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Police pull over state attorney

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The Orlando Police Department released bodycam footage of two officers pulling over Florida's first black elected state attorney, Aramis Ayala.
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John Jones (1 hour ago)
We're not supposed to see skin color. Well, unless CNN is trying to push a narrative, then we totally have to see skin color. Let's see his stop record. I bet the majority are not black. Race pimps.
KING SMK (3 hours ago)
Jessica Opal (3 hours ago)
*This racist stupid* ******* *obviously got her education and career through affirmative action.*
jae1k2 (6 hours ago)
I hope the cop got fired.. why? No reason
Jaxxon the Healer (14 hours ago)
“...and also I noticed you were really dark ...errr...I mean.... windows .....your windows are really dark, sorry have a nice day :)”
Michelle Olson (17 hours ago)
too bad most of the general public are not treated the same..."Oh your skin is just that one bit darker than the Norm...now I give you the gears".
dvco1701 (17 hours ago)
How is this even a story? CNN trying to incite racial divide.
evan young (19 hours ago)
He was shaking in his boots when he found out who she was😂
Michael McKeithan (21 hours ago)
IF SHE WAS DRIVING A GOVERNMENT VEHICLE AND SHE IS A STATE ATTORNEY CHANCES ARE THE TAG WOULD NOT HAVE RETURN INFORMATION. Vehicles have tags for a reason to identify the vehicle and owner to show if the vehicle is insured or stolen. Her status as a lawyer for the state or gender or race was not relevant. The tag information did not return giving the officer reasonable suspicion to make the traffic stop to verify the the vehicles status. Stop making this into something it is not.
YourMom'sBoyfriend (1 day ago)
fuck the opps
Humaun Laskar (1 day ago)
Here goes again collor problem for lunatics ku klux trump clan
le jefe (1 day ago)
They wanted nothing to do with her lol they knew she would have chewed them up lol
Jay barnett (1 day ago)
Pathetic... turned into a bitch instantly.. dwl
MrJackydragon (1 day ago)
I feel the cop wanting the ground to swallow him up right there and then. Too funny the instant change when he discovers who she is.
Rob Cary (1 day ago)
She got pulled over for having dark skin not dark tint
Rich T (1 day ago)
fucking hilarious these cops shit there pants soon as he read her card.. she should've played with them a little before she dropped that on them.
fileTHE fact (1 day ago)
Those PUNKS pulled over the WRONG Black lady that day. Black POWER!
Ken Elliott (1 day ago)
Brian James (1 day ago)
Okay the dumb bitch got pulled over.... ppl get pulled over everyday.. nothing new... bitch broke the law and she dont like the fact she got pulled over....who the fukk she think she is. To me she is fukking nobody... get over it you stupud BiTCH...YOU AINT SPECIAL😂😂😂GTFOH...
Freddy Guerrero (2 days ago)
running tags without any probable cause...is illegal...like NWA....fuck the police
Aileen Capo (2 days ago)
And this is why we have to make sure our kids become Lawyers, Dr, etc.. good Careers not just jobs and sure as hell not that fucking rap life..they not getting no respect or doing anything to make changes chasing that fucking rap life, you see how quick they stopped fucking with her as soon as they saw her ID..they humbled down real quick.
Alexander Wesner (2 days ago)
Ha ha ha
lewis (2 days ago)
Very respectful officer highly trained ..
Ricky Cook (2 days ago)
Bitch you aint no African princess . Just in your head . You ain't above the law . FUCK YOU
MMAbadboy (2 days ago)
She's a beautiful and intelligent woman. I like her.
Hollywood Hawkins (2 days ago)
When she said “ let me see your cards” his heart dropped 😂
Nathan Lam (2 days ago)
Just tell the truth! Sorry ur black thats why we stopped you! And now we fucked up cause we judge the wrong person sorry you can go.
Dark Knight (2 days ago)
Ashley jump (2 days ago)
Hell yea then come help waco tx if your a combat vet in waco they pull guns and call you a king pin and try to take you to jail for nothing making up shit and it don't matter color in waco they treat all like terrorists
Nathan Hall (2 days ago)
Cnn make real news retards
Mas Moi (2 days ago)
Yea ONCE they saw it was a black woman driving a nice car, did u see two volchers approach the car! Ready to " defend" themselves, I love her when she just says, " I'm THE state attorney" kid cop " oh thank you" how many times do those words ever come out of a white cops mouth on a traffic stop? Never! You could hear his puberty voice shaking"umh"
Scott Miller (2 days ago)
Fuck that bullshit ass stop .. clear racism.. the officer clearly had no reason to stop her and im pretty sure running random plates is not everyday procedure
ron thatguy (2 days ago)
I have his mf badge and his job
Kevin Halton (2 days ago)
Funny why Ford she need cards with there Info. Another one thinking she's above the law
Ju jux (2 days ago)
He was Soo Reaching for a justified reason for this racial profiling of a U.S Citizen.. He knew he messed up when he realised it was The State Attourney!!
...What does her being black have to do with it... You obviously can't see her skin color if the tint is being considered "potentially too dark". Liberal media strikes again, plays off the stupidity of their audience, using the word "black" in there, as if that being the first thing you notice about a person doesn't make YOU a racist...
evoljellyfish 00 (3 days ago)
When they find out she is state attorney they start shitting their pants and making up lies about running plates all the time LOL yeah right.
Michael .Pham (3 days ago)
This cop has bs written all over him ._.
Mr. Noob (3 days ago)
0:46 the smile when he starts with the dark windows says it all ^^
Tall One (3 days ago)
FRATERNITY of Police. Luciferian Occult. Satanists. Cops will lie in court under oath to protect a Brother of their Fraternity. It is a business in order to keep their jobs, they have to keep running people through the system.
Jaime Ortiz (3 days ago)
Lol nigga got hella nervous
מתן מלכי (3 days ago)
Great cop ! eal nice and recpacful
Andrew Jablonski (3 days ago)
I mean what else was the guy gonna do then give her open ended excuses to let her off? He didn't want none of that even if the tag run was legit, lol. Could've happened to anyone.
Cloverdale General (3 days ago)
Trover19 (3 days ago)
They probably would’ve pulled her over, fined her, then beat her because she was black. That’s the police for ya!
Xavier Wilks (3 days ago)
cop:What agency are you with? Sista: I'm the State Attorney. Cop: Oh Ok Thank you!! 😂😂😂😂
Stephen Pavlov (3 days ago)
They are all on the same team
William Bearden (3 days ago)
Lol I love y'all comments 😁
J. James (3 days ago)
Tint can't be that dark if I can see through it on the body cam. She also knows he was bull shiting, with the smirk she gave.
PHOENIX X (3 days ago)
The moment he took her i.D officer jimmy knew he just FUCKED UP....
Tat Tvam Asi (3 days ago)
So she got legally pulled over by two polite and respectful officers who let her go without any incident, but she wants to talk about it because she's black and they were white. Pretty clear who the racist one is here.
J Ger (3 days ago)
Pussy ass nigga
James Fajardo (3 days ago)
If she’s not an attorney I’m hella sure the police will give him a ticket
Silence1684 (3 days ago)
Isn't that that useless bitch who didn't want to seek the death penalty on the murderer? I guess she has to take a win wherever she can get it.
inasexymood (3 days ago)
Can someone post the names of the officers?
juan alvarez (4 days ago)
Serves a right bitch
QueensYankeesFan (4 days ago)
Lol what a classless monkey. She’s above the law I guess. Give me a fuckin break hun seriously. Cop was nothing but polite and she just had to get her racist little digs in
xp3bood (4 days ago)
They got fucked up. And they deserve it. Fucking American Cops
allenkaye1 (4 days ago)
CNN fake news they love starting a race war. We are all Americans everyone ban cnn Fake news
Hugh Jass (4 days ago)
I don't care if you're god almighty, you do the crime; you do the time. Being a state attorney does not exempt you from the law
Scott Jessup (4 days ago)
He ran her tag, but this gorilla didn’t think he had the right to do his job. Anyone see those lifeless eyes?
Scott Jessup (4 days ago)
She had gorilla eyes
bknightify (5 days ago)
lol hilarrrrrrious smh dude had to be sweating handed her ID back so quickly lol
Lejon Leonard (5 days ago)
FBI and its little brothers gone say "oh shit!" Better than these two blue piece of shit demons from the US government did....
pancho gonzales (5 days ago)
justin jones (5 days ago)
fake news race baiting hoping people see something negative and project that onto society...…. fuck you CNN
Gord Haasz (5 days ago)
Hahaha omg
K Jay Medina (5 days ago)
Oh wait this isn't my car.
Zain Ali (6 days ago)
She played that scenario like a boss
Michael Giovannangelo (6 days ago)
How dare that racist white cop pull over a black person? Doesn't he know anything about the almighty race card, and black privilege? At least now she can sit down with the Chief and explain to him how it's racist for a police officer to pull over a black driver.
Remskii (6 days ago)
They should ship this guy to Bushwhack Alaska and make all the stop he wants.
He didn't pull her over because she is black it's not a fucking race issue, I have been pulled over a few times for how dark my tint is and it's probably as dark as her tint, and when I had my license suspended I let someone drive my car and they got pulled over because police ran a tag on my car and it came up that it belonged to a suspended driver, so do not think it's a race issue
Deal It (6 days ago)
Good job by the officer.
The Wall (6 days ago)
Deal It constant victim culture by blacks. No everything you get stopped or blamed for is because of your skin color. It's like blacks think collectively than individually.
Longjohnson Shagwell (6 days ago)
good thing those brave cops pulled her over, you can never be too sure with those types
Yoda Google (6 days ago)
The bich using powers against Law.
Yoda Google (6 days ago)
Fake news from...CNN
Höhö (6 days ago)
If she happened to be a regular citizen, those cops would not have been so friendly.
Richard Bailey (6 days ago)
pig, shit himself
TheMachoTaco isBack (6 days ago)
So police pull over woman ... who cares
Höhö (6 days ago)
The law
I’m offended
Chris P (6 days ago)
She was stick acting entitled
The pixel pro bros (6 days ago)
She tried to start something blacks 19 white 2 and yall here xxxtentacion is dead rip x
easy 123 (6 days ago)
I know this bitch
Trey Ward (6 days ago)
The cops was terrified you could hear it in his voice. dumb ass!
BlkTexn13 (7 days ago)
You know when’re coos want to pull you and have no VALID reason they claim the tag didn’t show in the system. That’s bull. We got stopped in Florida because I was in the front seat with my wife. The cop went 3 blocks so he could turn around and stop us.
John Phillips (7 days ago)
Absolute bullshit that everyone thinks people in "high places" are somehow beyond the rest of us she's no more a public servant than those guy's in uniform and she sure as hell has no right to us her position to retaliate against them in fact the higher you are or go in public office the more scrutinized you should be always being watch for your actions and held accountable at a strict level for them
Foxtrot Florida (7 days ago)
So her tag didn't come and the cops pulled her over, lol. Good job officers and F'k CNN
V Tru (7 days ago)
Yea they ran from that black women with power!
Subaru sti (8 days ago)
Cops just don't know who there messing with sometimes
DCstrong13 (8 days ago)
I like the comments saying the only reason she was pulled over was that she was black when the officers had to be behind her to run her tags and with the tint on her vehicle had no way of knowing what race she was. It was a legal stop. Not every police officer is out to get you contrary to popular belief.
TheNoobius (8 days ago)
Fake. If thoose were actual cops they would have shot her atleast 12 times before asking questions
David Curry (8 days ago)
Olympic-class backpedaling
adaboy4z (8 days ago)
Police now have cameras on cars that can run dozens of tags at a time. Welcome to the new world order!! Just finished nursing school bought a brand new Chrysler Sebring Touring coupe 06. Got pulled over 7 times in one mnth. One Cop asked me whos car is this!! Where do I work, what do I do for a living? Never a ticket but I always fit the description smh
DeathsHood (7 days ago)
adaboy4z 'can run dozens of tags at a time' - Citation needed.
Tony Nguyen (8 days ago)
This is very satisfying to watch and all the white people are salty as fuck lol saying “ they’re just doing their jobs” fuck outta here. “ the tint windows was too dark, but I don’t have a tint measure” smh
Blue dust (8 days ago)
Arrogant black cunt.
Imri Murphy (8 days ago)
Say goodbye to your badge
Gunnie Two genders (8 days ago)
This woman is above the law as our queen Hillary is! #stillwithher
Sheila Galvez (8 days ago)
Could not get his lies out without stuttering. This is why no one trusts them, playing racist games instead of doing the job their paid to do as public servants.
DeathsHood (7 days ago)
Sheila Galvez His reason for the stop was legal and legit. Get over yourself.
nerk twins (8 days ago)
Officer Craka don't you know I is Srate attony Mo Fo !
Neil (9 days ago)
sad so she abused her office to bully a police officer doing his job interesting

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