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Nu Virgos (Via Gra) - Stop Stop Stop - Live

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Nu Virgos live somewhere in europe
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Text Comments (94)
pat pat (29 days ago)
Great "live" performance HAHAHA
Michael Owens (1 month ago)
2018 🎸
Shakib Mustavee (5 months ago)
The lyrics is fantastic and worth a long interpretation. Unfortunately most of the audience turn deaf to the meaning in stead they focus on the sybaritic aspects on the stage.
green tea latte 3 in 1 (5 months ago)
Thank you. I still watching, 2018. They Lived in Helsinki, Finland.
NdrHrlnd (6 months ago)
I like the Chinese version by Jolin Tsai - Love Love Love
VEVE TAYLOR SWIFT (8 months ago)
เป็นอะไรที่ลงตัวที่สุด Viagra Fanclub From Thailand
Korn Phattara (9 months ago)
I need you......!!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Dino Don (1 year ago)
Blonde girl is the best.
Aleksa Sasha (10 months ago)
Vera Brejneva
Paul Hon (10 months ago)
thang lin (1 year ago)
việt nam đâu rồi , cho e xin cái like đi :v
Trân Bội (2 months ago)
Việt Nam điểm danh XD
Thịnh Lâm (10 months ago)
Plata O Plomo (1 year ago)
she woke my everlasting wood
Paul Hon (10 months ago)
Prince Dwivedi (2 years ago)
nice song so sexy
Paul Hon (10 months ago)
alivewire13 (2 years ago)
Ramu Racer (2 years ago)
sexy song forever loved it so much
Nika D (2 years ago)
Тот досадный момент, когда говоришь, что большие сиськи - свои, от природы, а на видео почти десятилетней давности их нет )) Видимо, у Лободы они начали расти от боязни сцены))
+Vladis Brando. Но только после родов, на время; становится больше, пока молоко? не исчезает, а грудь, может становиться большое, когда? становятся зрелой женщиной, короче с годоми. Ну не такая маленькая грудь, тут явно поработали.
Діана Головач (10 months ago)
Можелирующее белье, пуш-ап, спец макияж зоны декольте, две пары бюсгалтеров) для этого операцию делать не надо.
Vladis Brando (1 year ago)
я говорю в целом, что у женщин грудь после родов становится больше, лол. Про Лободу знает только сама Лобода
Nika D (1 year ago)
Тот досадный момент, когда сиськи выросли спустя 5 месяцев после прихода в ВИА ГРУ, а ребенок появился на 10 лет позже. Ага, пишите еще )) Она училась в Киевском цирковом училище и все годы учебы там была плоскодонкой, после появления в ВИА ГРЕ резко и натурально появились и сиськи )))
Vladis Brando (1 year ago)
тот досадный момент, когда человек не знает, что после родов сиськи становятся больше)
Thadan Cobain (3 years ago)
The middle one, does anybody know what her name is?
Đình Phong (3 years ago)
Svetlana loboda, she's now having her successful solo career, and her hair becomes blonde, too. Try her new song: para domoi
one_hit_wonder (3 years ago)
I was there. Helsinki, Finland.
Paul Hon (10 months ago)
one_hit_wonder (1 year ago)
Svetlana Loboda. She is very popular right now and has become a very successful solo artist in Russia and Ukraine!
one_hit_wonder (1 year ago)
Svetlana Loboda. She is very popular right now and has become a very successful solo artist in Russia and Ukraine!
Paul Hon (1 year ago)
the center singer what her name ? does anyoneknw ?
Ineez (2 years ago)
+one_hit_wonder lol yes everyone should see its playback :P
beltzer69 (3 years ago)
This is in Finland, Helsinki summer 2004 @ Kaivopuisto´s summer concert.
Фу седокова лучше неё поёт(кто заменяет её)
Provinchanin (3 years ago)
+Настя Шулятьева Светлана Лобода ее заменяет
kr2012ifl (4 years ago)
Вони українки!
Joe M McLaren (4 years ago)
love this song
sopheakbott nget (4 years ago)
sopheakbott nget (4 years ago)
ilvj054eva (5 years ago)
panties :)
Tatyana Hoke (5 years ago)
Beautiful! :-)
Aamer Tayeb (5 years ago)
That was very hot
Paul Hon (10 months ago)
林大師 (5 years ago)
very good
leonado (5 years ago)
3 สาวชุดนี้ ลงตัวที่สุด This team is the best like so much
Corporal Killjoy (5 years ago)
likey like like
Tatyana Hoke (5 years ago)
SUPER! :-)
areumybitch (6 years ago)
please dont stop stop stop
Kotchanun Bunjerdluk (6 years ago)
ใครดูตอน 2012 บ้าง :D
gamesart100 (6 years ago)
Sheyla Bonilla (6 years ago)
0:50 uf
wowbeibi (6 years ago)
Suomi perkele :D
Egoo Hnang (6 years ago)
I dont understand what are these girls doing ... just do sexy dance ... hmmm NO !!
Çağdaş ŞENOL (6 years ago)
its not live motherfuckers
Hu David (7 years ago)
most members were born in the 80s, back then it was very confusing whether one is Ukrainian or Russian, so u can assume they have mixed nationality, try Wikipedia nu virgos. Its kinda weird how they keep changing the group's members. even though most of them are attractive (not young, but attractive), its very hard to establish a connection with the group like that. Bravo for stop stop stop, anyway.
Kenichi Mizu (8 years ago)
@Helper2007 Ur probably more than in love with it. Ur in love with the girl.
Josafat Linares (8 years ago)
i love you nu virgos
bongo fury (8 years ago)
@Moldovawineimporter looks like iv picked a fight then lol
@mudcap16 What a dick wad ! These are not Russian women they are all Ukrainian women and Ukraine is not in Russia . You flip out Rubles in Ukraine you will be directed to go to the exchange both for Hryvnia.
@bongo2209 They are Ukrainian . If you want to pick a fight with a Ukrainian just call them a Russian .
Milan Stefanovic (8 years ago)
catchy song...greetings from serbia..p.s.blond is the hotest ;)
Alexandr Puriskin (8 years ago)
да она так божественно спела что прям не повторимо... просто посмотри клип аригинал и сравни... лучшее сразу видно)
Alexandr Puriskin (9 years ago)
боже лобода -всю песню засрала, от неё за версту блядством несёт, а её энгиш хрипящий.. короч седокова лучше пела! и голос и фигура круче чем у лободы..бееее
bongo fury (9 years ago)
are they russian' i didnt know that... cool!!!
Michael Mccann (9 years ago)
im so in love with this song
ken kimata (9 years ago)
Sveta is great!!
cristina lopez (9 years ago)
they are also have a bad smell jejejeje they take a shower once in a week
CrispyClaire (10 years ago)
Are they mouthing... how disappointing
Viktor Vik (10 years ago)
look towards the bottom of the screen at 1:14 nice!! :D
alivewire13 (10 years ago)
That is why I married a Russian lady sweet sexy & very feminine what more could you ask for and she knows how to cook!!!!;-) Comment on this video
alivewire13 (10 years ago)
That is why I married a Russian lady sweet sexy & very feminine what more could you ask for and she knows how to cook!!!!;-)
alivewire13 (10 years ago)
These chix ROCK!!!!Please come to the STATES!Awesome dance moves very sexy & beautiful.Like most Eastern European ladies!Bravo!!!
DuraheLL (10 years ago)
gay-playback very much? *_*
DuraheLL (10 years ago)
haha she sounds drunk at the beginning!!!
Nathare (10 years ago)
this is some NRJ in the park. In Finland
Raghu .S.J (10 years ago)
who is sevtlana amog the 3
Slava Tregubov (10 years ago)
Svetlana Loboda. She was a short period in Nu Virgos. You can find on youtube one clip when she was in Nu Virgos (Via Gra) - Biologya ( Биология) and her solo songs - cherno-belaya zima (Черно белая зима), Cherniy angel (черный ангел) and others. In ukraine she is very sucsesful now. ;)
Raghu .S.J (10 years ago)
plzzzz dont stop stop stop
acsookying (11 years ago)
damn they're so hot
Remzi Bozkurt (11 years ago)
playback a.q.
Slava Tregubov (11 years ago)
They are all women.)
soultitude (11 years ago)
LOL; this isnt that good, i prefer jolins' version but my opinion nonetheless. It's hard to work out what they are saying during the verses lollll
Mahmuang (11 years ago)
The version cover of Jolin Tsai is Love, love, love. I saw it in Thailand.
Cathy Luk (11 years ago)
Jolin Tsai copied their song, Nu Virgo sings the original one
zhenichka18 (11 years ago)
mdaa..anglishkii y nix yjasnui!
Rob Koleski (11 years ago)
I think the girl in the middle is totally hot,the blond is really hot,the other one is not bad.i may be heading to the ukraine or wherever this summer to see this concert.how many rubles for front row i wonder?
GrillerGT (11 years ago)
If Vera ever leaves the group that will be the end of Via Gra (or whatever they call it now) for me :P
Chuck Diamond (11 years ago)
I can't belive how good they are!!!
Daniel Gilbert (11 years ago)
For 3 Ukrainians to perform to a Norwegian crows singing a Russian song translated into English makes this pretty damn good!

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