk back to my patrol vehicle and view the screen that shows the return on the plate in comparison to other vehicles. The majority of the comments I see here, simply want to paint this officer as a racist, but in reality, once he put 2 and 2 together (her State ID coupled with the return on the plate), it all made sense and there was no reason to continue with the stop. Cops conduct traffic stops looking for criminals, if the vehicle or person they stopped, is not one, they let them go with a citation or give them a warning, it's that simple. Any attempt to label this officer as a racist, simply based on the fact that the color of his skin differs from the drivers, is racist itself.
Darren 519 (29 days ago)
Is she pulled over on the pavement?
Matthew Lombard (29 days ago)
AAH Stopped a car with no tag reg and over tinted windows. He did his job!!!!!!!!! She asked why? I would also want to know. I would have fined her for the over tint!!! No one is above the law!! I AM THE LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mos Amaze (1 month ago)
Dude was stuttering lol
Tommy Brumfield (1 month ago)
she ant no better than anyone else .so she needs to drop the attitude
ndelvillar (29 days ago)
she's a little better though.
Rob Lord (1 month ago)
Ohh Give Her A Break She's Black.Send Her To The Price Is Right Next.Give Her A Free Escalade EXT.I Mean Since She's Black
D. A. (1 month ago)
I don’t think people appreciate the State Attorney is his bosses’ bosses’ boss. That’s literally the highest up on the chain of command in the state.
zach craig (1 month ago)
Ya done fucked up a aron
Patrick O'Neill (1 month ago)
Cop did his job , no big deal .
Miz Fliz (1 month ago)
Tags are run automatically now..no matter who u are
Scott M (1 month ago)
Leftards screaming for the race card....
ray don (1 month ago)
cop said this is not my car. cop was thinking, no way can a black woman own that car....
street 75 (1 month ago)
And how's that racist bitches....look how fast the white trash cops go away. Wasn't that important if u let her go .she actually called him back to ask for his badge number. And the smug look u seen was because she asked why...and the cop fed her bullshit excuses. She knew she done no violation. That's what cops do. If u drive perfect but they still want to pull u over they pull u over and say..."left of center". Remember cameras don't usually come on in a police car until they put the blue lights on. Then the camera turns on. Cops lie cheat steal molest and rape. Golden State killer to many murdering cops who've killed. She had a right to give a facial indication showing disbelief.
Duane Norman (1 month ago)
I hate cops I really do ...
hummingnectarbird (1 month ago)
Priceless. That lousy explanation.😂🤣 She's the one with advanced degrees AND a lawyer, so knows he was all bull. This happened a couple years ago in Montgomery, AL. They couldnt back ot up or justify why they stopped him. They fired the police for beyond the call of duty behavior. I bet he sweated bullets for the rest of the day.
Double R (1 month ago)
Not her words at end of vid. Trust me
buLLetproofJBE (1 month ago)
It's common for police to randomly run plates, dont see what the issue is here...

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