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Lupus Q&A: Dysbiosis Due To Antibiotics, Alkaline Diet, Lupus Symptoms

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This week, Dr. Connie answers questions regarding issues caused by antibiotics and how to treat dysbiosis, how to eat an alkaline diet, and various lupus symptoms, including hair loss and skin blisters. For more information, visit our websites: https://lupusrebel.com/ https://www.alkalinewellness.com/ https://conniejeon.com/ If you're interested in our Lupus Beauty Support supplement, click here: https://www.lupusfarmacy.com/collections/supplements/products/lupus-beauty For more information about our Alkaline Detox Protocol, visit the link below: https://www.alkalinewellness.com/alkaline-detox-protocol/
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Beccijo Neff (4 months ago)
I feel like finding your YouTube channel is a God sent! I have a very long list of conditions that work against each other; Lupus, hypothyroidism, Type 1 diabetes, Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Cancer, and many more. My cancer has eaten most of my pancreas away so I need insulin and Creon. I work very hard to keep myself healthy and despite all of this I am very healthy and I do not get infections and have not been sick for several years. I of course have lots of pain and take pain medication but I do not take immune suppression drugs. I just do the best I can. With it being summer now the sun effects me very badly and right now my kidney and liver are not doing well. I have tried to get help but just get told I am doing amazing and “let’s not poke the bear”. I am looking for help in fine tuning my Care so I can live my best life
Ekta yadav (5 months ago)
Ma'am I am suffering from lupus profundus disease from 6 years. Severe fever and wrist joint pain sometimes I can't write. Even I can't hold a pen. And I have patches on face. Dimple
Mrs Tea (6 months ago)
Hello Dr. Thank you for existing 🙏🏼could you please talk to Benlysta? Thank you in advance

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