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Women and Hormone Replacement Therapy: Latest Advances

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Please join Host Monica Diaz with guests Allison Woodworth and Nelson Vergel for a necessary and information packed discussion on Female Hormone Replacement Therapy: Allison Woodworth, RN, MSN, FNP-C, Nurse Practitioner and founder of the PrimeBody Wellness Center, has extensive training and experience in the field of Age Management Medicine. Her areas of expertise include bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and medical facial aesthetics. Some of the talking points and questions answered: __Which Hormones are Important to Test in Women __Why are Synthetic Hormones no Longer Recommended __At what age do most women need to consider hormonal testing and what are the symptoms of a hormonal imbalance or deficiency? __How are hormones replaced? __What changes do women notice after starting hormone replacement therapy? __Questions about thyroid hormone replacement.   __Women and Testosterone-What are the Latest Understandings and Recommendations
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st michael (22 days ago)
st michael (11 days ago)
+Josava13 i know higth normal range just test enanthat 24 mg week
Josava13 (12 days ago)
What are her levels of hormones ? Can you tell me please, is she using any more hormones, or just T ?
David Kamnitzer (5 months ago)
Are you able to prescribe, or do you have to work under the supervision of a physician? Can you work with men and women in California?
Annette Russ (6 months ago)
If you get your female patient on a ketogenic diet you won’t be having them run around trying to lose weight and being unsuccessful. Why don’t you do some new research.
Katie • (1 month ago)
Annette Russ sometimes it can be more of a hormonal stress on thyroid patients since it increases cortisol, don’t get me wrong i love 11day water fasting and sinking into ketosis myself but its not for everyone especially those with conversion problems
Carmelita salgado (6 months ago)
Do you have a location in Chicago?
Tony Lowham (11 months ago)
Why are you worried about Estradiol? Why not maximize urogenital health and prevent osteoporosis? Why allow hot flashes?
Tony Lowham (11 months ago)
Can Prime Body really show me any scientific evidence that oral ESTRADIOL increases the risk of CAD or stroke?
Tony Lowham (11 months ago)
+TRT Revolution OK, I have subscribed and will watch some of your videos. Most of my experience has been with Dr Neal Rouzier. He uses oral Estradiol. I currently give Test. And Estradiol in pellets but want to offer other options to my patients
TOT Revolution (11 months ago)
Tony Lowham You will be greatly informed about everything when Monica’s book comes out next year. Yes Oral Pills are garbage. Period.
Tony Lowham (11 months ago)
Ladies, you need to differentiate "synthetic" from "bioidentical" Bioidentical hormones can be "synthetic". What we want to use, is normal physiologic bioidentical hormones-Testosterone, Estradiol and Progesterone. It does not matter if they are "synthetic".
Jeanie Loiacono (1 year ago)
Can Dr. Woolworth recommend someone in Dallas?
Anastasia ______ (1 year ago)
I called the Prime Health and they DO NOT treat women!!!!! why advertise it for wommen if you do not treat us!!!!
Carolyn (1 year ago)
It is on Prime Body.com, not Prime Health
Raquel Stephens (1 year ago)
are you located in Texas
Katie • (1 month ago)
Raquel Stephens Arizona
Raquel Stephens (1 year ago)
does your clinic take insurance
Raquel Stephens (1 year ago)
can my Young daughter benefit from hormonal treatment?? she has an over active overy which she has been fighting weight most of her life Help me please
Raquel Stephens (1 year ago)
And yess my memory is no where close to what it was in my 20s nor is my sex drive and lets not talk about low enegergy i go to the gym 7 days a week and i swear i am on my last leg because i am about to give up because it is frustrating working out and not seeing any results
Raquel Stephens (1 year ago)
I am so excited to have come across this webcast. I just truned 40 and it seem like overnight i woke up in my own pool of sweat, i have been snapping at everyone and I am a easy going pretty levelheaded person and this is not usual for me so i went to my Dr, and she took a blood sample and said yes i am going through menapause and wanted to immidiatly started me on the pleets inserted under the skin. at first I was ok with the pellets but i came home and my gutt told me to do some research first before i go through with this and came across this i am so happy and i really want to know what do i need to ask my Dr. regarding Hormone replacemnt and what to not fall for because I am new to this and I live in Texas no where close to Arizona to come in and get check out the clinic and i seriously don't think the peleets will work for me so Please HELP ME
D'Valjon101 (10 months ago)
Raquel Stephens I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through. I truly understand because just 5 months ago MY MENOPAUSE SYMPTOMS STARTED😲 I don't wake up in a pool of water BUT I get flushing in my face. OMG!! I can't even explain to you how this WITHOUT WARNING came on me out of nowhere. My doctor is testing my blood for results. In the meantime my OBGYN prescribed the Estrogen patch and Buspirone 5MG Tab. Both are being filled now as we speak, I'm doing research on both before I take any of these meds But I'm praying that God Most High guide me through all of this. How are you now? What was the outcome? Thanks...Hope things are better for you. Most woman just don't speak on this subject which is so sad because NEW MENOPAUSE WOMAN like myself need to know. Blessings Thank God for this channel and YouTube ❤
Tony Lowham (11 months ago)
The pellets are fine. It is just one method to give bioidentical hormones, Testosterone and Estradiol. Progesterone should be given oral at night (my preference) or is available as a cream. Make sure it is bioidentical progesterone, not a progestin, such as Medroxyprogesterone. Finally, no Doctor should put you on any Hormones without you leaving the office with a full understanding and education about what you re doing.
S Walker (1 year ago)
Any clinics like this in the UK?
Lawyer Rock (1 year ago)
I have worked in the medical field for over 18 years and yes, most doctors are only taught 'pharmaceutical medicine'. Who do you suppose funds these medical schools and why? Well, if you knew there were people out there willing to graduate and promote your product, wouldn't you give them millions and millions if your return would be billions and billions?? Its very sad the medical community only treats symptoms and not the cause. If a man has a problem with erections, do they test for testosterone or DHEA or cortisol for adrenal fatigue? No. The doctor hands the man a RX for erection medicine. If a man or woman has high cholesterol (LDL) does the dr. give the patient supplements to increase the HDLs? No. They put the man on RX to block cholesterol uptake. Men and women need cholesterol to promote many hormones, so taking the statins is not the answer! The medical community is not trusted any more.
RIGGS (6 months ago)
Lawyer Rock truth!
Jodie Charlotte (1 year ago)
thi dose help me with my trancegender male to female hormones
Randi Jennings (2 years ago)
What happens if you don't live near a clinic like Prime Body or Allison's clinic? I live in New Jersey.
Joe Lescano (1 year ago)
Randi Jennings Sun Wellness has 3 locations in NJ, I see Dr. Sun in the Union office.

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