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Here's what it's like to be at TC Sessions: Robotics

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Robots, TechCrunch folk, and good times happened at TC Sessions Robotics this past Friday from Zellerbach hall at UC Berkeley. Come along on Tito Hamze's journey as he takes you on his experience of the event. From Boston Dynamics Spot mini robot to SuitX presenting their exoskeleton it's fun the whole family can enjoy.
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Dheeraj Singhal (6 months ago)
love robotics
DESIRE Design Pro (6 months ago)
makes it so easy, dont have to go myself can see it through u
Aswath Gi (7 months ago)
Great video bro, with the mixture of nice music playing around🤘🏻👊🏻
Aswath Gi (7 months ago)
Really it suits the environment ❤️ Watching this video 14th time and still more times to go❤️😁😅
Ferd Browne (7 months ago)
Shit video
Ben (7 months ago)
I love this bro
M (7 months ago)
10 minutes, zero information.
Zheng Cheng (7 months ago)
Make more of these video haha
Zheng Cheng (7 months ago)
Love this, it show behind the scene

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