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minoxidil 5% review - 2 months photos

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Hair loss and hair regrowth. Minoxidil 5% review. Minoxidil 5% result
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Giray Kharizzma (1 day ago)
Just shave it off man it’s ok girls still love bald guys lol
Nayyer 007nayyer (2 days ago)
Ricky Rock (6 days ago)
All comments causes suspence ....what I do..
CENTRO DE JUEGOS (15 days ago)
it damn work. so sad it does not work for Little girls.
hhhhhhhhhh no haer
weal farouk (25 days ago)
Like hair yor ass hhhhhhhh
shon thoudam (27 days ago)
Photo is not Indian
Mahesh Shinde (1 month ago)
Benzema @@@@
Sheraz Raj (1 month ago)
Buy Minoxin Plus (Minoxidil 5%) Hair Regrow Spary online in Pakistan at DARAZ http://bit.ly/2PrS35f
mango fit (1 month ago)
https://amzn.to/2OZYQX3 Regaine for Women Regular Strength 2% Minoxidil - 60 ml
Appus Sony (1 month ago)
Everyday use? How much time Which hour removed
Anas Hassan (13 days ago)
as far as i know , it should stay for four hours before you can wash again . it takes 4 months to feel the difference . twice aday makes the results show up more quickly , and it keeps getting better . it took me over a year to have a full beard !!!!!!!! it worked on my beard i swear .
verdade seja dita (1 month ago)
no difference
afroz ansari (2 months ago)
Kiss company Ka minoxidil use Kiya Aapne bro ?
Exposer Online (2 months ago)
It's a great video! What is my advice when come to hair loss treatment: Many consumers are not using these hair loss products in an effective way. Fortunately there are a few simple ways that consumers can increase their chance of success. Following these guidelines will ensure that your money does not go to waste: Start a Journal. People usually try several different hair loss products before they find something that works for them. Many use two or more products simultaneously. Keeping track of all this information can be frustrating and difficult. The best way to figure out what is working is to keep a journal detailing your progress. You should record all relevant information about the treatment process: when you started, the dosage, cost, and any side effects you experience. This documentation will tell you which products are effective, which ones are not, and allow you to make changes as you see fit. Take Pictures. Noticing small changes in your hairline over time is extremely difficult. Taking pictures on a regular basis is the most effective ways to track your progress. Always photograph your head from the same angle, in similar lighting conditions. Use a digital camera for best results, most will automatically record the date and time for you. When combined with a treatment journal, these photos provide an invaluable tool that will allow you to judge the effectiveness of products you use. Do Your Homework. The Internet is flooded with products claiming to cure and treat hair loss. Finding out which ones are legitimate can be a difficult task. When researching products online, beware of those that sound too good to be true. If the company has before and after pictures, examine them closely. If the images were shot from different angles, or in different lighting, be suspicious. These techniques are common camera tricks used to fool the eye, and the consumer. When a company claims their product has a "98% success rate", look for documentation of their clinical study. If the clinical information they provide is vague, or even missing altogether, be wary. If you follow these steps during your treatment, your chances of success are excellent. One last tip - any successful regimen requires dedication. Whatever the treatment is, carefully follow the instructions from your doctor or the product manufacturer. My recommended product so far is Provillus which is approved by FDA-http://bit.ly/2MYHXeP
Jackson Pereira (2 months ago)
Quanto custa isso vou comprar agora.
GamePlay da Bagaceira. (15 days ago)
+JT R Minoxidil
JT R (16 days ago)
GamePlay da Bagaceira. (30 days ago)
Mercado livre Minoxidil kirkland
+Carlos Roberto custa um 120 reais
Carlos Roberto (1 month ago)
Tbm quero. Tô careca
Akshay Sharma (3 months ago)
Not work for me
Hvg Ggf (3 months ago)
this is good medcine for Haier
Imran Sheikh (3 months ago)
Imran Sheikh (2 months ago)
+Abbas Kazi nhi magar sab faltu hai
Abbas Kazi (3 months ago)
aapne use kiya hai kya bhai
Alex Varela (3 months ago)
Donde puedo conseguir minoxidil alguien sabe
ansar ahmed (4 months ago)
Bhai ye mintop ho ya minoxidil sala sab bekar hai aap ne video dekha bande ka sar dekha ya face nhi first wala alag banda tha aur second wala alag tha ye money making hai sale
ansar ahmed cunt are you blind it’s the same guy
Fact Checkers (4 months ago)
Minoxidil has some horrible side effects, it's been proven that peptides treatments like Follik and Foligan work better with safer ingredients.
SullivanChevrolet (4 months ago)
Minoxidil sucks, you're simply throwing money down the drain. Go with a peptide growth promoter like Follik
Marcio Pontes (4 months ago)
Eae meu broder Entao meu amigo eu nao entendo uma letra do alfabeto mas se for possivel me tradus como ta teu cabelo nos dias de hoge ? Abç 👍👍👍
Himagaran M (4 months ago)
Hi is this to be applied only on affected areas (bald scalp) or full head? and can i use fingers when applying or only the tube which came in the box? https://www.1mg.com/drugs/scino-5-solution-298014
M.Naseem khan (4 months ago)
Bro.. Is it true??? If it is true... Send me plz that product photo...
Jerry Lee (4 months ago)
Parece um ovo de Páscoa...
Always the same..absolutely no results. Great!
MR tojo (4 months ago)
Shawn Fahoum (4 months ago)
If you did a bald fade on the sides you’d look good
Stop hair fall soon (4 months ago)
It has not worked when I had applied
Charlie Tango (4 months ago)
I don't think this was a very good commercial for your product. If the guy looked like Barry Gibbs afterwards that would be something. In this, the guys natural hair just got longer.
Edison T. (4 months ago)
Samping kiri kanan masih botak
Dowlat Gusain (5 months ago)
kya bakwas vedio hai ye
André de Dutch zanger (5 months ago)
Do not give the boys any false hopes! Where no roots are not growing either. This money making and stupidity is a shame on guys who do not want to lose their hair at any cost. And you play them off. End with such a thing. Either short or full bald is in. And who can wear it is so better off.
Gianni Galeota (5 months ago)
This is trapiant
Milagros Alvarez (5 months ago)
Dejas de usarla y todo se vuelve a caer.
KEBAB ! (5 months ago)
What about now ?
Divi Status (5 months ago)
I used 5% more than 2 years.got hair regrowth with serious side effects like high BP and chest pain then i stopped to apply after i lost both new and old hairs. Please don't use minoxidil because you will suffer more.
confused now to use or not???..🙄
!! MTs !! (5 months ago)
Fuck minoxidil and rogaine i was using both and it didnt work at all, they will just rob your wallet... If you are smart so please just save your cash for hair transplant its only the way you can get your hair back and be happy. I lost a lot of money on minoxidil and rogaine, and I am very sorry that I did not save money on my hair transplant.
R. S (5 months ago)
sir mere baal bahot jyada jhad rahe hai kya mai follihair tablet le sakta hu
shayne mïk (6 months ago)
A éviter c'est de la merde
Bandhan barik (6 months ago)
Which brand u use
bijay blogs (6 months ago)
Pata ni kiska kiska takla ko dikha raha hi
Miss Bangalan (6 months ago)
Наби Гючел (6 months ago)
Bro just save 10k eruo and go tranpante it. That will work.
Raúl López (7 months ago)
Esto es totalmente falso! No sirve para nada. Es solo tirar el dinero!
Blue _Pink (7 months ago)
Alhamdulillah pake minox hbis 1 pcs sdah ada perubahan
Luis Hernandez (7 months ago)
no se vio ninguna mejora
Junior 2222 (7 months ago)
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Tiago Do Carmo (8 months ago)
Um brasileiro assistiu e se sentiu mais motivado a usar minoxidil 5% !!! 😊
sudhakar bolt (9 months ago)
it's true but hair grows very small but after it doesn't grows. ND t hair grows s very thin
Belkessam Hakim (9 months ago)
Ce médicament n'est pas efficace a 100 %
محمد الامير (9 months ago)
Alexsandro Lima (9 months ago)
Galera no meu canal eu explico o passo a passo de como se comprar no Sit da bioveia por 134 reias minoxidil da Kirkland de 6 meses!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOP5B5rj9jc&t=6s
walter kersting (10 months ago)
Try it on your dog first. Oh? You wouldn't do that to a dog?
David B. (10 months ago)
On the April 7 2013 photo I can see small White Dots and it looks like FUE was done.  Transplant.
Hair Regrow Solution (11 months ago)
wao my new mx5% result ia shocking watch in my vhannel
Hair Regrow Solution (11 months ago)
friends watch my minoxidil 5% Result I am using this with derma roller
Mustafa Memmedov (11 months ago)
z L (11 months ago)
mostrou nada as entradas continua as mesma
Mohanshu Parihar (1 year ago)
Which Minxodil has you used
Biruk Gebremedhin (1 year ago)
hey guys, am starting using Rogaine for the last two weeks but am experiencing dizziness and heart problem,,?
carl (5 months ago)
Stop using it straight away
Karthick Sri (1 year ago)
No use of this....!
Dangercore (1 year ago)
GULSHAN KASHYAP (1 year ago)
100% ilaj koi side effect nahi
GULSHAN KASHYAP (1 year ago)
Call me 8446462130
Moath Dh (1 year ago)
It's so bad injecting this shit in your body! I used minoxidil for a year and it affects my body in many ways so i stopped ! I don't care anymore about my baldness . .
nnada nnnada (1 year ago)
hay ..prove minoxidil with black seed oil and make new video....please a massage about this idea ........ read about black seed...........
il cosmo polita (5 months ago)
is it safe to apply them respectively together on your scalp?
lokesh kumar (1 year ago)
Fake video
rakesh tambey (1 year ago)
Is it use full is thear is no any side effect ?
OhOhMerica (1 year ago)
It worked for me. Video of the results before and after on my channel tomorrow!
Murtaza Khan (1 year ago)
Kalim Ullah (1 year ago)
Hello how much this product
Dr. Drake Ramoray (1 year ago)
Just looks like you dyed your hair and head to make it look full. Keep shaving it.
Fazly Rabbi Fuad (1 year ago)
You'll be fucked when you'll stop using it. Your hair will start falling again..
Kayel Eva (1 year ago)
this suppose to be a cure for alopecia areata not baldness
FadyMackareus (1 year ago)
looks like gorgei chilieni juvi !
Syed Sadaqat Shah (1 year ago)
hahaha..Nothing happened. :P :P
ANDY VR (1 year ago)
You apply it 1 or 2 times a day????
devisa85 iskandar (1 year ago)
Sukh Lammay (1 year ago)
wow good working
John Douglas (1 year ago)
Also if yu did get improvement its not in a few days like your dates, it takes at least 3 months to work as usually in the first few days/weeks you get shedding (less hair) Im not saying it doesnt work though, I use it and my xperince way less shed but havent got more hair
Ruben Victoria (1 year ago)
Good for you bro.
Duaa star (1 year ago)
you are an inspiration thank you I will purchase it right now
victor cm (1 year ago)
It seems is getting better because the hair (where he has hair) is growing, but the bald areas kept the same way...
Tariq Alkindi (1 year ago)
Hair improvement will never show in days this guy film every 2 days sound funny in order to see result at least film every 30 days we all wize
SM Mousavi (1 year ago)
the problem is the hairs do not grow over 1 cm.
jordean gomes (1 year ago)
Vai tomar no cu*
Masar Baghdad (1 year ago)
Does it made hair in ur body??
Inf7cted (1 year ago)
Yeah think il do hair transplant. Its just level 1 hair loss. I will know the price on Monday. If its 5000 then so be it! Well worth it.
nicolas martin (1 year ago)
so what it works or not ?
nosso guetto (1 year ago)
cebola porra
cdanielportista (1 year ago)
Remember that the first 2-6 weeks, you're hair is gonna fall quick, but instantly regrow. The old weak hair falls, so that the new strong hair can regrow.
Geovanny German (1 year ago)
I want to know if after I use it for let's say 8 or 9 months and I see results I can discontinue the use and my hair will grow permanently or will go back to how it was before If I stop using
Geovanny German (1 year ago)
Oh OK, thank you so much
cdanielportista (1 year ago)
Geovanny German normally it takes 6-8 months, for a few even 12 months. It depends.
fish fingers (1 year ago)
Hey guys, a lot of male hair loss is because of testosterone which causes DHT (google it). For male pattern baldness you might want to try saw palmetto capsules, which blocks the production of DHT. I also break a couple of capsules and put them into a mild shampoo. It doesn't smell v nice, so be careful when cutting the capsules! It can help with prostrate problems too - you'll see it sold For this purpose in health food shops.
Bobby Odongo (1 year ago)
what about minoxidil 10% is it also okie to use
honest D (1 year ago)
nice results I am glad for you Did you use foam or liquid? would like to see it today hope all is good
Deasis Ada (1 year ago)
where did I can buy Minoxidil im interested to try to use couse I have a prob.for my hair
Axeller Mm (1 year ago)
Lazada or ebay
Ahmedy 07 (2 years ago)

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