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Review of Nature Made Fish Oil, 1200 mg, 360 mg Omega-3 liquid softgels

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My review of Nature Made brand fish oil capsules.
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Antonio Montgomery (7 months ago)
I got this brand at wal mart. I rarely burp. But i take this with meals. I can feel a difference in my cardiovascular and joints. I take 3 a day instead of the recommended dosage. Drink lots of water.. I sweat more at the gym as well.
Willpower1213 (3 months ago)
Antonio Montgomery hey do you take all pills at once . Example can I take both at the same time or should I space it out?
PAK mode Germany (10 months ago)
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67BlackFastback (11 months ago)
I've been really happy with this brand. I see no negative side effects.
Mackie Sparkie (1 year ago)
How to know if nature's maid fish oil is authentic or fake.. Thanks..
Look At My Name (1 year ago)
Odorless kind I experience no burps just the smell coming out my pores when I sweat
Ms.Madame Monroe (2 years ago)
Thank you 💋
NealyDown (2 years ago)
I take these and don't get the fish burps.
Don Walker (2 years ago)
If you're getting a fish taste when burping the oil is rancid and is doing more harm than good.
UR_AL_SHOOK_UP (1 year ago)
Don Walker um idk about that one bro cuz my friends dad is a doctor and said all fish oils no matter what brand will give u some sort of fish burbs
Virgi Bedooya (3 years ago)
me gustsria la traduccion en cadtellano.
ShAdOw MOZES (4 years ago)
I take these but I worry about there safety
Lami Onifade (3 years ago)
+Thedarakht nono Did your doctor have anything to say about it?
Thedarakht nono (3 years ago)
+Michael Arnett they gave me heart palpitation , I just prefer fish and flaxeed instead

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