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2018 Subaru Outback Review: 2 Million Reasons It's So Popular

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It was just over 20 years ago when Subaru debuted the Legacy Outback, which was a mid-sized wagon with a suspension lift and body cladding. It was meant to be the brand’s answer to the blossoming sport utility vehicle segment, and now after all those years, the car has not only sold 2 million units in the U.S., but it’s also Subaru America’s best selling vehicle. Two million buyers can’t be wrong, but in case there was any doubt, the Outback does a number of things very well. Read more: http://www.autoguide.com/manufacturer/subaru/2018-subaru-outback-2-million-and-9-reasons-why-it-s-so-popular Please show your support and subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=AutoGuideVideo AutoGuide reviews the latest new cars with test drives, car comparisons and shootouts plus coverage of breaking auto industry news, auto shows, rumors, top 10 lists, and spy photos. Help shop for your new car with informative car buying tips and car recall news, and be entertained with feature stories, Top 10s and car review videos.
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Text Comments (128)
Buttram Goldfinger (12 hours ago)
it's time for a "turbo" Subaru!
Whoflung Pooh (20 hours ago)
Thubaru, thee v t, thythtem, thuthpenthion.....
Leeroy (1 day ago)
Get some voice training mate
Peter Cheney (1 day ago)
My sunroof leaked causing mold. That and blown headgaskets bought a Highlander after Subaru showed none of the love they advertise.
jammergreg (1 day ago)
Every time I get behind a slow driver, it seems to be a Subaru. Why do Subaru drivers go several miles below the speed limit? Lol. Am I alone or does anybody else feel that way? Subaru's are really good, quick, performing cars...Except for maybe the Crosstrek, which is the best looking little car on the road. Just saying. I live in the mountains and I'm not talking about city drivers driving hot rod Subarus.
Silent Refusal (1 day ago)
This vs Volkswagen Golf Alltrack please.
Ryan Slemmer (1 day ago)
Not even a competition. They aren't direct competitors. I don't know why people keep wanting Golf Alltrack comparisons. This is bigger in all dimensions, and much better equipped and thought out.
N&T Adventures (2 days ago)
Two thumbs up! 👍🏼👍🏼 please follow PANDA.16WRX on IG!! Thanks
Floyd Matson (1 day ago)
Build quality is impressive, a step better than my 2017 Honda Accord. The Accord doesn’t feel cheap by any means either. The ride quality and quiteness on the freeway is great too. Im averaging 37 mpg combined. Impressive mileage for a larger wagon/suv. The AWD is insane too! Its magical how the outback gets up steep, icy and snowy alleys with just all-season tires.
mixer14316 (3 days ago)
I have a 2013 Outback. Hands down the best car I've ever owned for the money. I actually looked at new vehicles last summer and just recently, NOT because I needed one, but just had the new car bug. I didn't see anything, frankly, that I liked even as much as my Subaru. I'll keep it, especially since it only has forty one thousand on it. Great cars.
HenryTo (3 days ago)
Thanks for a great review. You did not mention whether the car in this review was oversteer or understeer. You also did not say your recommendation whether the car is worth to buy. Keep up the good work.
Rich K (4 days ago)
A Volvo V60 Cross Country will spank the "esteemed" 3.6R
Rich K (18 hours ago)
Depreciation is outrageous, I agree! That's why it's best to get with a used CPO Volvo! However, my car was NEW when I bought this past January, original MSRP was $46,500! They offered $12,500 off MSRP, and CPO'd!
Tom Eisenmenger (20 hours ago)
New vs. used? Really? Compare apples to apples. Volvo V60 CC entry level T5 price: $41,850. Outback 3.6R entry level price: $38,500. I stand corrected - it's not twice as much. However, the Subie has greater ground clearance (which is about the only reason why you would want to go with the Volvo V60 Cross Country over the standard V60), superior reliability, has a more extensive dealer network, and is generally rated higher by consumer organizations. P.S. If you go with a certified used 2017 V60 CC T5 vs. the same condition 2017 Outback 3.6R Limited, prices are actually lower for the Volvo vs. roughly $30,990 for the Subie. Looks like you're right...but what does that say about the depreciation curve of the Volvo?
Rich K (22 hours ago)
Tom Eisenmenger Not quite, my man! I bought a new & certified 2016 V60 CC for less than a new 3,6R, let the spanking begin for less!
Tom Eisenmenger (1 day ago)
...and cost twice as much.
Taylor Hayden (4 days ago)
Thubaru lol
Mark Kahren (4 days ago)
Paddle shifters on a CVT. Why?
Floyd Matson (2 days ago)
Mark Kahren i use them for engine braking down hills. Saves on brakes
Henry Shiu (4 days ago)
Filmed in Toronto?
pimpmycoolwheels (4 days ago)
4:02 Air Canada Centre spotted. This was filmed in downtown Toronto!
pimpmycoolwheels (22 hours ago)
Isn't AutoGuide American?
Ducati Ltwin (1 day ago)
Polestar Wes (4 days ago)
2 million buyers love driving the same thing 2 million other people drive. Robot
Frankie & Beans (4 days ago)
My human says...Subaru...1 of top ten car manufacturers with the highest # complaints. All car manufacturers make AWD.  There's one born every minute.
Andy K (4 days ago)
Man! I thought I was the only one with that complaint about the rearview mirror location. I came from a 2015 Subaru Forester w/out eyesight, and the visibility was so much better.
Tom Eisenmenger (5 days ago)
If you think the rear view mirror setup blocks vision, you should see (or NOT see) what it's like in the Mazda 6 with the camera system. That's one of the reasons I crossed the Mazda off my list.
robert hensen (5 days ago)
did the solve the oil comsuption and head gasket problems
Shorpy (1 day ago)
robert hensen CVT transmissions are unavoidable if you want a brand new car, unless you go with a manual transmission. Toyota is, in my opinion, the best manufacturer in terms of general reliability but even they use CVT. Subaru claims oil consumption is normal, really it's not a big deal if you just check it once a week. In my opinion, the 2.0 H4 subaru uses in the Crosstrek and impreza are probably the best bet for reliability. If the deciding factor on a car is reliability then I'd have to say go with a Toyota. Honda is right up there with them too, so I've been told. I love Subaru, and will never not own one, but Toyota seems to be hands down the best manufacturer. Can't really get over the CVT issue though. Locally, subaru dealers are offering lifetime warranties on engine and transmission components so ask a few different dealers about that.
robert hensen (1 day ago)
i am thinking about buying a Subaru it will be my last new car as i am getting older flue economy and reliability are my number one concerns .Toyota is my next choice i have been checking problems with these cars i don't like cvt transmissions
Tom Eisenmenger (1 day ago)
I have a 2017 2.5l Legacy Limited with 41K miles and NO oil consumption.
Shorpy (2 days ago)
robert hensen Oil consumption is not exclusive to subaru, and yes for the most part the head gasket issue on the 2.5 was fixed as far as I know. If you're that concerned but still want a Subaru, look at the Crosstrek or Impreza with the 2.0. I don't think the 2.0 has any issues at all. Fantastic motor except it doesn't have much power. Also, the 3.6R exclusive to the Outback and Legacy top trims are insanely reliable from what I've heard. Subaru will be ditching the EJ25 for good in a few years in favor of the F series, anyway.
MYOUNGLAK SON (5 days ago)
I have purchased 2018 limited trim 2weeks ago, I have no complaints at all. It is an amazing car.
BunderaKZT (5 days ago)
Will Wheaton?
JM76Miller (13 hours ago)
Was worried I was the only one. Thank you.
Antonio Avedician (5 days ago)
Should thissss guy have a speaking job, or jobssss:)
TM (5 days ago)
i clicked out on the gloss black steering wheel buttons .
Carson Redford (5 days ago)
This may be the most well-rounded car on the road!
KarandikarA18 (5 days ago)
HOW IS this a station wagon, its taller then a Honda crv
TEXAS 70.3 (5 days ago)
Dude, you are doing a review and not a car sale. Keep it fair and balanced.
Dody Suratman (5 days ago)
2:53: "Even with 6 cylinder, it is not quite enough..." Not sure about the CVT on the newer models, but my 2012 3.6R with its conventional transmission has plenty power I think. After all, this is a family car.
Blake Seabolt (5 days ago)
love subaru my mom drives a 2018 subaru legacy
F CHINO-jr. (5 days ago)
Considering trading in my Honda CR-V for an Subaru Outback, thanks for the info, well done. 👍🏻 great review.
27Zangle (2 days ago)
JCA - Subaru has always consumed some oil. That is their nature and they are totally worth owning. With this said I have one that did not consume oil and so did my mother. Also, having worked in a auto shop in the past I can state majority of new cars consume some oil. This is because of the lower friction they are trying to achieve which allows some oil consumption to increase fuel economy the goverment has set. There are a few videos and papers written about this somewhere. I do not remember what they are titled, but they have engineers chiming in from several manufactures.
F CHINO-jr. (3 days ago)
ok, now that makes sense Ryan.......oh damn, I’m getting old 🤪lol!
Ryan Slemmer (3 days ago)
Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Had I gotten a 2018, I wouldn't have gotten it.
F CHINO-jr. (3 days ago)
Ryan Slemmer, btw what is ACP & AA ? 🤔
Ryan Slemmer (3 days ago)
Almost traded my 16 Legacy for an 18 Black Edition Forester because I'm tired of climbing in and out of a lower sitting car. Glad I didn't. My lease is up next spring, and I already know what I want. That and I wouldn't have to sacrifice not having ACP or AA.
PJ J (5 days ago)
CVT sucks
Floyd Matson (2 days ago)
PJ J most people that commute don’t give a shit about how “fun” the car is to drive. They want something that’s economical. Buy a Mazda Miata or a BMW if you want something fun to drive.
PJ J (2 days ago)
Floyd Matson Car with CVT transmission are not fun to drive.
Floyd Matson (4 days ago)
PJ J i guess if you don’t like efficiency and smooth shifts
Tony Ren (5 days ago)
Do the 2018 midsize lineup including Accord, Camry, Sonata, and Altima
Jorge Tamacas (5 days ago)
I would have a hard decision between this Outback and the Buick Tour-X
Jorge Tamacas (5 days ago)
John James Oh, really? In that case, I would take the Outback
John James (5 days ago)
Jorge Tamacas the Buick has terrible resale and cheap plastics
thecman26 (5 days ago)
So what is the Doug score? ;)
Google it (5 days ago)
“2 Million buyers can’t be wrong.” Except when it comes to Toyota (great cars, but SO boring and lifeless)
Cross (5 days ago)
"check out this gorgeous tan interior..." Said no car guy ever as tan leather is one of the worst looking options for luxury interiors
Steve Oswald (5 days ago)
Uhh, definitely disagree there. Car guy through and through, and I highly prefer lighter interiors.
Diwa Galvez (5 days ago)
Agreed. Not to mention harder to clean than simply black or dark brown.
James Ngugi (5 days ago)
Ducati Ltwin (5 days ago)
What did he say?
Mike McGlock (2 days ago)
Brandon Renfro (5 days ago)
Weren't you like 6 years old 20 years ago? If I told you the Outback would be Subaru's flagship you would probably say "What's a Subaru?"
Alexander Kendrew (5 days ago)
OMG ... I can't listen to this guy's whiney voice!
MWorsa (1 day ago)
Randy Jenkins (3 days ago)
What a Whiney comment
it seems to me you are the one that's whining..lol
Greg Caesar (5 days ago)
Dennis Dowd (5 days ago)
Alexander Kendrew Yea, if he was doing this around I would have to pull him over my knee and spank him until it went away!😉
Les Martin (5 days ago)
Flagship? What about the Ascent?
Burai Navarro (4 days ago)
Civic? With or without the number of sales, then by all means its yes it is one of their flagship models
Les Martin (4 days ago)
The Honda Civic outsells the Accord, would you call that the Flagship of the Honda lineup?
Burai Navarro (5 days ago)
It is not and will not be their flagship since its was just newly launched with only a few people starting to consider it
Les Martin (5 days ago)
Flagship implies its their most impressive crowd drawing vehicle. Maybe Subaru doesn't even have a flagship vehicle.
Blake Swan (5 days ago)
Les Martin they sold 2 million Ascents?
Norm T (6 days ago)
Buick Regal TourX 2.0T with torque vectoring AWD is much better than this unless you love in the book docks and never see pavement you should get a truck.
27Zangle (2 days ago)
Subaru will walk the Buick in bad conditions and general off-road use. Also the Subaru will hold a far superior resale value. With this being said I seriously like the new Buick though. I love both brands :-)
Friedrich Siefferman (5 days ago)
Buick is less reliable and not as “cool”. Also, nobody beats Subaru’s AWD.
Patrick Kang (5 days ago)
Norm T Nobody likes Buick
Thanh Ha (5 days ago)
Norm T dude just stfu.
Liam Le (5 days ago)
Buick is unreliable and truck cost more money than this.
FedoraMcGentlesir (6 days ago)
I am expecting Subaru to put the Ascent's 2.4T in the Outback very soon to replace the 3.6R. The return of the Outback XT would be great.
MWorsa (1 day ago)
Norm T so old? This only the third model year of this design. The Legacy (and now Outback) change design every 5 years on the 0’s and 5’s so next new model will be 2020.
criznitty (2 days ago)
The H6 is the only true balanced motor as well.
Shorpy (2 days ago)
Keep the 6 cylinder. Far more reliable.
Noble Lights (3 days ago)
FedoraMcGentlesir gshsj
Clam73 (5 days ago)
Dody Suratman The new turbo will use 87
93remix (6 days ago)
SUBARU should be ashamed by putting an engine like this in a car that size... they should easily make their 2.5L HP @ 205/210 ft tq. as matter of fact all car companies that have 2.5 should follow my standards. THUMBS DOWN SUBARU!!
Stephen Bradley (6 days ago)
bigcrowfly (6 days ago)
Too bad the flathead engine will likely blow its headgasket long before its body dies, resulting in a massive bill.
Angela Schoendienst (3 days ago)
Ridiculous Oil Consumption for a new car....Nice car otherwise
Mike Wu (5 days ago)
JCA if you open any BMW, Audi, Porsche manual, it will say the same thing. My Crosstrek was built in 2013 but it does not consume oil. There is a TSB for FB20/25 motors for defective oil control piston rings. Toyota and Audi has huge class action lawsuits for the exact same thing. So this isn't just a Subaru problem. At least Subaru of America in general take care of their customers.
JCA (5 days ago)
I was shopping for a Subaru in Canada and found a pamphlet in the dealership talking about oil consumption between oil change. Owners should expect to add oil between oil change. If owners forgot to check the oil level and top it up between oil change, there will be a warning light comes on when oil level is low. Subaru officially acknowledges their boxer engines consumes oil. If a new engine consumes oil, it will consume more as it gets old. In the end I did not pick the Outback despite I like the design og the car and how it drives.
Mike Wu (6 days ago)
The newer F series boxer motors have much thicker head gaskets than the other EJ motors. And around here in the DC Metro area, your body is likely to rust before that happens.
Norm T (6 days ago)
Our 2012 Forester would eat coolant and throw misfire codes. It was consuming my synthetic oil reserve before we traded it in early on a GM Terrain which my wife says it was her best car ever.
Jason Thach (6 days ago)
The Outback should be the flagship of Subaru. Legacy is just a *meh* car.
Luis Martinez (19 hours ago)
Jason Thach you do know that the outback and legacy are literally the same car right. Dummy lol
Tom Eisenmenger (1 day ago)
Jason Thach Actually, no I couldn't. My '08 Accord had recalls piling up,mostly due to the airbag issue. In Spring 2016 we got a letter from Honda saying not to drive the car more than necessary, not to drive with anyone occupying the front passenger seat, and (by the way) the replacement parts won't be available until Fall 2017. If you want to talk about a "meh" car with mechanical issues, it was that Accord.
Jason Thach (5 days ago)
Tom Eisenmenger man, you have one bad taste. You could have wait for the 18 accord model. Hope your *meh* car break down in the short run. Bye.
Tom Eisenmenger (5 days ago)
The Legacy (which is not Subaru's "flagship" so I don't really get your point) is hardly "meh." We bought a '17 after comparing it to the Accord, Malibu, Fusion, Mazda 6, Sonata, and Passat (can't bring myself to even consider a Camry). The Subaru actually outhandled the 6 just slightly - better turning radius, tight in the corners, less body roll due to the low-slung boxer engine and it had more interior space than the Mazda. It had a nicer, albeit simpler, interior than the Accord (at the time, the Honda had the dual-screen center stack). Admittedly, the Subie is the less attractive of those three but I buy cars for the long haul and I've seen design exercises that don't age well (I'm looking at you, Hyundai) and the Subaru is handsome but not flashy. Take a Legacy for a test drive some day - you'll find that it's not as meh as you might think.
Diwa Galvez (5 days ago)
I don't know. The interior of the Ascent doesn't scream flagship. This and the Legacy do.
King Of the monsters (6 days ago)
SUV’s are a waste of money
Thanh Ha (5 days ago)
Norm T dude just stfu.
Norm T (5 days ago)
King Of the monsters Not the most awarded cars today. The domestics are just as good and $6,000-12,000 less than the Japanese. You'll never see that amount in Japanese residuals for the life of the car.
Dennis Dowd (5 days ago)
I agree, get an electric bike, that is where I am going.
King Of the monsters (6 days ago)
Norm T in my family we only buy Japanese cars
Norm T (6 days ago)
King Of the monsters This platform is old and the engine mundane and subject to head gasket repairs. Better off with the new Regal TourX.

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