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Christian Bale's Batman Advice for Ben Affleck - The Graham Norton Show

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Ben Affleck randomly ran into Christian Bale in a Los Angeles store and really took his advice to heart. The Graham Norton Show season premiere is Thursday, March 31st at 11/10c. Subscribe now: http://bit.ly/1aP6Fo9 Watch MORE Graham Norton Videos: https://youtu.be/g_0oM-o2ZK8?list=PLvMGq_h9khwV7pXZ1pnk71ubm7s6VhxTo Twitter: http://twitter.com/bbcamerica Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GrahamNortonBBCA Tumblr: http://grahamnortonshow.tumblr.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcamerica Stream Full Episodes: http://www.bbcamerica.com/shows/the-graham-norton-show
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Text Comments (729)
Ruthless Justice (7 days ago)
I bet everyone in that studio had to google epithet
Jenna Mattson (16 days ago)
Damn, that’s good looking couch.
Le type tout à droite ressemble à fond à Emmanuel Macron
Kuraha (17 days ago)
Ben Affleck always is extremely happy or in deep pain
Ivanka2024 for POTUS (20 days ago)
smart advice
Pavan Kumar Acharya (21 days ago)
Christian Bale is best batman
Demetra (25 days ago)
Bale was a god!!! His is the real Batman...I mean... at first I preferred Affleck but after watching batman trilogy I was like "CHRISTIAN BALE I FREAKING LOVE YOU"...He gives me goosebumps👍👍
Kundan Sarmah (29 days ago)
Medal Mold (1 month ago)
Bruce and Clark in the Flesh !
UrbanExplorer1000 (1 month ago)
worst batman ever - a total joke
He took Bale's advice and that's why BvS pissed us off.
Stars.seeker6 (1 month ago)
I would also advise dont do a old lady voice to sound intimidating youll just sound silly
midDayopiate (1 month ago)
Affleck just had some terrible Batman movies. Bale just got lucky he was in some of the best movies ever, especially the dark Knight. Both good actors, both did great with their roles, but Christian bale had the better movies by a long shot. Batman movies are supposed to be evil. Not fun and giddy, and that's what the dark Knight series did. It followed the true roots of Batman, not like all of the pussy movies before it.
HarpoTheVillain (1 month ago)
That sounded more like a Michael Caine impression rather than a Bale one.
lilili lululu (1 month ago)
in the end of story, ben afleck wake up at night, curious because there is a lot of bats outside and then he go out side there was nothing except stars and the moon, it was so quiet and then....a black shadow cover up him and he died the return of the real Batman christian bale
Ayden Durrett (1 month ago)
How the hell do 2 batman's meet up at the costume store randomly!?
MrJClownPrince (1 month ago)
i love ben affleck as batman
Affleck did a bale impression with more of a cockney accent like michael caine
I Do Monologues (1 month ago)
epithet ˈɛpɪθɛt/Submit noun plural noun: epithets an adjective or phrase expressing a quality or attribute regarded as characteristic of the person or thing mentioned. "old men are often unfairly awarded the epithet ‘dirty’" synonyms: sobriquet, nickname, byname, title, name, label, tag; More an epithet used as a term of abuse. "the woman begins to hurl racial epithets at them"
Usama Ali Abbasi (1 month ago)
bale is a real batman no one other dose it better as bale did batman begains the dark knight nd darknight rises
Giulio Cesare Leone (1 month ago)
George Clooney advice must have been:" don't let'em put nipples in the suit"!
Hsauce (1 month ago)
Christian bale will always be my favourite batman :(!
Astana Leader (2 months ago)
very smart man. my opinion
GamerFurryNinja 24 (2 months ago)
Christian is a better bruce and ben is a better batman
vamypr 06 (2 months ago)
Clooney was the worst batman ever!!
Rhyannon Ashford (2 months ago)
Honestly, that accent is better than the nightmare Welsh- South African- New York hybrid that Christian Bale's actual voice is.
Alexander Marquardt (2 months ago)
Mr Affleck, dont you worry, Kevin Smith says you are cool, so: you cool.
Carolyn Jones (2 months ago)
Christian is Welsh born in Haverfordwest, Wales
Hosoi Archives (2 months ago)
Ben Affleck sucks
deepz513 (2 months ago)
I only think christian bale as batman is best
Evie McCain (2 months ago)
what did he say George Clooney offered him?
Kari Benirschke (2 months ago)
Does no one notice that Caine's accent is sort of Cockney?
BeatsV123 (2 months ago)
0:05 “My mom made wear this for church”
clam85 (3 months ago)
Ben affleck ruined everything.
Darshan Mangat (3 months ago)
He clearly didn't take it.
Dreamtrain (3 months ago)
You telling me he just bumped into Christian Bale at a halloween costume shop in LA??
Peebee (3 months ago)
Christian Bale is British?? (MIND BLOWN)
Rational Mind (4 months ago)
Everybody knows Christian bale is better batman and actor
White Knight45 (4 months ago)
Ben afflec Batman movies are worst Batman movies ever made
Sci - llywood (4 months ago)
Bale: Affleck is a great actor. Ben: Bale is a great actor. Baleman's fans: Batfleck sucks. Batfleck fans: Baleman sucks. Funny world we live in.
rahul juneja (4 months ago)
I have to return some video tapes.
Fish Knuckle (4 months ago)
That's gross. It's racist.
Gray Mid (4 months ago)
LOL Bale said that ?!! OMG he is hilarious dude XD This entire story is hilarious. imagine Bale and Affleck together in front of Bat costumes for kids in some store XD Also Bale is so right, those costumes are very tricky & uncomfortable and when u filming scenes 24/7 you go to bathroom often and with that thing on you, its even more uncomfortable XD
sabry l (5 months ago)
The worst Batman ever,,,,
avda Greenslade (5 months ago)
Bale understands the role of batman so much better than Aflleck, thats what happens when you put a a movie star in an actors role
Magical-Fetus (29 days ago)
you obviously dont know anything about batman then lmao Affleck is a hundred times more accurate in both appearance and personality than Bale could ever hope to be. The Nolan movies are good movies, but they are absolutely horrific batman movies. There isnt a character in the entire trilogy they got right.
Bat Vision (1 month ago)
And still Affleck being way better Batman than Bale, how ironic.
cosgrove360 (1 month ago)
Priyabrata Saha batman isn’t but that’s a lot of what Nolan batman is. The symbol element and no kill rule were done great but detective element is non existent.
Daniel Byrne (1 month ago)
avda Greenslade unfair I think Afflecks Batman worked and we will never know how good he could have been due to horrible scipts
game stud (5 months ago)
The only batman I know is Christian Bale
Ruby Abc (2 months ago)
Where is this shop?
Jin Quinn (5 months ago)
If I walked in a store and saw two Batmans at once I would faint
Alex Lopez (5 months ago)
He's Welsh sir. Surprised someone didn't correct him .
Zayne simard moore (5 months ago)
Henry Cavill has the best suits, where does he get them from? Also, he legit looked like Superman sitting in that position, I wonder if it's hard for him to realize he's not really superman, he's just playing the part of superman because it's got to be tough to not stand in the superman pose when you did like 40 takes on that one scene. I need to find myself some suits like those, I might have a chance to get more women.
SRN DA NOOB (5 months ago)
Thats is his real voice? First time hearing it
aubrey Aubrey (5 months ago)
I hate how they always re do movies like just keep making sagas with the same actors nobody can replace Christian bale he is one of a kind
Lord Sorceron (6 months ago)
Christian bale threw a 5th of whiskey at the screen for calling him brittish
GI BELLA (6 months ago)
The movie is not the same without Cristian Bale , he have all of the character .
iccarus 1975 (6 months ago)
kudos to the proprietor, treating people as people, doesn't matter what the status is
Maha Yaseen (6 months ago)
What word did Ben use to describe Clooney’s advice?
Martin Anthonyo (6 months ago)
Damn, Bales a brit? No wonder his accent in The Prestige sounds about right
J B (6 months ago)
That impression of Bale was sick
Mr Magnificent (6 months ago)
Ben Affleck is Good But Christian Bale is better,, Infact in terms of bruce wayne character Bale brought the house down..
Cristiano Bruno (6 months ago)
Jump to 1:06 to see Ben playing Bale giving him his advice
Steven Phillips (6 months ago)
My advice to benny boy is dont try to arguecwirh sam harris ...as you end up looking like a kipper
Ashgooner 910 (6 months ago)
He's the best Bruce Wayne. Bale is the best Batman
Aaron Weiss (6 months ago)
His Christian Bale sounds like Michael Caine
Kenneth Albert (6 months ago)
I don't care what anyone says but Christian Bale and Michael Keaton are the only actors to top of a proper Batman
Neon Symphony (6 months ago)
British actors do it best .
Jason S (6 months ago)
affleck destroyed batman
manish singh (6 months ago)
Christian bale undoubtedly the best among two
ant white (7 months ago)
Superman is a man spreader. lol
Creatrix Trodler (7 months ago)
I didn't enjoyed new Ben Batman movie,but he seems like a really chill nice guy.
William Chico (7 months ago)
Ben Affleck is awesome actor, eh?
Ivanka2024 for POTUS (7 months ago)
Andrew (7 months ago)
Christian Bale sucks as Batman...
Andrew (7 months ago)
Ben Affleck is better...
Ciorchinele Suprem (7 months ago)
I think Ben Afleck and Chris Pratt were separated at birth or something
thetwistedstrength (7 months ago)
They are both good at playing Batman. No need for comparing the two.
Andy Dwyer (7 months ago)
Didn’t expect that high-pitched voice from this 6’4” Batman actor.
YUNG TE FAN CHIANG (7 months ago)
Ben's voice sounds like British so much while he imitated Christian Bale
Silver (7 months ago)
An "Im Batman" voice competition must have happened.
Derek Venturi (7 months ago)
Not funny ... not funny at all ..
bigearedmouse17 (7 months ago)
Keaton Bale Affleck Batman.
Liam LastName (7 months ago)
This is the first time I'm hearing that Christian Bale is British
kutteess R S (7 months ago)
and dk triology is the best
KAUSIK BANERJEE (7 months ago)
Christian Bale is best batman.
Aaronstark19 (7 months ago)
Come on Bale you gotta use the Bat voice when you’re sneaking up on people
PetroVIC (7 months ago)
Bale still is the best batman
Dalton Austin (7 months ago)
Ben is the better Bruce, Bale is BY FAR the better Batman
Caleb Reeve (7 months ago)
Bale is Welch
rahul juneja (7 months ago)
Dont just stare at it,eat it Patrick Bateman
KABI LAN (7 months ago)
Ben Affleck >>> Christian Bale. Afflecks batman is better than Bales
Crestfire (7 months ago)
Why do so many ppl turn out to be British?!! Even superman now is British n I had no clue.
SpartanUruk (8 months ago)
Bale best Batman ever, will always be my favourite, period!
The Mavericks (8 months ago)
is he doing a michael caine impression? a bad one lol
Thor Odinson (8 months ago)
“Christian Bale is British” 😂 Wow, 2 Batmen in one store I should’ve been there! Clooney’s advice: “no nipples”
Nick 1 (8 months ago)
He was so skinny
Dns Brz (8 months ago)
What did ben say in the end? I cant hear it .
TKinfinity (8 months ago)
So two Batmans walk in a costume shop......
james dean (8 months ago)
his british accent sounds exactly like alfred from the christian bale batman movies
Christopher Morales (8 months ago)
Ben Affleck actually looks good here. Not bloated in the face
Raza Yousaf (8 months ago)
Heres the thing, when I see Affleck in interviews like this and he has a normal voice and is a generally ok human being, I think he would also be a great batman, but in BvS for some reason he puts on a ridiculous voice and is just a generally badly written character. It is a terrible waste of his ability, I think
ExcelsiorBF52 (8 months ago)
Ben Affleck front hair line looks FAKE
Danielle Woodward (8 months ago)
Who cares? They're all fake. Enjoy them for the fiction that they are. That is their purpose.

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