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Sean Penn: Bradley Cooper remake of 'A Star is Born' is astonishing

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(28 May 2018) SEAN PENN: BRADLEY COOPER REMAKE OF 'A STAR IS BORN' IS ASTONISHING The anticipated remake of "A Star is Born" doesn't premiere until October but it's already gaining buzz. The movie is the directorial debut of actor Bradley Cooper, who also stars in the film alongside Lady Gaga, who plays an aspiring singer - a role previously played by Judy Garland (the 1954 version) and Barbra Streisand (the 1976 version). A trailer premiered at CinemaCon in Las Vegas recently to applause from the crowd of theater owners and exhibitors and tweets of praise from journalists in attendance. One person who has seen an early screening is actor Sean Penn, who described it during a recent interview as "one of the best movies I've seen in I don't know how many years." "The acting is brilliant. Both, they are astonishing in it. And he as a director is the kind of artist that we had when I was kind of coming up as an audience. I knew he was a very talented actor, I did not know what was going on inside that guy's brain until I saw this movie and so that got – I'm really excited to see because: A, it's a great movie for a cinephile whose all about art films because it's all there. But that doesn't mean that everybody else isn't going to understand it and love it. This thing is like a Hal Ashby move. It's for everybody. It's a great movie for everybody instead of a pandering movie to make sure, for anybody." Cooper already has his next directing gig lined up, helming and starring in Leonard Bernstein biopic "Bernstein." Bernstein was named conductor of the New York Philharmonic orchestra at 25. He then wrote and composed the music for the film "West Side Story." A second movie about Bernstein is also in the works with Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead role. Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork Twitter: https://twitter.com/AP_Archive Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/APArchives Google+: https://plus.google.com/b/102011028589719587178/+APArchive​ Tumblr: https://aparchives.tumblr.com/​​ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/APNews/ You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/b2f29eaf26f625f6fccf7051c4b31d84
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Text Comments (186)
Zen Kaye (15 hours ago)
Did no one remind him to comb his hair?
discordant dancers (16 hours ago)
it is the best since macgruber i saw it last night
Evie Hammond (3 days ago)
Penn is not looking better with age.
Gunner 1985 (3 days ago)
Wow penn looks rough
Hector Lalalala (4 days ago)
Gaga turns everything into gold. Why is she so famous?
ed campion (6 days ago)
i didnt like the 1937 version much. Didnt like the 54 version with judy garland and detested the 76 version with barbra streisand but when i heard that another version was being done i thought that thing again for a 4th time no way am i going to see that.I had to watch the previous versions cause of a girlfriend of mine who loved the story.I just watched the trailer cause of all the hype and this one looks great.I have a feeling im going to eat my hat over this one.I think ill go and see this one.
apples 88 (9 days ago)
Interview starts at 0:56
Rossana Fioravanti (9 days ago)
I always thought this grumpy man to be the sweetest man around. Strong personality, strong feelings, not easy to deal with as it happens with men and women of inner emotional value. Maybe i m only childishly in love with him since ever. Aha.
Charles Deng (10 days ago)
Is this real Sean Penn? Time is cruel indeed.
mike kiernan (11 days ago)
Sean as Lenny
Jesse Enser (11 days ago)
What the **** is wrong with these photographers yelling and screaming there’s got to be a better way to do this. No wonder actors like Joaquin Phoenix look like their taken hostage up there !
NORMA JEAN Olivier (13 days ago)
Looking amazing Gaga
Noomwa Lis (14 days ago)
Great compliment from a great actor!!
Chris Hanson (14 days ago)
Holy shit. He looks like a weathered old drunk.
Perry Robitionate (14 days ago)
01zipdisk (18 days ago)
All you jagoffs slamming Penn for how rough he looks is laughable. Put 90% of you together and it still wouldn’t equal the amount of living this guy has done ..
Eric Rawlings (18 days ago)
Wow!!! Sean Penn has aged horrifically!! And what’s up with the hair???
Laura Dierking (24 days ago)
Sean Penn...ugh you look terrible.
gail conroy (25 days ago)
god he is getting ugly
James Richards (30 days ago)
age caught up to Sean Penn
Perpetual.Art (1 month ago)
Anna Elizabeth (1 month ago)
Sean after a month of drinking and dancing lol
ConservativeAnthem (1 month ago)
Penn has become a caricature...looks like he just came out of the psych ward after an OD and nervous breakdown.
showtime951 (1 month ago)
"It's a great movie for everybody instead of a pandering movie for anybody." What a great line and a fabulous compliment to Bradley. Someone below wrote that "Sean is no ass-kisser". No question. Having known him for over 30 years I can tell you he is very sincere and throws public compliments around like man-hole covers. I had no plans to see it before. Sean just sold two tickets to this film to my wife and I for Brad.
Tony Pericolosi (1 month ago)
omg why does he look so old? jesus
Janice Carroll (1 month ago)
He doesn't look well.
Rampage Clover (1 month ago)
Listening to this....makes me think about that episode of Inside The Actors Studio when Cooper as an inquisitive student asked Penn a question?
Dainius Rutkauskas (1 month ago)
Please kill that man he’s a trash that needs to be reduced
Dr. Tamara Worley (2 months ago)
The romance in it is necromancy at best. Dr. W
Kitana Kojima (2 months ago)
Why the fuck is this movie even being remade, much less with talentless trash like Lady Gaga???!
Joe T (2 months ago)
pointnozzleaway (2 months ago)
I'm the same age as Spicoli….but he looks 15 years older
Rebecca Swanson (2 months ago)
Yep Sean Penn is a expert in cinema that's for sure.
Hey Now! (2 months ago)
Brilliant Actor...plain and simple...F the haters....SAD!
Eric Thigpen (2 months ago)
Wow, thanks for posting this! I usually read & see such negative material surrounding Penn that I forget what a gifted and dedicated artist he is. Can't believe the obnoxiously rude photographer at the end of the video screaming at Bradley Cooper's wife to "GET OUTTA THE PHOTO"! Makes me understand why Penn punched out so many of them during the early stages of his career! What a vile, disgusting excuse for a human being. Or maybe it's Cooper's Assistant'; regardless, no way to speak to anyone trying to do their job. Yuck.
Thomas Raines (2 months ago)
OMG Penn looks horrible.
Fercho Perez (2 months ago)
Let me guess. Another “masterpiece” ? Gaga is not an actress, she can mimic acting but that’s it. Essentially she is an entertainer - a very famous one at that. I like Bradley, and I think he is a fine actor, so please folks don’t get me wrong. Problem is all the hype now days with every single movie that comes out. It’s ridiculous.
misael franco (2 days ago)
Fercho Perez reading this after all the critically acclaim the movie is getting! Also the wonderful word of mouth for the movie!
johnyc3953 (2 months ago)
you ppl are trippn. penn is a G. so is depp. just clam it.
arock1234 (2 months ago)
It took him until this movie to realize “what was going on inside Bradley Cooper’s head?”
lady G has a lovely back, she's immensely talented and a bit of a half wit pretentious moron often . Her lip injections look horrible , she looks weird and fake sadly in her face. Penn ? He's a pretentious fake who's PAID to say these things and promote bullshit to the idiot masses which you are probably one of. You'll believe anything a famous actor or singer tells you
Desiree Scaldeferri (2 months ago)
What? It's not an original !
michaelcavanaugh (2 months ago)
Is this the trolls only section
Rick Rick (2 months ago)
I really don't give a shit what fucking Sean Penn has to say . Liberal sack of shit ......
Daniel Torres (2 months ago)
i am a huge fan of the 1976 version. this remake smells like oscars already.
wa gu (2 months ago)
Daniel Torres it kinda smells like doodoo to me but we will see. Let’s hope.
Ron M (3 months ago)
Doesn't even sound or behave like Penn...that hair is bonkers, nose is way bigger on the end, his eyes move like DeNiro and voice seems like Hoffman. We sure 100% that this is really Penn? Very strange
C. DOT CHRIS (3 months ago)
Sean Penn was a great one....too bad he turned into a cigarette.
Jay_r Jabonillo (3 months ago)
Sean Penn aged poorly. It looks like he's financially trouble couldn't afford to pay someone to look after him. I mean Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson are old but they're still good looking somehow.
Siddhant Arora (3 months ago)
That moment when you realise that Sean Penn is only 2 years older than Tom Cruise
caseyjoanz (3 months ago)
Ah, an actor gushing over another actor! Warms the cockles, and confirms everything everyone thinks about the substance of an actors praise.
diane gonzalez (3 months ago)
Generally don't like remakes but .....⭐️
Brian Eduardo (3 months ago)
He looks like a down and out!
Gallations (3 months ago)
A perfect example why people should say "No to Drugs."
Robert Willis (3 months ago)
WTF !!! I thought it was Albert Camus. Wtf happened Sean !? I'll put 45's hair against yours anyday.
Ric D. (3 months ago)
Gaga looks GORGEOUS!
Scott Davidson (21 days ago)
Ric D. She looks better in ripped blue jeans with no make-up. Who cares about the pomp and circumstance.
patricia armstrong (3 months ago)
Sean!! Still sexy 💋
Bernard Brooks (3 months ago)
Penn is gone, done dude let Robin Wright walk? Sic very sic human being
L C (3 months ago)
Dear god.....wtf happened to him??? It was stressing me out listening to him talk! I'm like bring in the oxygen and defibrillators!! Crikey!!!!
Cynthia Nolder (8 days ago)
He won't stop smoking!
High Thoughts (3 months ago)
If Penn says it, must be true. Oscar nomination confirmed lol.
Colleen Clark (3 months ago)
His nose looks larger...
ronnie massart (3 months ago)
Here's a guy who said Venezuela was ran greatly by its Socialist Dictator. They have 1200% inflation,no food on the store shelves and massive crime.
B Real (3 months ago)
Ian Rush picked up a yank accent
RIO BOW (3 months ago)
Sean Penn looking more like a toilet brush as time goes on.
L C (3 months ago)
RIO BOW 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Spot on!
Precious Metal (3 months ago)
His hair piece hasta go.
bhk110 (1 month ago)
Deer Heart (3 months ago)
Precious Metal omg is that a piece ???? Yuck
Oswaldo Corleone (3 months ago)
I Could care less about this Crappy movie.....Sean Penn is a good actor. BUT at hte same time he's a Dick 👎👎
Mike R (3 months ago)
Dude needs a hair cut wtf,😞
Precious Metal (3 months ago)
Mike R Hair piece. Sad.
Gary S. Seth (3 months ago)
In the ' A Star Is Born ' movie trailer the acting was astonishing and the little bit of music I heard is just great .
TheSimsCovers (3 months ago)
Gaga is a queen
Sauvage Ascension (3 months ago)
Gaga looks like a man.
Sauvage Ascension (1 month ago)
clorox leech She looks like a transsexual man.
clorox leech (1 month ago)
Sauvage Ascension And you look like you’ve never seen a man.
Precious Metal (3 months ago)
Sauvage Ascension It IS a man.
Sean Kearney (3 months ago)
Look at all the super brainwashed people talk about somebody's looks!!!!!! Mind control
Bob Townsend (3 months ago)
Really. Coz the trailer looks like a pile of melodramatic bullshit aimed at bored, Trump supporting, The Voice watching housewives.
Father Damien Karras (3 months ago)
😂 The man is a fraud
mike demmett (3 months ago)
Sean Penn "put my fucking wig on and let's do this bullshit interview" badass!
Quball87 (3 months ago)
Penn's wig is not looking real these days
Stephy (3 months ago)
he looks like shit --- that is decaying
Christiane R (3 months ago)
Seriously, Penn's hair. Did he just get out of the drunk tank? I don't understand it.
Precious Metal (3 months ago)
Quball87 "hair system" .. love it. So right. And it's a bad "system".
Quball87 (3 months ago)
Christiane R he's wearing a hair system (wig)
King Leunitas (3 months ago)
Don't smoke cigarettes kids!
Meldy 1983 (2 months ago)
King Leunitas thats not the only thig he's smoking lmao
EtchedInStone (3 months ago)
Wow he's aged so freaking much.
Havendale Blvd (3 months ago)
Sean Penn is odd AF.
Emmedear 1 (3 months ago)
Gaga isn’t a good enough actress for this.. sorry
Lolita Davidovich (11 days ago)
Not good enough, but she is great enough.
clorox leech (1 month ago)
Emmedear 1 everyone who saw this movie said she is.. sorry
ξ S L Δ λΛ (2 months ago)
her Golden Globe award for best actress disagrees with you...go watch her as the countess on American Horror Story
Jayme Padilla (2 months ago)
Hey Now! She’s amazing !!!! So talented in all she does !!!!!
Hey Now! (2 months ago)
And you are?...Jealous Much?...SAD!
Derek Ward (3 months ago)
Talk about controlled, these two puppets sold their soul's a long time ago..
Tyler Smith (3 months ago)
Sean Penn is trash. Bradley cooper and Lady Gaga don’t need his praise.
thomascampr (3 months ago)
Tyler Smith STFU. Sean is a way better actor . Dumb child
Leroy Brown (3 months ago)
Pedophile Penn.
Big Bud Wiley (3 months ago)
Penn is turning into a cigarette
Genevieve Marie (7 hours ago)
Why does he looks like he just rolled out of bed?
Joe Adaszynski (2 days ago)
LOL.. Im dying!
Sis I Si (5 days ago)
Big Bud Wiley baaaahahaha, that is so funny! A cigarette with a HUGE nose....
em couts (12 days ago)
+Randall Emerson Appleby me too...still laughing...
Joeybago12 (12 days ago)
😂😂😂 that was a great unexpected laugh
Tom Ripley (3 months ago)
Is he ok?
Dainius Rutkauskas (1 month ago)
Nah he’s reductive. I hope he’ll die soon
wa gu (2 months ago)
Would I be too forward by saying that looks like the face of an alcoholic?
Jay Gee (2 months ago)
the choices you make in life take their toll later. You get nothing for free.
roman nash (2 months ago)
Drugs and socialist activism have taken its toll on him.
CorbCorbin (3 months ago)
Yes. Have you not seen many Sean Penn interviews? It also may have been part of a long day, of promotional interviews for a project he's doing. Sometimes, he just comes off as being zoned out. In the eighties he was mean as hell to media folks.
PerrySport (3 months ago)
He looks dead l
Precious Metal (3 months ago)
PerrySport Totally.
Movie Fanatic (3 months ago)
he looks like elmer fudd. alchohol is taking its toll on this man
MadDog 1980 (3 months ago)
All hype for an obvious bomb.
James Keeling (3 months ago)
MadDog 1980 It won't bomb. Bradley Cooper is really popular, most of his films do really well. Gaga has her haters, but most have realised she's an incredible talent. I think she'll go from Oscar performer to Best Song nominee to Best Actress nominee for this film.
arron rodgers (3 months ago)
Sean Penn looks horrible! What Happened??
TimeIdle (22 days ago)
northwoodlandhills (2 months ago)
Cigarettes and booze
rockhero2274 (3 months ago)
arron rodgers Well cocaine's a helluva drug
Ziyed Hamrouni (3 months ago)
Gaga is becoming the classiest women in the game
TheGooners11 (10 hours ago)
+Scott Davidson Dont bring Jesus into anything. She is vile talentless and a corporate puppet. Nothing more. Probably drinks blood at satanic ritual parties where she sells her soul for fame.
TheGooners11 (10 hours ago)
+Kitana Kojima so sad isnt it
TheGooners11 (10 hours ago)
+Scott Davidson when there are truly talented singers dancers and musicians out there who arent allowed to "make it" as they wont sell their soul to the devil and create complete corporate shite for the sheeple.
Scott Davidson (10 hours ago)
TheGooners11 Jesus LOVES u.
Scott Davidson (10 hours ago)
TheGooners11 boogers on the wall by pick em flick em. She is amazing!!!
La Quinn (3 months ago)
Hollywood folk are rapidly aging these days, depp, penn, not looking well.
apples 88 (9 days ago)
La Quinn drugs and alcohol plus bad genes. Stars like Keanu and will smith who take care of themselves don’t look aged at all
Matt Loyd (3 months ago)
But Hugh Jackman is de aging lol
Mista Eazy-E MAN23 (3 months ago)
La Quinn the younger ones as well! Lack of melanin will do that to ya tho.
Lil Jay (3 months ago)
If he says it's astonishing..I believe him. Penn ain't no ass kisser
Sid Vicious (2 months ago)
Joe Coe yup... he is promoting a fellow actor turned director
Frankie Velasco (2 months ago)
He's worse.
Joe Coe (2 months ago)
Bradley Cooper and Penn are friends.
caseyjoanz (3 months ago)
Lil Jay — Apparently you haven’t listened to him much. That awards ceremony where he indignantly grabbed the mike and declared Jude Law a genius (a comic had made a joke about Jude Law being a pretty boy) was embarrassing to watch. He is so good at being outraged, but I wonder if he has any other talent. Maybe he just “feels” more strongly than the rest of us, the sane.
Shawn McLaughlin (3 months ago)
Probably depends on whose ass!
THE BATMAN (3 months ago)
Is there a bigger cunt on earth than Sean Penn?
Sid Vicious (3 months ago)
the way this video is cut shows that this movie is being promoted through this video...its not news material....its a promotional material....warner bros is promoting this movie through AP
Sid Vicious (3 months ago)
says the guy who made the last face..so shut up dude
runningonq (3 months ago)
Penn is THE biggest bow-hard and d-bag in Hollywood. What a tool!
Scott Davidson (1 day ago)
TheTruthiest don't care about left /rightwing / conservative liberal. It's all bullshit. He is who is who is. Peace and make sure u smoke 1 joint each day, the benefits are limitless!
TheTruthiest (1 day ago)
Scott Davidson nah, he's probably just some right-winger who gets triggered when celebrities don't agree with him on politics
Scott Davidson (21 days ago)
runningonq how do u know? Have u met him? Is that just ur opinion?
Brodie McGrath (2 months ago)
Christopher C how difficult is it politicizing literally everything ?
CorbCorbin (3 months ago)
Was he blowing Bradley, Gaga, and the movie, too hard?
Geelong Cable Locations (3 months ago)
Interview is good, but what is the point of showing the red carpet stuff before and afterwards. A complete waste of time in my opinion.
Violet Fegan (8 days ago)
Erin Ryan, Thank you for your feedback. I am aware that celebs do not pay for those dresses and they are usually returned. That doesn't change my opinion or the point I made.
Eric Ryan (12 days ago)
Violet, the celebs do not pay for those dresses. And they are returned usually.
Violet Fegan (12 days ago)
I don't know 'who' Lady Gaga is wearing. I'm sure it's worth enough money to feed an entire starving village in a Third World Country.
Eric Ryan (1 month ago)
Have another blotter of acid new princess from Ork.
Eric Ryan (3 months ago)
It's a comment about the red carpet, calm down girl.

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