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(18 May 1978) Rhodesian troops tracking guerrillas and disarming land mines in Rhodesia's increasingly violent civil guerrilla war. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/fc3a767f2cf2f6353ec22ac7ac822e99 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Text Comments (160)
H C (1 month ago)
those FN's..... still in service today
mlovmo (2 months ago)
They're so cute in their short-shorts...
Dave Crockett (3 months ago)
Unfortunately it was nearly over for the good God fearing Rhodesian whites & blacks when this took place. God bless them
cleopas machikwa (3 months ago)
Casper Labuschagne (3 months ago)
Looks like a Chinese made mine where multiple vehicles would drive over before the wooden box breaks down sufficiently in order to trigger an explosion. While this particular mine appears to be more sophisticated, these mines could be made with hardly any metal parts that made them very difficult to detect. These mines were the ideal terrorist weapon due to the demoralizing effect on the civilian population since they often exploded once a particular road was declared to be open and has been in use for a few hours.
Jonathan Williams (3 months ago)
All they wanted was to exist, but nothing would satisfy the UN and they were condemned for it, their passports rejected, trade condemned and sanctions placed on anybody who dared recognize them so nobody did. And British passports were also confiscated if they ever went to the UK. All because they knew what Mugabe would do. Just because the majority wills it doesn’t make it right, Germany is the most obvious example.
Guy Calabrese (3 months ago)
Modern soldiers lost the ability to track since they just ride around in APC:s and helicopters.
Deb Clato (3 months ago)
Beginning of the End for the Western man, lol. As a Chinese, I compare your forefathers with your present men, and I can understand why Europe will be an Islamic republic. Today’s your people are weak! Before you had real men, who were honoured for been men.
Joseph Kennedy (24 days ago)
Deb Clato we were too strong back then, so Jews corrupted our societies and waited two generations. Now we will have to fight soon.
White Makes Right (3 months ago)
Rhodesians never die
Douglas Lewis (3 months ago)
Hand Salute.
Alan Thomas (3 months ago)
Heros all!
Sahm Dhude (3 months ago)
Tactical shorts.
Eirik Link (3 months ago)
Slot Floppies!
Mateusz Fakeman (3 months ago)
Good old times.
Kyrian Kaine (3 months ago)
Let's look at Bermuda it's still a white minority ruled nation and the majority are blacks but because of economic development and raising their high standards of living the Blacks wouldn't even rebel or riot the african leaders just wanted power they never looked out for the black majority and they played them like fools !!!!
FABULOUS DOLPHIN (3 months ago)
+White Makes Right agreed.
Kyrian Kaine (3 months ago)
+White Makes Right LOL then you sadly mistaken. And there's nothing else elaborate on. Under what boots. You're living in your own world. South America shared your views of "the white race would turn their continent into a developed continent" since the 19th century". It's still a piece if shit continent. Your beliefs has broken by Lee Kuan Yew. He took a back water colony and turned it into one of the most developed nations in the world. Singapore from the 1965 to 1990 within 25 years no western nation or even any European nation has achieved that. You would probably say, western nations didn't have country to emulate from. True but Slovenia was a high income developing country after 1991 then by the 2002 - 2007 they became developed but Singapore was a very low income not even middle nation but now they have higher standards of living than USA, Canada and the UK My point is when someone uses race as excuse. Either they have not achieved much in life and want to hide behind their race or they are psychologically redundant and want to simplify every issue cause it's easier for them. Like A is apple not the compounds and contents of an apple. I've seen so many people like you and that's why Rhodesia was meant to fail from the start and I won't be surprised if you're a self hating black man/woman that's how used to this false simplistic racist theory being peddled around I've been used to. I believe we are done here. What's next blame "the jews on world domination". PS give me a break 😒
White Makes Right (3 months ago)
+Kyrian Kaine > Race is just skin color, man, why can't we all just get along? Have you read any of my posts? Blacks are genetically driven to behavior that is not conducive to building a safe, prosperous, orderly society. If blacks are present in a society, keeping them under the boot heel is the only way to maintain a safe, prosperous, orderly society. We see this in every country where blacks are present, from the US, to Europe, to Haiti, South America, and all across Africa. There are biological differences in behavior between races. If you deny that, you will never understand how the world works.
Kyrian Kaine (3 months ago)
+White Makes Right No it was never a developed country. It was a semi peripheral nation and the first world name was a political term than developed term used. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semi-periphery_countries As long as the blacks were poor they would be a developed country. Cause even with apartheid 70% of the blacks were working in the segregated south africa meaning it can't be developed and the Indian and coloured South african had a poor standards of living in fact. Indian South africans increased to 85% of what whites earn today it was around 43 or less percent under Apartheid. Only whites and blacks improved little after apartheid. Yes it's true by african standards the black South Africans had one of the highest standards not the highest just one of the highest standards of living but by world standards which was much lower than western standards they were poor the same as for black Rhodesians. The problem was the white Africans never saw the blacks as human beings in fact they saw them as sub humans which came back to hunt them. But Bermuda is a whole different ball game yes there's still racism there but at least the blacks were and are treated better. When someone believes a race is inferior just because of anatomy that will defeat the whole purpose of any economic development I'm speaking of the white Africans. I'm totally a fair minded person 100% and I still blame african leaders 80% but 20% goes to the white Africans that literally created this problem in southern africa but I focus on the matter at hand which is the african corrupt leaders they have always had this tribal and self entitled mentality and the majority only cared about changing the skin color of the dictator not their standards if living as Thomas So well put it.
White Makes Right (3 months ago)
+Kyrian Kaine Under Apartheid, South Africa was a developed country. It was a First World country, in fact. And the blacks did have a high standard of living, the highest of any blacks outside the US. It didn't do anything for their IQ though, or any of the other traits I listed, because they are genetic. The White South Africans treated the blacks the way they did because they knew that was the only way it would work. You can't treat them like the Chinese, because they are not like the Chinese. The White South Africans knew how the blacks really were, which is why they had to segregate them and strictly keep them in line.
John Felle (3 months ago)
if white people never ran rodisha, the natives would still be throughing s!@# at each other
Yonas Geta (3 months ago)
why do the white have to immigrate to Zimbabwe and Namibia may be South African is different issue (1600 )
ncr veteran ranger (3 months ago)
Damn those rodeshian fal's look fantastic
pars4245 (3 months ago)
Lead soldier also has a shotgun?
Wolf of the Mountain (4 months ago)
A land both fair and great
Lenny Ynnel (3 months ago)
Arnant Phongsatha Because we're all Rhodesians and we'll fight through thick and thin
Arnant Phongsatha (3 months ago)
And this land and all its people will never disappear.
Wolf of the Mountain (3 months ago)
fizpop01 (3 months ago)
Nikolai valkov (3 months ago)
Fuck niggas jews gypsies and bolshevicks.
Ystadcop (4 months ago)
The journalist is Michael Nicholson. He was a politics student at Leicester University and lived on North Avenue, then Springfield Rd. He had a succession of jeeps and weird vehicles and married a lovely local woman, Diana. I knoew him and I was her parents' butcher boy. The next time I ran into him was in Rhodesia when I was a sergeant in the Rhodesia Staff Corps. I recently found out that he'd died too young. Super bloke, RIP Michael.
FABULOUS DOLPHIN (3 months ago)
+Bernard poor trolling. Go away.
Ystadcop (3 months ago)
Don't worry, burnman, someone will be coming to help you soon. Probably someone white.
Bernard (3 months ago)
ThePsychocybe 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣so scared ,now go home and cry for the death Rhodesia
ThePsychocybe (3 months ago)
Just remember that the only reason blacks overtook Rhodesia was because white men allowed it. If the Whites of the world actually wanted your kind off the face of the Earth it'd be done in a matter of months.
Mr. White (4 months ago)
Make Zimbabwe Rhodesia again.
Nationalist Canuck (1 month ago)
tinotenda gotami Blacks did better in Rhodesia under whites. Now they’re starving, bankrupt, under developed, under a corrupt communist regime...
Jimm Crowe (2 months ago)
Vlad the guru They WERE NOT equals. Why should they have been treated like they were. Now look at them...... fucking starving.
Nils Ingvar (3 months ago)
Yeah fuck nuance right.
Vlad the guru (3 months ago)
+Nils Ingvar they were not treated as equals there is no but after that savage
Vlad the guru (3 months ago)
+Pearls For Heroes fuck off
James Mosley (4 months ago)
In my opinion these guys were without doubt the best soldiers in the world.
James Mosley (3 months ago)
It must be painful to know the highly trained Rhodesian army were hammering the guerrillas on a daily basis. Such a shame they ever lost power as Rhodesia would still be a beautiful place. Instead it’s not a 3rd world shit hole as president trump would say 😂
White Makes Right (3 months ago)
+Pearls For Heroes The kaffirs won because the duplicitous Western governments supported them.
White Makes Right (3 months ago)
They certainly had a very righteous cause.
Pearls For Heroes (3 months ago)
Makes you wanda how the kaffaz bladdy wan boet.
Braeden Griffiths (3 months ago)
laman012 You’re an idiot. Still haven’t addressed if they’re skilled or not, plus most of the villages harboured guerrillas. Rhoadies had a 60:1 k/d against them a points in the war. Highly skilled soldiers indeed.
Moderate Fkr (4 months ago)
The downfall of Rhodesia was orchestrated by the CIA on the orders of Rockefeller. All you simple minded racists blaming the blacks need to do some bloody research. When you gapped it - to Australia, NZ, USA, Mud Island etc., they had to stay or flee to SA where they were as welcome as you were, stealing their resources and using them as servants. Mugabe was a CIA asset from day one The involvement of MI6 in '79, as well as CIA front agencies such as USAID and BAH in operations against Tsvangirai are proof alone. If the psychopathic elites wanted Mugabe out, they would have supported MDC not operated against them.
Sticks (1 month ago)
Your fuvkin insane
MartianProductions (3 months ago)
White Makes Right (3 months ago)
+william III The Soviet Union was in bed with the Western world. The "Cold War" was an act. There were never trade sanctions or embargoes on the Soviet Union. It was more like a rivalry than a true conflict.
White Makes Right (3 months ago)
Yes, the CIA and the Rockefellers (and probably the Rothschilds, too) used the blacks to overthrow Rhodesia. But the blacks went right along, and engaged in the extreme savagery for which they are known. In fact, they continue to do so all across Africa. They're not innocent.
MartianProductions (3 months ago)
Well no shit, thats pretty common knowledge. It turned from a first to a third world country in the span of like 5 years because of the black communist government.
Rusty Shackleford (4 months ago)
Now in some places in Zimbabwe blacks are literally cannibalizing their own
MySonNarkoman (3 months ago)
Rusty Shackleford It seems i watch the same videos as you
White Makes Right (3 months ago)
At least they're not "oppressed," right?
John Felle (3 months ago)
Rusty Shackleford why would the press report on that?
Lem Weazma (5 months ago)
The best thing for Africa is visionary leadership and respect of the rule of law.
White Makes Right (3 months ago)
Africa will continue to be a shithole until White people are in charge again.
william III (3 months ago)
Thanks for proving my point.
Yonas Geta (3 months ago)
william III 10000000 times better than Hitler mosolini starling
william III (3 months ago)
Well it's sad to see what happened to these countries, they became prime examples of how to run a country and turn it into a shithole.
Wolf of the Mountain (3 months ago)
+william III You make funny jokes
Peedinkus (6 months ago)
Every African nation was better off when the humans were in charge.
Adriaan Buys (2 months ago)
The comment was racist but it can be based in fact.
tendai chimanikire (3 months ago)
Peedinkis Fuck you,, u racist
Chode Mcchode (3 months ago)
Peedinkus when you’re racist
Kemeta 44 (3 months ago)
Peedinkus (3 months ago)
Dark matter Hafnium .....and?
Rico Lek (8 months ago)
Those FNs look so beautiful
James Wewerka (3 months ago)
+Ystadcop ...yep
Ystadcop (4 months ago)
They're probably R1s.
frogsgottalent (9 months ago)
Research theCOUDENHOVE - KALERGIplan . The same mafia are screwing Europe, Australia, USA, Canada.... Also theOdedYinon Plan. That's why they are using our money and blood to carve up the Middle East. The same parasites are still in Africa milking the wealth out of the continent . SOLARGENERAL. ORG , HOLODOMORINFO. COM
Rewardingname48 (9 months ago)
Rhodesia was much better off under rhodesian rule
Liberty Prime (3 months ago)
Rhodesia was not a colony it was independent. As prime minister Ian smith said “There will never be black majority rule in rhodesia, not in a 1000 years not ever, i want blacks and whites to rule together.”
Pearls For Heroes (3 months ago)
Rewardingname48 Arrize? You can't spell for shit.
6KILLER (3 months ago)
Zen Madster Fuktard, the White man isn’t the only race that ever colonized. Asia is named after a group of White people who called themselves the As (Alans) who were systematically genocided in China and Central-Asia. The genocide of the White Man has been a long term plan by the Elites read the Kalergi plan or the Barcelona Declaration.
6KILLER (3 months ago)
Zen Madster False! Fraticidal wars have reduced our numbers from half the World’s population to around 7% of the World’s population in the last couple centuries.
6KILLER (3 months ago)
Rewardingname48 Even the Kaffirs had it better under Rhodesian rule.
BrianP 556 (11 months ago)
Good fucking soldiers
Gorro Kasali (11 months ago)
No we will rule ourselves thank you very much. Things are defiantly not perfect but are getting better by the years, it takes sometime to recover from all the resources you stole! But that's the past so you stay your white asses where u belong in Europe and we will deal with our OWN problems! You uppidy Cunt!
Jonathan Williams (3 months ago)
You don’t rule yourselves ZANU rules you Maybe now that Mugabe is gone that might change but if South Africa is any example it won’t Just because your dictator has the same skin skin color as you doesn’t make you free. Rhodesia allowed blacks to vote if they met the same standards as whites but when those with nothing to lose took over they voted to steal from those who had and then tried to ethnically cleanse the country
John Felle (3 months ago)
yes you do and take a good look at yourselves
Pearls For Heroes (3 months ago)
Gorro Kasali You people your land with little Calibans! Do you read Shakespeare Gorro? He was a white man, from England.
Ch'iidii (3 months ago)
Gorro Kasali the white man brought your ancestors from the stone age to the modern age. In the middle of the nineteenth century your ancestors were running around barefoot half naked like our ancestors were 8,000 years ago. Had the white man not intervened in your stagnant state of development, you would not have a computer, internet, or for that matter the electricity you use to power it with. Or to word it another way, what the white man left behind more than makes up for what he supposedly "stoled" from you.
william III (4 months ago)
If you take 100 as ground level yes, for the rest of the world; between 70 and 78 is your sort IQ. Asians , Chinese, Japanese have the highest. You are stuck in a backward race. Don't worry it will end when you die.
Dave R (1 year ago)
Where is the other parts?
Matt allen (3 years ago)
I hope they got the bastard

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