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Can a cure for diabetes be found through surgery? | The Economist
Diabetes is the fastest growing health crisis of our time. Could a common surgical procedure bolster hopes of finding a cure? Click here to subscribe to The Economist on YouTube: https://econ.st/2M2143H Daily Watch: mind-stretching short films throughout the working week. For more from Economist Films visit: https://econ.st/2M1rxOZ Check out The Economist’s full video catalogue: http://econ.st/20IehQk Like The Economist on Facebook: https://econ.st/2M4F2Nx Follow The Economist on Twitter: https://econ.st/2M23rn9 Follow us on Instagram: https://econ.st/2M1Rlug Follow us on Medium: https://econ.st/2M4F3RB
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New treatment for type 2 diabetes. Metabolic Surgery for diabetes.
Metabolic surgery for diabetes proven to be more effective than any medical treatment for Type 2 Diabetes. Full Interview with professor David Cummings http://reversediabetessurgery.com Channel Youtube Cool Media One: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeg5pCj-ZcsWWO3LP5IuBqw -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Tipe 2 Diabetes - pengobatan ditemukan! Sebuah cara baru!" ➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71q4ZxKACUI -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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new surgery cure for diabetes type 2 2017
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Insulin Toxicity and How to Cure Type 2 Diabetes
Http://intensivedietarymanagement.com Dr. Jason Fung explains the toxicity of insulin and how it makes diabetics worse, not better. This leads to a discussion of rational treatment to cure diabetes without drugs, without surgery and without cost.
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Is a New Treatment for Diabetes Near?
A new Harvard study claims a breakthrough that could lead to a new treatment of Type 1 diabetes. WSJ's Ron Winslow explains what it means on Lunch Break. Photo: Getty Subscribe to the WSJ channel here: http://bit.ly/14Q81Xy Visit the WSJ channel for more video: https://www.youtube.com/wsjdigitalnetwork More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit WSJ.com: http://online.wsj.com/home-page Follow WSJ on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wsjlive Follow WSJ on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+wsj/posts Follow WSJ on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WSJLive Follow WSJ on Instagram: http://instagram.com/wsj Follow WSJ on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/wsj/ Follow WSJ on Tumblr: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/wall-street-journal Don’t miss a WSJ video, subscribe here: http://bit.ly/14Q81Xy More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit WSJ.com: http://www.wsj.com Visit the WSJ Video Center: https://wsj.com/video On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/wsj/videos/ On Twitter: https://twitter.com/WSJ On Snapchat: https://on.wsj.com/2ratjSM
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Only 2 Ingredients Say Goodbye to Diabetes Forever
Hi Friends, Welcome back to My Channel Health and Beauty Find More #HealthandBeauty Videos Here: https://goo.gl/1IIFIC Watch►Only 2 Ingredients Say Goodbye to Diabetes Forever Hello Viewers, Today I Am Going to Share With You, Only 2 Ingredients Say Goodbye to Diabetes Forever This channel is an output for positive lifestyle content, simple choices on a daily basis shape your life and the world around you LIKE THIS VIDEO? Pin it: https://goo.gl/tcJgmB Follow Us On Google+ : https://goo.gl/vu6VDc Website: https://goo.gl/lQ3BuB Twitter : https://goo.gl/INPD94 Facebook : https://goo.gl/JPgzIG Thanks For Watching Our Video like & Subscribe For More Videos ==================================================== Disclaimer : This video is only intended for the informational purpose. Any information associated with this video should not be considered as a substitute for prescription suggested by beauty, diet and healthcare professionals. Readers are subjected to use this information on their own risk. This channel doesn’t take any responsibility for any harm, side-effects, illness or any health or skin care problems caused due to the use of our content or anything related to this... Watch► TOP 10 #HealthCare Videos: https://goo.gl/3J9Qtp
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Weight loss surgery a 'gamechanger' for type 2 diabetics
Jeff Warwick has always had a tricky relationship with food, and his weight. "I've always been the big kid,” Warwick says. “When I was in the 6th grade, I was 6'2", 205 lbs. The weight just kept going and going and going, and couldn't really get a grip on it." By 2001, Warwick, who is now 57, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, which is linked to excess fat. "And being a guy, I just sort of let it go, let it get out of hand,” he says. By 2014, his weight and his health were out of control. "I weighed 468 pounds,” Warwick says. He had nerve damage in both feet, blurring vision, and couldn't even walk to the mailbox, he had to drive. Desperate, Warwick came to see Dr. Fritz Jean-Pierre, a bariatric surgeon and medical director of Wellstar Kennestone's Comprehensive Bariatric Surgery Services. "One of the best moves I've ever made in my life,” says Warwick. "I told him I really felt like gastric bypass was going to give him the best chance of getting his diabetes under control,” says Dr. Jean-Pierre." In June of 2015, Warwick had a Roux-en-Y procedure, which dramatically reduced how much food his body can digest. Right away, results. "I had a 10-day follow-up and got on the scale,” Warwick remembers. “Saw that I had lost 28 pounds and I was amazed!" But, it was more than that. Even before Warwick's weight started coming off, his blood sugar began to drop. Dr. Jean Pierre says he's seen this pattern over and over: patients get the surgery, and their type 2 diabetes goes into remission. And that's what happened to Jeff Warwick. "He is completely off all his diabetes medications, and he’s doing spectacularly,” says Dr. Jean-Pierre. “I really do believe it's a game-changer.” Lifestyle changes and medication are typically the first-line treatment for type 2 diabetes. But, Dr. Jean-Pierre says bariatric, or metabolic, surgery can quickly help patients with unmanageable get their disease under control. "When you compare the advantages of metabolic surgery, compared to the best medical treatments, you still see better outcomes with the metabolic surgery,” Jean-Pierre says. The results are so remarkable, the American Diabetes Association now says bariatric surgery should be offered as a treatment for difficult-to-manage type 2 diabetes, not just in people who are severely overweight, but in those who are only moderately so. But the ADA says patients like Jeff also need lifelong support. He agrees. "The surgery itself is not a miracle cure, it is not a magic cure, a magic bullet,” Warwick says. “Nothing like that. It is a tool. And the tool, it's up to you what you want to do with the tool." Jeff has taken that tool and run with it. He’s changed the way he eats, and he’s now more active No more driving down to the mailbox. He can walk, thank you very much. "Since surgery, I have lost 173 pounds, as of today,” he says. "I feel great about myself." Bariatric surgery is not for everyone. It’s expensive and, like all surgical procedures, comes with risks. But Warwick says he wishes he would’ve gotten the procedure done years ago.
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Reversed  Diabetes type 2. Metabolic Surgery for Diabetes
Can Diabetes be reversed? Metabolic Surgery for Diabetes and Weight Loss. Metabolic Surgery is the short version of “metabolic-bariatric surgery” the new term for weight-loss surgery. The reason why there is a new description is because of the tremendous impact of weight-loss surgery on obesity-related metabolic diseases, especially diabetes mellitus, hypertension and cholesterol disorders. For more information please contact: http://panasiasurg.com
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The Latest Scams from the Diabetic Industry
John McDougall, MD, presents: "The Latest Scams from the Diabetic Industry" at the February 2017 Advanced Study Weekend in Santa Rosa, California. For more information: http://www.drmcdougall.com
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The perfect treatment for diabetes and weight loss
Full video and many more with Dr. Fung: https://www.dietdoctor.com/the-perfect-treatment-for-diabetes-and-weight-loss What is the perfect treatment that can cure type 2 diabetes (!) and lead to effortless weight loss? Listen to the eloquent Dr. Jason Fung describe it in this 12-minute part of a longer interview. *** Observe: This treatment is extremely effective. If you have diabetes and take blood sugar lowering medication (especially insulin injections) you may need to reduce the doses a lot to avoid potentially dangerous hypoglycemia. You may instantly become too healthy for your medication. *** In the full 45 minute interview Dr. Fung goes into more detail about exactly how to add fasting to your low-carb diet, important things to consider and how to avoid potential problems. Watch the full interview and many more similar videos: https://www.dietdoctor.com/the-perfect-treatment-for-diabetes-and-weight-loss
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Can weight loss surgery cure Type 2 Diabetes?
Dr. Nick Nicholson answer questions regarding weight loss surgery.
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My Type 2 Diabetes gets completely cured after Bariatric Surgery - Rajesh Arya
Mr. Rajesh Arya from Kannauj, UP is sharing his experience at Mohak Bariatrics & Robotics. Bariatric Surgery helped him to cure his Type 2 Diabetes and Blood Pressure problem. Watch the video to know what new things he is experiencing after surgery and how he is feeling about it. Book an appointment with Dr. Mohit Bhandari at Mohak Bariatrics & Robotics Hospital and know more about Bariatric Surgery and treatment for Obesity and type-2 diabetes. Call or WhatsApp: +91-98930-37790 Visit us at: http://www.indiaobesity.in/ https://www.facebook.com/IndiaObesity/ https://twitter.com/indiaobesity/ https://www.instagram.com/indiaobesity/ https://www.pinterest.com/indiaobesity/ http://www.slideshare.net/indiaobesity/
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Dr. Jacobo Zafrani Metabolic Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes
Dr. Jacobo Zafrani and World Institute of Surgical Excellence offer patients the ability to cure type 2 diabetes. wiseMDs.com
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Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines | Sarah Hallberg | TEDxPurdueU
Can a person be "cured" of Type 2 Diabetes? Dr. Sarah Hallberg provides compelling evidence that it can, and the solution is simpler than you might think. Dr. Sarah Hallberg is the Medical Director of the Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program at IU Health Arnett, a program she created. She is board certified in both obesity medicine and internal medicine and has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology. She has recently created what is only the second non-surgical weight loss rotation in the country for medical students. Her program has consistently exceeded national benchmarks for weight loss, and has been highly successful in reversing diabetes and other metabolic diseases. Dr. Hallberg is also the co-author of www.fitteru.us, a blog about health and wellness. B.S., Kinesiology & Exercise Science, Illinois State University, 1994 M.S., Kinesiology & Exercise Science, Illinois State University, 1996 M.D., Des Moines University, 2002 This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Surgery is 'most effective way to treat Type 2 Diabetes'
Douglas Twenefour from Diabetes UK tells Matt Barbet that the NHS needs to find a new way to treat Type 2 diabetes.
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Surgery May Reverse Type 2 Diabetes
A new study finds that weight loss surgery may reverse Type 2 Diabetes. Meet a man who participated in the study and is now living a life free of diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. For more information visit https://weightloss.clevelandclinic.org/ClinicalTrials.aspx
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Passport Medical & Type ll Diabetes - Procedure Cure's 90% of Patients
Metabolic surgery for Type ll Diabetes cures 90% of patients that have it performed. It is nearly 50% of what the surgery costs in the United States and is not available in Canada.
Does Bariatric Surgery Cure Type 2 Diabetes?
Dennis Kim, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Diego, discusses abstracts that were presented at the American Diabetes Association's 71st Scientific Sessions.
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Bariatric Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes
The bariatric surgery webcast review the newest evidence in bariatric surgery. Visit http://www.ccfcme.org/surginnovationsvideos to claim CME credit or learn more about the Innovations in Surgery series. The bariatric webcast features expert faculty members Dr. Philip Schauer of Cleveland Clinic, and is moderated by Dr. Stacy Brethauer of Cleveland Clinic. The video was produced by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation Center for Continuing Education and the Cleveland Clinic Center for Surgical Innovation, Technology, & Education. Interested in related CME education? Visit http://bit.ly/19bvR8r
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Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2, Animation.
This video and similar images/videos are available for instant download licensing here https://www.alilamedicalmedia.com/-/galleries/images-videos-by-medical-specialties/endocrinology ©Alila Medical Media. All rights reserved. Support us on Patreon and get FREE downloads and other great rewards: patreon.com/AlilaMedicalMedia All images/videos by Alila Medical Media are for information purposes ONLY and are NOT intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Diabetes refers to a group of conditions characterized by a high level of blood glucose, commonly referred to as blood sugar. Too much sugar in the blood can cause serious, sometimes life-threatening health problems. There are two types of chronic diabetic conditions: type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Pregnant women may acquire a transient form of the disease called “gestational diabetes” which usually resolves after the birth of baby. Pre-diabetes is when the blood sugar level is at the borderline: higher than normal, but lower than in diabetics. Prediabetes may or may not progress to diabetes. During food digestion, carbohydrates - or carb - break down into glucose which is carried by the bloodstream to various organs of the body. Here, it is either consumed as an energy source - in muscles for example - or is stored for later use in the liver. Insulin is a hormone produced by beta cells of the pancreas and is necessary for glucose intake by target cells. In other words, when insulin is deficient, muscle or liver cells are unable to use or store glucose, and as a result, glucose accumulates in the blood. In healthy people, beta cells of the pancreas produce insulin; insulin binds to its receptor on target cells and induces glucose intake. In type 1 diabetes, beta cells of the pancreas are destroyed by the immune system by mistake. The reason why this happens is unclear, but genetic factors are believed to play a major role. Insulin production is reduced; less insulin binds to its receptor on target cells; less glucose is taken into the cells, more glucose stays in the blood. Type 1 is characterized by early onset, symptoms commonly start suddenly and before the age of 20. Type 1 diabetes is normally managed with insulin injection. Type 1 diabetics are therefore “insulin dependent”. In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas produces enough insulin but something goes wrong either with receptor binding or insulin signaling inside the target cells. The cells are not responsive to insulin and therefore cannot import glucose; glucose stays in the blood. In other words, type 2 diabetics are “insulin resistant”. Here again, genetic factors predispose susceptibility to the disease, but it is believed that lifestyle plays a very important role in type 2. Typically, obesity, inactive lifestyle, and unhealthy diet are associated with higher risk of type 2 diabetes. Type 2 is characterized by adult onset; symptoms usually appear gradually and start after the age of 30. Type 2 diabetes accounts for about 80 to 90% of all diabetics. Management focuses on weight loss and includes a low-carb diet.
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Clinical effects of bariatric surgery on Type 2 diabetes
This talk was presented at the 2018 SAGES Meeting/16th World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery by Ali Aminian during the The Future of Bariatrics, Diabetic Care, and Metabolic Surgery: No Weight Loss Required on April 13 2018
Metabolic Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes in Bangalore | Type 2 Diabetes Cure | Diabetes Center India
Check Our Website @ http://www.todsindia.com/ Today, the term Metabolic Surgery is used to describe surgical procedures to treat metabolic diseases, especially, type 2 diabetes. The best-known metabolic surgery is the Gastric Bypass, Ileal Interposition and Mini Gastric Bypass. Dr. Tulip’s Obesity & Diabetes Surgery Centre provides excellence for long-term weight loss solutions and diabetes remission. Dr. Tulip’s Obesity & Diabetes Surgery Centre in Bangalore, Karnataka, India provides effective Obesity and diabetes Treatment. Know more about Us @ http://www.todsindia.com/about-us/ Contact Us @ http://www.todsindia.com/contact-us/ Like Our Facebook Page @ https://www.facebook.com/TODS2017/ Subscribe Our Youtube Channel @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPHM1FXgERsenKMXW99NmyA Follow Us on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/Dr_Tulip Follow Us on Linkedin @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-tulip-tods-31445926/
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New Guidelines For Type 2 Diabetes Treatment To Include Surgery HD
Bariatric surgery has been known to enhance weight loss for folks struggling with obesity. Now new guidelines from the American Diabetes Association are recommending surgery treatment for more patients who are battling Type 2 Diabetes. Philip Schauer, M.D., comments. NOTE: Video, audio, script and web article can be downloaded at newsroom.clevelandclinic.org. ➨ Visit Cleveland Clinic: http://bit.ly/XlxDfr ➨ Visit Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic: http://bit.ly/VBQ3nW ➨ Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/W0bJ0y ➨ Like Cleveland Clinic on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/WMFkul ➨ Follow Cleveland Clinic on Twitter: http://bit.ly/Uua1Gs ➨ Follow Cleveland Clinic on Google+: http://bit.ly/136vcTe ➨ Follow Cleveland Clinic on Instagram: http://bit.ly/12gMABx ➨ Connect with Cleveland Clinic on LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/120XfNs ➨ Follow Cleveland Clinic on Pinterest: http://bit.ly/11QqS3A
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Weight Loss Surgery Can Cure Type 2 Diabetes
If you have type 2 diabetes your body does not use insulin properly. At first, your pancreas makes extra insulin to make up for it. But, over time it isn't able to keep up and can't make enough insulin to keep your blood glucose at normal levels. Weight loss surgery performed by Dr. Ayoola can essentially reverse this condition and cure type 2 diabetes.
Diabetes Surgery
It may be the closest thing to a cure for type-2 diabetes--gastric bypass surgery, currently done only for major weight loss. But one surgeon hopes to prove that a similar surgery could help non-obese diabetics. This ScienCentral News video introduces us to one diabetes patient who's determined to have the surgery.
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Type 2 diabetes treatment | Metabolic surgery for Diabetes mellitus
Watch this video to know how type 2 diabetes treatment can be done using metabolic surgery. Study fellowship in diabetes to treat diabetes mellitus. Click here to signup -https://goo.gl/ER09uA
Surgical and Medical Treatments for Type 2 Diabetes
Watch the full program at http://www.orlive.com/nyp/videos/surgical-and-medical-treatments-for-type-2-diabetes1?cmpid=tm-nep_2883 Type 2 diabetes can lead to potentially deadly complications for many patients, but the team at NewYork-Presbyterian remains on the forefront of research and treatment innovations. On August 17th at Noon, learn what advancements are being made and see what happens when gastric bypass surgery results in a possible remission of diabetes.
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Can Weight Loss Surgery Cure Type 2 Diabetes? – The Medical Center’s 90 Seconds to Better Health
The complications of diabetes often include heart disease, kidney disease, blindness, and even amputations. Fortunately, The Medical Center offers a solution for many patients--weight loss surgery with either a Gastric Bypass or Gastric Sleeve. Dr. Raphael Nwanguma explains how Weight Loss Surgery can often cure Type 2 Diabetes.
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Metabolic Surgery for Type - 2 Diabetes - Weight Loss Surgeon, Costa Rica
http://www.bariatricsurgeryworld.com/type-2-diabetes-surgery-costa-rica-bariatric-surgeon/ In this video a leading weight loss surgeon from Costa Rica talks about the metabolic surgery for type-2 diabetes. This surgery is also known as diabetes 2 surgery or new diabetes surgery. The surgery is carried for about an hour surgery following which the patient has to stay in the hospital for one night. After the patient is discharged from the hospital, for foreign patients a country stay of 4-5 nights is recommended by the surgeon. Costa Rica offers an affordable diabetes surgery. Costa Rica hospitals offer latest technology, the surgeons are highly qualified, multilingual staff and no waiting lines. Please click on the above link for more information on metabolic surgery for type-2 diabetes, Costa Rica. Related Searches: diabetes treatment costa rica duodenal jejunal bypass costa rica diabetes 2 surgery costa rica Diabetes 2 surgery cost costa rica Bariatric Surgery Center costa rica low cost type 2 surgery costa rica type 2 diabetes surgery costa rica diabetes type 2 surgery costa rica Rare diabetes surgery costa rica Diabetes Professional costa rica
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Diabetes Surgery Hyderabad | Type 2 Diabetes Treatment India
http://www.diabetestreatment.co.in, Kirloskar Hospital, Hyderabad a leading Laparoscopic diabetes control treatment surgery center, offering modern surgery for type2 surgeries like Ileal interposition surgery. It also offers various surgeries for weight reduction(Obesity), Gastroenterology, Gynecology. Like our page on : https://www.facebook.com/diabetestreatmentindia/ Connect us at : https://www.linkedin.com/in/drsurendraugale Subscribe our channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNRkKJb__tD7hxX9gCaRzXA
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Type 2 diabetes is a recognized epidemic both in the United States and around the world. A new study examined whether bariatric surgery in addition to lifestyle changes and medications can help control this disease in moderately obese patients. Catherine Dolf has more in this week's JAMA Report.
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I CAN'T BELIEVE IT WORKS - Natural Trick For Diabetes Control || BOILED EGG
Hi Friends, Watch More Top Five Health Care Videos Click here: https://goo.gl/UnZvu8 Today I am Going To Show You , How To Control Diabetes To Eat One Boiled Egg Per Day, Is it Work , I CAN'T BELIEVE IT WORKS - Natural Trick For Diabetes Control Boiled Egg Soked in The Apple Cider Veneger Over - night and Eat Early Morning and Take Dialy Based Medicines Follow us On Facebook: http://bit.ly/2efL8yd Twitter: http://bit.ly/2dVauOw Google + : http://bit.ly/2emBENF Blogger: http://bit.ly/2ewTzF5 Wordpress: http://bit.ly/2emxZzu ================================= Thank you for watching Our videos For more –like-comment-share & subscribe ================================= DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this channel and its videos is for general purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice. We are trying to provide a perfect, valid, specific, detailed information .we are not a licensed professional so make sure with your professional consultant in case you need. All the content published in our channel is our own creativity.
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Bariatric Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes
Michael Kia, DO, discusses Type 2 diabetes, surgical options, the risk and benefit of surgery, and keys to successful diabetes resolution.
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Bariatric surgery for type 2 diabetes management
In this special episode, bariatric surgeon Dr Abhay Agrawal explains in detail the various facets of the weight-loss surgery which has taken obesity management by a storm even while curing diabetes type 2 in many cases. Here the well-known bariatric surgeon also deals with issues related to cholesterol control, post-operative care and surgery complications. We, at Indian Diabetes Review TV, are trying to bring you a complete news portal for diabetics and their care-givers. Visit our website www.IndianDiabetesReview.com which is updated 24x7. As management of diabetes depends solely on information we intend to bring to you all the news and analysis about various developments from the world over that can impact your health. We cull the best of news and information that can help you live a full life in spite of your debilitating health condition. In these videos you will come across people who have managed to beat conventional thinking on diabetes, celebrities who have a take on diabetes, health professionals who have a new insight into diabetes management or even thought-leader who has an opinion on this health disorder. You can always write to us about what you feel about our internet television programmes, news portal or magazine; drop in a line, our email ID is: editorial@parabolamedia.com You can also call us at 022 6561 2705 if you want to subscribe to our monthly news magazine: Living With Diabetes
new type 2 diabetes cataract surgery 2017
FULL VIDEO: https://goo.gl/APNPrA?22859
Surgery for type 2 diabetes
Do you suffer from type 2 diabetes? Dr Francesco Rubino, bariatric surgeon, answers some common questions on diabetes type 2 and surgery for diabetes. Still have some questions? Ask the specialist at https://www.topdoctors.co.uk/doctor/francesco-rubino
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Brain Surgery Shows Promise For Type 2 Diabetes
A team of Allegheny General Hospital doctors makes a discovery linking the central nervous system and type 2 diabetes.
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Surgery offers hope for type 2 diabetics
Surgery offers hope for type 2 diabetics Visit http://www.venicembs.com/ for more information
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Doctors: surgery may be needed to combat Type 2 diabetes
A visit to the doctor's office has taken on a new meaning for Plymouth resident Curt Haats. Today, he can have a normal conversation with his physician, but in the not too distant past, the discussions took on a different tone. "I was on several blood pressure medicines. My cholesterol was very high," Haats said. "I was approaching diabetic standard. I was technically diagnosed as pre-diabetes." Pre-diabetes turned into actual diabetes and early last year, Haats weighed nearly 400 pounds. For him, food was always a form of comfort. "I grew up with a mother who said, 'clean your plate, and don't leave the table unless your plate was clean,'" he said. Ultimately, he decided it was time for a lifestyle change, so in March of 2015, he decided to undergo weight loss surgery, and lost 140 pounds in the process. "One of the advantages for me after having had the surgery is that, just from a lifestyle standpoint, I'm much more active. I've joined a gym," he said. In addition, he says that his diabetes is in remission, which comes as no surprise to Dr. Guilford Hartley of HCMC. "In my opinion at least, the safest and most effective treatment for adult Type 2 diabetes is surgery," Dr. Hartley said. It's a method that recently received the support of the American Diabetes Association and others who treat the disease. Dr. Hartley says 10 percent of the population could benefit from the surgery, but less than one percent go through with it. "The fact that so many people could benefit from surgery, and so few are getting it, has something to do with trying to educate people who might benefit from surgery about what it's all about," Dr. Hartley said. Now he's on a quest to spread the message about the benefits of weight loss surgery. It's something Haats knows all about. "From a weight-loss standpoint, it gives you an opportunity for a future," he said. Doctors say that when the weight loss surgery is done as soon as possible after a diabetes diagnosis, the likelihood of remission is greatest and is likely to last many years. Delane Cleveland http://www.ccxmedia.org Learn about our mobile app - http://bit.ly/CH12app http://twitter.com/ccxsports http://twitter.com/ccxnews https://www.facebook.com/ccxmedia.org/ Channel 12 is on Comcast cable in the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis and includes the cities Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Crystal, Golden Valley, Maple Grove, New Hope, Osseo, Plymouth and Robbinsdale.
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new bariatric surgery cure diabetes type 2 2017
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Bariatric surgery - Type 2 diabetes and treatment
Want to know more about diabetes surgery? Top Doctor Francesco Rubino, a bariatric surgeon, discusses treatment options and surgery for type 2 diabetes. To book an appointment and speak about surgery options, you can find Dr Rubino at https://www.topdoctors.co.uk/doctor/francesco-rubino
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Carpal Tunnel Surgery
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Can bariatric surgery cure type 2 diabetes  Dr Raman Goel explains   Part I
Dr Ramen Goel - Can bariatric surgery cure type 2 diabetes Dr Raman Goel explains Part I https://drramengoelreviews.wordpress.com/
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Pancreas Transplant Surgery Changes the Life of a Diabetic Patient
Sarath Kumar Jevoor hails from Belgaum, Karnataka. After struggling with diabetes for 10 years, he was referred to Apollo Hospitals, Chennai by his family physician. There his life took a new turn. Thanks to a Pancreas Transplant Surgery performed by Dr. Anil Vidya and his team, Sarath is now leading a normal life.
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Controversial Weight Loss Surgery Could Reverse Type 2 Diabetes
The controversial new weight loss surgery AspireAssist has shown promising results in reversing type 2 diabetes. During an interview with "The Weight Loss Champion" Chuck Carroll, Aspire Bariatrics President & CEO Kathy Crothall talks about what the limited research has shown so far.
Dr. Nicholson discusses how weight loss surgery can cure Type 2 Diabetes.
November is National Diabetes Month where communities across the country bring attention to diabetes and its impact on millions of Americans. But now there is a cure for people who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes.
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How Weight Loss Surgery Helps Type 2 Diabetes
How Weight Loss Surgery Helps Type 2 Diabetes Urgent diabetes health bulletin here.. http://bit.ly/2l0UuQA ################### JOIN US ######################### Subscribe now! For more new health videos coming up soon Subscribe H&F: http://bit.ly/2kcifVn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tuberhealth/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/sharifcse_eng Google Plus : http://bit.ly/2kgITwa Linkedin :http://bit.ly/2iHauX0 Weight loss surgery can make a big difference for people with type 2 diabetes. For some people, blood sugar levels get back to normal fast -- sometimes days after surgery. That could mean you need less medication or none at all. Research shows improvements in type 2 diabetes after weight loss surgery. One long-term study tracked 400 people with type 2 diabetes. Six years after bariatric surgery, 62% showed no signs of diabetes. They also had better blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. In comparison, only 6% to 8% of people who took medicine, but didn’t have surgery, showed similar results. If you’re thinking about it, and you’re ready to make big changes to keep up the results, you’ll want to know if it’s right for you. Are You a Good Candidate? First, your doctor will consider two things: 1. Is your BMI 35 or higher? 2. Have you tried to lose weight and keep it off without success? If so, he will give you a detailed checkup and ask you questions to see if you are physically and emotionally ready for the operation and the major changes you'll need to make. (You'll need to eat a lot less and make a healthy diet and exercise part of your life forever.) Depending on your particular case, other doctors may also get involved. For instance, if you have heart disease, your cardiologist would need to approve you for surgery. Types of Weight Loss Surgery There are different kinds of operations. Some help you lose weight by shrinking the size of your stomach so you feel full after small meals. Others change the way your body absorbs calories, nutrients, and vitamins. Still others do both. Get to know what’s involved with each of these: 1. Gastric bypass (also called Roux-en-Y gastric bypass) The surgeon makes a small stomach pouch by dividing the top of the stomach from the rest of it. When you eat, food goes to the small pouch and bypasses the top of the small intestine. The result: You get full faster and absorb fewer calories and nutrients. Pros: Up to 80% of people show no signs of diabetes after surgery. Plus, people usually lose 60% to 80% of their extra weight. Cons: Your body can’t absorb as many vitamins and minerals as before, which could lead to health problems. 2. Gastric sleeve (also called sleeve gastrectomy) The surgeon removes a large part of your stomach. With less room for food, you feel full faster. This operation also lowers ghrelin, the hormone that makes you feel hungry. Pros: More than 60% of people show no signs of diabetes after surgery. Plus, people usually lose 50% of their extra weight. Cons: You can't get this surgery reversed later on. Also, your body can’t absorb as many vitamins and minerals as before, which could lead to health problems. 3. Adjustable gastric band The surgeon puts an inflatable band around the top of the stomach. It forms a small pouch where the food goes. The tiny pouch fills up fast, so you feel full a lot quicker. Pros: Your doctor doesn’t have to cut the stomach or move the intestines, like in other surgeries. That’s one reason it has fewer complications. Also, you can get the band adjusted or taken out later. Forty-five percent to 60% percent of people who have this surgery end up diabetes-free. Cons: Sometimes there are problems with the band. It may slip or become worn, so you could need another surgery to fix it. Also, you’ll lose less weight with this surgery than others (about 40% to 50%). Another type of gastric banding operation, called "vertical gastric banding," isn't done as much as in the past because there are newer, more effective options. 4. Biliopancreatic diversion with a duodenal switch This surgery is not common, partly because it’s the most complicated. The doctor removes a large part of the stomach and also changes the way food moves to the intestines. Pros: It’s the most effective surgery for people with diabetes. Also, people usually lose 60% to 70% of their extra weight. Cons: You're more likely to have complications with this type of surgery. You will need more days in the hospital to recover. Plus, you’ll have more trouble digesting food and absorbing calories than with any of the other surgeries, so it’s the most likely type to lead to health problems. 7 steps to diabetes health here http://bit.ly/2l0UuQA ########### Related video link ################### Diabetes: Items You Need to Manage Your Health https://youtu.be/DfPseSjikNY
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