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Visible: New $40/month Unlimited On Device Verizon Based Phone Plan (No Mobile Hotspot)
June 2018 Update: Visible has changed their policy to include unlimited hotspot use, but for one device connected only. They state this is part of their pre-release, and the policy could change. ---------------- A new Verizon plan has been making its way across the interwebs this week, and we've been fielding a number of questions about our thoughts on it. This new app based $40/month phone plan runs on Verizon service and offers customers unlimited calling, text, and slowed data on their mobile phone devices. Data speeds are always capped at 5mbps, and all data usage is always subject to network management. Video is reduced to 420p resolution as well (DVD quality). But the catch for many viewers of this channel is - no mobile hotspot option. For more, our full article: https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/visible-cheap-slowed-unlimited-on-device-verizon-data/ -------------------------------- The Mobile Internet Resource Center is dedicated to helping mobile travelers (RVers, cruisers, nomads, etc.) keep connected! Join us over at: http://www.mobileinternetinfo.com We are primarily funded by our premium members, who allow us to make this our focus! Interested in helping keep us funded to continue creating content like this and more? Consider becoming a member at: http://www.mobileinternetinfo.com/membership Our members get a bunch of extra access to our Q&A forums, in-depth guides, product reviews, insider tips and webinars.
JD Power: Verizon Has Best Call Quailty Nationwide Latest Survey-PhoneScholar.com 3-7-11
http://www.phonescholar.com/ According to the latest JD Power survey Verizon Wireless has the best call quality nationwide scoring top honors in 5 of 6 regions, Research in Motion launches Blackberry Protect-helps you find lost phone, wipe data or lock phone, Lookouts new "Plan B" app also allows you to find your lost Android phone, wipe data or lock phone, According to Seth Weintraub from Fortune Magazine Steve Jobs bent the truth on a few items at the iPad 2 announcement, MLB at Bat 11 apps now available for iPad/iPhone for $14.99 each-allows you to watch or listen to live baseball games, Motorola will now except and try to upgrade to 4G "rooted" Xoom-will send back with modem if can not get through rooted software, Verizon Wireless is targeting mid summer for tiered data plans and discontinue unlimited plan, AT&T grandfathering unlimited data plan to new iPad 2 if you had it on you original iPad.
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Verizon throttling emergency responders, truly unlimited plan coming!
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Verizon wireless  (should you switch to their unlimited plan)
In today's video im giving you my thoughts and opinions if yoh should switch to verizon unlimited plan. Like, share & subscribe More videos coming
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Verizon Wireless Prepaid Refill Minutes On Sale Today!
Verizon Wireless Prepaid Refill Minutes On Sale Today! http://www.MyFreeWireless.Info Instantly refill your phone today! Buy discount Verizon Wireless Prepaid minutes and SAVE BIG! We have a limited quantity of Verizon Wireless Prepaid inventory at these discount prices, so take advantage of our pay-as-you-go sale now! Verizon Wireless Prepaid | Rates, Features, and Information: With Verizon Wireless Prepaid, you get all the advantages of the nation's best, most reliable wireless network. These Coverage Locator depictions apply to the following calling plans: Nationwide Calling Plans, America's Choice initiated (activated) on or after 2/21/2005, Mobile Broadband and Prepaid. Roaming charges will apply in the Canada Coverage area unless you subscribe to the Nationwide Plus Canada Plan. Roaming charges will apply in the Mexico Coverage area unless you subscribe to the Nationwide Plus Mexico Plan. These Coverage Locator maps depict predicted and approximate wireless coverage. The coverage areas shown do not guarantee service availability, and may include locations with limited or no coverage. Even within a coverage area, there are many factors, including customer's equipment, terrain, proximity to buildings, foliage, and weather that may impact service. Some of the Coverage Areas include networks run by other carriers, the coverage depicted is based on their information and public sources, and we cannot ensure its accuracy. Copyright and Trademark Info Verizon Wireless Prepaid logos and marks are displayed solely for the purpose of describing the refill and replenishment products that we sell. These logos and marks are registered trademarks of Verizon Wireless Prepaid. How to refill your phone after purchase: Dial #PAY (#729) from your phone and follow the prompts. This is not required if you ordered a Real-Time refill, which is applied to your account at the time of purchase. Dial 1-866-U-FREEUP (1-866-837-3387). This is not required if you ordered a Real-Time refill, which is applied to your account at the time of purchase. https://youtu.be/wpHWKvBPZx4 Verizon Verizon Wireless Refill Refills Review Reviews TMI Wireless MyFreeWireless MyFreeWireless.Info
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Verizon preparing for disaster
Verizon preparing for disaster
The Best Mobile Routers and Hotspots 2018 Edition
If you have any pre-order questions, Or post-order questions please feel free to call/text me @ 747-444-3152. My name is Jason. ATT Velocity https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=TS45WVCFDHMLA huawei LTE Router https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=258Z2BDQ2568J If you already have an LTE modem or a hotspot and just want to purchase one of my unlimited SIM cards via PayPal. https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=G69TEGLBTKW3E AT&T Nighthawk Limited Avalibility Txt me!! MoFi Router http://mofinetwork.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=189
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First Call | First to Tomorrow. First to 5G.
Sometimes being first means being unreasonable. #FirstCall #FirstTo5G https://www.verizon.com/5G
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T-Mobile | Verizon's Secret | Network Ad
Verizon is better at some things. Like keeping secrets. It's time to spill the balls, once and for all. Subscribe to T-Mobile: http://bit.ly/1A41G9R CONNECT WITH T-MOBILE ONLINE Visit the T-Mobile website: www.T-Mobile.com Find T-Mobile on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1ENSATs Follow T-Mobile on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1A40uDt Follow T-Mobile on Google+: http://bit.ly/1wltr3f Follow T-Mobile on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1FpJYT0
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In today's video I'm reporting to you guys that verizon is adding new tech to their network.. Like,Share&Subscribe More videos coming soon E-mail: tyroned3222@gmail.com Follow @techlife32 on Instagram Follow @32_tyrone on Twitter Lightreading.com
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Xfinity Mobile Now Available: Verizon + Wi-Fi, $45/mo Unlimited - for Comcast Internet Customers
Back in April, Comcast soft launched a test market of their new Xfinity Mobile service - a hybrid wireless service combining Verizon's cellular network with the network of 16 million Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots. The data service automatically switches between whichever is available. Today, Xfinity Mobile is available to all Xfinity internet subscribers. Data plans are available ranging from $12/GB to $45/month for unlimited. (Well "unlimited"). The plans do include mobile hotspot use. For the full article: https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/xfinity-mobile-now-available-to-all-comcast-internet-customers/ For more from Xfinity Mobile: https://www.xfinity.com/mobile/plan ---------------- The Mobile Internet Resource Center is dedicated to helping mobile travelers (RVers, cruisers, nomads, etc.) keep connected! Join us over at: http://www.mobileinternetinfo.com We are primarily funded by our premium members, who allow us to make this our focus! Interested in helping keep us funded to continue creating content like this and more? Consider becoming a member at: www.mobileinternetinfo.com/membership Our members get a bunch of extra access to our Q&A forums, in-depth guides, product reviews, insider tips and webinars.
Flash Your Mifi 4510L 4G LTE to Verizon Unlimited Prepaid $100 A Year
Flash your Mifi 4510L hotspot to Verizon Unlimited Prepaid for as low as $100 a year. You will receive BLAZING unlimited 3G web 24/7 without it being throttled. The cost to have yours mifi flashed is $65 and that comes with 2 months FREE. So what are you waiting for CALL ME (305)998-6088 or check me out on the web http://www.tekitoys.com -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "$100K Business Funding In 4 Weeks No Money Up Front" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUeKsyXSgiQ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon report nationwide outages
Cellular customers across the country are having trouble making calls. Some Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile customers are affected. Verizon's peak outages were reported around midnight Thursday.
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Verizon How to Use a 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot
Verizon Wireless: http://bit.ly/1aQZKw2 This video describes the features of the Using 4G LTE Mobile Hotspots including the ability to connect up to 10 wifi enabled devices, portability for business travel, easy set up, and speeds up to 10x faster than 3G. Verizon Wireless was the first national wireless provider in the United States to build and operate a large-scale 4G LTE network—the most advanced wireless network technology available, with speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G. Verizon Wireless launched the nation's first large-area 4G LTE network in the United States in December 2010, giving customers mobile access to the Internet at speeds up to 10 times faster than before. In 2002, we were also the first company to launch a wireless high-speed broadband 3G network. Verizon Wireless is a recognized leader in customer service, investing heavily in services and self-service tools that consistently deliver customer satisfaction. We operate more than 1,900 retail locations, including kiosks, across the country and offer a robust online and call-in customer service network.
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Done with Verizon and AT&T? Get UNLIMITED NATIONWIDE 4g Voice • Text • Web  for only $29/mo or free
UNLIMITED NATIONWIDE 4g Voice • Text • Web for only $29/mo or free with referrals... Keep your phone, keep your number...or buy phone, get new number...your choice. Check coverage in your area: http://www.solaveiatlantic.com/check-coverage.php HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: They send you a fully functional Visa Debit card with your name on it... You start out at $49/mo, then they pay you $20/mo for referrals...(friends, family, co-workers, schoolmates etc...) This process never ends...my cell phone service is free, plus now I make a supplement income sponsoring people like you and helping them to enroll, etc...you can too... I'm not all that good with facebook and that stuff, but if you have a group of followers anywhere on the internet...wow I would envy how much you could make... If you have a phone you like, then you can just purchase a sim card for around 10.00, plus 1st month service ($49.00)...or, you can purchase a phone. You can keep your same phone number too if you like. I left AT&T and never been happier! GO FOR IT...YOU WON'T REGRET IT! Please feel free to contact me, and when you arrive at the website, connect with me as your sponsor, I am: SOLANTIC More info: http://solaveiatlantic.com Enroll: http://www.solaveiatlantic.com/sign-up.php We are a social commerce platform built on the belief that even a single relationship can make life better for many. Currently we offer Members Unlimited Voice, Text and Data for only $49/month on a 4G nationwide network, plus the opportunity to earn income by sharing the service with others. Relationships are our most valuable asset. Understand what we represent We believe your word is the most powerful form of marketing—so that's what we want to invest in. While other companies spend billions on traditional marketing, we reward you for sharing it with the people who know and trust you. In short, we spend our money on the best advertiser in the world... YOU! Watch the Overview Video The video is a great way to understand what we are and how you can be a part of this growing and thriving community. Get unlimited nationwide 4g mobile phone service for only $29/mo Check coverage in your area: http://www.solaveiatlantic.com/check-coverage.php Save on mobile cell phone service $39/mo Get Unlimited Nationwide 4g Posted 05:13 AM August 16, 2013 STOP BEING RIPPED OFF! Have a smart phone? Get "SMART" service - $39 (or FREE with referrals)
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Verizon Wireless customers' data exposed
FBN's Tracee Carrasco on the massive data leak at Verizon Wireless.
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Verizon's vision and financial approach
Verizon AT&T Sprint T-Mobile. Fiber optics 5G Networks. Wireless competition.
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Verizon MiFi Unlimited
MiFi unlimited tether. No need to call Verizon to swap MEIDs when you have an active SIM. Just pick up a prepaid MiFi jetpack at Walmart and swap your SIM in in.
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In todays video I wanted to talk you guys about Verizon possible new partnership and a new city was added to 5G list Like,Share& Subscribe More videos coming soon E-mail: tyroned3222@gmail.com Follow @techlife32 on Instagram Follow @32_tyrone on Twitter Lightreading.com
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Boycott Verizon! Verizon to get rid of unlimted data plans 2012
Enough is enough verizon fuck you!
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In today's video I'm reporting to you guys that verizon had a solid quarter. Like,Share& Subscribe More videos coming soon E-mail: tyroned3222@gmail.com Follow @ techlife32 on Instagram Follow @32_tyrone on Twitter Lightreading.com
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Wireless Calls Between Verizon and AT&T to Be Carried on Data Network by 2015
Verizon Communications and AT&T announced on Monday that they expect to be able to transmit wireless voice calls between the two carriers over high-speed data networks by 2015. The technology is expected to improve the quality of calls and allow for video calling and voicemail. AT&T and T-Mobile began rolling out Voice over LTE in select cities earlier this year. Verizon announced a nationwide launch in September, but customers cannot yet call subscribers on other networks using the technology. The technology could also allow customers to purchase devices that are not bound to a particular carrier and can easily be transferred to a different network. http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/technologyNews/~3/jqIvhWKKcJI/story01.htm http://www.wochit.com
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T-Mobile CEO John Legere's Plan For Verizon Customers To #GetOutOfTheRed | T-Mobile
T-Mobile's CEO John Legere announces a simple way for Verizon customers to switch to T-Mobile. It's called #GetOutoftheRed. You can switch from Verizon to T-Mobile and still keep your phone! We'll even pay it off! Click here to learn more about #GetOutoftheRed: https://www.t-mobile.com/offers/switch-from-verizon-to-t-mobile Subscribe to the T-Mobile YouTube channel and be the first to watch our new videos! https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=tmobile Can't get enough of T-Mobile? Find us here: Twitter: https://twitter.com/TMobile Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/TMobile Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TMobile Website: http://www.tmobile.com In this #TMobile video, CEO John Legere announces #GetOutoftheRed for Verizon users to switch to T-Mobile.
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Team 4 Investigates 'Cramming' Charges On Verizon Phone Bills
WTAE's Taking Action for You hotline has taken several calls from Verizon customers complaining about unwarranted charges on their monthly bills. It's known as "cramming" -- small fees placed on a bill on behalf of third-party service providers.
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Verizon Prepaid Increases Data on the $40 & $50 Smartphone Plans, Cuts 10GB Plan to $60 a Month
Verizon Prepaid Increases Data on the $40 & $50 Smartphone Plans, Cuts 10GB Plan to $60 a Month: Changes Take Effect: June 6th, 2017 [Verizon Improves Prepaid Plan Lineup With More Data and A Price Cut | Prepaid Phone News]: http://www.prepaidphonenews.com/2017/06/verizon-improves-prepaid-plan-lineup.html?m=1 Verizon Prepaid Smartphone Plans: - $40/month - 3GB* - $50/month - 7GB* - $60/month - 10GB* - $80/month - Verizon Unlimited Prepaid** * data throttles down to 128kbps ** mobile hotspot isn't available on the $80 Verizon Unlimited Prepaid Plan Hope y'all enjoy this video. :) Please rate, comment & subscribe! :) Thanks for watching my video. :)
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Verizon vs AT&T coverage maps comparison 2016
A coverage comparison of Verizon and AT&T coverage maps
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Verizon $50 & $70 Prepaid Smartphone Plans Goes Official on November 13th
Verizon $50 & $70 Prepaid Smartphone Plans Goes Official on November 13th: http://www.prepaidphonenews.com/2016/11/verizon-adding-two-new-prepaid.html?m=1 New Verizon Prepaid Smartphone Plans: 5 GB for $50: Unlimited domestic voice, unlimited domestic and international messaging and unlimited data with the first 5 GB of data at high speed, followed by unlimited 128 Kbps data.  10 GB for $70: Unlimited domestic voice, unlimited domestic and international messaging and unlimited data with the first 10 GB of data at high speed, followed by unlimited 128 Kbps data Always on Data - Unlimited data at 128 Kbps after the high speed data allotment is used up. Tethering and using your phone as a hotspot. Support for VoLTE which enables HD Voice, 6 way calling, video calling, WiFi Calling and simultaneous voice and data Hope y'all enjoy this video. :) Please rate, comment & subscribe! :) Thanks for watching my video. :)
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In today's video I wanted to report to you guys that Verizon is offering a new anti spam feature for a add on fee of $2.99. Like,Share& Subscribe More Videos Coming Soon E-mail: Tyroned3222@gmail.com Follow @techlife32 on instagram
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Smartphone vs Mobile Hotspot: Which is Better for RV Cellular WiFi?
How to Use Cellular Data To Get Online: MiFi/Jetpack, Smartphone Tethering, USB Modem and Mobile Routers Many RVers utilize cellular data to keep connected to the internet while they travel. But what is the best way to use cellular data keep other devices online, like laptops, tablets, gaming systems and smart TVs? The basic options include devices that are restricted to data only – such as mobile hotspots and modems. Or putting cellular connected tablets and phones to work serving double duty by providing an internet connection for your computers as well by using personal hotspot. What are the advantages and drawbacks of each, and when does it make practical sense? Those are the questions this video hopes to answer. For the written article version of this video, please also refer to: www.rvmobileinternet.com/mifi ----------- Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard of http://www.RVMobileInternet.com and authors of 'The Mobile Internet Handbook' and hosts of RVMobileInternet.com. We've been on the road full time since 2006, working remotely and sucking up mobile bandwidth. We also personally blog & share about our travels at http://www.technomadia.com
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In today's video I'm reporting to you guys that verizon is starting to fire back at T-Mobile with new marketing. Like,Share& Subscribe More videos coming soon E-mail: tyroned3222@gmail.com Follow @techlife32 on Instagram
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T Mobile Phone Business Plans New Coverage Overview Birmingham AL
http://amerivoxtelecom.com Looking for the best mobile phone business plans in the US? T Mobile Small Business Phone Plans are the best rates in the industry for any size business. T Mobiles new coverage is a wireless industry game changer. New Coverage for T-Mobile is a Game Changer for the Wireless Industry Over the past few years T-Mobile has been emerging in the metro markets with a mission to reinvent the industry. Their “UnCarrier” message was somewhat new to industry at a time when contracts were the norm for retail customers to get “free” phones, or significant reductions on phone pricing in exchange for paying a higher monthly rate on their phone plans. In Q4 of 2015, T-Mobile unveiled a new coverage map for their 4G LTE network that dramatically improved their network coverage Nationwide. So much so that AT&T and Verizon, the big two for mobile phone business plans, should be extremely concerned about how they will impact their business phone customer base. T-Mobile’s Business Phone Rates are incredibly attractive, and can save companies as much as 50% or more on their mobile phone business plans they’ve been paying to AT&T and Verizon for many years. T-Mobile Phone Business Plans Pricing Whether you have one phone or multiple, T-Mobile has some of the best business rate plans for mobile devices in the industry. The T-Mobile business rate plans are also simple to understand. For example, you can get 10 Phones for employees, each with 2GB of 4G LTE data included, unlimited talk and text, unlimited video streaming on the top video platforms (Netflix, HBO, Crackle, etc) using their Bingeon service, internationally text and calling, and much more for only $160! If you need 11 or more phones, the rate is only $15 per line. If you need to add more data for certain individual users, you can add it to that individual plan. If you want to pool the data across all the users, T-Mobile has a cool feature that allows you to avoid massive overage data overcharges by only paying the amount you sign up for per GB overage. The overage rates start at $4.50 per GB on overage which is much different than AT&T and Verizon overage policies that charge per MB. If you go over the allotted plan you picked, your rate goes down according the next available tier as you can see below. tmobile business rate plans,mobile phone business plans As you can see, the T-Mobile Business plans are extremely competitive and a refreshing alternative to the contracts, rate plans and stuffy customer service mobile phone customers have grown to expect from AT&T and Verizon. T-Mobile has been the red headed step child in the industry for the past few years as they grew their network, and established their business platforms. Not any longer. T-Mobile is poised to be a major player in mobile phone business world with their new coverage build out and their attractive, sensible business rate plans. We’d love to help you determine what your business needs in regards to types of phones, the proper rate plan you need, mobile hot spot devices and other applications such as GPS tracking or employee management software available in the industry.
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AT&T Removes Primary US Use Restriction for Canada & Mexico Roaming from Unlimited Enhanced Plans
AT&T made a quiet change to its current Unlimited smartphone plans that is a huge benefit for US-based nomads who frequently travel or live in Canada or Mexico. On May 22, 2018, AT&T removed a long-standing restriction that limited calls, text, and data that limited use to less than 50% usage outside the US in a consecutive two month period - if that level was exceeded, AT&T reserved the right to remove the international feature from a line. For the full story: https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/att-removes-primary-us-use-restriction-for-canada-mexico-roaming-from-unlimited-enhanced-plans/ -------------------------------- The Mobile Internet Resource Center is dedicated to helping mobile travelers (RVers, cruisers, nomads, etc.) keep connected! Join us over at: http://www.mobileinternetinfo.com We are primarily funded by our premium members, who allow us to make this our focus! Interested in helping keep us funded to continue creating content like this and more? Consider becoming a member at: http://www.mobileinternetinfo.com/membership Our members get a bunch of extra access to our Q&A forums, in-depth guides, product reviews, insider tips and webinars.
In today's video i wanted to report to you guys that verizon is going to stick to network quality going into a competitive year of wireless. Like,Share&Subscribe More videos coming soon E-mail:tyroned3222@gmail.com Follow @techlife32 on Instagram Follow @32_tyrone on Twitter Lightreading.com
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In today's video I'm reporting to you guys that verizon is starting GIGABIT deployment Like,Share & Subscribe More videos coming soon E-mail: tyroned3222@gmail.com Follow @techlife 32 on Instagram
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Unboxing and Review of Verizon 4G LTE Ellipsis Jetpack MHS800L hotspot
This is a unboxing and complete review including speed test of the Verizon pay-as-you-go ellipsis 800L jetpack hotspot device. I ran a speed test outside from my car using an ipad, here are the results: Download was 14.42 Mbps and upload was 1.7 Mbps. So its clear that you really lose a lot of signal strength when indoors. Speeds vary according to area. Outdoor use is faster than indoor use. Indoor use should require an outdoor antenna for best results. Keep this device at least 10mm away from your body. Emits radio frequency. Outdoor antenna: http://tinyurl.com/6njma6g
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In today's video I wanted to report you guys verizon Q1 numbers and they didn't do too good. Like, Share & Subscribe More Videos Coming Soon E-mail: Tyroned3222@gmail.com Follow @techlife32 on instagram
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Access Wireless
http://www.dexknows.com/business_profiles/access_wireless b26730 Access Wireless is your local authorized Verizon Wireless dealer. We provide many signature services, including nationwide calling plans, repairs while you wait, and accessories. Our winning team of friendly, knowledgeable sales associates and skilled technicians are always ready to meet your every need.
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Verizon backtracks on plan to cancel service to some rural Montana customers
Verizon backtracks on plan to cancel service to some rural Montana customers
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Verizon Backs Off Slow Data Speed Plans After Backlash
Remember when Verizon Wireless said it was going to slow down some of its customer's data speeds for "network optimization"? Yeah, it's decided not to do that. The company announced in late July its plans to "ensure that all data customers ... have the best network experience" by slowing down speeds for the top 5 percent of 4G data users. Those plans were slated to take effect Wednesday. (Video via Verizon Wireless) But Verizon's original announcement has been updated. It now says the company won't "move forward with the planned implementation of network optimization." The decision likely has a lot to do with customer backlash and a not-so-friendly letter from FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. In Wheeler's letter, posted to Scribd by a writer for Vice, the chairman condemned Verizon for its announcement writing, "reasonable network management concerns the technical management of your network; it is not a loophole designed to enhance your revenue streams." Now that Verizon has backed away from its plans, however, Wheeler's tone is much different. In response to the update Wheeler writes, "I salute Verizon Wireless's decision ... I commend Verizon's leadership." And a writer for The Verge says government blowback probably isn't the only motivation. "The US wireless industry is suddenly experiencing a jumpstart in competition. ... The top three major carriers — Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint — have doubled the amount of data included with their shared plans." Verizon would probably rather provide customers more data without stipulations rather than risk losing those customers to other carriers.
Unlimited Everything with Straight Talk Prepaid
With Straight Talk's Unlimited 30 day plan you get unlimited minutes, texts, mobile web access and 411 calls for $45. Nationwide coverage on America's best networks like AT&T and Verizon. That's less than half the price of contract unlimited plans. A possible savings of over $850 per year. It's time you switched!
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Bill Bratton / Public Safety Private Core / Verizon
Bill Bratton, former police commissioner of New York & Boston and former chief of LAPD, discusses Verizon's public safety private core designed to enhance Verizon's industry-leading 4G LTE network for public safety. Learn more at Verizon: http://www.verizonenterprise.com/industry/public_sector/public_safety/ Video Transcription: Hello, I’m Bill Bratton, former police commissioner of New York & Boston and former chief of the LAPD. When crisis strikes, first responders also have to be first communicators. You need reliable communications that work as hard as you do. In today’s world we need customized apps that deliver on a promise of instant data to keep people safe and keep yourselves safe too. Imagine real time information, like floorplans, or criminal records, or medical histories sent straight to you in the field. At the NYPD we had to build our own because years after 9/11 the promise of a dedicated private core still wasn’t being delivered. Now it is. Verizon introduced its public safety/private core with enhanced priority & preemption services for wireless to keep first responders like you connected when it counts. During an emergency networks can become congested but now Verizon has launched a public safety private core specifically for cops, firefighters & other first responders. And it’s on Verizon’s 2.5 million square mile network. I’m proud to work with Verizon to give first responders an option that provides reach, service choice & competitive pricing. As Verizon continues to push for interoperability & an open garden app development environment because that’s the best & broadest solution for public safety. It’s how we get a system you can rely on, so people can rely on you.
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How Mobile Carriers ATT TMobile Verizon Sprint Charge You More For Same Features & Plans  (RANT)
#CricketWireless #MetroPCS #BoostMobile How Mobile Carriers ATT TMobile Verizon Sprint Charge You More For The Same Features & Plans (RANT) IF YOU SHOP ON AMAZON USE THIS LINK TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL!!! https://amzn.to/2xFZPRi
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Why T-Mobile and Consumer Cellular are market favorites - Carrier Wrap Episode 40
The domestic telecom space is a highly competitive environment, with four nationwide operators battling tooth-and-nail to attract new customers. That battle includes both stealing customers from rivals as well as protecting those they have from the same sentiment. This competitive nature and strategies have pushed mobile carriers to become more appealing to consumers in terms of value while at the same time trying to grow – or at least maintain – their financial positions. On this week’s Carrier Wrap, we spoke with Cheryl Flink, chief strategy officer at Market Force Information, about the firm’s recent consumer survey that found T-Mobile US topping Verizon Wireless as the nation’s favorite full-service wireless operator. The survey included comments from more than 8,600 consumers through an online survey conducted in May – with women making up 73% of those surveyed – who were asked to rate “their satisfaction with their primary wireless carrier and its services, as well as their likelihood to refer that brand to others.” Results were posted in the form of a score on Market Force’s Composite Loyalty Index. T-Mobile US garnered the top spot just ahead of Verizon Wireless, with AT&T Mobility a distant No. 3 and Sprint a further distant No. 4. T-Mobile US was applauded for satisfaction in terms of value, ease of changing plans, plan flexibility and access to “new cell technology,” though was last among nationwide carriers in terms of frequency of dropped calls. Verizon Wireless topped the survey in terms of network coverage, fastest data speeds, fewest dropped calls, “strength of calls” and new device technology. However, the carrier was dinged in terms of value. AT&T Mobility was a solid middle player, not quite getting a top score in any one category, and tied just once for last place in terms of plan flexibility. Sprint scored the bottom spot in five categories, though did manage a No. 2 ranking in terms of plan flexibility. Tackling regional and prepaid-focused wireless operators, mobile virtual network operator Consumer Cellular topped the survey, followed by AT&T Mobility’s Cricket brand and TracFone’s StraightTalk offering. Consumer Cellular, which runs across AT&T Mobility’s network, was tops in seven question topics, with the other two topics won by U.S. Cellular (new device technology) and Cricket (new cell technology). Market Force noted noncontract wireless providers scored higher satisfaction levels when compared to “full-service” carriers. In terms of what the numbers mean for customer loyalty, Market Force found nearly three quarters of those surveyed had been with their current carrier for at least two years, with just 12% stating any inclination to swap carriers over the next year. For those that did state the possibility of switching, price was the overwhelming reason, followed by improved network coverage and more flexible plans. Carriers noted as being the most likely to lose customers over the next year were Sprint and its prepaid offshoot Boost Mobile, with AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless seen as the least likely to lose customers. Make sure to check us out again next week when we are scheduled to speak with Apteligent about its carrier network performance rankings.
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In today's video I wanted to report to you guys that Verizon is now open to merger talks with Comcast Disney and CBS. Like, Share & Subscribe More videos coming soon E-mail: Tyroned3222@gmail.com Follow @techlife32 on intstagram
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How 2 get Free verizon Cell Phones **REVEALED**
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Verizon data of 6 million users leaked online
ABC Tri-Cities at 5:30 a.m.
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Ajit Pai Jokes About Being a Verizon Shill in Leaked Video of Private Event
In a leaked video obtained by Gizmodo of the annual Federal Communications Bar Association—a private event with regulators and telecom industry insiders—Ajit Pai joked about being a shill for Verizon. This wasn't just a quick jab at himself; he literally created a skit with one of Verizon's top executives where they joke about selecting him as a puppet to do their bidding on the FCC. We'll discuss the other "jokes" he made at this event at the expense of the American people. Full Video: https://gizmodo.com/leaked-video-shows-fcc-chair-ajit-pai-roasting-himself-1821134881 Sources: https://gizmodo.com/verizon-says-execs-joke-about-installing-a-verizon-pupp-1821177013 https://www.inverse.com/article/39044-ajit-pai-verizon-speech ************************ Visit Our Website: http://www.humanistreport.com/ Follow Us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/HumanistReport Like Us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/humanistreport Support the Show: http://www.humanistreport.com/support.html Become a Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/humanistreport Download Our Podcast on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/humanist-report-podcast-episode/id1012568597?i=345667843&mt=2 ************************ Help Us Grow by Using These Links to Shop (We Earn Commission): Support Us by Shopping on Amazon! Bookmark this Link: http://amzn.to/1SGruTY Sign Up for a FREE 30-Day Trial to GameFly: https://www.gamefly.com/#!/registration?adtrackingid=pbridge001 Try Lootcrate if You're a Geek or Gamer: http://www.trylootcrate.com/click.track?CID=327723&AFID=372698&AffiliateReferenceID=HumanistReport Web Hosting for Only $3.95 with HostGator: http://partners.hostgator.com/c/171810/177309/3094 ************************ The Humanist Report (THR) is a progressive political podcast that discusses and analyzes current news events and pressing political issues. Our analyses are guided by humanism and political progressivism. Each news story we cover is supplemented with thought-provoking, fact-based commentary that aims for the highest level of objectivity.
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Net10 Prepaid Phone Plan
Check out Net10, an amazing prepaid phone service that's allowed me to save more than half of what I used to pay with my contract plan. It uses both AT&T and Verizon's network, which means I never drop a call. Only 50 bucks a month for unlimited text, talk and web, which is loads better than ay contract plan plus you get added flexibility
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3 Ways to Get an Unlimited Cellular Data Plan
Yes its possible to get yourself truly unlimited cellular data and not just by tethering and/or hacking your phone's software. Here are 3 ways you can get your hands on an unlimited cellular plan and our thoughts on each. . UPDATE: UNLIMITED DATA RENTAL PLANS: Verizon & AT&T - Now available at livinlite.net/unlimited-data-plans/ UPDATE: Updates and new ways to get unlimited data are available on our full blog post located here: http://livinlite.net/how-to-get-an-unlimited-cellular-data-plan/ In this video we explore some of the ways you can get your hands on an unlimited cellular data plan from Verizon, AT&T and other major carriers. Like our video's? Subscribe to our blog for email updates on our posts: http://livinlite.net/join-us Subscribe to our youtube channel: http://livinlite.net/youtube Follow us on Facebook: http://livinlite.net/facebook/
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