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Skin Cancer Pictures | Pictures Of Skin Cancer Symptoms
Skin Cancer Pictures - Skin Cancer Cure: https://goo.gl/k8vQMt In this video you'll find Different Types Of Skin Cancer Pictures with the signs and symptoms of skin cancer. One of the best ways to detect skin cancer early, and to prevent the spread of the cancer, is to take early skin cancer pictures and show them to a doctor. Photos, Images of Skin Cancer Signs, Symptoms. This video may help you in identifying skin conditions by showing you skin cancer pictures of: - actinic keratosis pictures http://www.premiumhealth.club/how-to-... - squamous cell carcinoma pictures - basal cell carcinoma pictures http://www.premiumhealth.club/how-to-... - melanoma pictures The skin cancer pictures in this video are for informative purposes only. Actinic keratosis, also called "solar keratosis" and "senile keratosis", is a pre-cancerous patch of thick, scaly, or crusty skin. These growths are more common in fair-skinned people, and those who are frequently in the sun. Actinic keratosis is considered to be potentially pre-cancerous. If it is left untreated, it may turn into a type of cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. Basal cell carcinoma, also known as bazalioma, or basal cell cancer, is the most common skin cancer, and one of the most common cancers in the United States. While Basal cell carcinoma has a very low metastatic risk, this tumor can cause significant disfigurement by invading surrounding tissues. Squamous cell carcinoma of the skin is a common form of skin cancer that develops in the squamous cells, that make up the middle and outer layer of the skin. Squamous cell carcinoma of the skin is usually not life-threatening, though it can be aggressive in some cases. Untreated, squamous cell carcinoma of the skin can grow large, or spread to other parts of your body, causing serious complications. Melanoma, also known as malignant melanoma, is a type of cancer that develops from the pigment-containing cells. Melanomas typically occur in the skin, but may rarely occur in the mouth, intestines, or eye. Sometimes they develop from moles with concerning changes, including an increase in size, irregular edges, change in color, itchiness, or skin breakdown. Although symptoms may vary, new or unusual growths, or changes in already existing moles, can be signs of skin cancer. This video also contains images of skin cancer (melanoma) versus images of normal moles. Unfortunately, conventional doctors don't tell you the TRUTH, about skin cancer. They don't tell you, that there is a NATURAL SOLUTION FOR SKIN CANCER PREVENTION, and SKIN CANCER TREATMENT. Introducing a real skin cancer treatment breakthrough, the R47-PROTUMOL treatment cream. This patented skin cancer treatment cream helps to kill tumorous cells. This cream is not only very effective, but also 100% Side-Effect FREE. The effect of the cream is PROVEN by clinical trials. For More Information Visit. www.SkinCancerStop.org Skin cancer pictures - Photos images and pictures of skin cancer. These skin cancer signs and symptoms pictures are very useful for detection however The author of this video is NOT a medical professional. This video has NOT been reviewed by a medical professional. This video is intended for general academic purposes and is not intended as a health diagnostic tool. Related tags: Melanoma Pictures Pictures of Melanoma Images of Melanoma Photos of Melanoma Photos images and pictures of skin cancer early stage pictures of skin cancer melanoma skin cancer pictures pictures of skin cancer images of skin cancer photos of skin cancer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGYPzzlwlpM
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Understanding Basal Cell Carcinoma (Skin Cancer #4)
Basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of all cancers. Learn more about BCC.Watch More Health Videos at Health Guru: http://www.healthguru.com/?YT
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ATTENTION! 5 Warning Signs Of BREAST CANCER That Many Women Ignore!
ATTENTION! 5 Warning Signs Of BREAST CANCER That Many Women Ignore! -You can read our blog HERE: http://powerhealthyt.com →Subscribe HERE: https://goo.gl/2d9f4w →Our Facebook: https://goo.gl/XyVkA1 -More WEIGHT LOSS VIDEOS HERE: https://goo.gl/zwskjQ -More HOME REMEDIES VIDEOS HERE: https://goo.gl/10zgHI Women with breast cancer may experience changes or breast symptoms, but many women do not show any of these signs or symptoms at the time of diagnosis. Often, signs or symptoms in the breast can be caused by a condition other than cancer. Signs and symptoms to discuss with your doctor include: a lump that feels like a firm lump or thickening of the breast or underarm. It is important to feel the same area of ​​the other breast to ensure that the change is not part of the healthy breast tissue in that area. Any change in the size or shape of the breast. Nipple discharge that occurs suddenly, contains blood or occurs only in one breast. physical changes such as inverted nipple inward or sore in the nipple area. Skin irritation or changes in this, as roughening, dimples, scaling or new folds. Mamas warm, red and swollen, with or without skin rash roughness that resembles the skin of an orange, called orange peel. Pain in the breast; particularly breast pain that does not go away. The pain usually is not a symptom of breast cancer, but you should contact your doctor. ATTENTION! 5 Warning Signs Of BREAST CANCER That Many Women Ignore! - https://youtu.be/sx84nHzlTaY
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Dog with massive cancerous tumor makes incredible recovery
We rescued a street dog suffering from an enormous cancerous tumor, a transmissible venereal tumor. Watch her amazing recovery! Donate to save street animals in India : www.animalaidunlimited.org/how-to-help/donate
Cervical cancer pictures
Cervical cancer pictures
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Before and AFTER Basal Cell Carcinoma Biopsy on the EAR | Auburn Medical Group
Basal Cell Carcinoma was the diagnosis after a horn-like skin lesion removal from the ear by shave biopsy surgery in part one. Now we see how well the biopsy site healed and learn about the referral made to a Dermatologist for Mohs Surgery treatment. See Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H22YoqyfrEI New videos are posted on Friday afternoons. This video is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. It is for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for evaluation by your own doctor. Be sure to subscribe to the Auburn Medical Group YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/auburnmedicalgroup?sub_confirmation=1 You can follow Dr. Mark Vaughan on Twitter and Instagram: @doctorvaughan. You can find the Auburn Medical Group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Auburn-Medical-Group-Inc-102055798325/?fref=ts Please comment and ask questions. Share with your friends who would be interested in seeing this video. Go to http://www.auburnmedicalgroup.com to learn about primary medical care in Auburn, California. All patients on our videos give written consent to post videos on YouTube of their office visit and for discussion of their medical condition voluntarily and without coercion. Music Credit: "Italian Afternoon" by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://www.twinmusicom.org/
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Major Symptoms Of HIV In Women
Major Symptoms Of HIV In Women 00:00:13 Flu Like Condition 00:00:58 Loss Of Immunity 00:02:08 Vaginal Infections 00:02:53 Skin and Fungal Infections 00:03:32 Loss of Weight
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The Ten Stages Of Your Death
Ever wondered what happens to your body after you die? Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/9CwQhg ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: If there is a common thread that brings us all together, it is the fact that one day we will all die. Despite what religion may say, none of us actually know what will happen once we die. One of the factors that bring in a lot of anxiety is what will happen to our body. There are about ten stages of death all together, and learning about them is enough to make anyone queasy, but it shouldn’t matter about it happening to you because, well, you’ll be dead. While we don’t know as to whether our consciousness survives, if we go to heaven, linger on the earth, or just cease to exist, science can at least answer the physical questions about what happens to our body. Unfortunately, science’s answers about physical death doesn’t do much to comfort a grieving family, or give peace to someone who may be fearing death to an extreme. But, the simple fact is that we will all eventually die, hopefully after living long and fulfilling lives. When death begins, you no longer have the ability to cough or swallow. Therefore, you’re unable to get rid of the mucus in your lungs and you’ll start to produce the classic and well known “death rattle” when you breathe. Once you die, your organs will no longer be receiving oxygen, and they will begin to shut down. When all of your organs are dead, then you will be officially dead. But the death cycle does not stop there, the next stage is livor mortis, where the blood is no longer flowing and will begin to pool and cause a red/blue color in the skin. Cell death soon follows, as cells break down for not having any more ATP being produced by the liver and no oxygen is flowing through the body. Since there is no blood flow, rigor mortis will take place, where the muscles will stiffen. The corpse may end up making squealing or moaning noises from the vocal chords stiffening up as well. Purge fluid will also come up from the nose and mouth, which is simply a reddish-brown fluid that is often mistaken for blood. While the cells break down, they will emit a chemical that will break down the rest of the cells in your body causing putrefaction. Decomposition soon follows where the body will bloat from the cadaverine and putrescine. Soon, your body then begins to dry up and fluids are lost. This is what the ancient Egyptians were trying to achieve in mummification by bypassing the stages of death and jumping straight to the loss of fluids. The final stages of death include your skin and organs drying up and falling apart off your skeleton. Bugs and other friends of nature may feast on your body for the last remaining nutrients that you have. Eventually, you will be reduced to nothing more than a skeleton, and your death cycle is complete. Lucky for us, we won’t be conscious for 90% of the stages of death. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRichest.org Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRichest_Com Instagram: http://instagram.com/therichest ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Featuring: Death Begins Organ Death Livor Mortis Cell Death Rigor Mortis Purge Fluid Putrefaction Decomposition Loss of Fluids Final Stages ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.therichest.com/
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I found a hard lump under my armpit. Was it cancer?
My mother died of cancer. That really put things into perspective and after that I vowed to never let anything that is even a sign of cancer go unresolved. Here is how I found my solution Support if you like what we are doing. Here is where you can purchase the items or ingredients in this video while supporting this channel at the same time :-)(amazon affiliate link) I feel it is always good to study and get a head start on anything i life. Even if it never happens to you. A Great Read about Cancer. The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer http://amzn.to/2isXHDE THE TOOLS I USE MOST All Clad Fry Pans: - http://amzn.to/2iTuUYR Schmidt Brothers Knives: - http://amzn.to/2iwHktc Wood Cutting Board: - http://amzn.to/2iwRpGl Utility Tong: - http://amzn.to/2hHrThS Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer: - http://amzn.to/2imJn2u MY CAMERA EQUIPMENT Nikon D5500: - http://amzn.to/2iTF2kd Samsung WB250F: - http://amzn.to/2imCI8x Lighting Kit: - http://amzn.to/2iEkEo4 Tripod: - http://amzn.to/2hHlHqk --- *This is not a substitute for professional medical advice.
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HIV या एड्स   ये हैं वो लक्षण जिनसे आप जान सकते हैं की आपको HIV या एड्स तो नहीं!
HIV या एड्स ये हैं वो लक्षण जिनसे आप जान सकते हैं की आपको HIV या एड्स तो नहीं!
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STD Pictures
STD Pictures - http://stdpictures.org is a picture rich std reference site showing physical traits of common stds. STDs - Sexually Transmitted Disease, Infection Symptoms Pictures Visual Exploration of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. STD Site Map: http://stdpictures.org/site-map Herpes Simplex Virus 1 - Oral Hepes http://stdpictures.org/herpes-simplex-virus-1 Herpes Simplex Virus 2 - Genital Herpes http://stdpictures.org/herpes-simplex-virus-2 Chlamydia http://stdpictures.org/chlamydia Gonorrhea http://stdpictures.org/gonorrhea Primary Syphilis http://stdpictures.org/primary-syphilis Secondary Syphilis http://stdpictures.org/secondary-syphilis Learn more at: http://stdpictures.org http://stdpictures.org/site-map
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Tongue herpes - Herpes on Tongue, Tongue herpes cure
Click Here : http://www.herpescure9.com/ HERPES ON TONGUE Herpes is a kind infection, caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV). It is one of the most common sexually transmitted disease in the world. Almost 50 million people in U.S. alone are suffering from this virus. There are two types of HSV's, HSV 1 and HSV 2. Both are responsible for causing herpes. HSV 1 mostly infects the lips, causing sores known as fever blisters or cold sores. However, HSV 2 causes genital herpes that infects genital area, buttocks or anus area. Most of the people get infected as a result of physical contact, for example sex or kissing, if someone is having “outbreak” (HSV is active). Tongue herpes is basically an infection of a mouth as a whole and it is much uncomfortable. Tongue herpes is a type of HSV 1 and highly infectious. SYMPTOMS OF TONGUE HERPES People with herpes are not aware of the disease as its symptoms are pretty similar to flue like symptoms and it is hardly to distinguish between these symptoms for common people. Also, Symptoms can be different in each person. Normally, symptoms appear after 2-10 days and can be seen for 2-3 weeks. Early symptoms include: *Itching, pain or burning feel at site of infection. *Flu like symptoms (fever, headache, body ache) Within a few days, sores will appear on the mouth, lips, eyes or tongue. Over several days, the sores can become crusty and then heal without leaving a scar. If you have been infected by HSV 1 or 2, you have the symptoms time by time as its symptoms are recurring type. In most cases, the virus becomes active several times a year. Recurrence also varies in different people. Some people might have only one or two outbreaks in a life time, but others may have several in a year. DIAGNOSIS It can be diagnosed by visual inspection i.e. just looking at sore or by taking a sample from the sore for testing in a lab. Blood tests, which detect HSV-1 or HSV-2 antibodies, can help to detect herpes in people without symptoms or during the time between outbreaks. However tongue herpes is much different in appearance and hence can be diagnosed easily. TREATMENT There are medicines that are generally prescribed for herpes include: Acyclovir, Famciclovir and Valacyclovir. Whether it is a repeated episode or new one, it is necessary to limit the virus within some area. You can take these antiviral medicines on a regular basis to overcome the virus completely or you can take it whenever the outbreak occurs. You can also use painkiller tablets if you feel much pain. Following steps should be kept in mind: *Keep the infected area clean and dry. *Try to avoid touching the sores. *Prevent getting dehydrated. *Avoid using toothpaste that contains sodium lauryl sulfate. *Avoid sexual contact during outbreak. The best cure for tongue herpes is taking precautions. You should consult a doctor as soon as you get any symptoms like this. You should also talk to your partner in this regard as it will make you both aware about herpes as well as its precautions. Herpes, Herpes simplex virus, Tongue herpes, Oral herpes, Tongue herpes symptoms, Causes of tongue herpes, Tongue herpes cure, Best cure of tongue herpes, Permanent cure for tongue herpes, Oral herpes cure, Best oral herpes cure, Best cure for oral herpes, How to get rid of tongue herpes, How to cure tongue herpes, Best way to cure tongue herpes,
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My Henna Tatto
The chain gives you ideas of how to take care of your skin and how to do you make up, Our videos show you a lot of useful ideas to make you pretty and lovely. Night at the Dance Hall par Twin Musicom est distribué sous la licence Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source : http://www.twinmusicom.org/song/309/night-at-the-dance-hall Artiste : __url_artiste__ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ henna tattoo tutorial, henna tattoo designs, henna tattoo diy, henna tattoo for men, henna tattoo on dark skin, henna tattoo eyebrows, henna tattoo time lapse, henna tattoo compilation, henna tattoo kit, henna tattoo without henna powder, henna tattoo, henna tattoo tutorial for beginners, henna tattoo at home, henna tattoo asmr, henna tattoo art, henna tattoo after, henna tattoo artist, henna tattoo arm, henna tattoo allergy, henna tattoo after dry, henna tattoo application, henna tattoo aftercare, henna tattoo buzzfeed, henna tattoo black, henna tattoo before and after, henna tattoo beginner, henna tattoo back, henna tattoo boy, henna tattoo body, henna tattoo brows, henna tattoo black skin, henna tattoo belly button, henna tattoo care, henna tattoo chest, henna tattoo cone, henna tattoo challenge, henna tattoo crown, henna tattoo color change, henna tattoo cost, henna tattoo cancer patients, henna tattoo care instructions, henna tattoo designs for beginners, henna tattoo diy without glue, henna tattoo dry, henna tattoo diy with glue, henna tattoo designs pictures, henna tattoo designs for men, henna tattoo designs for women, henna tattoo dragon, henna tattoo easy, henna tattoo easy for beginners, henna tattoo eyeliner, henna tattoo eyebrows near me, henna tattoo eyebrows perth, henna tattoo entfernen, henna tattoo eraser, henna tattoo easy designs, henna tattoo equipment, henna tattoo for kids, henna tattoo for beginners, henna tattoo fail, henna tattoo foot, henna tattoo feet, henna tattoo flower, henna tattoo full body, henna tattoo finger, henna tattoo for wedding, henna tattoo gone wrong, henna tattoo golecha, henna tattoo gun, henna tattoo guava, henna tattoo guys, henna tattoo guava juice, henna tattoo girls, henna tattoo grand rapids, getting a henna tattoo, gold henna tattoo, henna tattoo how to, henna tattoo how to make, henna tattoo hand, henna tattoo history, henna tattoo homemade, henna tattoo heart, henna tattoo how to do, henna tattoo how long does it last, henna tattoo how to apply, henna tattoo hand designs, henna tattoo ideas, henna tattoo ink, henna tattoo ingredients, henna tattoo indian, henna tattoo india, henna tattoo infinity, henna tattoo ink diy, henna tattoo ink pen, henna tattoo instructions, henna tattoo infections, henna tattoo jagua, henna tattoo joker, henna tattoo jakarta, henna tattoo julia beautx, henna tattoo jungs, henna tattoo kit tutorial, henna tattoo kit review, henna tattoo kit michaels, henna tattoo kit near me, henna tattoo kits for eyebrows, henna tattoo kit with stencils, henna tattoo kits for beginners, henna tattoo kits hobby lobby, henna tattoo kit for kids, henna tattoo leg, henna tattoo lettering, henna tattoo lemon juice, henna tattoo lemon and sugar, henna tattoo lower back, henna tattoo last longer, henna tattoo lotus flower, henna tattoo lasts how long, henna tattoo look like real tattoo, henna tattoo men, henna tattoo mixture, henna tattoo meaning, henna tattoo machine, henna tattoo mix, henna tattoo materials, henna tattoo michaels, henna tattoo music, henna tattoo mixture ingredients, henna tattoo markers, henna tattoo natalies outlet, henna tattoo name, henna tattoo near me, henna tattoo natural, new age henna tattoo kit, henna tattoo nederlands, henna tattoo tutorial nederlands, henna tattoo on foot, henna tattoo on shoulder, henna tattoo on leg, henna tattoo on back, henna tattoo on hand, henna tattoo on your shoulder, henna tattoo on arm, henna tattoo on face, henna tattoo on stomach, henna tattoo peeling, henna tattoo permanent, henna tattoo process, henna tattoo prank, henna tattoo paste, henna tattoo pregnant, henna tattoo picture, henna tattoo powder, henna tattoo pen, henna tattoo philippines, henna tattoo removal, henna tattoo rose, henna tattoo real, henna tattoo review, henna tattoo recipe, henna tattoo reaction, henna tattoo roi, henna tattoo rihanna, henna tattoo removal fast, henna tattoo removal cream, henna tattoo sleeve, henna tattoo stickers, henna tattoo stencils,
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Basal Cell Biopsy | Auburn Medical Group
A large shave biopsy is performed on a patient's arm to rule-out squamous cell carcinoma or basal cell carcinoma. Johnny had a suspicious skin lesion which could very likely be a form of skin cancer. We have options for how to address suspicious lesions like this. They fall into two major categories of biopsy and destruction. A biopsy is a sampling of the lesion, sometimes the entire lesion to establish a definitive diagnosis through an evaluation of the sample. The biopsies we obtain are treated chemically to allow a Pathologist to cut the lesion into microscopically thin slices which are evaluated with a microscope. Special stains are used on the sample to help distinguish various types of diseases and cancers in this evaluation. Once we know that a cancer is present, we want to know if all of the cancer was removed. This is evaluated by seeing if the edge of the cancer is contained in the sample obtained or if it goes all the way to the edge of the specimen, either the deep margin or the lateral margins. This determines if further excision will need to be done on the patient to completely remove the cancer. Some types of cancer can be observed if they extend the edge, others require re-excision. Some cancers can be destroyed or completely removed by cutting them out or burning them with laser, electricity, or liquid nitrogen. This is limited to cancers which are less threatening and easier to treat. Sometimes our shave biopsies for non-pigmented skin cancers are done like Johnny’s, being careful to completely remove the lesion in the biopsy, in hopes that any cancer will be completely removed. We will often do this approach when we suspect basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma. It is not appropriate for suspected malignant melanoma which tends to be more aggressive and spreads to distant areas of the body. If we find that Johnny had a basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma, and it was completely removed, we will have him come back for routine skin checks annually. If you enjoyed this option of having more explanation please let us know in the comments. We thank you for liking, commenting, sharing, and subscribing. We also encourage you to sign up for our email list at auburnmedicalgroup.com so you won’t miss upcoming announcements related to this channel. There is a link in the description.New videos are posted on Friday. This video is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. It is for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for evaluation by your own doctor. Be sure to subscribe to the Auburn Medical Group YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/auburnmedicalgroup?sub_confirmation=1 You can follow Dr. Mark Vaughan on Twitter and Instagram: @doctorvaughan. You can find the Auburn Medical Group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Auburn-Medical-Group-Inc-102055798325/?fref=ts Please comment and ask questions. Share with your friends who would be interested in seeing this video. Go to http://www.auburnmedicalgroup.com to learn about primary medical care in Auburn, California. All patients on our videos give written consent to post videos on YouTube of their office visit and for discussion of their medical condition voluntarily and without coercion. Music Credit: "End of Summer" by The 126ers (Royalty Free Music on YouTube).
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Shingles (Herpes Zoster) Diagnosis and Overview- OnlineDermClinic
http://www.onlinedermclinic.com In this tutorial, Chris Schach M.D., discusses diagnosis of this painful condition caused by reactivation of the chicken pox virus (varicella-zoster). Please visit our site for more information about dermatological conditions. Key Points * Better known as shingles * Painful skin rash that often forms blisters * Occurs in a dermatome(sensory nerve distribution) on one side of the body...does not cross the midline * Viral in nature, caused by the chicken pox virus (varicella-zoster virus=VZV) Herpes Zoster, often known as shingles, is a frequently painful skin rash localized to one region of the body. The herpes zoster virus (VZV) is the same virus that causes chicken pox (varicella). Once an outbreak of chicken pox has resolved, the virus becomes dormant in the sensory nerve root along the spinal cord. The area where it remains dormant is called the dorsal root ganglion. Later in life, the virus may reactivate and travel along the nerve, often causing severe pain and in a region of the body. Because individual sensory nerves are responsible for sensation in one region on one side of the body, the associated pain and eventual blisters are confined to that region. The resulting skin rash — which is often accompanied by clear or bloody blisters — occurs most often in people over the age of 60, although certain diseases like AIDS or cancer can suppress the immune system enough so that the herpes zoster virus can reactivate. Aging, illness or stress to the body or mind may tigger herpes zoster. Patients with zoster are contagious and should avoid immunosuppressed people, pregnant women, and people that have not had chicken pox. Once all of the sores from a zoster outbreak have scabbed, the patient is no longer contagious. Herpes zoster ophthalmicus occurs when VZV infects the first branch of the trigeminal nerve, V1. This nerve innervates the forehead, nose and eye. Infection of this region can lead to severe eye pain, conjunctivitis, and vision loss. Hutchinson's sign describes blister involvement of the nasal tip, sidewall or nasal root. The presence of this sign is a predictor of more severe ocular involvement with likelihood of a worse outcome concerning vision loss and disease severity. Herpes zoster oticus (Ramsay Hunt Syndrome) describes VZV affecting the V3 branch of the trigeminal nerve. This nerve innervates the ear and lower jaw line. Complications of infection in this region include: blistering rash, severe ear pain, hearing loss, and paralysis of the facial nerve. Differential Diagnosis (Other conditions with similar appearance)Conjunctivitis Coxsackievirus Superficial pyoderma Diagnosis Key Points *Starts as a tingling or burning localized pain * Rash appears 2-3 days later * Blisters break and form crusts *Rash is almost always unilateral, with the blisters only on one side of the body, thus not crossing the "midline" of the body. The severely immunosuppressed are an exception and are at risk for disseminated (widespread) herpes zoster Herpes zoster usually begins as a one-sided tingling or burning pain, which may actually become quite severe before the rash appears. When this occurs on the left side of the chest, it is sometimes mistaken for a heart attack. Red patches will subsequently form two to three days later, often with blisters (initially, it looks like hives). Once the blisters break, ulcers dry out and form crusts, which normally fall off in two to three weeks. The rash usually occurs anywhere from the spine to the front of the belly, though it can involve the face, mouth, eyes, or ears. Additional symptoms may include abdominal pain, chills, fever, joint pain, taste and vision problems, headaches or even loss of eye motion or a drooping eye. Forehead or eyelid involvement especially with nasal tip blisters warrants immediate therapy and evaluation by ophthalmology. Once the rash has appeared, a dermatologist can recognize herpes zoster by sight. Lab tests can confirm the diagnosis. Treatment Because shingles usually resolves itself, treatment is not absolutely required, but early treatment may reduce the likelihood of long term pain. Pain is uncommon once the rash has disappeared for people under age 50. However, the older the patient, the more severe the outbreak and the longer the delay in therapy, all increase the risk of post herpetic neuralgia. Over the counter analgesics or topical lotions with calamine are usually sufficient for mild pain. Early use of antiviral drugs may reduce the severity and duration of shingles and, importantly, decrease the risk of chronic pain in the region (post herpetic neuralgia). One in five sufferers of shingles will develop post-herpetic neuralgia, a pain in the area that could last for months or years, which results from damage to the nerves.
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TIP: Petty Spurge Vs Skin Cancer February 2016
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Medical Animation: HIV and AIDS
To learn more about licensing this video for content marketing or patient education purposes, visit: http://www.nucleushealth.com/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video-description&utm_campaign=hiv-112513 This video, created by Nucleus Medical Media, shows the function of white blood cells in normal immunity. It also portrays how the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) affects the immune system and causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Common types of antiretroviral medications used to treat HIV and AIDS are also shown. ANH13111
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Stages Of Hemorrhoids | Grade 1 Hemorrhoids & Grade 2 Hemorrhoids
Stages Of Hemorrhoids | Grade 1 Hemorrhoids & Grade 2 Hemorrhoids Click the link below to read more about this fantastic book and how it can help you achieve your goals: http://tinyurl.com/Hemorrhoids101 Stages Of Hemorrhoids | Grade 1 Hemorrhoids & Grade 2 Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids: What Are They? If you have hemorrhoids, it is important to learn exactly what they are and also how to treat them. There are specific symptoms and indications to try to find to alert you about whether you need to seek therapy or not. Knowing exactly what these are will aid you to recognize what therapy to look for. It is also crucial to discover where to seek aid and also to understand that piles are typical for men and women and also influence almost 50% of the population. Hemorrhoids are additionally known as Piles. They are discovered in the blood vessels near to the rectum and also rectum. The existence of hemorrhoids suggests that blood vessels in those areas have been extended because of pressure. In this sense, they are similar to varicose capillaries found in the legs. Piles can be dued to included pressure on the capillary associated with bowel movements. Hemorrhoids are typically found in two locations. They are located in the skin location of the rectum, and also in being located below are referred to as interior hemorrhoids. Piles located in the skin alongside the rectum are known as exterior piles. Similar problems that could exist in different areas might be a sign of gastrointestinal condition as well as ought to be seen by a doctor. removal of hemorrhoids, what helps hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids and constipation, natural remedy for hemorrhoids, surgery for hemorrhoids, relief from hemorrhoids, treatment of hemorrhoids, treatment for external hemorrhoids, treatment for hemorrhoid, cures for hemorrhoids, treatments for hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids home remedy, thrombosed hemorrhoid treatment, hemorrhoids home remedies, types of hemorrhoids, getting rid of hemorrhoids, stop bleeding hemorrhoids, bleeding internal hemorrhoids, thrombosed external hemorrhoids, remedies for hemorrhoids, hemorrhoid natural treatment, internal hemorrhoids bleeding, get rid of hemorrhoids, home remedy hemorrhoids, what is hemorrhoid, Piles are normally detected by hemorrhaging in the areas of the anus as well as anus. This blood loss is caused by stress from capillary. Various other signs might likewise assist in diagnosing hemorrhoids. Irregular defecation, discomfort, itching, and also severe discomfort in the region are all normal of the existence of hemorrhoids. It is advised that your signs be checked by a physician. It ought to additionally be mentioned that bleeding might also be an outcome of various other digestion conditions. Hemorrhoids may happen for numerous reasons. Expecting females may develop them as a result of quick modifications in weight. Hemorrhoids are common among those who are constipated or have tough bowel movements that create stress. Stress here for long term periods can directly trigger hemorrhoids. Once you have had piles, you will likely have them once again, though symptoms generally improve and also go away on their own. More serious hemorrhoids will require medicine and perhaps surgical procedure relying on the conditions connected with them. Over-the-counter drugs might aid to reduce signs and symptoms that are not severe as a short-lived action until clinical therapy can be offered. It is essential to know what hemorrhoids are, just how they happen, and just how therapy can aid you. Understanding the severity of the issue and the repercussions on you health and wellness and also well being will assist you in seeking the appropriate therapy. Piles are typical as well as could effortlessly be identified as well as dealt with. The correct treatment could aid you return to a typical way of living and take control of this problem. Stages Of Hemorrhoids | Grade 1 Hemorrhoids & Grade 2 Hemorrhoids https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuBR8Z8pIwH8zOnqWQJPYCw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83-ShRpafuo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YGul68CsJs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zj2qhikPLPY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSJAhSje8R0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRJ89emB134 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kPrwhEtT2g Stages Of Hemorrhoids | Grade 1 Hemorrhoids & Grade 2 Hemorrhoids Stages Of Hemorrhoids | Grade 1 Hemorrhoids & Grade 2 Hemorrhoids Stages Of Hemorrhoids | Grade 1 Hemorrhoids & Grade 2 Hemorrhoids Stages Of Hemorrhoids | Grade 1 Hemorrhoids & Grade 2 Hemorrhoids Stages Of Hemorrhoids | Grade 1 Hemorrhoids & Grade 2 Hemorrhoids #StagesOfHemorrhoids
Diabetes:  Worst Scalp Lesions & Eschars - Cellulitis?  Dilated Pores?
Meta-Seven: https://amzn.to/2k7nlQW RESTMORE natural Sleep Aid: http://www.buyRESTMORE.com Good medical morning! Today we have one of the most serious diabetes cases that I have ever seen, and if nothing else we hope that this video educates about the importance of caring for diabetes and the medical problems that it causes. Of course, viewer discretion is advised... becaause you will see what appears to be serious necrotic lesions. We are presented with a 72 year old male with type two diabetes. The medical professional who submitted the photos had the following to say: "2 months ago his scalp started to ache and itch, followed by painful lesions which are pictured, covered with thick necrotic slough or eschars." Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. If you have type 2 diabetes your body does not use insulin properly. This is called insulin resistance. At first, your pancreas makes extra insulin to make up for it. But, over time it isn't able to keep up and can't make enough insulin to keep your blood glucose at normal levels. This Patient was admitted to a dermatology unit for diferential diagnostics, but while there he started to complain visual impairment in the left eye. What's your steps to diagnosis and what could be the treatment? Sometimes people question our photos, so for reference the pictures are a week apart (note the change of the shirts he's wearing). The hair was also shaved to better evaluate the findings. Leave a comment below. Have you or a friend been affected by diabetes? Click like if you or somebody you know has been touched by the condition. http://cystbursting.com/uncategorized/diabetic-necrosis/ If you have diabetes, you're more likely to have dry skin. High blood sugar (glucose) can cause this. If you have a skin infection or poor circulation, these could also contribute to dry, itchy skin. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/GreatestMedicalCaseStudies/?sub_confirmation=1 Warning: This video contains medical content. Furthermore, take no medical advice from this channel. Consult a doctor for medical advice. We are not doctors and we are not your doctor! Extractor Tool from Amazon: http://amzn.to/2pliBe7 World's Greatest Animals: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7lZW4rHx7zcclvlsSdfTew?sub_confirmation=1 Twitter: https://twitter.com/asboxoffice Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/freakymedical http://www.instagram.com/greatestmedical Trypophobia and Fear of Holes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlOjxrSHhdI&list=PL2x0yQtfApPDGX98G_i3sK5xoeBb8Ksrq Join the ScaleLab Network: http://scalelab.com/apply?referral=8164 Please use our videos as a reminder to always wear gloves when doing a home medical procedure. Wash your hands and keep a sterile environment. * We are not doctors. Always consult a real medical professional. In an emergency, go to the hospital! https://www.youtube.com/user/greatestmedical B-Head Extractor Kit: http://amzn.to/2pliBe7 This video may contain paid product placement and no statements are evaluated by the FDA. Extractor Tool Kit: http://amzn.to/2pliBe7
Herpes (oral & genital) - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology
What is herpes? Herpes is a virus causing sores most commonly around the mouth (oral herpes) and genitals (genital herpes). Find more videos at http://osms.it/more. Hundreds of thousands of current & future clinicians learn by Osmosis. We have unparalleled tools and materials to prepare you to succeed in school, on board exams, and as a future clinician. Sign up for a free trial at http://osms.it/more. Subscribe to our Youtube channel at http://osms.it/subscribe. Get early access to our upcoming video releases, practice questions, giveaways, and more when you follow us on social media: Facebook: http://osms.it/facebook Twitter: http://osms.it/twitter Instagram: http://osms.it/instagram Our Vision: Everyone who cares for someone will learn by Osmosis. Our Mission: To empower the world’s clinicians and caregivers with the best learning experience possible. Learn more here: http://osms.it/mission Medical disclaimer: Knowledge Diffusion Inc (DBA Osmosis) does not provide medical advice. Osmosis and the content available on Osmosis's properties (Osmosis.org, YouTube, and other channels) do not provide a diagnosis or other recommendation for treatment and are not a substitute for the professional judgment of a healthcare professional in diagnosis and treatment of any person or animal. The determination of the need for medical services and the types of healthcare to be provided to a patient are decisions that should be made only by a physician or other licensed health care provider. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition.
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STD and STD Symptoms
What is STD? What are the symptoms of STDs? How do STDs spread? How to prevent STDs? Common types of STDs: herpes(HSV-1, HSV-2), HPV, HIV, Hepatitis(A, B, C),Chlamydia, Thrush, Syphilis, Gonorrhea.Symptoms of those STDs: herpes symptoms, HIV symptoms, HPV symptoms, chlamydia syptoms, thrush symptoms, syphilis symptoms etc. Check more: http://www.positivesingles.com/ What is STD? Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infectious diseases that are most often spread by sexual intercourse. STDs can be spread through various ways. It is wrong if you think you can only be infected through sexual intercourse. How STDs Spread? 1) Have oral, vaginal and/or anal sex with someone who has the infection. 2) Have more than one sex partner or have sex with someone who has had many partners 3) Don't use a condom when having sex 4) Direct skin-to-skin contact with the mouth, anus or genitals.- 5) Share needles or syringes for drug use, ear piercing, tattooing, etc. How many people get STDs? Over 110 million people are living with STDs in the U.S. alone, as well as an estimated 400 million people worldwide. In the United States about 19 million new infections are thought to occur each year. Almost half of new infections are among young people ages 15 to 24. 1 in 4 teenage American girls has STD. How to prevent STDs?  Don’t have sex.  Be faithful.  Use condoms correctly when you have sex.  Have a yearly pelvic exam. Most common types of STDs  HSV-1 (herpes type 1, usually cold sore)  HSV-1 (herpes type 1, usually genital)  HSV-2 (herpes type 2, usually genital)  HSV-2 (herpes type 2, usually cold sore)…  HPV (human papillomavirus)  HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)  Hepatitis A  Hepatitis B  Hepatitis C  Chlamydia  Thrush  Syphilis  Gonorrhea a). HERPES (HSV-1 & HSV-2) Herpes simplex virus is known as herpes. The virus is categorized into two types of herpes. HSV-1 is usually oral herpes and HSV-2 is usually genital herpes. Over 45,000,000 have herpes in U.S. There is no cure for the infection. Symptoms 1) A blister or multiple blisters on or around affected areas: inside the mouth, on the lips, around the lips, genitals, or rectum. 2) HSV-1 causes sores around the mouth, inside the mouth and on the lips. 3) With HSV-2, the infected person may have cold sores or a rash around the genitals area. b). HPV (human papillomavirus) HPV vaccines are offered to males and females age 26 and under who don’t have HPV. Over 20,000,000 people have the disease. The vaccine is a series of three shots given during a six-month duration. Symptoms Often, people don't have any symptoms and the HPV infection goes away on its own. Some types of HPV can lead to cervical cancer or cancer of the anus or penis. c). HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) Over 1,200,000 people in the U.S are living with HIV. HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system. When HIV progresses it could cause AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). Symptoms Symptoms may appear from a few days to several weeks after a person is first infected. The early symptoms usually go away within 2 to 3 weeks. After the early symptoms go away, an infected person may not have symptoms again for many years. After a certain point, symptoms reappear and then remain. These symptoms usually include:  Swollen lymph nodes.  Extreme tiredness.  Weight loss.  Fever.  Night sweats. d). Hepatitis B Hepatitis B is a serious disease caused by a virus hepatitis B virus (HBV) that attacks the liver. It can cause lifelong infection, cirrhosis (scarring) of the liver, liver cancer, liver failure, and death. Symptoms  Jaundice (yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes and/or a brownish or orange tint to the urine)  Unusually light-colored stool  Fever  Unexplained fatigue that persists for weeks or months  Gastrointestinal symptoms such as loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting  Abdominal pain  Frequently there will be no symptoms, and it is only discovered in a blood test Often, symptoms occur one to six months after exposure. An estimated 30% of those infected do not show typical signs or symptoms. e). Hepatitis C In the U.S, 3.2 million people have Hepatitis C. Hepatitis C is a virus that could cause inflammation of the liver. Symptoms The majority of individuals with Hepatitis C don’t experience any signs or symptoms of the virus. If liver damage occurs the following symptoms may occur. • Jaundice (a condition that causes yellow eyes and skin, as well as dark urine) • Stomach pain • Loss of appetite • Nausea • Lethargic • Temperature
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Lumps In Dogs And Cats: When To See The Vet, How To Treat At Home
http://www.theonlinevet.com/newsletter.php In this video Dr Jones shows you the most common lumps and bumps in pets. He shows you how to tell if they are serious, requiring veterinary care, or when you can monitor and treat them at home.
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Q&A 240 - Blood Cancer, Vision, Diabetes, Lyme Disease
Questions & Answers 240 Have a question? Send it to: questions@naturebotanicalpharmacy.com 03:13 - Lasha -- On the one hand I am told that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. On the other hand I am told that blood is always alkaline or you will die. Could you please explain blood cancer to me? 16:43 - James -- I have a question regarding vision. It's not exactly my eyes, but my visual cortex in the brain or something - not sure exactly. It started after doing a few psychedelics then my altered vision came about a few months after and got worse over time. I see heaps of floaters in both of my eyes all the time. When I look at something bright and I blink, I can see the image on the wall. If it's really bright it can last up to 1-2 minutes occurring more when I blink. I see heaps of static or little dots at nighttime; very bad foggy brain. It feels so congested along with very red eye veins that are there all the time. 22:07 - Simple Life -- I had cured myself of type 2 Diabetes, High blood pressure, and sleep apnea, but I still suffer from high astigmatism in my left eye. Can you recommend anything? Diet or treatments? 23:53 - Gina - It has been two months since the involuntary hospital experience. This is it in summary: the morning after I was first taken, they wheeled me down to the pediatric surgery and the surgeon and other doctors were present. I was told by him that my leg would have to be amputated most likely, as the tumor was wrapped around a blood vessel (it was 12 centimeters in length, although the surgeon cut a foot long incision) as shown in the CAT scan they took but never disclosed to me. Also, I did not have any metastasis. After expressing he never had taken a patient without their consent before me, he expressed that I would have to undergo chemotherapy and he would put the port in my chest. He said to not follow up the surgery with chemotherapy and radiation (which are not proven to help the survival rate for people with this type of tumor) would be suicidal. I was then put to sleep, and woke up, with both legs still attached and the chemo port in place. By the merciful nature of great souls in my life and forces I don't understand, the pathology report said that there was no evidence of "cancerous cells" in the surrounding tissue. I don't have the genetic mutation ninety percent of people have with this. I was told that the whole gastrocnemius muscle was removed, but the OR reports were not disclosed to me. I can now walk, although I wasn't initially sure if I would be able to. Also, the port was removed after much difficulty. I am very thankful. 41:41 - Joe - My name is Joe and you've been a real light to me in my times of trouble, thank you for always giving hope and love to people, it's a real blessing. I have been listening to your videos and currently I am going all raw. I also ordered Kidney & Bladder 1, Lymphatic system 3, parasite G, parasite M, GI Broom, Stomach & Bowels 2, Upper Circulation, and Adrenal Glands. I am a 24 year-old male and for the last 5 months have been battling an illness. I was continually getting strep throat when I was 23, until I had to take my tonsils out in the middle of the year. Now I very very much regret this. Everything seemed fine after the surgery for 3 months. I was in great health... until, I had a stressful life experience and I was very anxious and stressed out for two weeks (this was 6 months ago). When the situation resolved I was very happy, until a week later I noticed my stomach was very bloated and distended, and still is to this day. After a month of bloating and loose stool, I developed extreme fatigue, eye floaters, hair falling out, brain fog, memory loss, skin nodules, and huge bags under my eyes. I look very ill and unhealthy and it is truly sad. I have been to plenty of GI doctors even at the University of Chicago, where they found no signs of inflammatory bowel disease through colonoscopy or endoscopy. But, I do have chronic gastritis they found in my stomach. I also went to Northwestern to see a retina specialist as well as an ophthalmologist who saw nothing wrong with my eyes at all, and stated its normal to have eye floaters if you are nearsighted? What herbs do you suggest? 56:20- Sarah - After 15 years of being ill I finally tested positive for Lyme disease. I have been left financially, mentally, emotionally drained and am still very ill. I have watched the videos on this but have some questions. I am currently using the natural approach to treating Lyme called the Cowden protocol (and except for the alcohol content I believe it is a very good system except for the support of lymph, kidneys, bowel, endocrine, etc.). I have found I am very sensitive to the alcohol added to products. May I ask the simple method of burning this off?
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The Immune System Explained I – Bacteria Infection
Every second of your life you are under attack. Bacteria, viruses, spores and more living stuff wants to enter your body and use its resources for itself. The immune system is a powerful army of cells that fights like a T-Rex on speed and sacrifices itself for your survival. Without it you would die in no time. This sounds simple but the reality is complex, beautiful and just awesome. An animation of the immune system. We are thinking of making an App for tablets out of this video. Would you like that? Did you think the visual system we developed worked? Feedback is much appreciated! You can get the MUSIC of the video here: http://thomasveith.bandcamp.com/track/the-immune-system Videos, explaining things. Like evolution, time, space, global energy or our existence in this strange universe. We are a team of designers, journalists and musicians who want to make science look beautiful. Because it is beautiful. Visit us on our Website, Twitter, Facebook, Patreon or Behance to say hi! https://www.facebook.com/Kurzgesagt https://twitter.com/Kurz_Gesagt http://kurzgesagt.org http://www.patreon.com/Kurzgesagt http://www.behance.net/kurzgesagt THANKS A LOT TO OUR PATRONS FOR SUPPORTING US: Justin Degenaars jordan gardner Derek Loa Jeroen Koerts Carlos Campuzano Benoît Graham Scott Zell Tanya Smirnova Giovanna Cardoso Patrick Eyrich Alex Kaplan Chris Dudley Deanie Adams Caroline Andrewes Dean Herbert Rory Bennett Adam Primaeros Rasmus Lind Daniel O.C.L. Dylan Hoffer Maxl Heitsch Eliud Vasquez Neve Laughery Ghitea Andrei Paul Alexander Law McCormack Heavens Eduardo Barbosa Sara Shah Dario Pagnia Chris Doughty Evan Low Stephen Morse Bünyamin Tetik Romano Casellini dante harper Justin T. Greeny Liu Siddharth Bajaj Valerie Brunet Jen Tim Peter Wagner Yousif Efe Melih Polat Gaëtan Maximilian Ritter Charles Kuang Balazs-Hegedus Jozsef Petr Pilař Finn Edwards Thomas Lee Daniel Fuchs Pascal B. Seona Tea Pol Lutgen Roman Zolotorevich Daniel Jonathan Velazquez Gore Jeff "Church" Churchill Randy Knapp Brandon Liu Peter Žnuderl Swarochisha Kandregula Javier de la Garza Jan Lukas Lehmann somersault18:24 Why you are still alive - The immune system explained Help us caption & translate this video! http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCsXVk37bltHxD1rDPwtNM8Q&tab=2
Royale Glutathione
₱ 1,680.00 - 462 mg -- 30 caps/bottle ₱ 2,160.00 - 700 mg -- 30 caps/bottle FOR ORDERS: +639277823446, +639274865256 http://www.facebook.com/RoyaleHealthWellnessBeauty Royale L-Gluta Power contains glutathione, which is normally found and produced by the human body in response to our environment, the water we drink and from the pollution that causes deterioration of our cellular and circulatory system. It is been broadly known to help improve our health, makes our life longer and those with increased doses is said to have a favourable side effect in whitening the skin. GLUTATHIONE Glutathione, a natural compound found in the human body, is made from 3 amino acids: Cysteine, Glutamine and Glycine. Cysteine is one of the amino acids for the synthesis of Glutathione, which is very critical in detoxification. Cysteine is a powerful antioxidant, detoxifier and has mucolytic properties. Glycine, which is part of the thiol group, serves as a reducing agent to prevent the oxidation of tissues. Glutathione is normally produced by the body in response to today's environment: pollution from the air we breathe, the water we drink, chemicals and pesticides in the food we eat, cause damages in our cellular and circulatory systems. It has been widely heralded for its importance in improving health and long life. Glutathione in increased doses has also been found to have the beneficial side effect of WHITENING THE SKIN. WHAT ARE THE USES OF GLUTATHIONE? metabolizes carbohydrates aids in the oxidation of fats prevents cells oxidation protects red and white blood cells builds healthy immune response protects the system against oxidative damage slows ageing and improves skin condition GLUTATHIONE as ANTIOXIDANT - It is a powerful anti-oxidant that protects the body by targeting and destroying reactive oxygen molecules and free radicals. It is found in high concentrations in the liver, where it binds to heavy metals, such as mercury and lead, chemical pollutants and carcinogens, and then transforms them into a form that can be easily flushed out of the body via enzymatic pathways. GLUTATHIONE as IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER -- Cellular depletion of Glutathione has been implicated as a causative or contributory factor in many pathologies including Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, cataracts, arteriosclerosis, cystic fibrosis, malnutrition, aging, AIDS and cancer. In addition, Glutathione is essential in supporting the immune system, including natural killer cells, and in the maintenance of T-lymphocytes. GLUTATHIONE as DETOXIFIER - Glutathione detoxifies many pollutants, carcinogens and poisons, including fuel exhaust and cigarette smoke. It retards damage from radiation such as seen with loss of the ozone. The liver is the main detoxification organ of the body. We find very high concentrations of Glutathione in the liver, as it is a major factor in numerous biochemical detoxification pathways. Numerous studies have demonstrated that patients with compromised liver function due to alcohol abuse have significant reduction of Glutathione in the liver.
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Cells healing cancer - Guided meditation
Listen to this recording regularly for assistance in recovering from cancer, reducing pain, helping the body to heal and cleansing the body.
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10 Most Common Deadly African Diseases
10 Most Common Deadly African Diseases It’s a sad fact that preventable diseases claim so many lives each year, particularly in regions of Africa where healthcare is unreliable. Many Africans don’t have access to clean drinking water, proper sanitation or medicine, and deadly diseases — some, preventable –may be a part of their everyday lives. Here are the 10 most common deadly African diseases. 1. Malaria The mosquito-borne disease affects more than 500 million people annually, claiming between one million and three million lives each year, and is widely considered to be the deadliest disease in the world. Sub-Saharan Africa suffers the most, with nearly 90 percent of these cases, and children are disproportionately affected. Sadly, the illness was nearly eradicated completely 30 years ago, but has since come back with a vengeance. 2. hivv/AIDS The hivv and AIDS epidemic has been steadily growing worse each year, and of the 33 million people affected in the world, 65 percent live in sub-Saharan Africa. While treatment options are growing, the high price of medicine remains one of the biggest obstacles to tackling the epidemic. Insufficient sexuall health education continues to be a problem too. 3. Tuberculosis Tuberculosis or TB has become one of the deadliest diseases in Africa, often going hand-in-hand with hivv and AIDS. More than 8 million new TB cases are recorded each year, and more than half of those infected die if untreated. It’s estimated that a new TB infection occurs once every second in Africa due to malnutrition, a lack of immunization, and the mitigating prevalence of hivv/AIDS. 4. Dengue Another mosquito-borne illness, dengue fever is estimated to affect more than 50 million people each year. Outbreaks are most common in Africa and Asia. High fevers, pounding headaches, muscle and joint pain, and potential circulatory failure are all symptoms. Those suffering from it need to seek treatment which isn’t always readily available to ward off the worst possible outcome. 5. African Trypanosomiasis/Sleeping Sickness Spread by the tsetse fly in many African countries, African trypanosomiasis or sleeping sickness can cause extreme neurological damage from damaged sleep cycles when left untreated, resulting in deathh. The World Health Organization estimates more than 450,000 cases occur annually. 6. Cholera A water-borne disease, cholera is spread through contaminated drinking water. It has been very difficult to combat in sub-Saharan Africa. Sierra Leone and Ghana both had serious recent outbreaks with tens of thousands of people infected. Governments have had to declare national emergencies to deal with the disease. Without proper hydration and removal from the source of unsanitary conditions, cholera can often result in deathh. 7. River Blindness/Onchocerciasis Known colloquially as river blindness, onchocerciasis is a parasitic worm that can enter the human body and live there for years. Nearly 100 percent of the 18-million river blindness cases have been recorded in Africa. Victims suffer from skin infections, lesions, and visual impairment often resulting in complete blindness. 8. Diarrhea Though some cases can be mild, severe diarrhea can be fatal, especially for children or the infirm. Diarrhea is often associated with other diseases, but is pinpointed for more than 8 percent of all deathhs in Africa each year. High rates of malnutrition and unsanitary conditions leading to contaminated drinking water make diarrhea prevalent. Extreme dehydration is often a concern for those suffering from diarrhea. 9. Pneumonia One of the most common illnesses around the globe, pneumonia and other respiratory infections are the leading cause of deathh for Africans. With unreliable access to healthcare facilities, it is extremely difficult for infected people to receive treatment. An estimated 4.2 million people die each year from pneumonia or like illnesses, and a disproportionate number come from Africa. 10. Meningitis Meningitis can be a severely debilitating disease, hampering quality of life even long after recovery. Most often found in northern and central Africa, the disease infects the brain and spinal cord, accounting for its shockingly high mortality rate. Nearly 175,000 people die each year from meningitis, according to recent World Health Organization estimates, and thousands more are left with permanent brain damage or vision and hearing impairments. Follow us on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/Health-Zone--1614844022149501/?ref=bookmarks See Our Another Vedeos: 1. Signs and Symptoms of Fibromyalgia,....: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNrjXC3jMfI Subcribe my chanel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYWEoxZsBePnM-qQ3b5Ew9g?sub_confirmation=1
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osacea Baby Rash
For more information on how to deal with a rosacea condition, visit http://www.neverhavedryskin.com Rosacea. Rosacea is a skin disease that causes redness on your nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead. Some people may have little bumps and pimples. The redness may … Ringworm Rashes On Baby Similar To Pityriasis rosea is wich one of images contained in the article entitled The Treatment Of Ringworm Rashes On Baby. Care guide for Acute Rash. Includes: possible causes, signs and symptoms, standard treatment options and means of care and support. Loved by Moms and Recommended by Pediatricians. Pityriasis rosea is a skin rash caused by a virus. It tends to be common in autumn and spring, and young adults - particularly women - are most susceptible. A visual guide to skin conditions in babies, understanding baby acne and eczema, and more Scaly patches of skin produced by fungal, viral, or bacterial infection rashes, and more in I agree to the MedicineNet's Terms & Conditions Rosacea — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms and treatment of this common skin condition that causes facial redness and pimples. Includes pictures. Rosacea is a skin condition that is characterized by redness and flushing in the face. The redness is most often on the cheeks, nose, or forehead. Released: March 2016. What works? Don't try anything before you read Apr 16, 2013 · What is Rosacea? The 24/7 Blush. Aww Keratosis Pilaris is one of those rashes that, Baby Skin Problems (1) Breast Cancer (1) Brightening Agents (1) Soolantra® (ivermectin) Cream, 1%. Get the Facts at the Official Site. EWG scientists reviewed Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Diaper Rash Cream for safety according to the methodology outlined in our Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. Ocular rosacea is related to a common inflammatory condition affecting skin of the face and chest, Some eye doctors advise cleansing with dilute baby shampoo, Facial Rash - Causes. By. yet effective treatments to control rosacea are available. A facial rash in an infant may be caused by trapped dead or baby acne Skin rashes in children . Share: Save: Read more about the treating pityriasis rosea. Prickly heat (heat rash) Sign up for pregnancy and baby emails; Egg Allergy Skin Rash An egg allergy in most people is usually due to the egg white protein and not the yolk protein. Like other foods that cause allergic reactions Lupus rash is also scarring but does not have the heat and flushing sensation associated with rosacea. Rosacea on the other hand also may present as a butterfly The location, appearance and color of a rash will help your doctor make a diagnosis. Look for care suggestions on this chart for common rashes and other skin conditions. Use A+D® at Every Diaper Change, to Help Prevent Diaper Rash. View Our Products.
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Subliminal Complete Body Healing Affirmations
The following healing prayer is embedded in the music in addition to alpha wave binaural beats which create a calming relaxed alert state. It isn't necessary to view the images just relax to the music or go about your daily business. Your subconscious is working 24 hours a day 7 days a week so add this to a bedtime playlist and benifit from this powerfull subliminal affirmation while your body rests and rejuvenates! Its suggested to meditate on the healing power of your subconscious for 3 minutes 3 times a day for amazing whole body healing. Love and Healing to all. More to come soon! Suggestions for other subliminal audio affirmations can be left in the comments!! "My body and all its organs were created by the infinite intelligence in my subconscious mind. It knows how to heal me. Its wisdom fashioned all my organs, tissues, muscles, and bones. This infinite healing presence within me is now transforming every cell of my being, making me whole and perfect. I give thanks for the healing I know is taking place at this time. Wonderful are the works of the creative intelligence within me." Music by the gifted Carl Leta "Elegy" from his new CD entitled "Short Stories" is available through Amazon.com, Apple iTunes and CDBaby.com.
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Kathy Ireland Honoring Elizabeth Taylor’s Legacy
The model/mogul shares her passion for continuing the work of the late icon to fight HIV/AIDS. She also shares how she balances work and family. Subscribe to The Doctors: http://bit.ly/SubscribeTheDrs LIKE us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/FacebookTheDoctors Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/TheDrsTwitter Follow us on Pinterest: http://bit.ly/PinterestTheDrs About The Doctors: The Doctors is an Emmy award-winning daytime talk show hosted by ER physician Dr. Travis Stork, plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon, OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton, urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman and family medicine physician and sexologist Dr. Rachael Ross. The Doctors helps you understand the latest health headlines, such as the ice bucket challenge for ALS and the Ebola outbreak; delivers exclusive interviews with celebrities dealing with health issues, such as Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, reality stars Honey Boo Boo and Mama June and activist Chaz Bono; brings you debates about health and safety claims from agricultural company Monsanto and celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy; and shows you the latest gross viral videos and explains how you can avoid an emergency situation. The Doctors also features the News in 2:00 digest of the latest celebrity health news and The Doctors’ Prescription for simple steps to get active, combat stress, eat better and live healthier. Now in its eighth season, The Doctors celebrity guests have included Academy Award Winners Sally Field, Barbra Streisand, Jane Fonda, Marcia Gay Harden, Kathy Bates and Marisa Tomei; reality stars from Teen Mom and The Real Housewives, as well as Kris Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner, Melissa Rivers, Sharon Osbourne, Tim Gunn and Amber Rose; actors Jessica Alba, Christina Applegate, Julie Bowen, Patricia Heaton, Chevy Chase, Kristin Davis, Lou Ferrigno, Harrison Ford, Grace Gealey, Cedric the Entertainer, Valerie Harper, Debra Messing, Chris O’Donnell, Betty White, Linda Gray, Fran Drescher, Emmy Rossum, Roseanne Barr, Valerie Bertinelli, Suzanne Somers; athletes Magic Johnson, Apolo Ohno and Danica Patrick; musicians Tim McGraw, Justin Bieber, Clint Black, LL Cool J, Nick Carter, Kristin Chenoweth, Paula Abdul, Gloria Gaynor, La Toya Jackson, Barry Manilow, Bret Michaels, Gene Simmons and Jordin Sparks; and celebrity chefs Wolfgang Puck, Guy Fieri and Curtis Stone.
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"A 33-Year-Old Man with HIV, Fever & Rash" (Hospital Med CPC)
Emory Medicine Grand Rounds - 11/29/2016 SPEAKERS: Aaron Gluth, MD (Presenter, Emory Division of Hospital Medicine) and Dan Hunt, MD, FACP (Discussant, Emory Division of Hospital Medicine) TOPIC: "A 33-Year-Old Man with HIV, Fever, and Rash" (CPC) LEARNING OBJECTIVES: • Apply a problem-list method to diagnose a complex clinical and laboratory patient presentation • Construct a differential diagnosis for a patient with HIV who presents with fever and a diffuse rash • Appropriately incorporate extreme laboratory abnormalities to narrow a broad differential diagnosis MORE GRAND ROUNDS VIDEOS: Visit www.bitly.com/dom-grandrounds APPROVED CREDIT: This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the essential areas and policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). Emory University School of Medicine is an ACCME-accredited sponsor to provide continuing medical education credits to physicians. Emory designates this enduring material for a maximum of 1 AMA PRA Category 1.0 Credit(s)TM. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity. This seminar is valid for three years from the original seminar date. Expiration date: November 29, 2019. *Any financial disclosures are included in video. Questions? Please contact deptofmed@emory.edu.
SLEEP MEDITATION, The Positive Healing Bubble Sleep Hypnosis Guided Meditation
Click here to download my FREE meditation: https://www.meditationmasterysecrets.com/free-meditation Join me on WebTalk. The New social media platform: https://www.webtalk.co/be/home/6499607 Click for my FREE ebook - 7 Pathways to Happiness: http://www.jasonstephenson.net/7-pathways-to-feel-happy-everyday Click here to download my FREE meditation: https://www.meditationmasterysecrets.com/free-meditation This recording now available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/positive-bubble-sleep-meditation/id1206225498 Jason Stephenson's Life Expansion Merchandise Store: https://teespring.com/stores/life-expansion ~ Please reach out and connect to me and say hello! ~ JASON STEPHENSON WEBSITE: http://www.jasonstephenson.net ~ FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/Xk6mgy ~ YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE: sleep meditation channel: https://goo.gl/w4J47K ~ YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE: Life Expansion: https://goo.gl/AMHUAd ~ YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE: Binaural Beats Sounds: https://goo.gl/6GDRvV ~ Instagram: @jasonstephensonmeditation --------------------------------------------------------------- Sleep better with Bubble Sleep Hypnosis guided meditation which will give you a positive energy and let you get a deeper sleep. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- © JASON STEPHENSON & RELAX ME ONLINE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Copyright 2017 All rights reserved. This work is not intended to substitute for professional medical or counselling advice. If you suffer from a physical or mental illness, please always seek professional help. For professional online therapy. I recommend trained counsellors from "Better Help": https://goo.gl/dhdU3k (Please note: I do not work for these guys. I am an affiliate. (Plans start at $35.00 per week.) I have suggested many people to them and from all reports, they match the best counsellor with the client. All therapists are PROFESSIONAL COUNSELLORS. ) Being transparent to you, if you sign up with them, I am offered a small percentage of the fee - however, please be assured, I am only recommending them due to their worthiness and the feedback I have received from my subscribers. DO NOT DRIVE OR OPERATE MACHINERY WHILST LISTENING TO SLEEP MEDITATION MUSIC, BINAURAL BEATS OR GUIDED SLEEP RELAXATIONS.
11 Amazing Health Benefits of Passion Fruit
Also known as Granadillo, passion fruit is an aromatic fruit with a sweet tart flavor. In this video, we give you the many health and other benefits of this fruit. Passion fruit has a very characteristic taste and smell. Apart from its pleasantly sweet and sour flavor, it's full of nutrients. One of its most popular medicinal properties is as a natural sedative since it has a relaxing, calming effect that helps fight anxiety and insomnia. In today's video we're going to explore more of this fruit's health benefits: It improves your eye health It improves digestion It fights anemia It improves circulation It regulates blood pressure It helps you stay in a good mood It helps keep your colon healthy It improves our bone's health and density It prevents and helps treat cancer It aids your immune system It relieves asthma ---------------------------------------- ▶ Subscribe to the channel - https://goo.gl/3tB19z ▶ Natural Cures en español - https://goo.gl/QcoLf2 ▶ नेचर क्योर्स - Natural Cures (Hindi) - https://goo.gl/okYDFd ▶ Mindfully Yours - https://goo.gl/qXiBjy Disclaimer: The materials and the information contained on Natural Cures channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider.
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Jodie's story
Jodie tells the heartbreaking story of how her much loved mum, Jackie, passed away just six months after being diagnosed with melanoma. Two weeks later Jodie gave birth to her first child, her mum's first grandchild. Skin checks save lives. Check yourself every three months for any change in spots. Once a year see a doctor for a professional skin check.
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1) Moringa Man Shows You The Best Cure For Cancer According To Body Chemistry   PLOTTPALMTREES.COM
Learn About a Usable Reversing Agent that is All Natural Here: https://thekazweh-com.myshopify.com/blogs/news/93679427-moringa-tree-an-emerging-method-for-treating-cancer PURCHASE THE BEST MORINGA EVER HERE: https://thekazweh-com.myshopify.com/products/the-bryson-king-s-cancer-guillotine-box 1) Moringa Man Shows You The Best Cure For Cancer According To Body Chemistry CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VISUAL SEMINAR: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2egLq3eX4g&list=PL12DE247EA5362E1B&index=15 I Take You Inside The Body And Show You How Moringa Cures Cancer- Would You Be Interested In Helping Me - Just By Sharing That One? It Is For The People - I Want The Cure To Get In The Right Hands- As It Has A Few Times Already- The Next One Is 10 Minutes Long, But I Would Be Honored If You Were The First To Watch It...And Let Me Know What You Think...I Completely Found the Best Cure For Cancer...Let Me Prove It To You, Will You? It Certainly Is And I Know I Am Perfectly Correct...As Crazy As It Seems, Please Give Me A Chance. A Friend Named ~Eric The Moringa tree is one of the most incredible plants I have ever encountered. This may sound sensationalist, but Moringa's nutritional and medicinal properties has the potential to end malnutrition, starvation, as well as prevent and heal many diseases and maladies worldwide. Moringa is truly a miracle plant, and a divine gift for the nourishing and healing of man. This plant has so many uses and special features, it is hard to know where to begin sharing what I have learned about this wonderful plant. Moringa is the sole genus in the flowering plant family Moringaceae. The genus Moringa in turn is made up of 12 species. The species most common, and which is the main subject of this book is the speices called "Moringa Oleifera." Moringa Oleifera is found in many tropical and sub-tropical regions. Moringa can be grown in the even the harshest and driest of soils, where barely anything else will grow. In fact, one of the nicknames of Moringa is "never die" due to its incredible ability to survive harsh weather and even drought. The most incredible thing about Moringa is the amount of nutritional and medicinal chemicals and compounds found in this plant. The chart below will give you a quick view of some of the notable nutrients contained in this plant. As seen in the chart above, not only does Moringa contain vitamin A, vitamin C, Calcium, Potassium, Iron, and Protein, it contains it in high amounts that are easily digested and assimilated by the human body. The chart above highlights some of the commonly known nutrients needed by the human body. Moringa has a host of anti-oxidants, in combinations which are highly beneficial and easily absorbed. Moringa is said to contain 539 known compounds which according to traditional African and Indian medicine (Ayurvedic) is said to prevent of 300 diseases and maladies. Below are two more charts which give a little more detailed view of the vitamins, minerals and amino acids (proteins), contained in Moringa's fresh leaves and dried leaf powder. Vitamin & Mineral Content of Moringa All values are per 100 grams of edible portion. Amino Acid Content of Moringa Leaves All values are per 100 grams of edible portion. Fresh Leaves Dried Leaves. Arginine 406.6 mg 1,325 mg Histidine 149.8 mg 613 mg Isoleucine 299.6 mg 825 mg Leucine 492.2 mg 1,950 mg Lysine 342.4 mg 1,325 mg Methionine 117.7 mg 350 mg Phenylalinine 310.3 mg 1,388 mg Threonine 117.7 mg 1,188 mg Tryptophan 107 mg 425 mg Valine 374.5 mg 1,063 mg *While Gopalan, et al. expressed amino acid content per g N (nitrogen), these figures have been converted to mg per 100g leaves for clarity. CLICK HERE TO WATCH PART 2 OF HOW MORINGA CURES CANCER With Anti-Oxidants Extreme. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XA9vV6KM_g0 2)The Science Of How MORINGA Cures Cancer With Anti-Oxidants EXTREME - PLOTTPALMTREES.COM ~MORINGA MAN~ CLICK HERE TO BUY/ LEARN MORE: http://plottpalmtrees.com/page13.php?view=productListPage&category=6 And Contact Me About The Moringa Tree- It Can PURIFY THE DIRTY WATER - 100% And Offset NASTY S.A.D. And It Is Also Used As Biofuel...Learn More On My Site Please- This Is REALLY GENUINELY ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE CURE CANCER- DIABETES, AND Over 300 DISEASES! I Have Already Cured 2 Cancer Patients- Stage 4 And Breast Cancer- My Daddies Diabetes - A Incurable Skin Disease (WITH PICTURES- BEFORE AND AFTER AS PROOF on Website) And I Was Cured To! I Realized I wasn't Depressed For Social Or Personal Problems, BUT I WAS UNHEALTHY CAUSE THE Junk I WAS CONSUMING In America (CHECK OUT THIS CHANNEL TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THAT)- STANDARD AMERICA FOODS ARE DEPLETED IN HEALTH QUALITIES- American Diet HAS NO NUTRIENTS! ...Please Check This Out..At Least, You Know About It- If You Don't Buy From Me..Know This Information Below.. This One Is Dedicated To Jesus Christ
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Deaf Nest Website: About
"The impact that this project can potentially have on maternity provision within the deaf community is tremendous. I only have to draw on my own experiences to remember the terrible experience of pregnancy and accessing services. When conferring with other deaf parents the traumatic tales are all too similar. Parents have been left frightened by limited information, no communication provision and a general lack of understanding about the culture of deaf people. It is refreshing to see the Deaf Nest project aiming to change this situation." Janice Connolly, Deaf Health Champions, Volunteer Co-ordinator - Merseyside About the project: Deaf Nest project aims to implement clear pathways/guidances to seek ways to remove barriers and to explore ways to make adjustments that are both innovative and flexible to meet the needs of a deaf families.  The main purpose of the midwife role in the project is to bring evidence-based, expertise knowledge to the program.Integral to this is promoting deaf awareness for midwives by organising regular workshops, service users days and conferences.  Moreover, the project aims to improving deaf access to information by producing visual aids, leaflets, flash cards and videos for antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal education. These will contain basic up-to-date information specific to each stage of pregnancy, presented in British Sign Language. The deafnest.com website is being created where all relevant information will be available for free for deaf people as well as health professionals.  Jonathan Swift, Deaf Health Champions, Acting Project Manager said: "In my opinion the Deaf Nest project is a ground breaking achievement in both the deaf and midwifery community, and has the potential have a huge impact on addressing the huge inequalities that exist for deaf parents of the future. As with all areas of Health & Social Care, it is much evidenced through the project that antenatal and postnatal services are frequently failing to meet the basic needs of deaf mothers and fathers that relate to to their unique communication, linguistic and cultural needs. The project has already won a national award in public health from the Royal College of Midwives, which in itself is huge achievement. The Deaf Health Champions project, which is managed by SignHealth fully supports the Deaf Nest project in attempting to tackle the injustices that exist in maternity provision for deaf parents." The implementation of clear guidances, early assessment form, effective referral, deafness awareness study days and 'Deaf Nest' support packs will result in an improved deaf access to information, ongoing assessment of need, improved health and lifestyle choices and greater family involvement. By the end of 2014, this project aims to have gathered a wide range of learning innovations and resources that can be spread out more widely to improve quality of maternity care for deaf people. www.deafnest.com BSL Interpreter: Dionne Thomas For more details please see http://www.diverse-signs.co.uk
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Flu Attack! How A Virus Invades Your Body | Krulwich Wonders | NPR
When you get the flu, viruses turn your cells into tiny factories that help spread the disease. Subscribe to NPR! http://bit.ly/NPRsubscribe In this animation, NPR's Robert Krulwich and medical animator David Bolinsky explain how a flu virus can trick a single cell into making a million more viruses. See and hear the rest of the story on NPR.org: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=114075029 Credit: Robert Krulwich, David Bolinsky, Jason Orfanon
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Vitamin C experiments and successes around the world
More info on : http://vitaminc-movie.org/ // Please share to support this project // In the light of these later discoveries, vitamin C is at the heart of a global issue : the way people are cured globally. This film will specifically deal with the discoveries and progress relating to vitamin C. This film constitutes a unique opportunity to deal with this topic in an in-depth manner and to provide a real audio-visual reference to the widest audience possible across the world. To date, there is no satisfying documentary that can provide a clear and detailed picture of the situation to the general public. Now is the opportunity to benefit from the making of a quality film that is accessible to a wide audience thanks to its international broadcasting reach. From Tunis to Fukushima and Algiers, Barcelona, Paris and New York, this documentary exposes tangible facts backed by eminent specialist on the matter. We will talk about their research, the discoveries that they consider critical and the experiments that have remained undisclosed. Today in our fight against epidemics, tomorrow in our everyday lives, we will investigate the surprising discoveries that could in the long term modify our global approach to medicine. More info on : http://vitaminc-movie.org/ // Please share to support this project //
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BLACKWATER - By Day & By Night - In aid of Cancer Research UK
VISIT OUR JUST GIVING PAGE & READ OUR WHOLE STORY TO FIND OUT THE MANY GREAT WAYS YOU CAN DONATE & EVEN WIN SOME SPECIAL GIVE AWAY ITEMS! - justgiving.com/blackwater2013 Single now available to buy on all iTunes stores: itunes.apple.com/gb/album/by-day-and-by-the-night-single/id637045961 To make a donation visit Just Giving: justgiving.com/blackwater2013 Blackwater is running a very special campaign over 3 months starting from Friday 31/05/13 to raise money for Cancer Research UK. All money raised from their single sales, public donations via just giving and live events will be donated to the cause at the end of the campaign, set to finish on Saturday 31st August 2013. For more information about the campaign, making personal donations and buying the single visit: - justgiving.com/blackwater2013 - iTunes.com/(Details on release day 31.05.13) - blackwater-offical.com Or contact Blackwater on: - contact@blackwater-official.com For social networks around Blackwater visit: - facebook.com/theblackwaterofficial - twitter.com/officialbw - youtube.com/blackwaterofficialtv BLACKWATER IS: Jay Bartlett - Vocals & Guitar Peter Uvén - Bass & BV's Per Karlsson - Drums BLACKWATER - BY DAY & BY NIGHT Written & Produced by - Jay Bartlett Engineered by - Ronnie Björnström & Guy Davies Mixed by - Guy Davies Mastered by - Jay Bartlett BY DAY & BY NIGHT VIDEO Directed & Produced by - Anna Bokova Co-Produced by - Jay Bartlett Director of Photography - Laura Bellingham Production Assistant - Abigail Keyes Location Assistant - Adam Palmer Visual FX by - Ken Addeh Edited by - Anna Bokova Production Company - Nomadic Films Filmed in London England, May 2013. SPECIAL THANKS TO CAST CREW & SPONSORS Laura Bellingham, Anna Bokova, Jorien Klaver, Andrea Kleanthous, Ken Addeh, Abi Keyes, Harriet Killen, Adam Palmer, Gemma Needham, Dave Bromley, Chris Robinson, Natassia Robinson, Katherine Robinson, Lauren Danecek, Mariella Blago, Sophia Blago, Jenny Bartlett, Peter Bartlett, Callum Hoptroff, Emily Vickory, Joe Richardson, Luane Sandrin Gauer, Andrea Papadia, Miraya Jun, Elena Armenteros, Julia Heitz, Baby Boy Heitz, Dimitra Tzvetanova, Emma Jones, Sarah Mills, Leena Soochit, Carrie Babriel, Maria Caruana, Natasha Martin, Rich Hannon, Wynn Krozack, Beverly Fowler, Myles The Cat, Baxter The Dog, PRS Guitars, Nomadic Films, Riorim, Tama, Meinl, Pro-Mark, Evans, Cancer Research UK.
Waste and Webs | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 10
The Mighty Nein delve into the sewers of Zadash in search of the mysterious beast that has been terrorizing the Crownsguard... Thanks to Far Cry 5 and D&D Beyond for sponsoring this episode of Critical Role! Watch Critical Role Live Thursdays at 7pm PT on Alpha https://projectalpha.com, YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/geekandsundry, or Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/geekandsundry Far Cry 5 comes out on March 27th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC – go to http://bit.ly/farcrycr to learn more and pick up a copy. Also be sure to check out this video featuring Nerdist’s Dan Casey, Kyle Hill, and our very own Erika Ishii as they face challenges IRL that players will take on in Far Cry 5 -- tell them Critical Role sent you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_3eI03JQF4&t D&D Beyond is offering a 25% discount on any item purchased within their store! Go to https://www.dndbeyond.com/ and use code “INVISIBLEWAND” at checkout to apply the discount. You can pick up Critical Role merch at http://shop.geekandsundry.com For more RPGs we love, go to http://bit.ly/GS_RPG Follow the cast of Critical Role on Twitter! Ashley: https://twitter.com/TheVulcanSalute Laura: https://twitter.com/LauraBaileyVO Liam: https://twitter.com/VoiceOfOBrien Matthew: https://twitter.com/matthewmercer Marisha: https://twitter.com/Marisha_Ray Taliesin: https://twitter.com/executivegoth Travis: https://twitter.com/WillingBlam Sam: https://twitter.com/samriegel Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry/
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CLICK TO GO DIRECTLY TO THE CONCLUSION: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyyHZ73j2DI&list=PL12DE247EA5362E1B TO BUY OUR COLD PRESSED MORINGA OIL: http://plottpalmtree.miiduu.com/cold-pressed-royal-egyptian-miracle-moringa-oil WOUND HEALING PROPERTIES OF MORINGA OLEIFERA : Three Wound Models Via Excision Wound, Incision Wound And Dead Space Were Selected For Assessing Wound Healing Activity Of Ethananolic And ethyl Acetate Extracts Of Moringa Leaves. Ethyl Acetate Extracts (10% Extract In The Form Of Ointment) Showed Significant Wound Healing Activity That Is Comparable With The Stand Vicco Turmeric Cream. Phytosterols And Phenolic Compounds Present In These Extracts Promote The Would Healing Activity. In This Case study-Human Experiment; I Show Three Incisions. One Severe (Requires A Stitch), Another Mild (Could Possibly Be Stitched), And Finally One That Is Comparable To A Major Papercut. In This Study, I Conduct The Entire Research Live For A 7 Day Experiment With 2 Confounders; Cayenne Pepper Extract And Moringa Soap. Those Being The ONLY Two Confounders, I Had No Medical Attention, Other Than Myself And I Had Nothing More Than Moringa Oil, Moringa Leaves, And Moringa Tea; With Some Bandages. The Moringa Salve I Create Is Shown In This Video Documentation And Healing Embraced In Entirety Within A Complete Seven Day Process. Fast Healing And Inexpensive In Comparison To Stitches At A Doctor's Office/Hospital. I Show How You To Can Procure Your Own Wound Or Another's Wound Simply With The Moringa's Healing Properties/Aid Procurement. MORINGA SHOP WEBSITE:http://plottpalmtrees.com/page13.php?view=productListPage&category=6 Part One: Introduction Of Research Experiment & Practitioner; Harvard Researcher/Medical Detective - Eric Geoffrey Leonard Plott. Visual Proof Of The Wound. Elaboration On What Dialogue Of Movement & Placement To Conduct In Case Of This Type Of Emergency Situation. 1)Staying Calm And 2)Drinking Water With Cayenne Is The Best Thing You Can Do In A Serious Situation That Shows Properties Of Blood Stimulations. These Require Immediate Action ( CASE:Blood Gushing Or Pouring Out Before You). EXAMPLE SHOWN IN THIS DEMONSTRATION PROVE WORTHY IF IN A CRISIS WHERE DOCTORS AID OR AMBULANCE ARE NOT AN OPTION OF INITIATION. WHERE YOU/LOVED ONE MUST HANDLE IN/COMPLETE CONTROL OVER CRISIS THROUGHOUT A REFRAINED PERIOD OF PROLONG DURATION. [Can You Do This? If Not, This Could Be A Great Experiment To Watch Live.] Part 2: I Show You How I Concoct The Salve Serum Made From Moringa Leaf Powder And Moringa Oil Alone. Part Three: I Do Intermediate Sales Within, As I Continue To Brief You Through EACH Day That The ALLEVIATED Moringa Salve Brace Stitch (Between Finger & Hand Cuts); Proctors As A Physical Aid As Well As A Nourishing Procurement. Part Four THE CONCLUSION: I Take You To DAY SEVEN Where You Can See The Before And Afters And Final Conclusion As I Wrap Up This Exhausting One Week Study Of Miracle Speed Healing And Recovery Advanced Levels. The Final Conclusion Was Complete Healing, With Minor Nerve Restraint, But Gradual Growth Will Entail Further Dynamic Results In The Long Term Stratum Effects Of This Trial Period. Overall The Test Is Positive; In Of That, The Cut Healed Back Into Original Form And With Smooth Coloration And Figuration. Full Function Of The Hand And All Fingers Are Present; This Was A Successful Study; Which Concludes For A Safe And Highly Effective Treatment- Procurement For All Types Of Cuts, Incisions, Bruised Wounds, And Blood Clotting. Minor Or Major Wounds, Moringa Seems To Medically & Physically Aid/Nourish All Signs Of Pain (Alleviated), Tears (Filled), And Gap Filling (In Swift Times Duration). Part Five: My Mother's Reaction To This Experiment Video. Part Six: Final Synopsis Of Pictures Documenting Day One Incision Cuts Through To Day Seven Complete Self-Mending Propriety. Part Seven: Production Logos ~E.G.Plott~ PlottPalmTrees.Com Productions Tbtbs © 2013 We Are Showing You REAL RESEARCH, SCRUPULOUS STUDIES, LIVE EXPERIMENTATION, And A TRUE TROPICAL MISSOURI STORY...You Can't Grow Wrong At PlottPalmTrees.Com. ~Eric Geoffrey Plott~ Harvard Medical Detective Researcher. What Is Moringa? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI7fO6Cvvho Website:http://plottpalmtrees.com/ Blaze1145172 Movie Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Blaze1145172?feature=mhum TropicalChannel573:http://www.youtube.com/user/TropicalChann­el573 Facebook Fan:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Plott-Palm-Trees/112206418­819692 Facebook Friend Me: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001495077462 Eric Plott Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/blaze573 Texas Safari Palm Tree Movie:http://www.youtube.com/user/Blaze1145172?feature=mhee#­p/a/u/2/5WNEAWO4NPw Spring Palapas Episode: http://www.youtube.com/user/Blaze1145172?feature=mhe­e#p/a/u/1/XCS6Y8-Bn­o­s This One Is Dedicated To Jesus Christ
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Video Abstract: Project InnerEye – Assistive AI for Cancer Treatment
Project InnerEye is a new AI product targeted at improving the productivity of oncologists, radiologists and surgeons when working with radiological images. The project’s main focus is in the treatment of tumors and monitoring the progression of cancer in temporal studies. InnerEye builds upon many years of research in computer vision and machine learning. It employs decision forests (as used already in Kinect and Hololens) to help radiation oncologists and radiologists deliver better care, more efficiently and consistently to their cancer patients. See more on this video at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/event/faculty-summit-2017/
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Herbal cure for Blurred Vision
https://www.godcuredme.com Learn how I cured my blurred vision herbally. I was taught to use one drink that will give your body all the nutrition it needs to build the immune system and aid in healing the body of virtually any disease by an 82 yr old African man. I was once an alcoholic and a heavy smoker for 20+ years, and as a result I almost totally destroyed my body. I was diagnosed with a heart murmur, lung disease, sluggish liver, IBS, prostate enlargement, adrenal gland burnout, bad skin, food allergies, etc. After trying many different herbal ways to improve my health, nothing really worked, until I met this African man who treated me herbally and cured me of all my illnesses at one time, within a 90 day period. Today I am disease free. For more info visit my website at: https://www.godcuredme.com StudioPRO Lights used in this video - 1x 20" x 28" goo.gl/dxqbyJ Sony HD HandyCam9.2 used in this video goo.gl/JkqlPX DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!
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Best Materia Medica Book For Homeopathic Students || William Boericke
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Bee Venom Found to Destroy HIV Virus
Bee venom is able to destroy unhealthy cells and tumors caused by viruses like HIV.. WEBSITE: naturalcosociety.com Credit: by Christina Sarich Photo credit: belongs to it's respective owner, and not to me. Article Link: http://naturalsociety.com/bee-venom-destroys-hiv-virus-study-finds/ DISCLAIMER: I read for the visually impaired and for mobile device users. it is up to the viewer to decide.This is not medical advice, it is only information. If anyone has a medical condition, please consult your own doctor. FAIR USE STATEMENT: This site may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in an effort to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. we believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/... If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond 'fair use', you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.
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One Year Later... | Critical Role RPG Episode 95
Check out our store for official Critical Role merch: https://goo.gl/BhXLst Catch Critical Role live Thursdays at 7PM PT on Alpha and Twitch: Alpha: https://goo.gl/c4ZsBj Twitch: https://goo.gl/D9fsrS Listen to the Critical Role podcast: https://goo.gl/jVwPBr It’s been one year since we last saw Vox Machina, but the gang is getting back together for a group vacation to the Bay of Gifts! Watch Critical Role Live Thursdays at 7pm PT at https://www.twitch.tv/geekandsundry and https://www.projectalpha.com Thanks to our friends at Wyrmwood Gaming for sponsoring Critical Role! Check out their handcrafted goods at http://www.wyrmwoodgaming.com Thanks to @CRTranscript and all the #critters for closed captions! You can pick up Critical Role merch at http://shop.geekandsundry.com For more RPGs we love, go to http://bit.ly/GS_RPG Music and Sound by Syrinscape. https://store.syrinscape.com/what-is-syrinscape/?critatt Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry/
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The Fresh Electrical power Expert services of Biotech Stu
http://tinyurl.com/q9udk6g Historical past And Advent The Clean Electrical power Providers personnel consists of put in the previous 4 decades studying, screening, assessing and employing inexperienced company courses toward get superior technological innovation into the marketplace Room... which include biotech analyze providers are by now performing currently with the edenpure warmers and air purifiers. As a outcome of this operate, there are continuous internet marketing packages that are doing the job and there are a selection of many others that are geared up in the direction of be introduced into the market place Room. Component of the innovation is with the items which are extremely price tag productive and electrical energy successful. People are items that are properly verified, nonetheless that are refreshing toward the normal client. A further section of the innovation, is with the trend within just which they will be bought. This clean method of marketing and advertising is superior and signifies an growth upon how in the direction of marketplace highly developed merchandise. The Products and solutions We comprise seemed at countless numbers of merchandise and this incorporates resulted inside picking out a couple of substantial excellent items that can be utilized on your own or as a offer, towards generate households and constructions even further electric power successful. The solutions that are by now geared up in direction of be introduced into the current market destination incorporate: A. Electric power Saver Paint or Ceramic Paint Additive This paint ( or paint additive ) is modeled the moment the technologies that was employed in direction of include the NASA Room craft versus the extremes of warm and chilly encountered within just outer region. It is a Really large high quality paint with an additive that produces a barrier towards warm. The end result is that anytime it is painted upon the within just, a acquiring keeps interior warm and financial is stored upon the rate of heating. At the time painted upon the exterior, the warm is retained out and monetary is stored upon the price of air health and fitness. Excess rewards consist of a loss of hearth possibility, a discounts of good, and the power toward water-resistant a design. The paint is eye-catching and rather encountering. Cost savings upon the electricity monthly bill could assortment in between 20% towards 40% based upon the scenario. One particular of the amazing components pertaining to this top quality paint is that it will appear with a low expense tag than plenty of of the options... and it consists of as well been found that anytime painted upon the inner of a dwelling it aids the edenpure infrared warmers hard work much better. Yet another design of paint we are contemplating is a place of the artwork Hearth Evidence Paint that within several cases can be utilized within lieu of extra highly-priced approaches of convention fireplace codes... this versus a enterprise that is UL Shown and Qualified. B. Electricity Conserving Window Motion picture We incorporate a foremost distinct window coating that solves the visibility and look difficulties of regular window tints and reflective motion pictures, although substantially doing away with sunshine warmth produce up. This movie will block up in the direction of 99% of the unsafe UV mild. The window motion pictures give electrical energy discounts for a amount of packages which include professional, household and automotive. Window motion picture is an best conclusion for contemporary buildings as properly as for retrofitting latest home windows. The window movie improves household visibility, making it possible for within above 70% of the solar's organic gentle (daylighting). Considering that the movie blocks the sunlight's warm without the need of getting rid of the mild, it decreases air physical fitness charges and cuts down electrical lights benchmarks. It safeguards the architectural integrity of structures as a result of trying to keep home windows crystal clear and non-reflective. Confident window motion picture allows steer clear of household or industrial fading of furniture, art, ground and window treatment plans and safeguards us residents in opposition to possibly damaging UV rays that lead in the direction of producing pores and skin most cancers. Usually, 25% - 35% of the electrical power employed within structures and households is squandered thanks in direction of inefficient glass home windows and doorways that within just the US are reliable for additional than 10% of the yearly carbon emissions that lead toward world warming. Through setting up warm-avoiding window motion picture, the Planet is secure merely a tiny far more. We can all do our element... And this products could moreover qualify for a 30% IRS Tax Credit score all through 2010. This is a di
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До скольки растет человек. Что такое зоны роста. Как увеличить рост?
https://www.instagram.com/prometei.tech/ reassured screamed liter favoring traction wondered reconsider realizing plow nap brain's ebb manifests CVD HDL minutiae ducks They've sufficed proponents waged salvo yearlong Tulane coverage unanimously sarcasm Pundits predictors coffin headlines representative enrolled Asians demographic diehards implausible slashing upped group's balloons publicized uptick bioelectrical impedance predictor LDL carbers pedestrian cuttingsome glean takeaways echoed study's Lydia Bazzano compel directing dogmatic almighty Jake fascinating devoting installment I’ve mmols Wingates foggy acuity tissue's oxidize Phinney synonymous Mistaking intriguing teamed Auburn Wolfe's CPT impede trash Someone's calorically reintroduction reintroduce blunts Paoli transitioned lasted Ketostix conservatively reversals lackluster telltale stroll tantamount deluge chockfull edibles aisle Who's les courgettes serrated peeler spiralizer wonderfully hash browns mandolin dubbed cauliflower's spuds pulverize Brassica wallop Chard sauté cremini shiitake fungi umami portobello stealthily praised dearth smear firepower backlash au naturale pint shrivelled rosy orbs lycopene Nature's lengthwise microwavable parchment scrape benevolent gourd Radish Bok choy Watercress famously sang stoned sweetness tinged tipoff nondigestible plush stellar sniffles pucker Fillets mercury unseasoned marinades ante beloved deli spared lunchmeats Dijon collard fests fattened Cornish hen Gruyere mundane decoupled riff blending pinches mop cultured surging critters tangy horns cow's Brie Ricotta kefir carnivores soaks brilliantly marinate Tempeh earthy mushroomy crumbling casseroles sauerkraut Pinto boast Pepitas o castoffs Sargento stringy bathed humming lofty healthyomega shops supermarkets Pepperettes Hazelnuts Bob's fare Shirataki translucent gelatinous konjac bowlful nondescript rinse blanch Preliminary prediabetes viscous Hazelnut brewed quencher moo cartons sidestep Imbibing infuses exhaustive flapjacks marys ye sipped seltzer contradictory farther swilling interchangeably insulinogenic spur counterintuitive accessing tougher adjusts Mozzarella cucumbers kcals reservoir thriving ongoing chow insisted French's Trimmed Uncured Portabella condensed tamari aminos steamer bubbly Ruthie ours marshmallows dye pumpkins fl Truvia Nutmeg Cloves towels masher lumpy quartered ½ generously pierced family's else's cleanup cooks Kosher slits slit PDF unwrap tossed bowl's ooohs aaaahs mouthwatering Coarse wilt bakes Sprouted crumb crumbs crumble byproducts apiece appreciable granite unconditioned stepmill app Centopani eater groundbreaking world's Evan's insists com's it'd befriending fluke flounder rutabaga turnips distributing rigors regimented hamburgers Animal's flagship Pak negotiable fundamentally depleting plows wishful oversimplified depletes Karbolyn Labrada's shuttling muscles replenished proponent dragging microtraumas pounder resynthesis disposal polymer shuttle Elasti RTD MRP EFA Charge Krill MPS rapamycin hesitate Centopani's diner steakhouse wheelbarrow Overseas border nearest awful refrigeration Stak Iconic XL Beanie Rotisserie precooked breaded standby powered brothers McGrath Antoine Vaillant baggie brainer Nothing's comforting goulash Slurp swole requested dad's bursting rotini parsnips I’ll paprika Worcestershire Caraway saucepot batch Printable Frosting silicone brethren Vincenzo Masone Fritz approached days steal sanitary basa jumbo gallbladder crowns handfuls plums nectarines underconsumed drilled skulls lid poking USDA thickest translates clump cruciferous broil cardamom thankfully occasions roasting dicing drizzling facet pectin midworkout plump insides glorious skimp Tahini Cumin pretzels sing Ramen entrée zing sharpest leftover pinapple Endive chilies clove crumbles vinaigrette Kalamata pitted Oregano Bragg's tonight's Mendelsohn frothy stove fortunate micromanaging achievements NASCAR skimping mussels rabbit seitan grapefruits limes Melons honeydew apricots… chestnuts overanalyzing fistful plateauing stricter fistfuls arrangement honing afforded it'll Fiber's Satiate Yep compiled SOUTHWEST potlucks bevy ROMA SEEDED uncovered BALSAMIC yummy clocks heats PARSNIP resealable rimmed Discard FE COB THINLY spinner BURRITO RINSED GARNISHES STROGANOFF CAMPBELL'S SHERRY dente garnished Dorian coveted GROUNDED hesitation filets tenderloins scours tags grabs fattier semblance beefing thrifty exchanges D's rodeo beeline Quaker swayed canister opts canisters measly sizzling sitcom Kris EZ sec Bathe proverbial anticipate Radar Benchmarks Robergs R Pearson Costill Fink J Pascoe Benedict Zachweija intensities Calder Yaqoob Bowtell Gelly Simeoni Rennie Wang uncompromising Welsh Kage meditative yin coincides iconoclast's sellers efficaciously replicate brand's Vitargo disguise bitterness reluctantly Offerings Hydra underperforming refilming raced biked deadlifted Ironman Matt Pritchard Ironmans swears triathletes Trainee Hey faceless
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