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Actos Diabetes Drug - Cancer Causing Side Effects | Saunders & Walker

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Attorney Joe Saunders shares information about the diabetes medication Actos and how this drug can increase the risk of bladder cancer. The manufacturer of Actos, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, has known of the risks of bladder cancer from taking this diabetes medication for quite some time. In early clinical drug trials, laboratory animals were developing bladder cancer and Takeda Pharmaceuticals was made aware of these results. However, they chose to ignore those studies and instead decided to bring their drug to market without ever conducting any human clinical drug trials. Essentially, Takeda Pharmaceuticals used its customers as their guinea pigs to determine whether their diabetes medication would actually cause bladder cancer in humans. Sadly, Actos should have never been made available and put on the market. Takeda Pharmaceuticals put its own corporate greed and profits ahead of consumer safety. At Saunders & Walker P.A., we are filing Actos class action lawsuits against the manufacturer on behalf of consumers who developed bladder cancer after taking their diabetes medication. If you took Actos and have developed bladder cancer, please feel free to reach out to attorney Joe Saunders by calling (727) 579-4500 to schedule a free consultation or by visiting our website today to see whether we can file an Actos lawsuit for you at https://www.saunderslawyers.com/practice-areas/actos/
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