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Making And Modifying Custom Tools

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At some point every mechanic, will need a custom tool. Whether you are a master technician or an automotive DIYer the perfect tool does not always exist. So we have to either make a tool, or modify an existing tool to fix our car repair needs. For more check out the blog at ~ http://humblemechanic.com/?p=6060 Join me today as we discus: ~Why anyone may need a modified tool ~Custom Power Probe tip ~Socket modification ~Custom VW AirBag tool ~Custom VW wiring repair tools ~Locking extension modifications ~Making custom jumper wires ~Buy bulk alligator clips ~ http://amzn.to/20DrwQp ~and more Humble Mechanic Podcasts https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Project White Wookie ~ MK3 GTI Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eq3L5... Failed VW parts videos http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=... Tool Reviews https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... How To videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... MK1 VR6 Swap Videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Follow me on: The Blog http://humblemechanic.com INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/humblemechanic/ FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/HumbleMechanic TWITTER https://twitter.com/HumbleMechanic GOOD STUFF ON AMAZON http://goo.gl/5304Qw (affiliate)
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brad byers (1 month ago)
U just reminded me I have to take my airbag out ........ Got a new steering wheel lmao
SE45CX (2 months ago)
I needed an 8mm square drive for a drain plug and used a piece of regular steel and made that square shape on one end. But the steel just twisted, so a bought the proper Chromium-vanadium socket.
pablo vega (3 months ago)
Brain + Custom scan tool= paper clip
Dustin Masters (4 months ago)
I made a longer handle for my dads bearing race driver. He got tired of smacking his hammer handle on the rear diff driving in pinion bearing races. 😀
Chris Reece (4 months ago)
I'm always making custom tool for myself and guys I work with. Before I became a tech I was a machinist.
HumbleMechanic (4 months ago)
I’m sure they love you for that. Haha
Shaun Koppenhaver (4 months ago)
loved the video and thought i'd show off some of the tools i've madeI have made 3 tools of my own, and I'm mainly proud of a holder I made out of an old brake cleaner can, really simple as i just cut the top off and put a hole in the side so I can bolt it to my tool cart, so I can hold files or screwdrivers.
Joseph Alfaro (5 months ago)
Snap on fixed that problem with the extensions, no more roll pins it’s all just one piece. I bought the old ones on eBay and my snap on guy warrantied them all for the new style.
Gerry A (5 months ago)
most recent is drilling a hole straight through the side of a 12mm triple square socket to fit a screw driver through as there wasnt enough clearance to fit even the thinnest wrench on the end to reach the bolts holding the transfer case to transmission on a MK1 TT
abtruckdriver (7 months ago)
That would be my " i cant see shit light" when trying to diagnose on road side you sometimes need both hands and flashlights taste like shit.. I took a turn signal harness and bulb add 3 ft of wire to it, some gator clips and a neodymium magnet to the back.. I can use it to continuity, charge/discharge capacitors (stereo guys im looking at you) or just hook to any positve and any acceaable ground and put light right where i need/want. Great for midnight repairs/roadside bs. Yes i mnow gm in the 90's had a hood light kinda like that (where i got the idea) bur the cord was only so long and didnt reach under the dash/trunk etc.. But mine... back of a cigarette lighter, tail light, door light, whatever i want to hook off and steal power from. Good to go.
Goran Filipovic (7 months ago)
I discovered your video on Adult Magic Tactic - there plenty more great videos there that should help out
Eddie Martinez (7 months ago)
my co-worker told me he had to buy a tool to remove the cam-shaft out of a Chevy Colorado. cost him 600 bucks and he has used it once in 7 years, his logic was that the colorado is a very common work truck so he thought he would get some use out of it haha. sucks.
HumbleMechanic (7 months ago)
Harry Lewis (7 months ago)
I made a valve spring compressor for the old style vw heads you just lay the head on the tool and you can remove all the valve springs at one time
Chris Daniel (8 months ago)
I am a AT&T field tech, I always get a lot of comments on my trash can I carry on my tool belt made from an old Gatorade bottle upside down with bottom cut off. I also used to wear a fishing vest for holding small parts more organized that worked great
Some Dude (8 months ago)
Had to make a spanner socket to remove the clutch on my motorcycle, made another spanner with a 2x4 to remove a belt pulley on a Kia with a breaker bar after my impact died at the wrong time, and I believe I had to make yet another spanner for something similar for Bronco a long time ago, made a special carburetor adjustment tool for my motorcycle and used a couple water bottles and some tubing to make a carb balancer, made a bunch of custom test leads for multimeter, custom jumper wires, pin removers for electrical connectors
Brandon Garner (9 months ago)
The Ford timing tools. What a stupid thing they did. I worked at a ford dealer for a bit. The compression bolt they use for the crank doesn't always hold. So, you end up resetting the timing 2 or three times. Once had to replace the crank(under warranty) after 3 crank bolta that didnt hold.
HumbleMechanic (9 months ago)
That sucks!!
Cracker Jack (10 months ago)
Ive done jumper cables out of old locking pliers and welding wire. I made radio removal tool from a scrap chunk of aluminum, and I did a home made soldering iron by holding a nail in locking pliers and heating the tip up with a blow torch. once the nail was hot. I was able to do what I needed do with it
HumbleMechanic (10 months ago)
Knivesandguns101 (10 months ago)
I dropped a relay on my fiancé’s car and it went in a tight place in the engine bay and didn’t have any magnets or anything so I tapped a piece of wire coat hanger on a pair of needle nose pliers on each side and ended up gettin the relay back out good cheap easy extension to your pliers
Ian Ric (11 months ago)
I took a 1/2 inch metal pipe and sanded the rust away and then it became my ultimate cheater bar
sensei autotec (11 months ago)
hey guys when you hear the tool truck coming ,, do you imagine "ICECREAM" ,... da fu#"$
sensei autotec (11 months ago)
best tool = pocket screwdriver with magnetized tip with nuclear coil..
Ethan Genno (1 year ago)
Take the handle off an old screwdriver and grind it down to make a little punch
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
I like to use old head bolts.
larry moore (1 year ago)
i welded a 5/8 plug socket to an adapter then a 1/4 universal then to a 12” 1/4 extension
Tom Ocean (1 year ago)
I would modify a wire brush, so it wont look like your face..
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
I have heard that before.
Brandon Kearns (1 year ago)
I'll mod a tool almost ever chance I get cause my custom tools work the way I want and far more cheaper. I came to see the tools humble mechanic made. Seems like a dealer mechanic a VW. I have all ways been an aftermarket tech and have made tons of custom stuff cause that rap van.... tool truck is significantly more for a tool I will use a few times ever then just making a few from harbor freight or something.
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
You guys in the aftermarket that are good, have a lot of my respect for that!
linkedmoo_man 12345 (1 year ago)
custom handles for a head. find a bolt that will screw into any threaded hole in a head, weld it so it makes a T shape with another bolt, and you can use it for picking up and carrying heads a lot easier.
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
BOOM! I love it
Adriel Rowley (1 year ago)
Have one more to add to the reasons why list: sometimes a tool isn't needed until later. On Audi C3 and Mercedes W123 280 that have K-Jetronic, the original injectors are steel. Had one snap off, so bought a German wrench that is the kind with a really thin (might be stamped) and bent the end to 90*. This allowed it to sneak in behind the fuel lines and hold the injector while getting the flare fitting off (which the injector can be corroded to the steel line). Now when installing use it too as find makes that easier. Also have whacked the end off the handle of a stubby screwdriver so could access the steering box adjuster on a Volkswagen Squareback. Am sure others, but think those two are enough and add to the list.
TheLiberalMachine (1 year ago)
The only mod I've ever done was hammering a socket over a wheel lock because I lost my key! Hahaha! Good times...
Allen K (1 year ago)
Are you the singer of Jethro Tull?
Gabriel Alvarado (1 year ago)
Your amazing bro own 3 vw Beatle to where I had replace the heater core on all 3 of then I just would cut down the plastic part to remove the driver side air bag
Brock Spillman (1 year ago)
My Kawasaki KLR 650 requires a special socket for the spark plug. It's an 18mm but needs a thin walled socket to clear the valve cover. A $3 Harbor Freight socket and 10min with the bench grinder, I had the required tool!
justin durden (1 year ago)
Lately we've had a lot of Takata air bag jobs
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
Yea that is a big time recall
justin durden (1 year ago)
Nihk Stradtman (1 year ago)
Cutting a section out of a standard 17mm craftsman wrench to effectively make a 10 point line wrench to take out the fuel fittings underneath the intake on a mk5 2.5 jetta
RAJMa xUJOK (1 year ago)
Have a modified 24socket to unscrew torsion bar bolts in a vw t4
RAJMa xUJOK (1 year ago)
They're a pain in the butt to unscrew even if you have a modified socket
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
No thankfully LOL
Nyt Fox (1 year ago)
I needed some window holder suction cups to do window regulator work. Instead of buying them off the tool truck, I made them for a few bucks from hardware store parts. Not only do they hold windows up, but they keep doors with worn out detents from hitting things.
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
NICE! I bought a set off the truck many years ago.. They were awful. LOL
HogeN1337 (1 year ago)
how about use shrinktubeing on the rollpin =)
HogeN1337 (1 year ago)
HumbleMechanic oh
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
+HogeN1337 i tired that first. It failed even faster lol
Drew (1 year ago)
I was working on trans for a friend and it needed a 1/2in allen so I took a bolt and welded a chunk of flat stock to the end and made a wrench I gave it to him and he keeps it in his glove box. working in a weld shop I needed a 7/16 socket but the 3/8 rachet was missing so I welded the 7/16 to a worn out 7/8 socket with 1/2in drive and used the 2ft breaker bar we had in the shop to remove a bolt on the band saw to replace a roller for the blade guide. still have that socket some place
Derek Macdonald (1 year ago)
vw's are poor quality.
Quinton Gordon (1 year ago)
On a 2010 chevy silverado dually, we were doing a rear brake job and the caliper slide pin was a 10 hex. The leaf springs were to close to the bolt and the 10 i had was to long. Had to shorten the hex and grind off the mushroom on the head of the hex. Worked wonders
Dominic Iacino (1 year ago)
A buddy of mine wanted me to do a "quick" valve adjust on his b18 a while back and I didn't realize that the rockers were about an inch deep in the head. After a few minutes of fenagling with wrenches and sockets and whatnot, I just took an old Stanley 20mm box wrench and made 2 100° bends in it to reach down to allow me to throw a screwdriver on the rocker tip while holding the lock nut in place. That was 4 years ago and my box(es) have moved a few locations between houses and schools and shops and that little bent wrench is still in there
John T (1 year ago)
The most engineering I have done was to make a tool to disconnect the stall converter bolts on a astro van with a completely seized engine, I had to weld the head of a open end wrench onto some curved metal that I cut in order to remove all of the bolts, it took a long time.
Matthew ford (1 year ago)
I had a old 1/2” ratchet that locked up so I never used it well I thought of an idea witch was slipping the handle of the ratchet into a long piece of 1” steel tubing and I welded them together and now I have a breaker bar
Austin Shaw (1 year ago)
I like to wrap a little electrical tape around my 1/4" u joint sockets because they move around too much when your trying to get them on the head of a bolt in a confined place. Works great, costs next to nothing.
EthosAtheos (1 year ago)
Many moons ago I made a very ugly but functional screw device to open the spring clips that held the toilet boll exhaust together on a MK2 golf. I really hated the German who though that was a good way to hold something together. But honestly after I took apart one that used bolts. The clip thing is a thousand times easier to use if you have a tool.
Joshua Russo (1 year ago)
Just getting started in tool make/modding. I have a 22mm socket with the end ground flat for better grip on thin-head diff drain plugs. My favorite is a thinned down 10mm box end combined with thin wood wedges (to prevent the wrench slipping off once in place) I used to break loose some stuck and awkward fan clutch nuts.
James Philpott (1 year ago)
I have 2 old imperial spanners ones same as 15 and the other 17. that I've bent and ground down be thin fit
James Philpott (1 year ago)
+HumbleMechanic thay all so good when a bolts slightly round of.
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
+James Philpott nice! There is something really cool about the phrase "imperial spanners". :)
Josh Palmer (1 year ago)
making my own punch down tool for doing RJ45 keystone jacks... i know not automotive but it works better then the real tool my boss bought.
Rob Wyllie (1 year ago)
"Custom" tools are always good to have. We call it bastardised tools. Still handy.
peterthinks (1 year ago)
Instead of tape try heat shrink tubing.
Jack Mendez (1 year ago)
I remember my trans teacher had a sign that said, "Tools bite the hand that bent them", but he would always give us tools he modded himself.
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
Steve French (1 year ago)
Subscribed when I saw those Founders stickers
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
+Steve French thanks. :)
Juan Cabeza (1 year ago)
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
I actually had to stop doing it. By the time the day was over, I was falling asleep editing when I had a brew.
dippst (1 year ago)
not an automotive tool but i made a long T-handle flat head screwdriver for the stock bolt/screw on my shotgun.
Guy Curwick (1 year ago)
Hey Charles, I'm a tech school grad and I got laid off from my tech job about two years ago. Some of my favorite modified/ home made tools are my back probes made from the pins in a junked Ford ABS module. I also take the magnets out of any bad permanent magnet motors. I really enjoy your videos.
Felix Belanger (1 year ago)
For my mk4 I have a bent nail for the shifter adjustment, a metric bolt with a welded nut for the transmission plugs and a box welded to a bar for the front struts :P
james mckamey (1 year ago)
Do you sell the humble mechanic stickers
james mckamey (1 year ago)
HumbleMechanic cool thanks I just saw the one you have hanging under the hot wheels cars and thought it was a cool logo
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
I have some on order
johnny rotten (1 year ago)
dude u deserve a medal for working on that dub shit
HumbleMechanic (1 year ago)
+johnny rotten lol thanks!!
Joey Reed (1 year ago)
Hi Charles, love the channel & Video, a tool that I've made is a standard right-angled pick and cut off half of the bent tip off. this is handy for Q7/Touareg bowden cables on the door locks
Allen survival (2 years ago)
I made a tool to push in the Flames that comes out of the transmission so you can remove the clip to do the transmission seal on my 84 GTI
Goldstein (2 years ago)
I had that caddy truck same color diesel my friends make would make fun of me back then and my girlfriend I now them things are expensive. I wish I still had it would stance that bitch with BBSs
Tank Soldier (2 years ago)
I Put shrink tape on the handles of a couple of wrenches and a small ratchet,extension and sockets for battery work
Smith John (2 years ago)
I've got an adaptor from an old internet router from my girlfriend, cut the connection put on two alligator clips and now i have 12 volt to test parts.
Casey Stoner (2 years ago)
Chazza! May I call you Chazza? This video reminds me of being a poor student, a friend of mine coined the term "make a tool to make a tool to make the fix" You know the saying, "time is money" Well when you've got no money to spend, you can always spend time! Great video Charles 😀
HumbleMechanic (2 years ago)
+Casey Stoner hahaha. You can call me chAzza if that makes you happy. lol
alan king's randomness (2 years ago)
I too have a cut "02 sensory socket" lol.... have to say though, I love that hotwheel Caddy pick up you have hanging back there!
Mi Shadow (2 years ago)
Use a small niobium magnate I drop in the bottom of sockets to stop bolts, nuts, and sockets from falling.
falloutboy (2 years ago)
homemade spring puller for 2 stroke exhaust. a piece of stainless car antenna through a chuck of 2x2 for a handle and all taped up. works fairly good.
James Banana (2 years ago)
I made a tool for pressing the brake pistons back into the calipers. Only works on the old Volvos (tested on 740 and 940), but a lot easier than using large pliers or clamps.
wolfy9005 (2 years ago)
All those screwdrivers with filled down tips so they fit just right into a specific set of screws used in the car without damaging the grooves, plus countless other repurposed tools hacked up with a hacksaw from a time before I owned the right tool(who'd have though a bearing puller was also good for popping tie-rod ends out of their taper?)
Al Cyr (2 years ago)
My brother had built a simple tool for pressing out Ram sealed hubs on the 4x4's. Just a shallow metric socket, that fit over the hub bolts, and welded a 4" chunk of cold rolled steel to it. Back off the retaining bolts a couple of turns. With the front end jacked up in the air, start your motor and turn the steering back and forth. The cold stock presses against the frame and the socket pushes against the hubs retaining bolt. When I went to do my sisters '99, we couldn't find my brothers tool. I just used a shallow socket, and a short extension.
Death Bringer (2 years ago)
I took a half inch socket extention and welded it on a modified angle ginder with a homemade impact adapter to break rusty lug nuts on my vehicles I rebuild from time to time at home.
Rekt N Affect (2 years ago)
I was helping a buddy change out a crank pulley on his S2000. There was a special tool that was required to remove it, but we didn't have it of course. The pulley had a hex pattern recessed into it. I went to the plumbing section in lowes and found a steel elbow with the exact size hex pattern, screwed it onto a length of steel pipe. Worked like a charm.
Jimmy Landin (2 years ago)
back when i worked with volvo trucks everyone would have a ground down regular 21mm wrench. ground down those 21mm on the open end because you needed them for almost every air fitting where just a standard wrench would be to thick to fit. also had a complete drawer of just different wrenches with all possible twists and turns on them to reach those stupidly placed bolts and nuts.
Drew The Tech (1 year ago)
working for Volvo Trucks I can confirm this, i got a set of teng-tools spanners when i started my apprenticeship that fit perfectly onto air fittings, and i have the drawer of bent spanners to get onto things, i know the guys who design them have never turned a wrench in their lives! By the way love the gorgeous car in your picture ;)
Darwinpasta (2 years ago)
Welded the pin wrench my angle grinder came with to a wrench that fit the wire wheels I use, then bent it in the middle so it cleared the shroud. Totally worth it. Also built a slide hammer from a piece of printer rod, some rebar and scrap for the weight, and a lug nut for the end stop, and welded that to some vise grips.
Wes Shaw (2 years ago)
my favorite mod is sliding a oring over a wobble to stiffen it up
M Major (1 year ago)
koviack - Putting an O ring on a wobble socket extension's male end so that the socket doesn't wobble as much. (good idea, by the way) Putting tape on a loose universal joint works the same way. A wobble extension has a tapered male end, so the socket can tilt while you're turning it. Pretty much the same effect as a swivel socket or a socket on a universal joint. https://www.harborfreight.com/9-pc-wobble-socket-extension-set-67971.html Here's the set that I bought just to try out some wobble extensions. Not usually a Harbor Freight guy when it comes to that kind of stuff, but I'm happy with them.
LloydyVW (2 years ago)
Electrical tape round the joint
X (2 years ago)
fixing AR upper/lower clearance issues?
Dan fish (2 years ago)
I know what he's talking about... good idea might try it
koviack (2 years ago)
wtf are you talking about
rogermurph101 (2 years ago)
Sounds like working on Volkswagens sucks.
GEMC (2 years ago)
It is frustrating.
Nery Salguero (2 years ago)
One of best tools I've made was out of desperation. I was doing a clutch on a t660 kens worth and the adjuster was rusted. Even with factory tools and some torch it didn't budge. I had to grab my 3 ft pry bar, torch and bend it 45 to the left and downward and boom. Busted the rust and adjusted the fucker. Haven't used it since but keeping it around till next time
Morgan Reyman (2 years ago)
hazet sparkplug tool 1846? very good allround plier  ex fuellines wires
iSteven180 (2 years ago)
I made a extra long extension for my test light to run from my negative battery cable and go wherever Area I need to work. Works great with rusty vehicles that don't have a lot of areas where there is a lot of clean metal for a ground.
Zed Man (2 years ago)
A quick one I made for VW and Citroen/Peugeot strut assemblies. Is a wedge tool to expand the strut to allow it to release from the steering knuckle. Just modify an old 1/4" hex bit. Works a treat and saves spending money
Jared Callahan (2 years ago)
I modify tools all the time. I needed a 29mm socket once but the closest thing I had was a 34 so I tacked two pieces of 1/4" rod inside of the socket to make it the size I needed. I've also bent and notched a screwdriver specifically to be able to put the springs on the parking brake shoes on my jeep.
HumbleMechanic (2 years ago)
+Jared Callahan that's awesome!!
freebird1ification (2 years ago)
i found out the hard way that the 1.8 turbo engine in my 02 gti has a special torx type driver to take out the head bolts to replace the the head gasket and jim elliss vw wont even sell that sucker to you they sell the gasket but not the tool friggin jackhats thank the lord for snapon
Luke Reinhardt (2 years ago)
I have many jumper wires from 6 inches to 20 feet but I always put a fuse in them
Dave H (2 years ago)
I loved my 15mm open end wrench that i ground down thinner to fit bolts on mk4 brake calipers easier
Joshua V (2 years ago)
Your snap on dealer should warranty that extension, the new ones don't have the roll pin. If he won't, I will.
Micro Machine (2 years ago)
I've not only modified tools for specific uses, but Ive also upgraded ratchets by adding better grease , and using RTV around any openings to keep dirt out of them.
Jason Maiorana (2 years ago)
Toyota's use a cartridge oil filter. the caps need a special cup style socket . I bought one and then they turned the filter and cap side ways . that 40 $ tool won't work on them when the are sideways. I thinned the sidewalls way down and it works now
John Bailey (2 years ago)
Try heat shrink on your roll pin might last longer
HumbleMechanic (2 years ago)
+John Bailey I haven't found a heat shrink that is big enough to fit over the ends, and will shrink small enough. I would have to take it apart. Ain't nobody got time for that. LOL
EgYugioh (2 years ago)
Chevy hd gas engines can't remember if it's a 6.7 or 7.0 litre but the oil filter adaptor had pugs covering the bolts to remove it but it was square drive between 1/4 and 3/8 so I ground down a old extension till it fit only used it once but I still have it
Dillon Warman (2 years ago)
i never had a 8 point or 12 point socket to fit on a 3/8 square set screw so i used a 3/8 extension and put a small pipe wrench on it
Ryan Booth (2 years ago)
My favorite thing is pretty simple, I usually wrap up any swivels I have with electrical tape. Gives them just enough flex but keeps them from flopping around all over the place when I don't want them too.
Micro Machine (2 years ago)
+Ryan Booth heat shrink works for this too.
HumbleMechanic (2 years ago)
+Ryan Booth YEP I do that too.
JoJo Tk (2 years ago)
my personal fave small mod is electrical tape around universals so they don't flop around while in use.
mtlloyd89 Na (2 years ago)
my pocket screwdriver is always parked in my front shirt pocket with a good pen... outta all my tools the get used the most!!! conveniently my snap on dealer knows I'm always in need of these mini multi tools ... those lovely screw drivers lol and always drops a few on me every so often... come to think of it a rep whom is more of a friend then a salesman is invaluable asset to our carrers
NothingSpecial (2 years ago)
Can't begin I tell I how many custom tools I've made. One notable one was a socket for Honda crank bolts. Anyone who knows well tell you how hard it is to get them out. They're tight. I dropped a 19mm deep impact socket inside a larger impact socket, maybe a 30mm, I forget exactly, then welded the two together. The added mass rips those crank bolts right out no problem. After a thousand crank bolts the modified socket has been 100% successful. So many guys can't think outside the box in this business, or any business for that matter. But especially in the automotive industry you've got to be able to adapt.
NothingSpecial (2 years ago)
+HumbleMechanic wide open throttle. If the two voltages are nearly the same the monitor completes and registers as passed. If the map sensor voltage is significantly lower than the BARO sensor voltage the monitor completes and a DTC sets. Now, being that I try to think outside the box, I know that there is another reason the map sensor voltage would indicate high vacuum during wide open throttle... A restricted intake upstream of the throttle plate. Upon inspection of the intake duct I found it completely packed full of insulation from a rodent. This creates the restriction that a closed throttle plate would have and confuse the monitor. I'm sure plenty of techs have replaced computers because of this DTC only to end up finding a restriction n the intake. Point being, outside thinking needs to happen all the time including when using troubleshooting steps provided by the manufacturer.
NothingSpecial (2 years ago)
+HumbleMechanic On the subject of thinking outside the box, it doesn't just apply to making tools. A few days ago I had a Honda accord come in with a P0069 barometric pressure sensor range/performance problem. The troubleshooting steps from the manufacturer are as follows; Replace the PCM. Being that the BARO sensor is located inside the pcm with no external wiring or sensors it makes sense to replace the pcm. Honda has what's called "advanced diagnostic". This is a separate link that comes up along with the traditional troubleshooting link when you enter the DTC into the computer for information. The advanced diagnostic link provides information regarding enable criteria for the monitor to execute as well as the fail criteria to set the DTC and exactly how the vehicle computer determines there is a fault. The way the vehicle determines there is a failure of the BARO sensor is by comparing the BARO sensor voltage to the manifold absolute pressure sensor voltage during
HumbleMechanic (2 years ago)
+NothingSpecial "So many guys can't think outside the box in this business, or any business for that matter. But especially in the automotive industry you've got to be able to adapt." I see this on the daily. FREAKING NAILED IT!!!
NothingSpecial (2 years ago)
Auto correct on the phone sucks. Lol
Lucky 13 (2 years ago)
grind out the channel of a o2 sensor socket for tough to reach egr tubes
nicholas elias (2 years ago)
i was swapping out an air strut from a 2009 mercedes benz S550 and i needed a 10mm socket with the channel like the one you made in order to get the air fitting off.. so i improvised and made one by cutting a channel into a cheap 10mm socket lol
HumbleMechanic (2 years ago)
+nicholas elias right on man!!
nicholas elias (2 years ago)
+nicholas elias this tool is required for the rear air struts because theres almost no room to get a flare wrench in.
nicholas elias (2 years ago)
+HumbleMechanic i had to file the razor sharp edges a bit so that they wouldnt cut the plastic lines but it definitely worked.
HumbleMechanic (2 years ago)
+nicholas elias it works pretty well? Or I guess as long as it gets the job done.
Mod MINI (2 years ago)
I've made a few custom tools but probably the one I use most is a modified Gorilla locking lug spline tool. I got tired of pulling out the spline key and then looking for the correct size socket to use with it. Instead, I welded it directly onto the correct size socket. No more looking for the matching socket, which would always get separated, used for some other job, returned to the toolbox separate from the key, etc. Another one is to tape or weld the spark plug socket onto a suitable length extension. No more fishing down in the spark plug tube for the socket that fell off the end of the extension.
George Perez (2 years ago)
I didn't have the right pick to replace the ignition switch. Since it has a locking pin to preventing from coming out. Got a wire clothes hanger cut the straight piece off and made long enough with a bend to have leverage to release the locking pin.
MultiSkuz (2 years ago)
Once made an injector puller from a piece of hollowed out stub pin a length of round bar and welded the nut from the piping to the top =) also recently made a 14mm 'o2 sensor" socket like yours! Awesome time saver buddy!!! great video=)
Tyson Moore (2 years ago)
Nice Jacket!
HumbleMechanic (2 years ago)
WILLSWHEELHAUS70 (2 years ago)
I've welded a socket on the end of a popular tap and Helicoil tool, no need to search for anything but a ratchet. Mainly used in areas with no room for a t-handle.
HumbleMechanic (2 years ago)
+William Holzknecht (WILLSWHEELHAUS70) NICE!
John 1122 (2 years ago)
i was replacing vavle cover gaskets on a 2003 Audi A4 Convertible with the 3.0 V6 and could'nt remove the bolt at the very back of the vavle cover on the driver side,the brake lines are in the way and there is just no clerance to get there with a ratchet and a torx socket. so i took a 1/4 wrench and weld a torx bit on the close end still have it tho but i never work on VW/Audi now
HumbleMechanic (2 years ago)
+Jonathan Lessard NIce, too bad you can't use it more.

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