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One Direction Review Tweets Reacting to Zayn's Hair - The Graham Norton Show on BBC America

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After winning 3 American Music Awards, One Direction still has to compete with their own hair. "Had you planned the loose strand?"- Graham Norton Don't miss an all new episode of The Graham Norton Show with guests Michael Keaton, Jamie Oliver, Victoria Wood, Sir Ian McKellen ,and One Direction, *** Saturday December 12th at 10/9c *** Immediately following Atlantis only on BBC America. Watch GRAHAM's Wildest, Craziest Moments Ever: http://bit.ly/1vnKBZr Subscribe now: http://bit.ly/1aP6Fo9 Twitter: http://twitter.com/bbcamerica Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GrahamNorton... Tumblr: http://grahamnortonshow.tumblr.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcamerica
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Text Comments (849)
Deathly Hallows (4 days ago)
He looks happy and real in this...thanks graham norton :)
Radwn Tamrani (19 days ago)
Gandalf is her
Danish Mansuri (23 days ago)
Val Dance (30 days ago)
This video is one of my favourite videos on the internet of all time
Tae Kwando (1 month ago)
Zayn is so fine..He was always my favorite..
Ajla Cikaric (1 month ago)
This could be true no the person is beautiful !
OmG i cant believe i forgot this video exists , I am literally so mad at myself for forgetting about this amazing moment still as funny as the first time.
Annika lovesZayn (2 months ago)
Can we all just please appreciate how beautiful Zayn is
Joy (2 months ago)
i love zayn so much he's so cute
thekindredspirit (2 months ago)
I’m so glad he finally got attention
thekindredspirit (2 months ago)
I’m glad he’s being forced to acknowledge his affect on us
DR.STRANGE (2 months ago)
Zayn have two knot's
Socially Splintered (2 months ago)
Oml we're so extra! Lmao
Reshma Johnson (3 months ago)
Zayn! being this cute, hot and handsome is a sin 😭
lelian (3 months ago)
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh his laugh is life
who care's kh (4 months ago)
he is just perfect.....
U Aimen (4 months ago)
oh boys little did they know *sigh* x
Donut Land (5 months ago)
His laugh is so pretty, handsome, satisfying and aWeSoMe!!😭😭💖💖💖💖
Katha Mehta (6 months ago)
I just miss them so much now
Bubbs Master (6 months ago)
I’m just gonna say it... not a fan of 1d but harry was amazing in Dunkirk
lolly 89 (8 months ago)
I love the way Graham reads them
lolly 89 (8 months ago)
Have One Direction ever won a Grammy?
Chiquita Banane (9 months ago)
what is graham Norton saying at 0:26? "that would've been..."?
Miranda Francese (9 months ago)
Never gets old
LUCY (9 months ago)
zayn is so cute
ukele lover 2 (10 months ago)
Ha ha the 4th one
Alexandra C. (10 months ago)
I love it. Everytime I see it, I must laugh over an minute.
Khady Ganiou (10 months ago)
this is so depressing
Arianatorxoxo 14 (10 months ago)
I relate to all those tweets 😂
J. D4N14 (10 months ago)
1:25 Zayns Hair OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG 😂😂😂😂
doctor whovian (10 months ago)
@1:14 the boys smiling!
Praveen Ashura (11 months ago)
He has a ugly laugh though
Praveen Ashura (11 months ago)
Ian mckellan and one direction is a weird combo
baizid hasan shuvo (1 year ago)
yeah that's true. zayn look awesome with his long hear 😙😙😙
Zayn's Laugh is so cute
Leah (1 year ago)
*points at the picture* Now, have you planned the loose strand? Zayn: What? Pft. No. 😏
People often say that Looks doesn't matter at all. But the fact is, Looks matters the most. Look, How everyone loves and praises Zayn just because he's good looking. I mean..... He gets more attentions than other boys. There's no doubt on the fact that Looks, appearance and personality matters the most, It makes our life easier and valuable. I don't know whether it is bitter truth or sweeter truth, but yes... It is the truth. Inner beauty, skills, creativity and all that are secondary........ That's the reason why Zayn gets all the attentions in the comparision of other average looking boys!
Im dead
Alexis Kinsey (1 year ago)
One Direction is a great boy band & Zayn Javadd Malik has nice black hair
Prin Ren TS (1 year ago)
Anyways that first one is a Larry account, i wonder what would've happened if they didn't blur out the name and picture tbh
Munnaz Sahal (1 year ago)
Ohh my goddd Zayns hair is better than my countryy
Prin Ren TS (1 year ago)
I'm crying in a cool way
Amit Kashyap (1 year ago)
most handsome guy in the world
Suresh Yadav (1 year ago)
zayn probably doesn't' know how much girls love him and are crazy for him.... that is y he is amazed...hope he always smiles...iam so much in love with him...
Suresh Yadav (1 year ago)
i am so happy seeing zayn similing and laughing....he is just so perfect i mean looks amazayn,hypnotising voice and a wonderful man...he is really down to earth...i luv him so much without even meeting...i wish he gets all the happiness and success...
Aisha Zayn Malik (1 year ago)
luv u soooooooo much ZAYN from Pakistan
sumaiya khalid (1 year ago)
zain's "yeah" is killing me awwww 😢😢😍😍😍😍
Lucila • (1 year ago)
3 years ago 😱😱
Miriam Eusepi (1 year ago)
zayn's smile ia my reason to live
mince (1 year ago)
1:26 "sorry about that." I ADORE HIM 😂🖤
Linley Himes (1 year ago)
no its ridiculous, its like his smile and laugh can light up an entire building
abdul rehman (1 year ago)
its very strange how bunch of boys with no talents became famous or popular after few years no one will even remember any of their song west dont had sense of music
Madison Alston (1 year ago)
The last tweet splitted my sides, especially Graham yelled it out bcuz of it's all caps!
wats monasterio (1 year ago)
cuando one direction era grande
Britt Marks (1 year ago)
Oh lord 🙄 1:18
Sara sarc (1 year ago)
how can you not love when zayn laughs and is happy....
Sweet Creature (1 year ago)
[can relate to every one of those tweets]
Kaitlin :3 (1 year ago)
I feel like all of those tweets especially the one that said *"Zayn's single strand of hair is prettier than my entire face."*
Kavya Patel (1 year ago)
Where is that part where zayn says that louis's football career is a joke??
Appy Gaur (1 year ago)
aww!!! the way he says sorry b'out that is so sweet I just loved it @1:23
Deepa Dodani (1 year ago)
zayn's smile blows my heart away
Taranpreet Kaur (1 year ago)
Zayn is so cute like a creamy cupcake
x EMMA x (1 year ago)
I laugh so hard everytime Graham Norton reads out Tweets
a cool username (1 year ago)
omg he's too cute😭😭😭
Potato Stalik (1 year ago)
viendo videos de one direction con Zayn y hacer de cuenta que no pasó nada estos últimos dos años no es sano
Wajiha Kaleem (1 year ago)
Zayn's smile ...... <3
Satyendra Kadam (1 year ago)
zayn is the best lookin man in the world!!!!!!!
stardust t (1 year ago)
His laugh tho 😍
Amandeep Randhawa (1 year ago)
his accent though
Sav (1 year ago)
"sorry about that" STOP IT ZAYN YOURE TOO CUTE
Hussein Kambar (1 year ago)
Graham reading that last tweet 😂😂😂😂😂
Sophia (1 year ago)
Siddu k (1 year ago)
U will find zayn's picture in almost every saloon in india.i mean even the remotest india.
Nurul Nadia (1 year ago)
omg....i'm dying... Zayn so freaking handsome.
Ethan Stanislaus (1 year ago)
When zayn is loy key gohan
SABINA MUÑOZ (1 year ago)
Zayn WAS Perfect💞
Omarioe (1 year ago)
I can tell Zayn wasn't really excited about this bit and was pretending to laugh
Omarioe (1 year ago)
2 years later at the AMA's and Zayn gets his one solo award and is genuinely happy for the music he always wanted to make
NotMyName — (1 year ago)
Stop at 1:25 and look at their faces
Daleshad Sukhia (2 years ago)
It's so funny the last one
02212002 ray (2 years ago)
Had you planned the loose strand? zayn:No... it kinda just fell that way He is so cute😊
Vittorio ́s Pomades (2 years ago)
Zayn estaba hasta la madre 😂
NerdAtTheDisco (2 years ago)
I can't decide if I should be laughing or crying 😂
SYHD (2 years ago)
How good must that feel...Having people say such wonderful things about you when you're just born like that.Such a lucky guy,man.
Vansh Mishra (2 years ago)
i also wonder luck
Darshana Koli (2 years ago)
I really love this show it was treat to watch one d guys to your show
fariha unissa (2 years ago)
Ian is like what the hell am i doing here
Sara Ibraheem (2 years ago)
Zayn was always the rebel of the group
ceci (2 years ago)
This is the interview where Niall's skin looks like a mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise.
Sav (1 year ago)
navneet kaur (2 years ago)
RobertDarcy (2 years ago)
They're not, they're making fun of the tweets
hemmotional x (2 years ago)
Zayn's smiles with his tongue behind his teeth is my favorite thing ever ..
hemmotional x (2 years ago)
Niall is just this blonde ray of sunshine
Stefan Mikaelson (2 years ago)
I look like Zayn, yet I don't get the same reaction from girls, all I get is oh you look like Zayn.
Dalal Labdaoui (2 years ago)
i think am pregnant ..
whoweare (2 years ago)
Tweet: "Zayn's hair is the reason for my tears" ZAYN: "I'm sorry about that." 😂 hahahah I love him
sarah phinees (2 years ago)
Zayn always looks good like I've never seen a bad picture of him
Amanda Ly (2 years ago)
This segment never gets old! Lolll
Allyanna laurel (2 years ago)
God bless graham norton for making zayn this happy in an interview☺️
Shilpa Mistry (2 years ago)
love that smile😍
Harshika Gohil (2 years ago)
when he bite his lip by takin his tongue out.......awww that was amazin....
XOBITCHXO (2 years ago)

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