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Liver Cirrhosis - Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

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Don't forget to check out our brand new website - http://bit.ly/hmvdesc Cirrhosis of the liver is when the blood flow to and from the liver gets obstructed and this happens when healthy tissues are replaced with scar tissues. As time progresses, the size of the liver reduces. Watch how you can treat liver cirrhosis using natural ingredients available in your kitchen! Check other ### NATURAL HOME REMEDIES ### videos: A. URINARY TRACT INFECTION : http://goo.gl/asCJ6X B. KIDNEY STONES : http://goo.gl/ywwyTQ C. ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION : http://goo.gl/6Osu5L Subscribe Here : http://goo.gl/ZyxisL Also, check our food therapy channel: http://goo.gl/O4VAbH ----------------------------- Cirrhosis of Liver: • Cirrhosis of the liver is when the blood flow to and from the liver gets obstructed • This happens when healthy tissues are replaced with scar tissues • As time progresses, the size of the liver reduces Symptoms to look for: • Indigestion • Nausea • Vomiting • Abdominal pain • Loss of weight • Foul breath • Jaundiced skin • Fever • Thin, red spidery markings on face, neck and arms • Abdominal bloating Causes: • Excessive alcohol consumption • Poor nutrition • Presence of toxins in the body Natural home remedy using papaya seeds and lemon juice: 1. Crush a handful of papaya seeds 2. Press them on a sieve and extract the juice 3. Take 1 tbsp of this juice 4. Add 2 tbsp of lemon juice 5. Mix well 6. Drink 2 times every day Natural home remedy using yogurt and cumin powder: 1. Take 2 tbsp of yogurt 2. Add 2 cups of water 3. Add 2 tsp of cumin seed powder 4. Add 1 tsp of salt 5. Blend them together to make buttermilk 6. Drink 2 times every day Natural home remedy using lemon and salt: 1. Take 1 glass water 2. Squeeze half a lemon 3. Add 1 tsp of salt 4. Mix well 5. Drink 3 times a day Natural home remedy using carrot and spinach juice: 1. Wash and chop a carrot 2. Wash and chop a few spinach leaves 3. Crush them to a fine paste 4. Press this paste on a strainer and remove the juice 5. Drink this juice to get relief from this condition ----------------------------- SUBSCRIBE TO HOMEVEDA: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=homeveda JOIN US ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/homeveda FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: http://twitter.com/homeveda These remedies are based on the principles of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of healing, and are completely natural, non-invasive, and can be prepared at home. Consult your doctor if the symptoms persist. Refer to the terms of use on our website http://www.homeveda.com
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Text Comments (51)
Gary Hardy (21 days ago)
If you have cirrhosis sodium is a big NO
Ash w (2 months ago)
Salt ????
Sarasuri Narayanan (1 year ago)
Try Kelanelli herb for liver problem and also try Paida Lajin self healing
Cary Walker (1 year ago)
My entire life had a turn for the worst when the physician informed me I was suffering from fatty live in 2010. The doctors made it seem like a death sentence and it struck me hard. I quit drinking and then discovered this fatty liver treatment method “humu shocking plan” (Google it). I discovered the results to be wonderful. My weight was Nineteen lbs less and my body is obviously much healthier than it ever was.
Sabna (1 year ago)
Once Liver cirrhosis identified by Dr then never use salt in your diet.. you should completely avoid salt.. in a day very less amount a pinch of salt u can conaume. suggest by dr to my dad.. please be careful in this video she is suggesting salt..
fl0r1nn (1 year ago)
There are many components to treating psoriasis at home. One place I found that succeeds in merging these is the jeds remedy planner (google it if you're interested) definately the no.1 resource i've heard of. look at all the interesting info.
PHATH DARA (1 year ago)
please help me too. Dr , now i'm vomit blood.and Dr said i gave cirrhosis, i'm so cry because i not have more money to treat. how can i do Dr, please please save me too.
Raji Shanmugam (10 months ago)
PHATH DARA See even my husband had this problem, but you have to meet dr to cure ur self if not the problem will persist... Go to the hospital and meet (gastro specialist) Avoid alchol,smoking,salt and dont take much oil food and one more thing yo have to check ur billurbin i mean jaundice also
lifeisliberty (2 years ago)
Nonsense .. If a person take so much salt even in a healthy state he or she is bound to suffer from some or other disease.. And for liver patient salt will be super unhealthy.. WTF are you spreading ?
Gayatri Ayurved (3 years ago)
We had tried liver care powder from a ayurvedic cancer physician in Matunga, Mumbai... Inspite of tata cancer hospital giving up on our Aunty she continued well for almost 5 months ....he had given us hanuman phal leaves & liver care powder ....
Israel Ben Israel (11 months ago)
Gayatri Ayurved MILK THISTLE IS THE BEST!! 1000MG Bounty.
Kahani Zindagi Ki (3 years ago)
so your logic is to overload a person suffering with cirrhosis with salt?? crazy people.. 3 teaspoons of salts per day that too in solution form? you will end up with a water tank inside your belly and extreme variceal bleeding..
Rakhee Mannepalli (3 years ago)
Hi please help my dad is suffering from liver cirrohsis,looks like bad stage jaundice,bloting etc he is planning to go to keral for ayruvedic treatment i saw a posst some one said that it got cured in vijayawada plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Hassan Zaman (2 years ago)
Тhее Rеаl ЕD Curе is ooоvеr 300 Yееаrs Оld! https://twitter.com/385c9d4a1ae33a7b8/status/804602507225808896 Livеr Cirrhоsis Naturаl Ауyуurvеdiс Hоme Rеmееediеs
The World Explore (2 years ago)
if u want the real solution naturally . pls check DXN product. for more information u may mail me at medipu7@gmail.com
Kahani Zindagi Ki (3 years ago)
+Rakhee Mannepalli try bhumi- amla (phyllanthus niruri) plant .. take 2 plants per day and crush it in mixer grinder.. give this 3-4 times a day.. you can also try Chelidonium 6x 5 drops in water 3 times daily , Lycopodium 3X 2 drops daily in noon and evening with water 1 cup.. I am a doctor of Modern medicine (MBBS) but still blv a lot on homoeopathy and ayurveda.
+Rakhee Mannepalli Have you tried the remedies mentioned in the video. I also suggest you see a specialist for the same. Hope he feels better soon.tc
joshua jean-louis (3 years ago)
Is it possible your jaundice can go away
Naresh Bhatia (3 years ago)
Doctor's advice avoid salt...
+Naresh Bhatia Excessive salt intake is to be avoided as it causes dehydration, however 1 tsp of salt won't do harm. On the contrary, it would help to improve digestion. Blood pressure patients should not use this remedy. Use this remedy only after consulting a doctor.
LilSweet Peaches (3 years ago)
How many days do you do the milk thing?  The papaya drink said 30 days, but the milk...?
Desmond McArthur (4 years ago)
I have been giving this ie Buttermilk with cummin seed powderto one of my friend for the fourth day,i hust want to know is there any diet to be followed
Laila vicky (4 years ago)
who is she? wats her name? looking very cute.:)
Ashish Gaba (4 years ago)
she is saying to take 1 tsp of salt 3 times a day..salt is a strict NO by allopathic and ayurvedic doctors because of sodium in it... what an idiotic remody of cirrhosis .
ellitestar (4 years ago)
That's "Exactly" what i was thinking... Salt is enemy 1# for Cirhosis sufferers.
Ann Louis (4 years ago)
zainudheen zainudon (4 years ago)
my mam is age above 70, she is liver problem...suffering from stomuch pain,vomiting,,doesintlike any food,  ,fever coming  so many problems...pls  can u tellme remedy  for this liver problem....now continue english medicine...
Stella Ilyayev (3 years ago)
+zainudheen zainudon check out the gaps diet, bone broth is very healing to the stomach
zainudheen zainudon (4 years ago)
Sanjeewa Emoney (5 years ago)
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ravindu sandun (5 years ago)
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Nishu Jha (5 years ago)
I want to know that can liver cirrhosis be cured at home.Please give me the remedies for liver cirrhosis so that i can cure this problem of my relatives.
Evil Mona (5 years ago)
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Ricardo Marchosky (5 years ago)
Hi. Is it ok to mix the papaya seed juice with apple juice instead of lemon juice? Great work on all your videos. Thank you!
Ivan Morkoski (5 years ago)
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Carmine212 (5 years ago)
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june malone (5 years ago)
Have you experienced "Fat Blast Formula"? (Go google it) It is a quick way for you to melt fat fast.
Adhi Septiyanto (5 years ago)
Hey! Thank you for this useful video. By the way, I hear many people keep on talking about Uritrafe Remedy (do a google search), but I'm not sure if it is good. Have you tried using home remedy called Uritrafe Remedy? I have heard some extraordinary things about it and my friend completely cure his UTI naturally with this remedy.
satish chilakamarri (5 years ago)
Hi to everybody... I am here to share an information regarding to liver cirrhosis. my friend had this problem. he is cured now. Really he is cured. he suffered with jaundice, he went to treatment, but went to worse. he was informed that he is suffering with cirrhosis in advc stage. we lost hope, then we took him to ayur. pract. in vijayawada. with long term of medical course he is fine now. the ayurvedic practitioner is known to Jaundice cure. and i am the witness for it..
Raji Shanmugam (10 months ago)
satish chilakamarri Bro can you pls tell the place, so it is very useful for my husband
fatima barraza (5 years ago)
i was wondering if we had to do this everyday or every week because you dont say anything about that
Previati (5 years ago)
This will not cure cirrhosis, as there is no cure for cirrohsis. And this makes no claim to abolish cirrohsis. The very best it can do is nourish the failing organ and perhaps lengthen the mortality diagnosis. The addition of salt can worsen symptoms, and should be taken with, innapropriately enough, a grain of salt. To enjoy the best outcome, you need to drink lots of water, no alcohol(obviously), and have a diet low in sodium and fats. I'm not a doctor, but I do have cirrohsis.
Raji Shanmugam (10 months ago)
Previati Bro, how long you have and what stage ur in this pls share such details can give some condifent to cure my husband
Searra Gordy (5 years ago)
can this really cure liver cirrhosis
Hi.. thank you for the suggestion! We will surely work towards it. :)
A Nasir (5 years ago)
Hello, I was asking the same question about (Fatty Liver) if there is any Home Remedy but then when I saw your answer that you suggested other person to see doctor, I kind of retreated. among all your good video you should present a topic for Fatty Liver which is the main cause of Cirrhosis before you present about Cirrhosis. I am still optimistic that you there a solution for Fatty Liver Ayurvedic treatment way.
Hi - you may want to check with your doctor with regards to this query.
altpath (6 years ago)
would these remedies help people with fatty liver problems? it's hereditary in my family, and everyone has it, even if the ones that don't eat greasy foods. None of us have cirrhosis and none of us drink alcohol anymore but we are worried that it will eventually become a problem.
Mash atRightToyota (6 years ago)
you're right.
These remedies help slow down further damage to the liver. However, we would like to agree with you that it really depends on what stage of the condition the patient is in. We recommend that before using any of the natural remedies, one consults a doctor.
Keri D (6 years ago)
My dad has cirrhosis it is incurable except through a liver transplant. He is on a liquid restriction and also sodium restriction so the fact that your 'remedies' are all liquid and 'remedy' 3 includes salt does not make sense. Cirrhosis is not reversible.

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