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9 Warning Signs of Bone Marrow Cancer

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9 Warning Signs of bonee Marrow Cancer: 1. Exhaustion One of the earliest signs of multiple myeloma is a general feeling of exhaustion that fails to go away, even when one gets lots of rest and follows a healthy diet. These feelings of fatigue are usually related to the way multiple myeloma attacks the healthy cells of the bonee marrow, which in many cases can result in anemia or inconsistent cytokine production. Because feelings of fatigue are fairly common, this symptom should be considered in combination with other signs of multiple myeloma on this list. For example, someone who has a family history of cancer, and especially bonee marrow cancer, will want to be tested for multiple myeloma if they suddenly experience a long, generally unbreaking wave of exhaustion lasting several days or weeks. 2. Anemia Anemia, which occurs when the number of red blood cells reaches critically low levels, results from multiple myeloma because it causes the suppression or crowding out of healthy red blood cells. The most common side effect of anemia is an overpowering feeling of fatigue that may not break even with healthy diet, ample rest, fluids, or stimulants like caffeine. This feeling of general exhaustion can last for days or even weeks at a time. However, it should be noted that anemia is not only related to multiple myeloma and the development of bonee marrow cancer. It can result from a number of other health conditions, from pregnancy to menstruationn and iron and vitamin deficiency. Simply failing to get enough iron in the diet can cause anemia. 3. Pain in the bonees One of the more obvious and distinct signs of multiple myeloma is feelings of pain in the bonees. This is because multiple myeloma forms in the marrow of the bonee and, as time goes on, its suppression of healthy red blood cells can cause the bonee to thin and weaken, resulting in osteoporosis. Once this stage is reached, the chance of fracturing or completely breaking the affected bonee increases substantially. It also results in mild to moderate feelings of pain in and around the bonee. This pain may be more noticeable if the problem involves particularly critical bonees, such as the spine, which are responsible for supporting multiple parts of the body. This pain tends to increase with movement and may be considerably more noticeable during the evening and early morning hours. If the spine is affected, the patient may experience compression fractures that cause slumping; over time, this could even result in a patient losing a few inches from their height. 4. Numbness Because multiple myeloma targets the healthy red blood cells of the bonee marrow, in time it can cause the patient’s bonees to weaken. While this often results in the affected bonees becoming frailer and painful, it can also lead to general feelings of numbness. This sensation of numbness is most pronounced when multiple myeloma invades the vertebrae of the spine. As the problem spreads through the spine, it causes the bonees to weaken, resulting in vertebrae coming into contact with each other and the nerves spiraling around the spine. In touching upon these highly sensitive nerves, multiple myeloma effectively scrambles the signal traveling between the brain and spine, leaving the area feeling numb. 5. Kidney problems If not caught early on, multiple myeloma can eventually lead to significant problems in the kidney. This is because the development of multiple myeloma results in the emergence of proteins that, when produced to excess — as they often are when multiple myeloma takes hold — can put undue pressure on the kidneys, resulting in damage or even kidney failure. Ideally, the patient would recognize other signs and symptoms of multiple myeloma — such as excessive fatigue or bonee pain — and be able to take action prior to reaching the stage where kidney problems emerge. However, should those signs not raise flags, the emergence of kidney-related issues should be identified as a possible sign of multiple myeloma. 6. Hypercalcemia Over time, multiple myeloma results in the production of cancerous cells that effectively push healthy cells out of the bonee marrow. This makes the bonee feel weak, painful, and potentially numb. In time, it could cause the bonee to fracture or completely break. This wearing down of the bonees through multiple myeloma also results in a condition known as hypercalcemia, which emerges when there is an excessive amount of calcium in the blood. Hypercalcemia is often found in people with multiple myeloma, because their bonees, which contain calcium, are effectively breaking down. Hypercalcemia introduces its own, rather significant health problems, from exhaustion to constipation and kidney issues. 7. Weight loss 8. Mental confusion 9. Frequent illnesses
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PBottomPoochies (4 months ago)
Is there ANY way they could make these videos with a real person's voice rather than this crappy electronic one?
My Makeup Tackle Box (5 months ago)
How do you get tested for this
Matsa Mo (5 months ago)
I have all the symptoms but the last one, can you get bone marrow cancer at 13?
pokemongirl89 (4 months ago)
matsa stuff yes. The unfortunate thing about cancer is that it affects anyone at any age. Please get tested, just incase.
Brent Arnold (5 months ago)
I'm 56 and I have smoldering MM. : (
Bisshop10 kaiser (5 months ago)
Shell Walter (7 months ago)
I have had a bone marrow biopsy to rule out PV getting results in a few days scared to death
Pc Video Games World (26 days ago)
dont afraid .always want help from Allah.
Tyrese Armstrong (5 months ago)
I having a Stem Cell Transplant in about three or 4 weeks.....I'm ready
Elizabeth Gallagher (6 months ago)
How are you doing now?
Becky Warren (6 months ago)
God bless you!
Shell Walter I hope all goes well😊
Isobel Mayes (10 months ago)
My darling mum passed away through multiple myeloma she was only 67 and was told she had athritis by the time the true illness was diagnosed she only had a few weeks to live ..needless to say all the family were totally shocked she was loved so very much and my dear daddy passed away too from heart problems not long after and I'm quite sure it was brought on by what happened to my lovely mam ...😧 Now I'm 67 and I'm suffering severe pain through arthritis it's getting so bad I can hardly walk and it's beginning to scare me now ...don't know if I'm being silly and paranoid ?
Lifelessons Channel (6 months ago)
How r u now?
Isobel Mayes so sorry for your loss.
Beth g (8 months ago)
No I have Psoratic arthritis and I worry about the same thing
Frankie Wilkes (10 months ago)
Isobel Mayes uruub

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