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TopTips Number Bonds - Interactive Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources on Promethean Planet HQ

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Interactive Whiteboard resources on http://www.prometheanplanet.com/server.php?show=nav.1137&cmp=yt with thousands of free interactive whiteboard teacher-created lessons, images, videos, backgrounds, software and other materials for use in your classroom. Start downloading interactive whiteboard resources today with a free registration to Promethean Planet, the world's largest interactive whiteboard community.
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vinicius silva (6 years ago)
@ikvvoka My bank account is exploding these days ($800-$1200 a day). Finding the right niche is key... without that you've got nothing. Check out this course before he goes private > bit.ly/P9Xsbp?=goosjl
manarinoboy_789 (6 years ago)
my first impression, this is marvellous for teachers. Makes their life so much easy. On the flipside, the amount of time teachers spend in writing the same thing on aa traditional black board has decreased which in effect has decreased the time it takes for a child to grasp the concepts.Moreover, now-a-days TV addicted children must be just watching these things agape trying to find out how it works instead of questioning why it works.May be I'm cynical.What the other teachers think?

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