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Eliquis: New Medication for Atrial Fibrillation

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An in-depth conversation between Pentucket Medical cardiologists Seth Bilazarian and Sunny Srivastava, focusing on a newly released medicine to reduce the risks of atrial fibrillation. The latest among recently approved blood thinners, Eliquis joins Pradaxa and Xarelto as an alternative to Coumadin, a drug that has been in use since the 1950s. Like Pradaxa and Xarelto, Eliquis has been shown to reduce risk of stroke and bleeding, as well as mortality. All the new drugs eliminate the need for regular blood testing that Coumadin necessitates.
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lizardfirefighter110 (1 month ago)
Start looking for the root cause. Change your life style. Eat real food, drink water or herbal tea, exercise, get 6 to 7 hours of sleep, and breath slow and deep to help manage stress. Pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to get well. Also look up the latest protocol for when it is necessary to take a blood thinner. A pulse of 110 or higher is the danger zone for a stroke or heart attack.
Jim Ervin (1 month ago)
Those doctors should watch Dr. John Bergman's video. He;s a chiropractor who can show a relationship between Atrial Fibulation and neck misalignment.
Alex Holub (5 months ago)
Read this: https://ethicalnag.org/2011/10/14/eliquis-study-flawed/.
Love Autism (5 months ago)
forgot to mention that coumadin/warfarin is a rat poison
Bill Wells (6 months ago)
Now use only fish oil
sergio casanova (6 months ago)
How are the statistics now since we are in 2018. Can you give me an update. I have been using warfarin since 2014 when I had a Grand Mal seizure due to 2 blood clots in my brain,
Gregory T Barrett (7 months ago)
Excuse me..BULLS-IT!!! TOTALLY . Looking at the cost of this drug and these yahoo's are not even talking about that ? Whats up with that yo??
Alex Holub (8 months ago)
Instead of looking at what the drug companies have said about Eliquis I went to look at what the people who are taking it have to say. More than half of them were not very happy with the results they were getting. I read of at least one death while on this blood thinner. One of the nuisances of Eliquis is having to take it twice a day, 12 hours apart. One of the biggest complaints is the ridiculous cost: over $400 a month in the U.S. I emailed with a gentleman in Australia who was on Eliquis. He had to pay about $30 a month. And the drug companies and doctors wonder why people buy their drugs from other than American drug suppliers?
This video is 4 years old now...can we have an update???
Bill Wells (2 years ago)
A game changer. No More Colds Initiative https://www.createspace.com/6379020
Bill Wells (2 years ago)
Doesn't work for me. I use aspirin and fish oil.
Bri G. (3 years ago)
Xarelto is expensive and VA told me they don't have it but my doctor was able to special order it for me.
Brad Tinkham (3 months ago)
I have been taking xarelto for eight years and currently get it from the VA with no problem.
Alex Holub (8 months ago)
I was told by a doctor at the VA that the pharmacy is in control. As far as I'm concerned, the VA is a pathetic excuse for an HMO and HMOs suck. The VA is at least 30 years behind times. They are focused on drugs, not on health. I can't tell you how many times I inquired about a particular procedure and got, "We don't do that here." You know, of course, that the VA gets their drugs in bulk. That is why they can give them away in such quantities. Trump appointed a new head for the VA. It is too bad that no president ever appoints anyone who has had to deal with the VA as a patient. If it is someone from the military it is a former officer who is chosen as the head. They don't get the same treatment as the enlisted. The best treatment in the country should be through the VA. it isn't. It is filled with incompetence and apathy. Sad, but true.
Jamie Smith (3 years ago)
Those T.V adds these new drugs are garbage pill killers.These drugs makes things worse.
Tonghui Huang (2 years ago)
Jamie Smith
Andy Peden (3 years ago)
pam...was wondering if you could dumb in down for a slower person like me...I and a metre long blood clot right leg broke off to my lungs fours years back been on warfrin for that time found I had another clot in my left leg and nothing has changed as far as treatment since then.  Docs don't seem to care just keep maintaining  thin blood....thought I would try to find out more myself and how other drugs or whatever might help.  Sucks I have to look on my own but i like what you said just been up all night and not processing everything.
pam0077 (3 years ago)
In case anyone needs further convincing to switch to Pradaxa, Xarelto, or Eliquis: A huge side effect with the old vitamin K antagonist drug warfarin/comadin, that you probably won't here from your doctor, is that vitamin K is used by the human body for more than just blood clotting.  Matrix GLA protein (MGP) is a vitamin-K dependent protein used to bind to calcium in the blood which helps prevent soft tissue calcification while strengthening bone.  There are a number of clinical studies that prove vitamin K deficiency causes significant blood vessel calcification (arterial stiffening) and osteoporosis (weak brittle bones).  Do your research. When at all possible, warfarin/comadin should be replaced by these new novel anticoagulants which do not suffer from this long term very adverse side effect.
Tjfreak (3 years ago)
+pam0077 There's high risk with all of them,noacs not being proven to date to be any more effective than Warfarin.If its about the food restrictions,drinking alcohol & ending pro times or the instability of Warfarin altogether it might be the right move.I can't get past & what i feel is being under estimated is the serious bleeding antidote "gray area" & not because of the ambulance chasers,it's a huge decision.. & not being a stranger to witnessing stoke ..no way enough info on the noacs yet..or maybe too much from the wrong sources.
Steve Kivlehan (4 years ago)
Dr. Farakhan in the thumbnail I think. lol
roccorostagno (5 years ago)
Alllllllah ocbarrrrrrrr
AJ n Sonali (5 years ago)
An age old battle between better therapeutic efficacy VS cost effectiveness!

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