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babybunnykinz153's Webcam Video from March 28, 2012 06:30 PM

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Follow up on first video :D sorry my dog was barking at the wind and giving his input on this video -_- COMMENT WITH ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS K :D
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love_life!! (4 years ago)
Hi, Where did you get your titanium nose rings because I am allergic to cosmetic jewelry like I have to get led and nickel free cosmetic jewelry and I can barely tolerate that in my ears. I have a bump on my nose now I got mine pierced on june 13, 2014 and it started small and got bigger so currently I have been putting sea salt on it and leaving it. It seems to be going down some. Tomorrow I will be getting tea tree oil and trying it. But I honestly dont no if im allergic to the surgical steel because all my tongue rings are surgical steel and I have no problem with it.
babybunnykinz153 (6 years ago)
@nigeria84 after the switch I only had to do it for a week or less my body really did the rest. Thank you :) I got to the point of tears because I couldn't find a solution and didn't want to take it out. Glad I could help :D

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