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The Importance of Bioidentical Hormones

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Please visit https://www.thehallcenter.com/bioidentical-hormone-replacement/ to learn more! Dr. Prudence Hall discusses Bioidentical Hormones with the wonderful ladies from The Hallmark Channel. During menopause women often gain weight, lose their hair and simply do not feel like themselves. Dr. Hall and her team at The Hall Center specializes in Bio-Identical Hormones to help women regain their sense of vitality so they can live a long, beautiful live.
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Alan and Barb Clark (1 month ago)
These women are so fake !!
Karen Daniels (5 months ago)
This is absolutely untrue in regards to the cancer portion of this conversation. When I went for my very first bio identical pellet implant I had to sign a form to acknowledge that I’m aware of the HIGHER risk of cancer. I have had 3 pellet injections. I now have breast cancer. The pellet injections helped my migraines and I’ve lost some inches around the mid section. I never did find my libido.

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