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How does an Electric Car work ? | Tesla Model S

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Electric cars are making big waves in the automobile world. These noise-free, pollution-free and high-performance vehicles are expected to make their I.C. engine counterparts obsolete by 2025. This video will unveil the hidden technologies behind the Tesla Model S, which recently became the world’s fastest accelerating car. We will see how electric cars have achieved superior performance by analyzing the technology behind the induction motor, inverter, lithium ion battery power source, regenerative braking and above all, the synchronized vehicle mechanism, in a logical, step-by-step manner. The working and features of Tesla car is explained here with help of animation. Please support us at Patreon.com so that we can add one more member to the team and will be able to release 2 educational videos/month. https://www.patreon.com/LearnEngineering Check out this excellent video on regenerative braking from Kyle Drivers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b2i5ufN7k0 Check out Jehu's channel https://www.youtube.com/user/jehugarcia Curious about how LE was born ?, Check out our story : https://goo.gl/otQfvD Like us on FB : https://www.facebook.com/LearnEngineering Voice-over artist : https://www.fiverr.com/mikepaine
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Learn Engineering (1 year ago)
Dear friends, please don't forget to support us at www.Patreon.com/LearnEngineering . Your support keeps us going !
Oleg Asav (5 days ago)
Let's sell electric cars to Ukraine. Після перемоги в Росію. Соntact https://m.facebook.com/alex.ataxia Repost
Bill A (1 month ago)
Honestly, the regenerative breaking system is one of the biggest assets of ECs (Electric Cars), which gives it a high energy preservation and efficiency. In my opinion this tech also works really well in hybrids, which gives them the best of both worlds. I said it before, and say it again, that until they develop an energy pack (aka battery, capacitor, or fusion) which gives the same or better range as ICE cars (Internal Combustion Engine) and deploy charging stations at every gas station, ECs are just a toy for now. ;)
Miles Jr (1 month ago)
Ok ,, the motor acts as a generator under regenerative braking conditions and converts kinetic enenrgy in to electric and sends it to the battery. What type of electricity it creats ?? AC or DC ?? Does it send the energy directly to the battery or to the inverter first and to the battery afterwards?? Guys please help me if you know
Phil Gudet (9 hours ago)
But can an EV sound like a mad demon or a hive of angry wasps?
jiban rai (1 day ago)
James Bennett (1 day ago)
But the materials used to make the batteries come from china where the miners are not treated well, and they have to burn loads of stuff aswell so dont think you need a "environmentaly friendly" electric car
Bollywood Shows (1 day ago)
What happend if battery exploded
Mehmet Talha Uludağ (2 days ago)
1,7 bin dislike. İçten yanmalı motor üreticileri.
redsoil5 (2 days ago)
The mechanics are so simple. Few moving parts but the efficiency is far more great than the IC system.
Thank you very much Good explanation
Oleg Asav (3 days ago)
Let's sell electric cars to Ukraine. Після перемоги в Росію. Соntact https://m.facebook.com/alex.ataxia Repost
Alvaro Sanchez (3 days ago)
What about the source of energy that these electric vehicles use to charge? This electricity is obtained in nuclear power plants which pollute more than 100 diesel cars simultaneously.
Miguel lopez (2 days ago)
Nuclear is about 20% of the grid, and yes they pollute more then 100x deisel cars wich would generate 17.340 Megawats of electricity, a nuclear power plant however generates 3,400 megawats ot about 200X more energy then 100 deisel cars, so per kilowatt a nuclear powerplant release 5% of the pollution of a 200HP deisel engine. Also the pollution from a nuclear power plant doesn't come from running it it comes from building the structure and transporting materials to it.
Uttam Pathak (3 days ago)
IC engines are not going to end till 2050.
Tygo Huurnink (3 days ago)
what makes you so sure of that?
R Patil (4 days ago)
Vheryi vheryi naic electrical car
Kirupakar Rammohan (4 days ago)
superb explanation sir ...
Keyur Soni (5 days ago)
i really thankfull to all participant,who involve in team of making this video.its really good to gain some basic and important knowledde about electric car .I m looking forward for more this kind of video.
Pratosh Santosh (5 days ago)
What is the total weight of the battery in it.
Pratosh Santosh (10 hours ago)
Yes you are right. Charging outpost can be errected every mile or so. Hydrogen can be produced at atmospheric pressure using lower power loads as well which is even more less energy intesifying than currently undergoing 2step metal oxide process. Even considering how ceratin major percentages of electricity are generated(Fossils 61%, Hydro 20%) today and so if there were to be a choice among the option Battery or Hyrogen for the next long run. Which among would you think will be peoples choice? Not just looking at automotive but power generators as well. Batteries store energy but Hydrogen helps generating it.
Miguel lopez (11 hours ago)
+Pratosh Santosh yes yes I know that hydrogen has far far more energy per kg then a battery, but the economics and logistics have favored battery power for cars, cheeper fuel, abundant charge points (240V 48Amp recepticals are more common then gas stations) and a lower net energy lifetime usage make up for lower range, expensive batteries, and longer fuelling time.
Pratosh Santosh (12 hours ago)
Sure batteries are 99% efficient. But i also wanted you to know that there's a method called 2-step metal oxide to commercialise Hydrogen manufacturing on large scale. You are right it is energy intensive but look it this way. Every(macro) system we consider in science behaves like a spring. Everything vibrates, stretch, contract. Fuels are like compressed irreversibe spring. If in a spring made of mild steel and of the same pitch and mean coil radii, then batteries are 1cm long whereas the Hydrogen are 57cm long. Then the more you compress more energy we accumulate. Considering energies per kg.
Miguel lopez (20 hours ago)
hydrogen solves the range problem and car emission problems but runs into the issue of it being very energy intensive to manufacture the hydrogen, more expensive then electricity for refueling and having lower efficiency then a battery which means overall an EV will use less energy to move one mile then a hydrogen powered car, the models 3 gets 354 km (3,549 lb) from 50kwh battery and the extended range version gets 506km 3,838 lbs from a 75Kwh battery, something like the Hyundai NEXO gets 800km with 156 liter fuel capacity.
Pratosh Santosh (21 hours ago)
Correct me if im wrong. A tesla nearly weighs 2 metric ton which is a family sedan with the torque of a race car and a normal family sedan weighs 1.6 tons. Full battery range of (400-430)km against (900-1100)km of full tank. They are pollutable substances though, but dont you think that another gas could fit in? Hydrogen?
Perfect information video Sir
Muthu Kumar (5 days ago)
Add a solar panel in top of the roof.So, we can get a charge while driving
SUNSHINE (5 days ago)
Tesla is the future
Vinayak Bodade (6 days ago)
Very Useful Information
Zoe Bueche (6 days ago)
Woohoo yeeeeeeee!
rusted needles (6 days ago)
eh pass
James Sempy (6 days ago)
great tutorial. thanks for sharing .
Anonymous Person (7 days ago)
💀RIP 💀Internal combustion engine
llavero5 (7 days ago)
Videos show diference of weight and power of internal combustion engine and electric, but ¿why not comparison between battery and fuel tank? ;)
E.G Drift King (7 days ago)
The car can charge itself from the generator, wow and here I am hating on Tesla motors when there so unique and advanced
Miguel lopez (2 days ago)
+James Sempy No.
Miguel lopez (2 days ago)
+E.G Drift King this means that the the generation of electricity from the Tesla's motor is something that has been around for a 100 years, and other electric cars have had this ability to regenerate Kinetic energy.
E.G Drift King (2 days ago)
+Miguel lopezall u did was tell me how it generated electricity when I didn't ask ._. or made a wrong mistake on generating electricity?
Miguel lopez (2 days ago)
The electricity is generated by coil windings and magnets attached to the wheel, when the you let go of the "gas" peddle the magnets engage, the spinning tires cause a temporary magnetic field to form flowing in the opposite direcrion of the wheels, this is what does the braking, but simce the magnet is still moving it will also move electrons in the copper winding generating electricity. This concept is the basses of almost all electeical generation in the world from nuclear to coal, and hydro dams. Both of you are very ignorant on the subject.
James Sempy (6 days ago)
and thanks to Elon, Tesla will produce more electricity than it needs ... the perpetual movement !!! haha ...
x isaka (8 days ago)
Peeps aint worry about the friction on those cogs???
x isaka (8 days ago)
Two hundred years Electric cncepts done and we are still not able to fully master it.. Such a shame toFaraday
Rajinder Singh (9 days ago)
Thanks you very much please carry on sir
Regi George (9 days ago)
Now the only issue to mend is the production of electrical energy through fossil fuels. Investing more into green energy may make production efficient in the future.
Brandon Capone (9 days ago)
What happens when your not pressing the accerator would be cool to learn about !!!!
Miguel lopez (8 days ago)
Then no current is applied to the motor and it does not accelerate, energy is still used to power displays, computer, cooling system, and sensors.
Brandon Capone (9 days ago)
Thanks for unveiling.
abhi nav (9 days ago)
Superb video bro. electric cars should take the world. Indian petrol price >>>> super hike
Abdul Wajid (11 days ago)
Beautiful graphics, hats off to you
Praecantetia (11 days ago)
This really makes me want to buy a tesla now
noah the petrol head (12 days ago)
I find it funny how thay call it the fastest road car with 2.2 sec 0 to 60 when the dodge demon can to 0 to 60 in 2.1 sec
Miguel lopez (8 days ago)
Check the date, the roadster 2 is aiming for 1.9 seconds with a battery pack that is twice as big.
Abhijeet (12 days ago)
Plz make a video on wireless electricity plz
Douglas Waugh (12 days ago)
I still reckon it should be called a converter not an in-verter The inversion of a dc source is a dc source not a sinusoid ? Love the simple explanations in this video, great stuff. Bit concerned about those battery packs though ?
Amazing amazing and amazing
Lobzang Dorjay (13 days ago)
good stuff.
Jagjit Singh (15 days ago)
Hello I have a idea which is work on electric cars and after this no need to charge the car...
SUSHOBHAN SARKAR (16 days ago)
The only bottleneck of electric car is its lithium ion battery.
big*apes1010 (17 days ago)
hopefuly 'n futuristic car..!
Bidyut Chatterjee (17 days ago)
Great learning video of it's kind. Animation is superb !
Pollution-free my ass! I can't get over the numbnut idiots who can't figure out that these things will be charged up from power plants which use coal or gas and between that and their manufacturer of electronic and Battery Parts they are more polluting than gas cars! If you're going to mention nuclear power plants then get the hell out of my face because you're such an ass I don't want to hear from you. I suppose you can pay $70,000 for a home solar system that's going to break long before you can ever pay it off, I can't get over these environmental idiots and their lack of knowledge or understanding. Alternative Energy will be great in the future but right now it's just keeping the economy going and Elon Musk is laughing all the way to the bank.
Miguel lopez (2 days ago)
+Tygo Huurnink their argument for Li-ion batteries is always the generic "its stripped mined and a lot of C02 is used into creating the batteries, more the a regular cars lifetime use" not taking the couple minutes out of the day to look at where lithium actually comes from or how much CO2 is released from a petrol card over its lifetime.
Tygo Huurnink (3 days ago)
This is simply not true. It is correct that an electric car is not pollution free, but it is around 4 times as energy efficient as an ICE car since electric motors do not have to deal with the Carnot cycle. So even if you would include transmission losses (and acting as if the production of fossil fuel doesn't require energy) which are about 30%, it is still significantly more energy efficient. As for renewable energy, wind and solar energy, both have an exponential drop in costs due to the fact that they are technology-based energy production. Look up Swanson's law. The cost of wind and solar, of course, depends on the local circumstances, but in general, solar is now the cheapest form of energy production. It is also important to recognize that electric cars will probably co-evolve with an evermore renewable energy grid. Electric cars can function as an energy buffer for variant energy production and in turn benefit from the cheap electricity. This is not the end of the renewable energy revolution, if I may be so free to call it that, but the very beginning. There is indeed still a long road ahead, but it is good to recognize that electric cars fundamentally have the capability to be clean, ICE cars do not. And instead of you calling me an ass as you did with Miguel, I'd love to hear why Li-ion batteries would be more polluting then gas cars.
+Miguel lopez you are an ass
Miguel lopez (8 days ago)
Gas is twice as clean as coal, and coal is only 30% of the grid, electric cars are still greener over a lifetime use but not in the first few years from manufacturing, nuclear is an alternative to coal and gas in areas that dont have easy access to rivers or sunny days fro renewable energy, if one nuclear power plant went into melt down every year it would still cause less damage then all the CO2 and NOs released from petrol engines. If you want to talk KWH and and Co2 tonnage I can.
If companies can provide charging alternator thn the charging time will be reduce or there is no necessity of charging externally.
Miguel lopez (8 days ago)
The motor its self acts like a generator when the the armature spins faster then the RMF of the stator.
daniyal k (19 days ago)
How about they make it to change the car while it's in use it's completely possible idk why don't they do it
Miguel lopez (8 days ago)
CarlitosWay (19 days ago)
Need solar panel in it to charge Bateries
William Tsunku (19 days ago)
RE : MANAGER SPECIAL CAR How does an Electric Car work ? | Tesla Model S
DomT0311 (19 days ago)
2025. Can't be right
Shashank N K (20 days ago)
Yusuf Satarekar (20 days ago)
Erik Sylvester (20 days ago)
How do you make an electric motor more powerful? Do you increase battery pack size or the size of the motor itself?
Miguel lopez (8 days ago)
Increase the amount of coil windings and supply a higher voltage, it will drain the battery faster and burn out the motor faster unless you make it bigger.
Luis Cuellar (21 days ago)
I really love electric cars but I hate one thing of em’ and its the minimalistic interiors, sometimes I see cars with amazing desing interiors cheaper than tesla and I really want tesla to have amazing interiors too, not only that minimalistic interior
Saju Khan (21 days ago)
I like ti good job
AZZAMNO1 (22 days ago)
so it possible to regenerate battery by driving? i wonder what happen if you run out of battery/
Erik Sylvester (20 days ago)
It only regenerates when slowing down
Arun Kumar (23 days ago)
Can you please make a video about hybrid vehicle?
h h (23 days ago)
So simple and the use of 7000 batteries LOL.. man possibly why it taking so long to build them tesla ay Musk LOL.. pretty much an RC car full grown. :D
Zoran Tomic (23 days ago)
Ja Ti (23 days ago)
That's all great and really efficient, but..... vrooooooooooooooooooommm fiuuuu ts ts ts ts ts :)
Eleanna Kokkinou (24 days ago)
EV charging stations- http://evchargeplus.com
shiva shiva (25 days ago)
Rajiv Goel (26 days ago)
WOW Noise ,Pollution -Free..
Infected Hazard Games (26 days ago)
Infected Hazard Games (26 days ago)
i would think the radiator would be a little more bigger...but i guess it doesnt need that much cooling .
Miguel lopez (8 days ago)
If the air temperature goes above 90F then it would actually need an equivalent size radiator to a car because its operating tempature is so close to air temperature it makes it harder to radiate that heat unlike a regular car where the heat more easily radiates into normal temperature air because its much hotter.
https://youtu.be/jjcD0g8Q-zs лайк и просмотр взаимно)
TheAwesome Stevo (27 days ago)
I'm gonna miss the noise caused by a rotary.
Nico Loso (28 days ago)
This is a big ass remote control car
Antonio Barbosa (28 days ago)
Video is very educational. Electric cars will pollute the environment more than the IC engine cars if we continue to charge our cars from electricity generated by using fossil fuels. IC Engine - Oil => Diesel => Mechanical (2 conversions) Electric car - Oil => Diesel => Mechanical => Electrical => Mechanical(5 conversions) The stages mentioned are not exhaustive and everytime conversion takes place at least 50% of the stored energy is lost.
Tygo Huurnink (3 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7MzFfuNOtY&t=775s watch this video, it goes into depth about how efficient an electric car is from the start of energy the electricity being produced.
Miguel lopez (22 days ago)
Except the deisel generators are not used to produce electricity, coal only makes up 30% of the grid and another 30% from natural gas wich burns much cleaner, coal power puts EVs on par with most ICEs, natural gas puts it below.
Karam Sahani (28 days ago)
Can you make videos on how a crane works ??
the extreme (28 days ago)
amazing video with good graphics and easy language. I want the electric vehicles will be more developed in India
Gio Chrea (29 days ago)
1.7k people have their finger up their ass.
grujarek (29 days ago)
Thanks for explaining. I was alwyas fond of electric cars. Nothing better was invented to propel wheels than electric motors. One question. How about using this vehicle in extreme conditions... Maybe not so extreme but let say: +40degC or -20degC. What is the drop of capacity of the bateries. And how about a durability? Good luck with AC Power :)
Miguel lopez (29 days ago)
Lithium ion can work in -40C but with reduce volatge, I dont think capacity is lost (unless the battery remains cold during its use) just its voltage, depending on operating tempature and cycling a lithium ion battery in a tesla can last from 130k miles to 600k miles before capacity becomes severely reduced.
Iamtummylicious M (29 days ago)
battery change and battery charging > oil change and refueling . You'll spend less money in the long run!
Zabde-Ezra Ayienga (29 days ago)
Nice!! Thank you!
Michael Jordon (29 days ago)
2:26 LOL why does it say camaro on a inline 4 and also I don' t think ICE engines will be obsolete by 2025
Rakesh Botle (1 month ago)
CV-1 Electric 'Supercar' - Russia's Biggest Gun Makers Answer To Tesla bit.ly/2MIyg3t
MICHGO1 (29 days ago)
Miguel lopez (30 days ago)
Not really an awnser since it uses an outdated chassis and only gets 220 miles.
Edi Gabrieli (1 month ago)
Just check your sources Nikolai Tesla was not a Greek, in fact he was a SERBIAN who grew up in CROATIA . Your video is fantastic, thanks for posting.
What is its price .is this car available in india .how many km it will run non stop when fully charged.max speed
MICHGO1 (29 days ago)
Jimmy King (1 month ago)
Albera Cid (1 month ago)
in the future people will fly no need for vehicles.
Elijah I (1 month ago)
great video.. I would like to to know the best software used for these animations
Kero Nizam (1 month ago)
Use dyanamo to charge the battery.. No fuel station anymore.
Miguel lopez (30 days ago)
+Kero Nizam so basically Regenerative braking.
Kero Nizam (30 days ago)
Dynamo for bicycle lol
Miguel lopez (30 days ago)
+Kero Nizam still dont know what that is.
Kero Nizam (30 days ago)
Sorry dynamo
Miguel lopez (30 days ago)
What is dynamo?
Yash Gupta (1 month ago)
1600 people from Saudi Arabia...
Guest Vine (1 month ago)
POLLUTION FREE? Excuse me, but less than 5% of electricity comes from the sun, water and all the pollution free methods. The rest of the power plants are just as bad as cars running on petrol. Stick with petrol.
Guest Vine (28 days ago)
+MICHGO1 you're missing the whole point. I don't care about the whole pollution thing.
MICHGO1 (29 days ago)
Miguel lopez (1 month ago)
Guest Vine once electric takes over, petrol cars will be referred as classic cars and you will need a permit to drive one because of emission control, but I doubt they will completely disappear in the next 100 years. One of the things that electric motors have is good 0-60 times 2.3 on the p100d wich keeps the car from being completely boring.
Guest Vine (1 month ago)
Miguel lopez fair enough. On a side note, 100% electric cars would be a nightmare for those who like to hear their engine roar from time to time. Even though I'm just a chicka who doesn't know that much about cars, for some reason I just can't find electric cars better than those with an internal combustion engine. I guess there's always gonna be people on both sides of the coin.
Miguel lopez (1 month ago)
Guest Vine well Fukushima was the worst disaster since chernobyl but Chernobyl was far witce in contamination. Safety of nuclear reactors has been greatly increased since then, remember Fukushima only exploded because the backup generators where knocked out by the tsunami, the amount of radiation released was low enough that not a single clean up crew member has died vs the 3000 that died at Chernobyl, but you also have to remember that nuclear also has by far the lowest worker death per kwh out of every other energy source, if all cars in America suddenly ran on electricity the US would only have to increase its energy production by 30% for all motorized vehicles probably 50%, the us grid needs improvement anyways and this expansion can be done in 40 years. Electric cars have about 50-75% the range of regular gas cars, they will get to 100% in a decade probably, or you can just have a portable gas generator in your trunk.
Readme .txt (1 month ago)
Pollution free?? Who R you kidding! Batteries get used and produce pollution, tyres get used and pollute, electric energy is not 100% from ecologic sources.
Komal Mehta (1 month ago)
Nice video sir
Ryan Smith (1 month ago)
Very clever. I enjoy these videos 😁 I will love to see super capicitors working on this technology 👍😍
Juan Alvarran (1 month ago)
Love Tesla an electronic cars but should these have been made years ago ,, we all had power wheels just need to make them 20 times bigger
Miguel lopez (1 month ago)
Juan Alvarran electric cars have existed for 140 years.
shravan kumar (1 month ago)
The motor used is the 3phase or 1 phase???
Miguel lopez (1 month ago)
shravan kumar why? 3 phase is smaller, uses less current, is self starting, And cheaper.
shravan kumar (1 month ago)
Miguel lopez i want to use 1phase induction motor
Miguel lopez (1 month ago)
shravan kumar 3 phase since it is a induction motor.
Christian Oglow (1 month ago)
was having a hard time explaining to my brother how a three phase AC induction motor works this video is great, amazing job
eDrive (1 month ago)
great explanation. electric transportation and electric car is already present and internal combustion is so outdated and the present.
Linh-Thao Chung (1 month ago)
Does the inverter also work as a rectifier during regenerative breaking?
Bilal Top 5 List (1 month ago)
Tremendous Video Perfectly Exlained Regards
KurdChK (1 month ago)
Tasla car s*ck. 1 small stone or metallic debris on the road bouncing into battery pack = burning car and crispy driver.
Miguel lopez (1 month ago)
KurdChK well it's a good thing they added a a titanium plate and aluminium bar to protect the battery, what currently protects the gas tank in your car?
SBha30 (1 month ago)
Excellent explanation of key components of three phase motor and inverter system.
PADMAVATHI KUNA (1 month ago)
what is the cost of car in india including taxes
Zaini Mohamad (1 month ago)
ماذا عن خزان كهربائي ، جرافة ، حفارة ، طائرة ركاب؟
A1eks Ant (1 month ago)
асинхронный двигатель.долбёбы
Eye Witness (1 month ago)
Oil countries n companies don't want to develop n commercialize this technology. The world is still in the hands of few limited groups

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