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(Official Movie w/ Subtitles) THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take?

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Text Comments (289)
GLEN ROSS (5 months ago)
GLEN ROSS (5 months ago)
GLEN ROSS (5 months ago)
GLEN ROSS (5 months ago)
David (6 months ago)
Now I know why this whole movement went down the tubes.....the video is full of charlatans and hucksters...,.Steven Greer...Deepak Chopra?!?! Seriously?! Then at the end they tip their hand: social justice. I bet this fucker is in on the one world government.
Gyp Crypto (7 months ago)
why can't Trombly build another?
Allan West (9 months ago)
'behold the pale horse' a good book that also points out where we are headed. There is a quote in that book that says the people would beg to have there rights taken away for 'safety'-which just means the problem, reaction, solution tool used to control us seems to be working. However, there is overwhelming push back from the people that are aware and awaken and are fighting for all those that are still sleep. false flags produced by our government have been around since the beginning of time to control the masses. We as a people are now aware of the methods to suppress, enslave, and control us. This movie is truly awesome in that it tries to motivate us to take action. After all isn't that the point. We all know in our hearts that we are being dominated and en- slaved theirs no question about that, right?(gmo's, flourinated water, big pharma,cancer causing agents in food, vaccines...etc is there any debate to dispute these facts. let's not knock the film over pseudo science as you put it, clearly that is not the real point and all of you know it. Stay focused, the enemy is real! ...If any of you nay sayers want to produce your own film then put up the money and do your own...Peace is the best way to change..we don't need to fight we have our sons and daughters in the military to do that. Let's remind our family in the armed service who they are really suppose to be fighting for! 'WE THE PEOPLE THERE FAMILIES' the elite(so called) can't do any of this without our families that fight to protect this country. Our campaign to back our rights and freedoms weve already lost is to include changing the mings and hearts in the military, and local police...lets send a copy of this movie to every police station and military outfit across the country. we protest when things go wrong in our country but we can go to military bases and police stations armed with truth and facts and present it to every chief of police and military top rank and let them know we will not have it....our sons and daughters will not suppress there own country men and women. we must deprogram there life time of programming to blindly follow orders that go against nature....
Pablo Almenara (11 months ago)
I'm amazed by the fact that this kind of pseudoscience is actually tought and accepted by some people. Use common sense, please.
joangar88 (1 year ago)
22:09 "...the most conservative estimates are, in the Milky Way galaxy, that there are at least ten thousand Earth like planets that have intelligent life on them..." .... and there are 100 billions of galaxies
Julio Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Repeal the Fed
Julio Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Extraterrestrial comunists
Miren Monasterio (1 year ago)
Hank Justice (1 year ago)
Baloney video. Thorium reactors are real and can be built and used now.
Silvio Golden (1 year ago)
Controlled opposition...
David Zusiman (2 years ago)
This video has tons and tons of %&$*W science packed in that its dazzling. This is a real danger for any grown person or child to be exposed to this amount of $%&# pseudo-science.
Jonnathan Gutierrez (1 year ago)
David Zusiman and I wouldnt trust someone who has lady gaga videos as favorite
Jonnathan Gutierrez (1 year ago)
David Zusiman "Americans" like you wont get it... you have been brainwashed since your mother allowed the government to raise you so that she could go to work to give you a "better life"... does that makes sense to you? or is it that you are being paid to leave these comments? have a good one :)
swapnil jagdale (2 years ago)
require hindi subtitle
The elite pays people to be trolls on internet about this topics. They will be against this kind of things, leaving disapproval comments everywhere.
Paul Huggins (2 years ago)
I can only Suggest that he gets himself a bible....a Christian bible. The truth will set him free Amen Thank you Jesus.
Karen Ashley (2 years ago)
This guy is still a servant of the Annunaki since his torus is the predominant design for powering spacecraft. Only a small jump to using our natural resources for "exploring" / raping other planets, as we have been raped by Annunaki for 445,000 years. I see no hope for humanity in this movie. Nix mining at every level and go back to working with nature as we did before Annunaki got here. It's an inside job.
TryN2Think (2 years ago)
Our co-creation depends on you donate today? What does that mean?... With our money you and others can recreate? Juicy Living Tour? What? What audience are you.. we.. looking for?
Karen Ashley (2 years ago)
+John Negrete Really. I don't see anything more than a new boss.
Dominic Laverdiere (3 years ago)
Juan Pablo Borio (2 years ago)
+Dominic Laverdiere Military Industrial Complex
bes1batch1976 (3 years ago)
problem federal reserve, reaction american condemnation, solution nothing!!
bes1batch1976 (3 years ago)
The Federal Reserve is run by private individuasl whose activities concerns US citizens public interest. This has been exposed and understood by substantial number of citizens and nothing is being done to correct it. How can we help the US citizens? who seems not to agree with their reality!!!!
MrSivram28 (3 years ago)
Globalists are heartless and evil.
lombardy192 (3 years ago)
They are 1 %, we are 99 % this system lives because we allow it and because each of our actions maintains him.  Go!
201aelita (3 years ago)
This is very interesting documentary!
willy masta (3 years ago)
This is but a seed to exploration! full of information although it lacks something more concrete.  Thank you.
ciphernemo (3 years ago)
/facepalm Good intentions, but bad science. All "woo" and no substance. This movie is a good example of the following quote: "The evil that is in the world almost always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding." - Albert Camus
Mathieu Bourgeois (3 years ago)
+ciphernemo I can agree with that, but that doesn't mean all is wrong. Truth in its purest form, no matter at what scale or extent, cannot be reached. It can only be approximated. Facts are here, and scientific processes too. I don't think that a person like Mr. Gamble would find any interest in lying or broadcasting erroneous interpretations without having previously conducted any serious and concrete scientific investigation.
ciphernemo (3 years ago)
+Mathieu Bourgeois yes, a lack of scientific substance ABSOLUTELY erases all of the underlying info you like to conveniently call "truth". FUD and conspiracy theories do not unravel into truth. This video is a perfect example of what happens when suspicion and doubt attempt to define the scientific process.
Mathieu Bourgeois (3 years ago)
+ciphernemo Dude, this movie was deliberately made to be watched and appreciated by a large public. It's wrong to think that a lack of scientific "substance" in its content erases all the underlying truth about our current situation. Foster Gamble and most of his interviewees still remain very influential and qualified people in the scientific community today.
justin ednilao (4 years ago)
Joe OMalley (4 years ago)
Good video! In my humble opinion, I think the rampant oppression is proven by the unsustainable situation we find ourselves in today. All things in nature are balanced until money enters the picture and psychopaths control it.
Eddie Saavedra (4 years ago)
Good video!  
Guido Vrencken (4 years ago)
Mitchell McCreath (4 years ago)
What are they on?
Matt Kav (4 years ago)
I'll try to explain.  If you exclude the value of improvements on a piece of real estate (buildings, crops) you are left with land value.  Now land value itself is generated through the existence of rent (the factor income or return to land).  On the least productive land in use (ie. on the 'margins') rent = 0.  That is to say, the entire value of production generated here is distributed into labour (wages) and capital (interest).  As you get to the more premiere sites, or choice areas or districts, all cannot be resolved into wages and interest.  A 'surplus' occurs - rent.  For instance, say I open up a computer business out in a small country town.  I have X number and quality of employees and Y amount and type of capital.  You open a computer store in the city ... a similar size store with equivalent capital and the same number of employees.  The difference in profit between the the city and country store cannot be reduced into anything but what maybe termed 'rent'.  The extra foot traffic on the city street, the trains, buses, trams, proximity to markets and suppliers etc...a million and one other things that I cant think of that create the desirability of the city store.  Due to competition, wages and interest are set at the margins...where rent approaches or is zero.
hudson (4 years ago)
Slightly cheesy although at least they made an effort to try make it more watchable than those compilations of random quotes, clips and audio that leave the uninformed audience more confused than they started. Perhaps this cheap CGI relates and appeals to the majorities conditioned obsession in being indoctrinated by an ever changing, colourful, electronic rectangle. 
hudson (4 years ago)
+l kn That's exactly what I meant :) I love this documentary. 
l kn (4 years ago)
Maybe they were trying to make a movie that could reach as many people as possible. They have to make it enjoyable because, let's face it, 9 out of 10 people would not normally watch a 2+ hour documentary that is not pleasant to visually look at (especially considering the vast amount of documentaries out there from which one can choose from - not to even mention non-documentaries...). So yeah, I think they tried to make it watchable, they probably don't have as much money as a Hollywood production so they work with what they've got, that's why it might look cheap sometimes. In my opinion. BUT all of this shrinks in importance if you look at the MESSAGE that this documentary shares!
Kevin Wright (4 years ago)
No one can prove 14 billion years. That's what ruins it.
Veronica Piper (4 years ago)
please show your support
eganzale (4 years ago)
Awesome film, a must watch for ALL!!! 
Matt Kav (4 years ago)
Land values represent community.  Collect and divert land values for public spending.  Remove ALL other taxes eg. on wages, capital, business, wealth, trade etc.  Labour and capital are not lean and operating efficiently when they get enticed into the speculative rent seeking, unproductive side of the false economy.  That's partly why the real economy is struggling to innovate re: energy.  The other side of the coin is the bloated inertia of monopoly creating barriers to entry in clean energy markets.  Cheers
l kn (4 years ago)
I'm afraid I don't understand much of this :(
Jstewify (4 years ago)
 Absolutely amazing video. Furthermore, full of completely overlooked evidence. The fragmentation of our sciences have given way to a pseudoskeptic movement that makes me embarrassed, sometimes, to make my living in research science. These comments have been strategically bombarded by the likes of the dangerous pseudoskeptic movement. I am a skeptic at heart, but many are taking a full swing to a dangerous perspective. We need always be skeptical of the paradigm and 'rules' we believe are correct when we have legitimate evidence which points to the question that just maybe we have been wrong in a semi-dogmatic manner. Please no disrespectful comments. I hope we can one day all agree that we need the resources to look into much of this evidence. Do not misunderstand. Much of this evidence, over time, will be proven correct. Until then, I hope we keep an open mind instead of stubbornly and naively defending views which are falling apart when truly viewed fairly and objectively. Thanks for the video. 
Phillip Gonzalez (4 years ago)
so he got this idea about energy from Atlas Shrugged   lol 
Mr Jones (4 years ago)
subs are out of sync :-(
Joseph Smith (4 years ago)
The toras, a flow of energy, beginning at a center point, leaves at the north pole, moves around its sphere and back in the south pole, balanced, independent, but part of a whole, knowing itself, I see the form of self-organization from the smallest quantum  to the entire universe.
Robert Dittel (4 years ago)
This is reaching to justify Atheist beliefs.
Merdas Torab Ahmadi (4 years ago)
Bho Q (4 years ago)
wat the fk is this.. dnt watch sumwat bullshyt
gzyyy6 (4 years ago)
ArtaDesigns im posting a video of the two units this week i am looking for help to get this out its not about the profit our world needs truth iv been fooling with junk my whole life the heating and cooling sides of my trade as well as gasses  and electrical abilitys it was by chance it came to me the  motion is key to the beginning agape brother may peace find you
Lola Jones (4 years ago)
Why don't you contact the THRIVE Movement, or Foster Gamble himself? I'm sure they would be able to support you in some way, or maybe put you in contact with someone who can. I wish you all the best in your endeavours x
Jonny Debt (4 years ago)
smells like BS
DOCTOROFLUVV88 (4 years ago)
Greatest Documentaries I have seen. Knew some of the info already, but the equations and the connection between other cultures just flabbergasted me!!
wlthrpr (4 years ago)
Hydrogen Peroxide Generators. Here, there, everywhere, and all groups complain about so many social ills and it is entertaining, actually makes you feel privileged and secure after so many stories of disease and corruption. Take a month for yourself to unburden your brain and body from fossil fuel indoctrination, then research peroxide as a manufacture able fuel. If you run into a problem (you will) contact me just begin to rid yourself of the petroleum nightmare.
Richard Mills (4 years ago)
this geezer is living in a dream world. I think he's spent too long sitting in his 'green screen' space studio and lost touch with reality.
Richard Mills (4 years ago)
what a load of melodramatic rubbish.
Awtar Bhardwaj (4 years ago)
a must see for everyone educated...
Mantas Jurksa (3 months ago)
Literally a brainwashing
David (6 months ago)
Awtar Bhardwaj ....I'm highly educated and this is crackpot Bullshit
Stephen Sawyer (1 year ago)
Spider in space
Vikram Bisht (4 years ago)
When Swami Ramdev, Yoga Guru - India was mentioning the Conspiracy during his discourse, we did not take it that seriously but after watching this video we could now understand something. People must thank for such an EyeOpener movement and support it in all aspects. I wish to get a DVD http://www.thrivemovement.com/the_movie  but did not find in Hindi language. Will it be possible in future? Thanks - Vikram
Peter stein (4 years ago)
Apart from free-energy it is absolute horrible and disgusting what big corporations and bankers do to "our" environment. What on earth must happen to change this ?
gzyyy6 (4 years ago)
i have made a energy producer generator that powers it self no out side fuels sun heat water or and other fossil fuels i would like to share it with the world  it can be used anywhere any weather  any condition or climate contact me please
Malik Prince (4 years ago)
I wonder could you post a picture of it on a website and link it here to prove that it's real?
Arta (4 years ago)
+gzyyy6 I would love to see that but sadly I dont live in the US. I think you should find a free way of spreading and sharing this technology that you have (if its true). I mean I know it might be dangerous but if you can get enogh people to get this then the project will never die. 
gzyyy6 (4 years ago)
+ArtaDesigns yes for the right price you can come  im building a 25000 watt now iv been off grid seven months 
Arta (4 years ago)
+gzyyy6 Can you prove it?
gzyyy6 (4 years ago)
Rico Suave (4 years ago)
Very Very Very Interesting!  A Must see!
Florinel Nicolai Deciu (4 years ago)
It takes a moment to realize what we really are and what we really can do together. Finding the peace of the mind will drive our actions like species, #awakening #oneness #humanity  
uki waku (4 years ago)
RatedA4Aliens (4 years ago)
An innovative money making scheme based on fake symbols, shapes and mis-information, video editing software like final-cut pro and convincing voice to fool the ignorant mass. Brilliant.
Martin G (7 months ago)
Because this guy is one of them drones
They offer it free so why do you feel they are making money???
Guyana Online Shopping (4 years ago)
You really are a idiot that you would believe that these people want to make money from this.
amunaor (4 years ago)
I take my hat off to you Mr. Gamble! Maat my friend!
Bek Martini (5 years ago)
lol evolution has not been proven. shut up. the missing link? uhh still missing.
Yoana (5 years ago)
Yeah, Let´s make FREE ENERGY!!
Nenad Bogoevski (5 years ago)
Nathan Rockwell (5 years ago)
nah this guy isn't saying listen to me or you wont survive without paychecks from me like the government would.
HAguayo (5 years ago)
Utopia is inevitable. Let us try to build a good and moral one.
HAguayo (5 years ago)
A decent documentary. Lots of unsupported facts, nonetheless informative. If the government want to control us to agree to their ideas, isn't this video doing the same thing?
Inaam Sheriffdeen (5 years ago)
for those who wonder why is Free Energy still not out there... The problem is in the hands of those who research and find it. They want to use that technology and become rich like the Large energy Corporations. So they are no better than the Big Oil companies.. Who is doing it to make money Only when people give up this need to make money and teach others how to create this technology, for free will we see the human race liberated
heather dawn pipke (5 years ago)
Thankyou for being a part in my understanding of the universe...:-) namaste
PandaFoxArtist (5 years ago)
Leave your religionist comments to yourself please. Only those who believe in Christianity beliefs will experience the so called "doom" that is supposedly going to happen, that the many people have claimed will happen in multiple different years, but never did. :)
serenityluvsgod (5 years ago)
Google Image search, "Aleister Crowley lam" to unmask the true identity of these so-called "aliens." Don't be fooled. Satan's plan will ultimately play into God's hand for the end times. If you think you'll be OK without Jesus, think again. He's coming soon, and He will judge the world with unbelievable wrath for their wickedness. If you aren't trusting in Jesus, you'd better forget about trying to save yourself or outsmarting God, and come to Him NOW for forgiveness.
DanceForever93 (5 years ago)
Yes! I agree. Amen to that. Amen! Let's pull together as, "We The People" for we are powerful when we unite and stand up for our right to thrive and strive toward love, joy and peace in our lives and in the world. This action will bring ultimate freedom to all.
DanceForever93 (5 years ago)
Yes! Unite and fight for freedom of free energy so everyone in the world will benefit from the right to live a healthy and productive life. Amen!
R Muthall Raaj (5 years ago)
Celula Sana (5 years ago)
Thrivement :)
Quincy T (5 years ago)
waarom eraf gooien??? word het iets te duidelijk ofzo??||
Zach Dogar (5 years ago)
A great eye opener
Liv@life (5 years ago)
Thank you for producing this video! I like that it is thought and proposed from the stand of love and not from the stand of hate or fear like other documentaries and different kind of productions do. Thank you for reminding us of who we are and the potential we have even in the midst of this truth that could lead to negativity and deception. We need to see how deceived we are and move together.
Johnny KC (5 years ago)
To share this video or not to share?
czert2 (5 years ago)
how to fix that subs go cca 1s before sound ?
Arkhaz (5 years ago)
So aliens and crop circles are not man-made, rich people are bad guys, and we will rule the world with a Torus-obsessed New World Order?
Den Fromme Bornholmer (5 years ago)
A fine movie. First half was the best I think. The music was great too, untill the money part.But here we are. 2013 and nothing has changed except more knowledge about how things really are. So the ultimal goal for the rich club is – Power, by the World Domination. Actually I think they already have established that. Therefore. Could we get the rich club's goal one step further. How about – Creating Life. Hey that's something isn't it. The next question is. What would happen then !
Jo Ana Starr (5 years ago)
Beautiful, amazing, and true. Foster and Kimberly, congratulations on amazing production!!
RooTTso Blackwell (5 years ago)
This is definitely not the way of finding solutions to our real problems as humans. Wait: US govern is trying to capture Edward Snowden for betrayal, and not worried about someone unveiling the real truth in a video?? Maybe this is nothing but brainwashing propaganda with some true and relevant information, which I personally found boring and over-produced. However, it may open some minds somehow.
Hamza Khan (5 years ago)
Calvin Kan (5 years ago)
if it really happens, you should download it, preserve it before it's removed. then spread it or re-upload it to let more people watch it
Diego Homp (5 years ago)
Nos creemos dueños de casi todo lo que nos rodea, hemos construido cuevas de piedra que llegan hasta el cielo,nuestro ego y codicia no tiene limites,tomamos de la tierra mas de lo que necesitamos,destruimos selvas,ensuciamos mares,contaminamos el aire,nosotros"los humanos"esclavizamos a otros humanos y dejamos que parte de la manada muera de hambre. para que unos pocos sean mas ricos,construimos maquinas para matar a otros seres humanos tarde o temprano nos exterminaremos a nosotros mismos...
Vandread010 (5 years ago)
I wonder when this video will be removed from Youtube...
Katerina Jurco (5 years ago)
I like this movie...I work in the Health Care as a nurse and I believe that we (with our consumption of bad junk food, our greed, anger and ignorance) create most of our diseases which are "treated" with certain medication. Our diseases are not cured with modern medicine and only the symptoms (which bother us the most)are suppressed not the cause.
Ariesmonique (5 years ago)
Or do you believe in the lies from the men made bibles?
Ariesmonique (5 years ago)
@Wanderlink, working at one of the companies mentioned in this docu?
Mister Sirius (5 years ago)
The information this video is all very very real. the reason that this technology can never be released is that the world population would become unmanageable. instead of the Planet of 6 billion people we would very quickly become a planet of 12 billion people.
Wesley Paul Eva (5 years ago)
Just more BS illuminati propaganda promoting the aliens are our friends for the end time fake alien invasion
If this thing is real, the creator of this video would have been assassinated long ago. The group of people who control the world can kill and censor this video easily. I'm just wondering when the video will tell me that the video will tell me that the world is actually controlled by "The Patriot" and that "The Patriot" is actually an AI controlled system.
Rodney R (5 years ago)
Typical USA movie, all so flowting and...just suddenly it hit him...he was part of a far greater thing, like our solar system, a whirlpool (that didnt exist when he was riding the bus as far as i can tell)...awww i so hate that crap
Yeah, too much pseudoscience. Rubbish. I dont even know why I'm watching this, probably because I want to know what other gibberish he's spreading. Lots of funny comment too.
Sigh..... Tesla did not even know what the world is now. Edison had not implemented electricity this much during Tesla's era, and Tesla would have no reason to give everyone free electricity if he cant even make a basic electricity to work properly.
joe3070 (5 years ago)
Anybody whose read the Soviet Art of Brainwashing knows how evil our enemy is and knows what their future plans are. When a video likes this acknowledges the fact that Eugenics, de-populating the planet, is one of their major goals, how can they propose non-aggression only in self defense. This video has to be a New World Order gimmick to help them to kill us with less effort.
joe3070 (5 years ago)
Yah, I agree.
ralfda (5 years ago)
Ein sehr guter Ansatz, damit sich was verändert auf unserer Erde , vor Allen in den Köpfen der Menschen, noch ist es nicht zu spät ,.- wird die Vernunft über das Geld siegen? Wenn wir jetzt nicht handeln wird es uns genauso ergehen wie z.b. den Ureinwohnern der Osterinseln,..-..aber jetzt steht die gesamte Menschheit vor dem Abgrund. Die Erde wird auch ohne uns weiter existieren ! Der Film spricht mir aus dem Herzen und bestätigt meine eigene Meinung und Auffassung zu diesem wichtigen Thema.

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