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1993 Silverado K1500 Brake Master Cylinder Replacement

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Replacing the brake master cylinder
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NUCLEAR BUM (23 days ago)
so after bench bleeding you still have to bleed all 4 corners i need to replace my master cylinder but this abs thing got me thinking
farmboy30117 (22 days ago)
Yes, bench bleeding gets the air out of the master cylinder but there will still be some air in the lines after hooking them back up. I bypassed the ABS on mine because I was having trouble getting the rear brakes to bleed.
D Krjnk (9 months ago)
I got the gist of it but I wonder what language that is?
farmboy30117 (9 months ago)
Wright Thinker (10 months ago)
Shut the damn fan off.
farmboy30117 (9 months ago)
I know, sorry about that
carey felts (10 months ago)
I appreciate the video. It's alot easier than I thought it was. You sir, are a lifesaver.
farmboy30117 (10 months ago)
Thanks Carey! Glad it helped!
Alex Gonzales (1 year ago)
Thanks big time bud! Big help!
farmboy30117 (1 year ago)
You're welcome Alex! Thanks!
ochaer1 (1 year ago)
Thanks for all the great tips. Getting the new cylinder ready was particularly helpful to me.
Trucking Dargon (1 year ago)
thanks it helped me on my 94 c1500 Silverado
rsanchez7111 (1 year ago)
Yeah buddy!!!! 10Q
onewheelup (2 years ago)
oh yea i forgot to ask,hows your steering? have you ever had to replace your rag joint? i have 35 inch mud tires and my steering is like your on a big boat going down the road with a foot of travel on each side of the steering wheel just to keep it going straight haha.im going to check that in a few days here.later
farmboy30117 (2 years ago)
Yeah, I know what you mean.  The steering on mine is getting worse and worse.  I'm going to have to address that one day too ;)
onewheelup (2 years ago)
i have a 95 z71 and I've had brake problems from day one,i keep having to replace the rear wheel cylinders for some reason,and then bleeding the rear i never can get good brakes.the comments down below say you CAN NOT bleed the rears because of ABS that you need some kind of scan tool.well shit.ok so what about the front? can i bleed it ? or do i need to take the truck to a shop and get bent over ? what is this scan tool? I'm going to have to look now,this may be why I've never had good brakes.anybody feel like chiming in for a brother to help.thanks
farmboy30117 (2 years ago)
Good luck, hope you get it figured out.
onewheelup (2 years ago)
i know huh.it kept taking more and more fluid then when you put it in drive and gas on it,it would finally go instead of just rev up,but when i dropped it down to 1st oh man,it felt like something was in a bind.i think I'm going to find one of those online mechanics that you talk to and pay,and they tell you to check different stuff i honestly don't know.one day when i find out whats going on i will write you and tell you.so until then take care bud.later
farmboy30117 (2 years ago)
That don't sound good.  Sounds like something has failed in your new tranny. 
onewheelup (2 years ago)
well i was going to bleed the rears,my dang transmission is slipping,i went to move it today to bleed brakes and damn.i have a crate engine,the 350 HO and a Hughes trans, it slips when I'm parked and put it in drive,so I've added more fluid,its a new trans,so this has been going on,finally it will work,well today i put it down in 3rd,then 2nd,then 1st and gave it gas on concrete,ok ready for this? the truck starting hoping like a damn mule.so i turned it off.haha now try googling that one,no luck.its a z71 so its 4 wheel drive but it wasn't in it.so I'm mind blown farm boy.any ideas on this one haha.ttyl
farmboy30117 (2 years ago)
Glad to help!  On my '93, it was easy to remove the ABS module and the factory lines were long enough to hook back together.
SuperFlash75 (2 years ago)
chickens are wound up
farmboy30117 (2 years ago)
LOL, they were feisty little ones
Mike Koleski (2 years ago)
Thanks, this is exactly what I needed. Great video!
Ronnieinbama (2 years ago)
Your video has helped me tremendously! Here I am on vacation and I have no break pedal which is a result of faulty seals between the reservoir and metal. Thanks a million!
farmboy30117 (2 years ago)
You're welcome!  Thanks for the comment!
Red Red (2 years ago)
You can bleed brakes at master cylinder.
alafrosty (2 years ago)
Did the replacement fix your problem?
farmboy30117 (2 years ago)
+alafrosty Kind of, sort of.  I had a bad rear wheel cylinder too.  After replacing that and flushing the system, it worked well.
Nicole Alexa (3 years ago)
Hidrobuster Chevy 96
brucemacdonald1960 (3 years ago)
Excellent video, easy to follow and very informative, thank you!
farmboy30117 (3 years ago)
+brucemacdonald1960 You're welcome!
9ballpimp (3 years ago)
hddm3 (3 years ago)
looked like oil. why do people never change there brake fluid? don't you know that stuff draws moisture? that is why brake lines, rubber lines. and master cylinders go bad
farmboy30117 (3 years ago)
Yep, I was planning to flush the lines but had a bad rear wheel cylinder that needed to be replaced. Finally got around to it a few months ago.
David Kostyla (3 years ago)
thanks, brother!  i'm a carpenter, not a mechanic...  this helped a lot for my '90 c3500.  thanks again and happy holidays
farmboy30117 (3 years ago)
You're welcome! Happy New Years!
John Talley (4 years ago)
Good video helped me out a lot! Thanks man!
Laura Grandestaff (4 years ago)
Fairly confident I can do this on my '93. However the scan tool comment has me a little concerned. Already have the replacement part from rockauto.com. I have limited tools, and no garage in the Florida heat. Would it be worth the investment to buy the tools needed (scanner, bleeder valves, etc.) and do the job myself or just take it to the mechanic and pay him labor and know it's done right? Dangit.
Anonymous (1 month ago)
You could probably get buy with cheap Stanley walmart tools. You dont necessarily need flare wrench just be gentle to not strip the nuts if you use a regular wrench. But to answer your question I say it would be worth it to buy the tools and do yourself...Why? Because then you will have the tools for whatever else you decide to tackle the next time. You can buy a 200 something Stanley took set at walmart for 50 bucks. They arent top of the line tools but will do what you need them to do. Plus they come with a lifetime warranty so if they break....BAM they'll replace them for free.
Buck (4 years ago)
Great video very well explained and done. Thanks buddy
Jesus Torres (4 years ago)
Great video thank you and keep posting videos
farmboy30117 (4 years ago)
You're welcome, glad it helped out.
devers6 (4 years ago)
I've got to replace mine today, and your video showed me just how to do it. Thank you for making this. By the way, my master cylinder cost $48 from O'Reillys
Todd Rasmussen (4 years ago)
I had problems with my brakes after I installed the master cyl. Mechanic shop told me that I had to have a scan tool to bleed the brakes because of the rear antilock on the truck 1988 k1500, looks exactly like the 1992 truck.
farmboy30117 (4 years ago)
That may be the reason I had issues bleeding the back brakes on mine.  I suppose the scan tool tells the abs system to stay open.  I've been debating on bypassing the abs on mine because it has a fault on it and is currently unplugged. Thanks for the info.
Emily Cardwell (4 years ago)
Thank you so much for taking your time to create this video! It was the only one I found that was super close to my 81 Chevy k10. :) helped a ton! Have a great day! -Emily
farmboy30117 (4 years ago)
Glad to have helped Emily.  They are all pretty much the same.
Mike Mumford (4 years ago)
It definitely helped me! Thanks!!
Mike Marsiglia (4 years ago)
vary simple and to the point. thank you
RogueAPBT (5 years ago)
Two votes for that! Timely for me, as I suspect my recently purchased little truck needs the same treatment (and a whole lot else, lol). Appreciate your straight forward way of explaining how to do things.
Blakestuhh (5 years ago)
Yes please do a video! I like watching your how to's. it helps me do stuff that I've never done before!

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