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ADHD: Extensive Options for Treatment Across Childhood and Adolescence

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Thinking Moms' Revolution, Gold Sponsor Vayarin, host eight experts on ADHD covering natural treatment, meds, homeopathy, microbiome, diet, vision, screen time, and more.
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kola from tommorow (19 days ago)
if she cared she would admit pandas and autism is the same thing and she wouldn't charge so much and respond
Sheri Davis (1 year ago)
Great webinar! Thanks for putting this together! Grateful for the opportunity to share about the Feingold Diet!
Patricia Lemer (1 year ago)
Thanks Elisa for your appreciation of my support
Elisa Beck (1 year ago)
Thanks Patricia Lemer! All of the children and adults you've helped, and Developmental Optometry loves you! :)

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