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Stimulus Plan Explained
In which John discusses the financial crisis, recessions, and the fiscal stimulus bill just passed by the US Congress and expected to be signed by President Obama. And John Maynard Keynes. Oh, and he brags about his Academic Decathalon bronze medal. Oh and if you're wondering why I'm not talking about CEO compensation and corporate jets, it's because they aren't EVEN SLIGHTLY relevant to the health of the American economy. For further reading: Mark Zandi (former McCain economics adviser): http://www.philly.com/inquirer/opinion/20090215_Imperfect_stimulus_plan_is_still_the_best_answer.html Philosophical overview from the LA Times: http://opinion.latimes.com/opinionla/2009/02/pelosi-reid-sti.html p.s. Keynes's last words: "I wish I'd drunk more champagne." HERE ARE A LOT OF LINKS TO NERDFIGHTASTIC THINGS: Shirts and Stuff: http://dftba.com/artist/30/Vlogbrothers Hank's Music: http://dftba.com/artist/15/Hank-Green John's Books: http://amzn.to/j3LYqo ====================== Hank's Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hankgreen Hank's Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hankimon Hank's tumblr: http://edwardspoonhands.tumblr.com John's Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/realjohngreen John's Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/johngreenfans John's tumblr: http://fishingboatproceeds.tumblr.com ====================== Other Channels Crash Course: http://www.youtube.com/crashcourse SciShow: http://www.youtube.com/scishow Gaming: http://www.youtube.com/hankgames VidCon: http://www.youtube.com/vidcon Hank's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/hankschannel Truth or Fail: http://www.youtube.com/truthorfail ====================== Nerdfighteria http://effyeahnerdfighters.com/ http://effyeahnerdfighters.com/nftumblrs http://reddit.com/r/nerdfighters http://nerdfighteria.info/ A Bunny (\(\ ( - -) ((') (')
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Obama Signs Stimulus Plan
"CBS News RAW:" In his speech before signing the $787 billion economic stimulus plan into law, Pres. Obama stressed the importance of preserving job creation and healthcare.
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Obama Signs Stimulus Plan
"CBS News RAW:" In his speech before signing the $787 billion economic stimulus plan into law, Pres. Obama stressed the importance of preserving job creation and healthcare.
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Did Obama Stimulus Work?
Bob Pollin Pt5: The stimulus plan saved many jobs and helped prevent a deeper crash, but was far short of spurring a recovery
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Frank Pastore Obama Healthcare in Stimulus Bill
Frank reads an article from Bloomberg about a healthcare provision hidden in the Obama Stimulus Bill
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The Shortcomings of the Stimulus Plan
Featuring Paul Krugman, Professor, Columnist, and Nobel Prize Winner. Get his take on the Obama stimulus plan and who might be to blame for the economic crisis -- and learn what a "Krugman Plan" would look like.
How To Understand the Federal Stimulus Package
Watch more Politics 101 videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/151881-How-To-Understand-the-Federal-Stimulus-Package Our economy's in the worst crisis since the Depression, and we need to turn things around. The government moved fast to pass the Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Plan – $787 billion of investment and tax cuts that will create 3.5 million jobs. Here are the plan's goals. Step 1: Understand the basics Break the cycle. Right now, consumers are worried about the economy. They aren’t spending, so businesses are struggling. When businesses struggle, people lose jobs. When people lose jobs, they cut their spending. It’s a vicious cycle, one that the recovery package aims to break. Step 2: Job creation Create jobs. The most important part of the package is job creation. The plan includes $150 billion to fund clean energy, technology, and infrastructure projects, which will employ millions of Americans looking for work. Step 3: Move toward a green economy Create green jobs, which put people back to work today, and make us more energy independent in the future. The projects in the package include: Modernizing the country’s electrical grid Developing wind turbines, solar panels, biofuels, and advanced vehicle battery systems Investing in clean water, flood control, and environmental restoration And increasing energy-efficiency in homes and offices. Step 4: Improve infrastructure To compete in a 21st-century economy, we also need to provide jobs that help construct a 21st-century infrastructure using 21st-century technology. The plan includes: Upgrading our crumbling roads and bridges Improving public transit and rail systems Modernizing the health-care system for long-term savings Funding biomedical, science, and engineering research And extending broadband services to underserved communities across the country. Step 5: Improve education Improve education to make America more competitive. To increase higher-education opportunities, college students will be eligible for a $2,500 tuition tax credit, $200 million will expand work-study programs, and the maximum Pell Grant – federal aid primarily for low-income students – will increase by $500. The package also provides more than $2 billion for early childhood development, and $13 billion in grants to ensure disadvantaged kids achieve high academic standards. Step 6: Unemployment benefits Help the unemployed, who are bearing the brunt of the economic crisis. Anyone who lost their job won’t have to pay income taxes on the first $2,400 of federal unemployment benefits, and government subsidies will make their health insurance more affordable. The package increases and extends unemployment benefits through 2009 and boosts food stamp benefits to offset rising food costs. Step 7: Tax relief Cut taxes and boost consumer confidence. The stimulus package includes $288 billion in tax cuts. In 2009 and 2010, President Obama’s signature 'Making Work Pay' tax cut will provide most individuals with $400 and most families with $800. Qualified retirees and disabled veterans will get a one-time $250 payment. These cuts ensure that working people pay less taxes, so they have more money to spend. Tip To help pump money into the economy over time, the 'Making Work Pay' tax credits won’t be distributed as a lump sum. Beginning in June, you’ll see an extra $13 in your weekly paycheck, and an extra $8 starting in January 2010. Step 8: Housing and auto credits Boost the housing and auto markets. To help buoy the housing market and stem foreclosures, the tax credit for first-time homebuyers will increase to $8,000. And if you purchase a new car, you can deduct the sales tax. These tax savings will translate into more people buying cars, which will help shore up the auto industry in addition to encouraging consumer spending. Step 9: Send money to states Help all 50 states. The economy can’t bounce back if states can’t balance their budgets, and if states suffer budget shortfalls, they can’t pay for essentials like public safety and other critical services, quality teachers, and school renovations. The package provides more than $50 billion for state services, plus an $87 billion increase in federal funding for Medicaid to states. Step 10: Work together Encourage optimism. We can’t expect the government to solve the financial crisis alone, or overnight. The private sector must contribute to job creation and economic growth. But the stimulus package is the first, critical step to getting our economy back on track. As President Obama said, 'We will turn this crisis into opportunity and emerge from our painful present into a brighter future.' Did You Know? You can find out more details of the stimulus plan, and even track how government money is being spent once the plan kicks
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Obama details economic stimulus plan - 07 Dec 08
Subscribe to our channel http://bit.ly/AJSubscribe US president-elect Barack Obama has outlined more details of a plan to fix the United States' faltering economy. If approved, it would be the largest investment in American infrastructure since the 1950s and would cover projects including health care, roads, and broadband communications. But the one thing Obama has not done is put a price on it. Rosiland Jordan reports. At Al Jazeera English, we focus on people and events that affect people's lives. We bring topics to light that often go under-reported, listening to all sides of the story and giving a 'voice to the voiceless.' Reaching more than 270 million households in over 140 countries across the globe, our viewers trust Al Jazeera English to keep them informed, inspired, and entertained. Our impartial, fact-based reporting wins worldwide praise and respect. It is our unique brand of journalism that the world has come to rely on. We are reshaping global media and constantly working to strengthen our reputation as one of the world's most respected news and current affairs channels. Social Media links: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera Instagram: https://instagram.com/aljazeera/?ref=... Twitter: https://twitter.com/ajenglish Website: http://www.aljazeera.com/ google+: https://plus.google.com/+aljazeera/posts
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Stimulus plan and rationed health care
The Stimulus plan is a social plan set up to ration health care. The 90% of insured people will be brought down to the unisured 10% with the government now controlling 15% mor of the GDP. Electronic Medical Records will be used to monitor your physician.
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Coulter Slams Stimulus Plan
As Harry Smith reports, Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh stated publically he would like to see President Obama fail. Ann Coulter discusses the comment and Obama's economic stimulus plan.
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Obama Stimulus Plan Changes COBRA Rules
Obama Stimulus Plan (ARRA) - Help to Understand your opportunity
http://www.scorechicago.org/ An excerpt of an interview that Mark Goodman hosted with Kevin Ferguson of Kwame Construction Group on September 15, 2009. In this segment, Kevin and Mark discuss the fact that Stimulus Plan funding is going through state, local and municipal organizations. Kevin suggests that contractors focus on exactly what services you provide.. and the agencies that might be interested in your services. Kevin gives specific examples on opportunities with the GSA. He also suggests networking and relationship building with agencies and other firms who have experience in the government marketplace. You can access the entire interview at http://blip.tv/file/2610567
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Skepticism clouds new US stimulus plan
Republicans have taken control over the US House of Representatives after Tuesday's mid-term elections mainly due to voters' frustration with Obama's failure to speed up economic recovery. The US central bank has announced a fresh stimulus plan dubbed "quantitative easing" as part of a bid to boost the economy. The Federal Reserve says it will pump $600b into the economy after it had injected $787b worth of economic measures in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Kimberly Halkett reports on how many are skeptical of the plan after anger over "excessive" government spending culminated in the congressional poll. [November 4, 2010]
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Obama's socialist health care plan. Kiss your mama good-bye!
Everyone is freaking out about the pork in Obama's stimulus. What about the beef? The Health Care program.
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Obama Speaks Out for Stimulus to Create Jobs -- Where's John McCain?
A day after Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke spoke out in favor of a second stimulus to create jobs, which Obama has pushed for months, Obama hammers the point home. OBAMA: And we had some modestly positive news yesterday of the credit market starting to loosen up again and people willing to make loans, but that was just the beginning, not the end, of our work to rebuild our struggling economy. Some of the people on this stage know this better than just about anyone. They're on the front lines dealing with the fallout from eight years of greed on Wall Street and irresponsibility in Washington, and when we spend $10 billion a month in Iraq every month that means less money to fix crumbling roads and bridges here at home. When our president passes tax breaks for multimillionaires, corporations are shipping jobs overseas, that leaves our states without the resources to provide health care and good schools and police and firefighters. Today, 21 states are facing budget shortfalls, including Florida. Governors across America are facing impossible choices. and I'm sure the governors will talk about this, cutting vital services or raising property taxes on families already struggling to stay afloat. Now, let's be clear, the financial crisis that states, businesses and families are facing didn't spring up full-blown overnight. It's been a long time coming. the warning signs have been very clear, but while President Bush and Senator McCain were ready to move heaven and earth to address the crisis on wall street, President Bush has failed so far to address the crisis on main street. Senator McCain has failed to fully acknowledge it. Instead of common sense solutions month after month they have offered little more than willful ignorance, wishful thinking, outdated ideology. In January I called for a stimulus package to provide immediate relief for states along with tax rebates to get money directly to middle class families and a foreclosure prevention homes to help them keep their homes. Yesterday the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, one of the successors, acknowledged we need a stimulus package. Senator McCain, on the other hand, at that time, back in January, insisted that the fundamentals of the economy were strong. AUDIENCE: Boo! OBAMA: No, we don't need that. we just need you to vote.
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Obama Stimulus Plan?
Juli Banderas interviews Doug Wead who warns that the honeymoon with Obama will not last.
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Obama Administration Marks Anniversary of Stimulus Plan: Video
Feb. 17 (Bloomberg) -- The Obama administration is marking the one-year anniversary of the economic stimulus legislation with efforts to show the measure sparked U.S. growth and curbed rising unemployment. Bloomberg's Julianna Goldman reports. (Source: Bloomberg)
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O'Reilly Spins Stimulus Plan
Fox TV host Bill O'Reilly spoke with Harry Smith about President Obama's proposed economic stimulus plan and whether it is worth the money.
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FOX: DeMint on Obama 'Stimulus' Plan
Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) discusses President Obama's visit to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to push his so-called "stimulus" plan during an interview with FOX News' Neil Cavuto (Jan. 27, 2009).
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Why Obama needs stimulus package
If the stimulus package fails it could hurt President Barack Obama's credibility, says Frank Michike from the New America Foundation, who also discusses the issue of health care for Americans.
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CHT Founder Newt Gingrich-The Stimulus Package: The Impact on Healthcare
The $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act signed into law by President Barack Obama contains a wide variety of health policies, including more than $19 billion for health information technology.
Obama: $15B From Stimulus Going to Medicaid Plan
President Barack Obama told the nation's governors Monday that the administration is quickly releasing $15 billion from the stimulus package to help them cover soaring Medicaid costs. (Feb. 23)
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The Reality of a Job-Killing Agenda
A $787 billion stimulus package, $3.6 trillion budget, $200 billion cap-and-trade plan, $1.5 trillion health care plan. And 10% unemployment is the reality of President Obama's job-killing agenda.
Obama Signs Stimulus Bill Into Law
The largest anti-recession bill in U.S. history is now law. President Obama signed the $787 billion measure on Tuesday in Denver, Colorado, marking a major victory in his bid to reverse the country's downward economic slide. There are high hopes the plan will succeed but the Obama administration is downplaying expectations, saying the economy is likely to get worse before it gets better.
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Obama: Stimulus Package Is Working
President Barack Obama, citing fresh evidence the recession is winding down, says the country's future economic prosperity depends on building a new, stronger foundation and recapturing the "spirit of innovation." (Aug. 1)
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Obama on economic crisis, stimulus package in weekly address
(7 Feb 2009) SHOTLIST 1. GRAPHIC: (English) "Your weekly address - February 7, 2009 2. SOUNDBITE: (English) Barack Obama, US President: 3. GRAPHIC: (English) "www.whitehouse.gov" STORYLINE: With the Senate moving toward a tenuous compromise on the White House's economic stimulus plan, President Barack Obama hammered at the urgent need to pass a bill that will jump-start the struggling economy and put people back to work. "Americans across this country are struggling, and they are watching to see if we're equal to the task before us. Let's show them that we are. And let's do whatever it takes to keep the promise of America alive in our time," Obama said Saturday in his weekly radio and Internet address. Obama made an aggressive push for House and Senate lawmakers to work quickly to resolve their differences in an economic bill whose pricetag has swung from 720 (b) billion upward toward a (tr) trillion dollars. The new president had hoped to sign economic legislation on his first day in office, but instead has spent his first three weeks in office wrangling with a reluctant Congress, including fellow Democrats, to heed his leadership. He started his address by making reference to the loss of on estimated 3.6 (m) million jobs since the beginning of the recession but quickly spoke about the legislative victory he scored on Friday when Senate Democrats reached agreement with a small group of Republicans on an economic stimulus package. "Democrats and Republicans came together in the Senate and responded appropriately to the urgency this moment demands," said Obama. "The scale and scope of this plan is right. And the time for action is now." Democratic leaders expressed confidence the concessions they had made to Republicans and moderate Democrats to trim the measure had cleared the way for its passage. No final vote was expected before Monday. Officials put the cost of the stimulus bill at 827 (b) billion US dollars, including Obama's signature tax cut of up to one-thousand US dollars for working couples, even if they earn too little to pay income taxes. Also included are breaks for homebuyers and people buying new cars. Much of the new spending would be for victims of the recession, in the form of unemployment compensation, health care and food stamps. The agreement announced on Friday night capped a tense day of backroom negotiations in which Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, joined by White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, sought to attract the support of enough Republicans to pass the measure. Democrats hold a 58-41 majority in the Senate, including two independents, but it takes 60 votes to pass the bill because it would raise the federal deficit. Earlier in the week Obama had ratcheted up the pressure on lawmakers as a new jobs report posted the worst results in a generation, 598-thousand positions lost in January and the US unemployment rate rising to 7.6 percent - the highest since September 1992. While the Democrats' majority in the House of Representatives allowed them to pass their 819 (b) billion US dollars version of the stimulus package even though they won no Republican support, Senate passage had proved far more difficult. If the plan passes in the Senate, both versions would have to be reconciled and more changes could still come. Obama and his advisers have grown more assertive in recent days, reminding Democrats that voters gave them the White House, the House and the Senate to bring change, not partisan gamesmanship. "That was, after all, what last November's election was all about." Republicans characterised Obama's rhetoric as arrogant. They have pushed for the bill to include more tax cuts and less spending. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/35408e9eacf4e4f2a0d33edef84cdd1d Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Obama's speech 8th January 2009 on economic stimulus recovery plan Part 2.
Obama's talking about change, well that's what he's good at: change in ideas and his NWO agenda. The future will hold dramatic action as soon as possible: stimulus on investments in healthcare, education and energy. How can you cut taxes and at the same time promise investments? Please Americans: consume more, eat more, borrow more because the deficit has now reached 1200.0000.000.000 US dollars. We have to suck dry the middle class. Yes we can!
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Obama: Stimulus lets you buy cupcakes
Barack Obama at a rally for health care reform, bragging about his earlier stimulus package -- by saying it allows people to buy "cupcakes and other necessities of life."
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Why Obama's Stimulus Failed: A Case Study of Silver Spring, Maryland
High, persistent unemployment and a sluggish economy underscore what all but the most-dedicated supporters of Barack Obama know to be true: The president's 2009 stimulus program was a massively expensive bust. Understanding why the stimulus failed is an important step in understanding how the government can—and cannot—goose economic recovery. To get a better sense of how and where the stimulus went wrong, Reason.tv focused on Silver Spring, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C., that's home to a large number of government contractors and other recipients of money earmarked for the sorts of "shovel ready" projects that were going to bring the economy back to life. President Obama's top economic advisor Larry Summers laid out ground rules for how stimulus dollars should be spent: The funds must be "targeted" at resources idled by the recession, the interventions must be "temporary," and they needed to "timely," or injected quickly into the economy. None of that turned out to be true. "Even if you were to believe that government spending can trigger economic growth," says Veronique de Rugy, Reason columnist and senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center, "the money is never spent in a way that's consistent with the conditions laid out by the Keynesians for it to be efficient." Reason.tv identified four basic ways in which the stimulus was doomed almost before it was put into operation. For the full discussion of those areas and links to supporting data, go to http://reason.com/blog/2011/12/08/why-obamas-stimulus-failed-a-case-study Written and produced by Jim Epstein, who also narrates. Approximately 8 minutes. Go to http://Reason.tv for downloadable versions and detailed links and text. Also subscribe to Reason.tv's YouTube Channel to receive automatic updates when new material goes live.
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Newt Gingrich Praises President Obama on the Stimulus & Healthcare
Newt Gingrich in February 2009 praises President Obama on the stimulus and it's impacts on healthcare in America. Follow me on Twitter at Twitter.com/Akaczynski1 for more great political videos.
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Mitt Romney on Obama's Spending Stimulus Plan
2-9-09 O'Reilly Factor Make http://www.planetromney.org one of your favorites to be kept up to date on the latest news pertaining to conservatism in general and Mitt Romney's chances in 2012. http://www.MittRomneyCentral.com
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Barack Obama 1st Press Briefing ~Stimulus Package~
Barack Obama 1st Press Conference speaking on stimulus package.
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Obama's Economic Plea
"In Full:" At the start of his first primetime news conference President Obama stressed the importance of passing his proposed economic stimulus plan.
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Obama: Stimulus Bill 'On Target'
President Barack Obama says it appears Congress is 'on target' to approve a massive new stimulus package by Feb. 16. (Jan. 23)
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Obama on the Stimulus meets Animal House
Watch Obama as he talks about the Stimulus package. Hear the double talk and lies. The crisis mode Fraud in Chief lies spending us into Oblivion. Now he wants us to spend 'TRILLIONS' on Health Care. What a clown! Even the Democrats are waking up to this loser. His poll numbers are tanking, and even Carter had better numbers.
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John McCain and the "Stimulus Package"
http://www.foxnews.com/ Arizona Senator John McCain takes on the Obama Administration's "stimulus package".
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Coffee and Stimulus
Thanks for watching! Please visit my websites, http://AlfonZoRachel.com/ and my band http://20lbsledge.com
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Obama Stimulus:  Chair of Joint Tax Committee Can't Promise Job Creation
Barack Obama's point man on his stimulus package goes before the House of Representatives and cannot promise job creation as a result of the plan.
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Senate Judiciary Committee Testimony January 2009 - Health IT and the stimulus bill David Merritt
Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the health IT provisions of President Obama's stimulus legislation
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Biden sells stimulus success & Obama's address
Vice President Biden gives a speech on the 200th day since the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was signed and says that President Obama will layout the administrations healthcare reform plan at Wednesdays address to Congress.
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Pelosi On Economic Stimulus Plan
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tells Maggie Rodriguez that she has confidence in the economic stimulus package. Pelosi says that it will work better than tax cuts because the government would be investing in the American people.
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President-elect Obama's Proposed Economic Stimulus Package
Sen. Cornyn Comments on President-elect Obama's Proposed Economic Stimulus Package
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President Obama Signs the Economic Stimulus into Law (ARRA) Part 2 of 3
President Obama Signs the Economic Stimulus into Law (ARRA) Denver, Colorado February 17, 2009 Text of Part 2: Because we know that spiraling health care costs are crushing families and businesses alike, we're taking the most meaningful steps in years towards modernizing our health care system. It's an investment that will take the long overdue step of computerizing America's medical records to reduce the duplication and waste that costs billions of health care dollars, and medical errors that cost thousands of lives each year. Further, thanks to the actions we've taken, 7 million Americans who lost their health care along the way will continue to get the coverage they need, and roughly 20 million more Americans can breathe a little easier knowing that their health care won't be cut due to a state budget shortfall. And a historic commitment to wellness initiatives will keep millions of Americans from setting foot in the doctor's office in the first place -- because these are preventable diseases and we're going to invest in prevention. (Applause.) So taken together with the enactment earlier this month of a long-delayed law to extend health care to millions more children of working families -- (applause) -- we have done more in 30 days to advance the cause of health care reform than this country has done in an entire decade. And that's something we should be proud of. (Applause.) Because we know we can't power America's future on energy that's controlled by foreign dictators, we are taking big steps down the road to energy independence, laying the groundwork for new green energy economies that can create countless well-paying jobs. It's an investment that will double the amount of renewable energy produced over the next three years. Think about that -- double the amount of renewable energy in three years. (Applause.) Provide tax credits and loan guarantees to companies like Namaste, a company that will be expanding, instead of laying people off, as a result of the plan that I'm about to sign. And in the process, we will transform the way we use energy. Today, the electricity we use is carried along a grid of lines and wires that date back to Thomas Edison -- a grid that can't support the demands of this economy. This means we're using 19th and 20th century technologies to battle 21st century problems like climate change and energy security. It also means that places like North Dakota can -- that can produce a lot of wind energy can't deliver it to communities that want it, leading to a gap between how much clean energy we are using and how much we could be using. The investment we're making today will create a newer, smarter electric grid that will allow for broader use of alternative energy. We will build on the work that's being done in places like Boulder -- a community that's on its -- that's on pace to be the world's first Smart Grid city. (Applause.) This investment will place Smart Meters in homes to make our energy bills lower, make outages less likely, and make it easier to use clean energy. It's an investment that will save taxpayers over $1 billion by slashing energy costs in our federal buildings by 25 percent; save working families hundreds of dollars a year on their energy bills by weatherizing over 1 million homes. And it's an investment that takes the important first step towards a national transmission superhighway that will connect our cities to the windy plains of the Dakotas and the sunny deserts of the Southwest. Even beyond energy, from the National Institutes of Health to the National Science Foundation, this recovery act represents the biggest increase in basic research funding in the long history of America's noble endeavor to better understand our world. And just as President Kennedy sparked an explosion of innovation when he set America's sights on the moon, I hope this investment will ignite our imagination once more, spurring new discoveries and breakthroughs in science, in medicine, in energy, to make our economy stronger and our nation more secure and our planet safer for our children.
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Raw Video: Agreement Reached Stimulus Plan
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has announced agreement on an economic stimulus bill. He says the legislation should create 3.5 million jobs once President Barack Obama signs it into law and it takes effect. (Feb. 11)
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Obama Signs $787 Billion Stimulus Bill Into Law
President Barack Obama signed the $787 billion stimulus bill into law Tuesday in Denver. The legislation is the most sweeping economic package in decades. (Feb. 17)
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Mitt Romney: Obama Plan Dangerous & Immoral
Mitt Romney on Hannity discussing Obama's $787 billion economic stimulus package, $3.6 trillion budget plan, and America's economic future. Aired 2/26/09 on Fox News.
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Obama vs Obama on the Stimulus
President Obama changes course on the stimulus. Where are the jobs? House Republicans offer a real plan to create jobs and get our economy moving again.
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