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How to Remove Scratches from Car PERMANENTLY (EASY)

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Fix scratches on car. Learn how to remove car scratches at home with these 5 easy steps and no special tools! After watching this video you will know how to identify and repair clear coat scratches from your car's paint so it looks new again! Soapy Wooder: https://goo.gl/HCpxjx 3000 Grit Sandpaper: http://amzn.to/1TQJFff 5000 Grit Sandpaper: http://amzn.to/1TQJHUg Polish: http://amzn.to/1QIH8zJ Wax: http://amzn.to/1SEB2mj Microfiber Towel: http://amzn.to/1TQK01h Tape: http://amzn.to/1SEBgtL Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes: https://youtu.be/ef_-SNSnByg?list=PLvKbarVtwhUs7sIm9Hc9VgANltYl8_DwC How to Remove Paint Transfer: https://youtu.be/7zzq5f8x5f4?list=PLDD611CFB36FC65F2 How to Restore Headlights PERMANENTLY: https://youtu.be/UEJbKLZ7RmM?list=PLvKbarVtwhUsmuFsj9IGHAXX5c_dMrw2J Become a ChrisFix Subscriber→ http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=paintballoo7 Instagram→ https://www.instagram.com/chrisfixit Facebook→ https://www.facebook.com/chrisfix8 Website → http://www.ChrisFixed.com My Channel Home Page → https://www.youtube.com/ChrisFix **If the video was helpful, remember to give it a "thumbs up" and consider subscribing. New videos every Thursday** Disclaimer: Due to factors beyond the control of ChrisFix, I cannot guarantee against improper use or unauthorized modifications of this information. ChrisFix assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. Use this information at your own risk. ChrisFix recommends safe practices when working on vehicles and or with tools seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of ChrisFix, no information contained in this video shall create any expressed or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage, or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or from the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not ChrisFix.
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Text Comments (9369)
limors (5 hours ago)
The sandpaper steps really stressed me out, but the end result was like magic.
Victor Arevalo (8 hours ago)
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful knowledge.i will apply this to my Ferrari.
Makesa scratch me NO ima kill my self that car is expensive and you scratch it XD
Rebecca Carraway (14 hours ago)
Billy patterson (19 hours ago)
hi im new to this ive been on ebay looking at 3000 grit wet and dry waterproof sand paper and same in the 5000 grit is that what I need thank you
Niyya (20 hours ago)
Now that I know how to remove scratch, I am not going to feel upset anymore if someone accidentally scratch my car. Thank you for the tips. Great video.❤️
Juan White (20 hours ago)
I Looked Away at 3:33
gegervary (22 hours ago)
The result is amazing. You are very meticulous, you get to the point and explain very well. BUT... Where is the video about deep scratches though? A ****** ****** keyed my car and it can't just be wet sanded. I would love to apply this method but once I've figured out the proper way of filling my scratch. The scratch is deep enough to reveal some primer but not metal. I thought of filling with nothing but paint mixed with a little clear coat and then use this method to level and make it shine again. Any thoughts?
ChrisFix (21 hours ago)
I havent had any deep scratches yet so I havent made it. A deep scratch is tough to make look perfect but you can make it less noticeable for sure. When I need to fix a deep scratch I will definitely make a video! If it is deep, you can fill it with a filler like this: https://amzn.to/2ChqqYQ
Bicc OG (22 hours ago)
That car is the ugliest British nanny car I can buy
kenneth (1 day ago)
You are the best and we all love you Chris!
Mohammad Hindi (1 day ago)
What's the soapy wooder?
MrMan (1 day ago)
Clear and sharp instruction....very well done.....you should have been in television
Private Eyes (1 day ago)
Chris thanks again another great video. Will attempt to utilize this on my car.
James Bradley (1 day ago)
Really outstanding 😎👍🏻 Thank you
RJSantana (1 day ago)
Hey Christ I had a question for you. Well a while back i got into a reversing back in a parking lot with another car. His car wasn’t damaged or anything he just had my cars paint on his and he could easily clean it off but my car got the worst part. The part that was scratched up is not black and I was wondering if I could buy something to fix it ?
RJSantana (1 day ago)
Is now black *
Jon Ballou (1 day ago)
This actually worked, I had a badly scratched my Jeep Wrangler and this method worked for every scratch that I had!
Javier Linares (1 day ago)
Does it have to be 3m sandpaper ?
JJ U (1 day ago)
Omg, I can't believe how easy this fix can be. Thank you for the knowledge. I'm interested how to fix deep scratch though.
ChrisFix (1 day ago)
Once I get a deep scratch to fix I will make a video!
Pyro for Life (1 day ago)
3:44 almost died
Laura B (1 day ago)
Gosh... Even with the fine-grain sandpaper that scares the hell out of me. Great video though.
Google User (2 days ago)
Nice one man
tomato shi (2 days ago)
what?a PT crusher?ehy you border to do this?
Soft Raccoon (2 days ago)
does this work in 2018
Riley Dunlop (2 days ago)
The whole side of my Jeep is light and shallow scratches. would it be fine if I did the whole door? I assume it was from the previous owners dogs and also the fact it's a jeep. Goes off road.
Noel Noah Herrera (2 days ago)
What kind of tape did u use for this video?
Laura B (1 day ago)
It looks like masking tape...
Retract1406 (3 days ago)
Q: will the foggy haze come back if the wax fades away?
Luizifer Behel (3 days ago)
Now i dont have to worry about exes called: Latifah Shaniqua Latoya Laquisha Rohanda Barbeesha Sha Nay Nay La’Trice etc:.
digitechicnal (3 days ago)
Fantastic as usual Chris. I dont comment often on videos but your videos are the best. Thank you for taking the time to do these and making straight forward instructions and not long winded.
Ramy Raouf (3 days ago)
You are not talking
david villa (4 days ago)
whenever you say soapy water all i see BOOBS dont know why
Laura B (1 day ago)
Bernie Rosario (4 days ago)
Hey Chris did you ever make a video about the deep scratches??
Bernie Rosario (4 days ago)
What kind of soap do you use for the soapy wooder?
Freedom Philosophy (4 days ago)
Great video, very helpful and to the point. Thanks so much for the lesson!
George A (4 days ago)
I actually purchased the polish the other day BUT I now know the rest of the story! Thanks for a beautiful presentation! I can't wait till I try this!
FilipD. (4 days ago)
Face reveal at 3:28!!!
David B (4 days ago)
I imagine one sheet of that 3M costs more than a couple of bucks Either way this was yet another helpful video, thanks
Walt P (5 days ago)
A mil is not a millimeter. A millimeter is 40 thousandths of an inch. A clear coat would not be .08 of an inch. Otherwise a good video.
J Y (5 days ago)
Hey Chris, how about removing scratches on a windshield?
Miss Collette (5 days ago)
Have several scratches on my corolla and chipped paint by woman threw out fast food plastic cup made oval mark from plastic cup. Usually don't have time to catch up with household chores.
Laura B (1 day ago)
Chipped paint is a whole different problem... I wouldn't use this method for that.
Alexis Elefante (5 days ago)
Probably answered in the video and I just missed it, but would this cause that area to be more susceptible to actual paint scratches since you’re removing an amount of the clear coat?
Jack Bolton (5 days ago)
dennis perret (1 day ago)
You're funny!
Alexander (5 days ago)
Excellent :-)
Cheryl Gaston (5 days ago)
Way too much talking
Alexander (5 days ago)
Maybe you'd prefer some sign language? :-D LoL
Michael DiSalvo (5 days ago)
You did a great job on this video. You have encouraged me to fix my bike and car scratches which 90% seem to be clear coat scratches. Thanks again!!!
Rheder (6 days ago)
*scratches the car intentionally* “we’re trying to remove scratches, not create scratches”
Steven Rustico (6 days ago)
This is such a top notch video.... straight to the point, very clear and some great tips in there aswell. Explanation of the process is important for putting it into practice. I’d love to show you my photos of how I did mine. Saved me 400 quid! Can’t thank you guys enough. Kind regards Ste
butt hero (6 days ago)
Do you need to sandpaper such a large area or can you get away with a smaller area? Wish more channels were like yours, very well paced, clear and informative. 👍
Scon3s (6 days ago)
Could you not just use a clear coat pen?
powderwt (6 days ago)
Would love to see a video on hydrophobic coatings or ceramic. St least hear your thoughts? Just got a new GTI and was contemplating one.
Sunny (7 days ago)
How do you know if you dont sand off too much paint? And will the paint be weaker afterwards? Because you take away a layer..
Sunny (7 days ago)
+ChrisFix i mean how do you know how much you can sand down? Isnt there a point that you go through the clearcoat and isnt that a problem for the paint?
ChrisFix (7 days ago)
You need to check the scratch every so often as you sand. The clear coat paint layer will be thinner after you do this.
Anthony Xavier (7 days ago)
ChrisFix (7 days ago)
mason (7 days ago)
now i know what to do next time my crazy ass ex keys my car 😂
Jose R (7 days ago)
Dude. Thanks... I appreciate youtube videos on where I can understand and get useful information... and you just made that. A great support to the community
MEDZSIX (7 days ago)
Please Chris make a video about how to remove deep scratches.
Dennis The Menance (8 days ago)
Girlfrinds Super Tight Short Jeans , buttons on her Levi Short jeans scratched the Hood of the car while we got Lucky in the Woods.. Not problem doing this job vs having to take to the Body Shop for the 4th time at $200 cost to buff and sand it out and then ReClearcoat it! Thanks Chris! ( 6 pther times i have a thor Blanket ( 5x5) in the car to use on the Hood and /or Trunk.. ;-)
Dennis The Menance (8 days ago)
Bush Over grown by my Gar. Door, Back my Lincoln In and scracthed the Fender. Being Handicapped, sat in my Scooter Seata and thought to give this a Try before taking it to my Bodyshop I've used in the past to clean my Wheels and add another Clear Coat vs Paying Tiwces as Much for a Ceramic Coasting job. I Did it.. The Polishing was the hard part..I had a Palm Sander/Buffer and buffed it out and then I Sprayed Clear Coating on it with a Small 1 oz spray bottle that the body shop let me observe.. Let it dry and Bingo, Done! Thanks Chris! You ought to show others how to use Liquid Clear Coat Spray for Small Areas.. Just Buff/rub out the overspray , just like Paint..! and don't have to wax that spot all the time..
quarryfield (8 days ago)
Great video, thanks for taking the time to do this.
Phin Patterson (8 days ago)
My dad tried dis, AND IT FREAKINGWORKED !!! 😇😇😇😇😩😩👌👌👌
bollocknaked1975 (8 days ago)
Daniel son.
tony fernandez (9 days ago)
This guy is great, I wish there were more people like him who just went to the problem and explained precisely how to achieve the best outcome.
The_Gangsta_Cat (9 days ago)
even though i love cars, i enjoyed when you scratched it because it's a pt crusier. PS no hate :]
dayemi seiad (9 days ago)
What an amazing informative video. Thanks
Iluminate (9 days ago)
When he scratches the car, I sat there, and screamed ;(
Kelsey Phares (9 days ago)
If I have many scratches that I need to repair will I need to buy multiple pieces of sandpaper? Most of them are under an inch.
Angel Martinez (10 days ago)
When your paint starts to fade can you use that polish and wax to bring it back? Whenever I apply water to it, the discoloration disappears, can this process work?
Nex1 (10 days ago)
hey would the haze ever come back after a few car washes and then you would have to re polish ? Thanks
vTeK Alibaz (5 days ago)
No polishing removes a small amount of the clear coat exposing a fresh layer of clear coat
J Haynes 4 (10 days ago)
Soapy Wooder lol great video man
Marjorie Watt (10 days ago)
Wow! Thank you. Now I am going to remove the scratches from my car.
VP AA (10 days ago)
Very helpful
Eric the Inspector (10 days ago)
This is a great to the point, simple tutorial. Subscribed👍
Syed Faizan Mehmood (10 days ago)
Nice Video bro. Today someone Put dep Sratches on my Car Bonut some are Clear Coat and some are more deep. i went to market and some kid or anyone did it.
Sr jr (10 days ago)
8:26 can you see the soap bubble emoji 😀😀
Robin Wamsley (11 days ago)
Love your channel. Informative and directly to the point. Do you have advice for deeper scratches in a white plastic bumper?
yaejie lee (11 days ago)
easy way to remove this deep scratches on my own! i gotta go let my dad know it! thnx!
David S (11 days ago)
Great job Chris, good detailed step by step complete demonstration on how to remove scratches ++++++++
Man.on.the. gram (11 days ago)
What a wanker not a clue! Fucking idiot
g naka (11 days ago)
I keyed my wifes car to show her that I can remove it. After following your tutorial the key mark is still there. She then threw her iphone @ me and missed but it broke when it hit the wall. You caused this!
xeonic84 (1 day ago)
I'll take "things that never happened for 1000" Alex.
Me (8 days ago)
+John Locke Ha Ha superb ... you have won 1st prize with that comment 🏆
Code N Flame (10 days ago)
John Locke (11 days ago)
Clean the iphone with soap and water. Sand with 3000 grit. Wipe down. Sand again. Wipe down. Spray with soap and water. Sand with 5000 grit. Wipe and clean. Apply cleaning compound in circular motion (5000 to 10000 grit). Clean and wax. Check iphone to see if it works.
GambLORD (11 days ago)
Hi Chris do you know how to remove scratches on car door handles it is not paint it is aluminum or steel I think do you know?
TarekRadi (12 days ago)
$70, not a couple of bucks. Will try this and report back
Kenny Skates (14 days ago)
If I have scratches like at 0:39 can I skip straight to step 4 and use that grit polish???
Big Smoke (14 days ago)
What about keys someone keyed my car
Chris Stepp (14 days ago)
Why does this guy get any thumb downs? Crazy
Donny Deer (14 days ago)
Surely you would have to keep that area of the car well polished. As polish dulls and wears through weathering etc, the sanded section would appear again. Wouldn’t it be better spraying the door with fresh clearcoat to give a permanent original finish ?
Kevin Vargas (15 days ago)
Bro, you gotta make a video on how to keep cats off you car. Im serious tho cuz these animals get on my nerves
AJ (15 days ago)
Wow! I wish I'd seen this video 5 years ago.
Jerry DO77 (15 days ago)
Can anybody explain to me why some disliked this video.? Clear explanation, no "im better than you attitude ", and clear results....haters
Karma (16 days ago)
instead of tape you can also make a circle around the scratch with your car keys to see it better.
Karma (16 days ago)
Now... sh*t, it's never ending loop. There's always that taping you can do, but if you just prefer to do that circle with your car keys around the scratch, nothing is stopping you.
Karma (16 days ago)
and once you are done with the first scratch, you can continue and fix the circle you made with the 5 easy steps shown in the video. Circle that also with your car keys to see it better. Or tape it - your choice.
Ranjeewa Loshan (16 days ago)
Great work.. really helpful and in detail ... thank you buddy :D :D
ChrisFix (16 days ago)
BigT 187 (16 days ago)
Can you make a vid about Using touchup paint?
Faizan Qureshi (16 days ago)
Awsome good job :)
I’mMary Bass (16 days ago)
This video was exceptionally helpful for me and I wanted to thank you for making it!!!
Once the polish wears off are you going to be stick with that sanded blur area?
Deepak Jaigar (16 days ago)
Hey Chris fix! I just wanted to know whether you can substitute the polish with "3M Finesse it Marine paste"? Lots of love from India! 😄☺️
cimiv (16 days ago)
This might be the best video on youtube about...anything.
Reghunathan G (16 days ago)
Sex Sex
Brando Allende (17 days ago)
Awesome video! I have a two week old car with a clear coat scratch on it. Going to attempt this fix in the AM.
Jacob Maclachlanjacob (17 days ago)
For sanding you can get a set of sanding pads that range from 1500grit-12000grit, they're not to expensive and last for a very long time as long as you use them wet. I used from 3200-12000 and barely needed to polish! I will of course cause why not. But this video+sanding pads+maximum effort= amazing results. Thank you!

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