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Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe [ENGLISH LITERATURE]
Marlowe's Doctor Faustus is based on the soliloquy of a human soul, having a debate between desires and conscience. "Read Literature in its True Spirit"English Literature, Literary Theory, English Poems, English Literary Terms, English Literary Criticism, English Drama, English Essay, Poets & Authors, UGC NET EXAM
Doctor Faustus Summary & Analysis (Marlowe) – Thug Notes
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Teachers TV: A Difficult Text - Dr Faustus
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A deal with the devil -- EMU stages Dr. Faustus
Be careful what you wish for is the rule in this tragic morality tale, where a soul's deepest desire may not survive its starkest reality. Eastern Michigan University Theatre's 2014 staging of Dr. Faustus runs through October 19th. Labeled a tragical history and considered one of the great works of Elizabethan drama, Dr. Faustus bears witness to the war waged between good and evil in the hearts of men.
Diane Lewis - Dr Faustus and the City: New York and Berlin
Lecture date: 1999-05-13 In a continuation of the principles of architectural urbanism as proposed in her essay 'Rome is the Ancient New York', Diane Lewis examines the architect's ability to turn lead into gold along with the price that the devil, in his various epochal manifestations, extracts for this art. The lecture is given in parallel to Lewis's article 'Beat the Devil', concerning the philosophic effects of the work of Mies van der Rohe on the contemporary critique of architecture and on her own work. Diane Lewis founded her own practice in 1982. Her work has been extensively documented and includes a diverse range of urban programmes - from a home for a basketball foundation in the South Bronx to residences, private libraries, art galleries, museums and housing. She has also worked on several collaborative projects with artists such as Carl Andre, Vito Acconci, and Antoni Miralda. Lewis is Professor of Architecture at the Cooper Union, New York.
The tragical history of Doctor Faustas .DOCTOR FAUSTUS DOCTOR FAUSTUS BY CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE’S AN INTRODUCTION While written in the Renaissance language that often challenges high school and college students, Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus is a play for the ages. In a culture laden with books, movies, television shows and video games about black magic, the subject matter alone will captivate contemporary young adults. And with its themes of ambition, desire, fate, and free will, Marlowe’s drama is excellent comparison material to works both old and new. As a genre study, Dr. Faustus is a morality play, a historical allegory, the tale of a hero gone bad due to the dilemmas presented by an ever changing world. When Faustus is confronted by the Renaissance preference for analytical reason over the medieval deference to God, he must choose the course he believes is right, and in the process, loses his soul. Today’s teachers are in a unique position to share the historic and cultural significance of Dr. Faustus. In a society where Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code continues to challenge the foundations of religion, art, and history, and where a good portion of our youth have either read or viewed Brown’s work, Dr. Faustus offers students a forum to study and react to such controversial topics as Renaissance humanism and the history of the Roman Catholic Church. Marlowe’s play provides more than enough of the conflict and challenge high school and college students enjoy, engendering a host of topics for classroom discussion, debate, speech, essays, and projects. This guide is designed to assist teachers in planning a unit that is accessible and attractive to readers of various reading levels, and to provide lessons that reach students of various learning styles. Ideas include opportunities for listening, speaking, writing, and creating. Pre-reading activities are provided to prepare students for reading a Renaissance play, and to challenge students to think about the dilemmas Faustus faces. During-reading activities ask students to read the text more critically. And Post-reading activities encourage students to evaluate the significance of Dr. Faustus by analyzing Marlowe’s style, researching historical and cultural components, and comparing the play to other works. The scope and variety of activities offered in this guide can be used selectively by teachers in focusing on the objectives of their course and their students. LIST OF CHARACTERS MAIN CHARACTERS Doctor Faustus: a German doctor of divinity and medicine Lucifer: Prince of Devils Mephostophilis, Belzebub: devils Chorus CHARACTERS BY RELATIONSHIP FAUSTUS’ COLLEAGUES Wagner: his student and servant Valdes, Cornelius: magicians Three Scholars FAUSTUS’ CONSCIENCE Good Angel Bad Angel COMIC CHARACTERS Robin, Dick: clowns Horse-courser, Carter, Vintner, Hostess Martino, Frederick, Benvolio: gentlemen at the Emperor’s court CONJURED CHARACTERS (By Lucifer) Pride, Covetousness, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth, Lechery: The Seven Deadly Sins (By Faustus) Darius of Persia, Alexander the Great, Alexander’s Paramour, Helen of Troy, Devils, Piper, Cardinals, Monks, Friars, Attendants, Soldiers, Servants, Two Cupids: Mute Characters POLITICAL CHARACTERS Pope Adrian Raymond: King of Hungary Bruno, Rival Pope appointed by the Emperor Two Cardinals Archbishop of Rheims Friars Charles the Fifth: German Emperor Duke of Saxony Two Soldiers Duke of Vanholt Duchess of Vanholt MINOR CHARACTERS Servant Old Man SYNOPSIS OF THE PLAY I. FAUSTUS’ TEMPTATION PROLOGUE The chorus enters and explains Marlowe’s purpose, which is not to discuss war, history, or love, but to “perform the form of Faustus’ fortunes, good or bad” (3). The chorus explains how Faustus was born in Wittenberg, Germany, of “parents base of stock,” how he was raised by relatives, earned degrees in divinity, but then like the Greek Icarus, strove to “mount above his reach” through the study of black magic. ACT I, SCENE I Dr. Faustus is in his study, lamenting the fact that he has achieved all he can in medicine and divinity. Acknowledging the fact that all men are sinners, Faustus says adieu to divinity in favor of the “heavenly” art of necromancy, or black magic. Vowing to be in command of emperors and kings, Faustus bids his servant Wagner to fetch fellow magicians Valdes and Cornelius. Meanwhile, a good angel and an evil spirit each argue their positions as to Faustus’ future course of action. Further convinced that his new vocation will reward him with riches and powers, Dr. Faustus asks his fellow magicians to teach him all they know. Faustus vows to conjure for the first time that night.
The play Dr.Faustus  by Marian School
The play Dr.Faustus written by Christopher Marlowe, staged by the students of Marian Senior Secondary School KalathIpady Kottayam on Sahodhaya Regional Youth festival 2017 Direction: Thankachan E A
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Learn English Through Story - The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum - Upper - Intermediate
Learn English Through Story - The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum - Upper-Intermediate Story: The Bourne Identity Author: by Robert Ludlum Level:
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Key Ideas for Keeping Discipline in Large Groups
How do you keep discipline in large groups? Our coordinator Arthur Perez is sharing some ideas wth you.
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Researchers examine multiple themes in ‘Doctor Faustus’
Professor James Martin and Samantha Frese ’20 allowed themselves to get lost in a world of literature during the 2018 Cornell Summer Research Institute. The novel at the center of their studies was “Doctor Faustus” by Thomas Mann, which was written during World War II. “My research is looking in that novel in many different directions,” Frese said. “In a microscopic way we are learning how to do a close analysis of aspects of a novel,” Martin said. “In a macroscopic way, you could say this is a very interdisciplinary topic, because it deals with the Faust legend. It deals with the history of music. It deals with German problems with politics, German obsession over Kultur, German Kultur.” Through the story, the author comes to grips with what it means to be German during the reign of the Nazi party. He uses the popular Faust myth, the myth about someone trading their soul to the devil for success, to tell the story of a composer. Mann also borrows techniques from the German composer Richard Wagner, who Martin has studied extensively.
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Dr Faustus - An Exploration of Voice, Sound and Body Screener
Screener for Dr Faustus - An Exploration of Voice, Sound and Body available online from Contemporary Arts Media http://www.artfilms.com.au. Workshop and Performance from Voice Theatre Lab The two disc set features two of Voice Theatre Lab's recent work. Disk 1: 'Dr Faustus' by Christopher Marlowe, adapted and directed by Robert Lewis is an exploration of voice, sound and body. The production of 'Dr Faustus' explores abstract imagery through voice and body. It was the result of a rigorous training and rehearsal processes undertaken in 2007 and 2008. These performer-generated abstract images, which were inspired by the original text, drew inspiration from Butoh dance. The concept was developed further by incorporating sound, text and vocal exploration through various states of physical 'crisis'. These states of 'crisis' [conceptual, physical and vocal] do not hinder or suppress the vocal expression; rather, it releases a gamut of subconscious and inner essences of the performers by increasing the state of internal energy. 55:30 mins Disk 2: '5' is training session focusing on vocal actions, energies and the image. 
It is a filmed, staged workshop; an exploration of devices [exercises, concepts and ideas] used throughout Voice Theatre Labs 2007 and 2008 training sessions. It is a sequence of short scenes that are interconnected which depict the 5 elements and how they relate to each other. These elements [wood, fire, metal, water, earth] are linked with the voice and its emotional expression to form an abstract exploration of the human voice and body. The training which this film demonstrates was used in the re-mounting of Dr Faustus in 2008. 47:24 mins Robert Lewis trained at the University of Tasmania, Monash University, NIDA and RMIT. He is Lecturer in Theatre [Voice] at the Academy of the Arts, University of Tasmania, Launceston, and is Director of the Voice Theatre Lab. Product link: http://artfilms.com.au/Detail.aspx?catalogueNo=3497
Lucifer's Plan for the Children if God...puzzle piece #2
More of my testimony and belief. If u don't understand the Saturnalia reference, plz look up "Rob Skiba" or "Dr. Michael Heiser" +++On Point Preparedness+++ Sin Seizes The Opportunity https://youtu.be/rGfPr-eaCuY +++FaceLikeTheSun+++ (Divine Council) [Pt.1] UNSEEN REALM SEMINAR w/ Dr. Michael S. Heiser: Supernatural Worldview of the O.T. https://youtu.be/bZ-OwSH7IYM [you really should look at this one below] +++Affected Collective+++ Website from ANOTHER DIMENSION?! CERN Secret Alternate History Timelines QUANTUM MANDELA EFFECT Aug https://youtu.be/lk4hViIYmAg ++Jacob Israel++++ HUGE New BIBLE Change List! M.E. PROOF! RNC Says Trump is New Jesus? N.W.O. Connecting it all! https://youtu.be/E3ol-XQHvyA Reincarnation! Is it Biblical? You Won't Believe What I'm About To Tell You. https://youtu.be/fslHe2duo3I +++TheScariestMovieEver+++ THEY LOOK LIKE PEOPLE! https://youtu.be/8QJdC4L0URQ "Spirits" Filmed Around Obama and Bush (WOW) https://youtu.be/bR6HwFp7W3k +++Chills+++ 18 Ghost Sightings Caught on Snapchat https://youtu.be/669jI1uRIQ8
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Doctor faustus Glista english 12
a video we made for English on the legend of Faust
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The Divine Plan Of The Ages
There is more to God's Plan than most think. In 1886 Charles Taze Russell, a former businessman, published a chart graphically presenting God's plan in the book "The Divine Plan," later titled "The Divine Plan Of The Ages.". Let's take a brief journey together as we examine the various features of God's plan in this thirty-four minute long presentation given to the SouthWest Oregon Bible Student ecclesia recently.
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Teachers TV: Great Lesson Ideas - KS3 - S and L
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The Seven Deadly Sins
The Seven Deadly Sins were a list of psychological flaws first identified by Christianity in the 4th century. Christianity was wise in spotting the errors, but rather ungenerous in explaining why they existed. Given that we are all, in a sense, ‘sinners’, we need to find better explanations for our bad behaviour. If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide): https://goo.gl/00FWLc Join our mailing list: http://bit.ly/2e0TQNJ Or visit us in person at our London HQ https://goo.gl/PImkZb FURTHER READING “Christianity has, traditionally, spoken a lot about sinners. In the fourth century, the Church identified ‘seven deadly sins’: failings of character that were to be particularly condemned and avoided by all righteous people. They were...” You can read more on this and other subjects on our blog, here: https://goo.gl/TMR7E1 MORE SCHOOL OF LIFE Our website has classes, articles and products to help you think and grow: https://goo.gl/Q4eL9o Watch more films on SELF in our playlist: http://bit.ly/TSOLself You can submit translations and transcripts on all of our videos here: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UC7IcJI8PUf5Z3zKxnZvTBog&tab=2 Find out how more here: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6054623?hl=en-GB SOCIAL MEDIA Feel free to follow us at the links below: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theschooloflifelondon/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheSchoolOfLife Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theschooloflifelondon/ CREDITS Produced in collaboration with: Directed and Animated by: Andrew Benincasa http://www.andrewbenincasa.com ig: andrewbenincasa Music by: Ilusha Tsinadze Listen to the music from the video here: http://ilusha.com/sins/ http://www.ilusha.com #TheSchoolOfLife
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Renaissance Literature - Symbolic importance of Angels and The Old Man in Dr  Faustus
This video is recorded as my academic activity in Department of English, Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar (Gujarat - India); under the guidance of Prof. Dilip Barad (Head of The department)
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Timeless Appeal of Fairy Tales: Part I  |  Dr. Duke Pesta
Part I explains the origins of classic fairy tales across Western culture. What fundamental values and lessons do all fairy tales teach? We explain how fairy tales are meant for adults more than for children. 💰 Watch. Share. SUPPORT Our Educational Videos: http://bit.ly/2pKb71x ✅ SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/2oexOOj 👍 LIKE our Facebook Page: http://bit.ly/2obW5nL 👉 FOLLOW us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/2oC93Ij 🇺🇸 SUBSCRIBE to our Weekly Email: http://eepurl.com/cLro6n 🌏 WEBSITE: https://www.freedomproject.com/ © FreedomProject 2018
Teachers TV: Stem Cell Research: The Lesson
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Drama by  Marian School
The play Dr.Faustus staged by the students of Marian Senior Secondary School Kalathipady Kottayam on annual day 2017. Direction : Thankachan E A
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Macbeth (Shakespeare) - Thug Notes Summary and Analysis
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Teachers TV: Using Storyboards in Project Planning
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Faustus - Round At Jessica's
Faustus playing their song, "Round At Jessica's" at The now defunct Talbot Hotel in Stoke.
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Faustus Rap
This rap is designed to help A Level English Literature students learn quotations from the play 'Dr Faustus'. Quotations are in bold and are also doubled up on the vocal. The backing track is by Clams Casino - it's called 'I'm God'. This video is not for profit. Faustus was born ‘of parents base of stock in Germany.’ He was a gifted child, and fortunate, it says that he, ‘The fruitful plot / of scholarism graced.’ It seems that intellectually with talents he was laced: Faustus worked so hard that ‘shortly he was graced with doctor’s name’. The prologue hints that for his downfall Faustus was to blame. Sure, he was good ‘excelling all and sweetly can dispute’, But Faustus' fall seems just like Eve’s when she ‘ate of the fruit’. So Faustus gorged ‘Till swollen with a cunning of self-conceit... His waxen wings / did mount above his reach.’ The prologue states ‘the heavens conspired his overthrow,’ But what Faustus is falling to it seems he doesn’t know. Faustus seems to have a pretty manic personality: Alone at night he ‘surfeits on cursed necromancy’. Faustus is alone; he’s talking to himself, And he reflects amongst these books upon the shelf. 'Had I as many souls as there are stars, I'd give them all to Mephostophilis.' ‘Settle thy studies, Faustus… be a physician, Faustus… Hast thou not attained these ends, Faustus?’ Although accomplished there’s a flaw within his plan: He asks himself ‘yet art thou still but Faustus, and a man?’ Faustus identifies a Gothic worry amidst his shelves: He says ‘If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves.’ Now whilst religion aims at purity it seems Faustus has found A Gothic truth about us all that’s lurking underground: By saying that ‘we have no sin’ we’re lying plain as day. So those who claim they’re sinless do not practise what they say. The problem is religion seems to kick up quite a fuss, Whilst Faustus wearily states that ‘there’s no truth in us’. 'Had I as many souls as there are stars, I'd give them all to Mephostophilis.' After a few lessons from Cornelius and Valdes, Faustus summons Mephostophilis and this is what he says: ‘I charge thou to return and change thy shape.’ Speaking to the devil’s aide like this is Faustus just a stupid ape? Mephostophilis is powerful how stupid can Faustus be? But Faustus insists ‘Thou are too ugly to attend on me’. So Faustus think he’s awesome but he sees through a tainted lens. He only summoned Mephostophilis ‘per accidens’. Now Faustus asks his friend of the ancient path the devil trod; It turns out the devil once was the ‘most dearly loved of God.’ What he did wrong sums up the folly of human enterprise: We always reach beyond what we see with our eyes. ‘Aspiring pride and insolence’ – Two of the deadly seven The punishment: ‘For which God threw him from the face of heaven.’ Now Mephostophilis seems like a rather saddened guy. The story of his downfall brings a tear to the eye: Where’s hell? ‘Why this is hell, / nor am I out of it’. It seems that he ‘who saw the face of God’ lives a life that’s pretty... shocking. ‘Thinkst thou, that I, who tasted the eternal joys of heaven Am not tormented with ten thousand hells In being deprived of everlasting bliss?’ Now Meph speaks rather strangely, to Faustus he says this: ‘Leave these frivolous demands which strike a terror to my soul’ But Faustus heeds him not and seems more and more like a fool: ‘Learn thou / of Faustus’ manly fortitude’ he says ‘And scorn these joys thou never shall possess.’ ‘Had I as many souls as there are stars I’d give them all to Mephistophilis.’
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*** RAINER BLOSS 1946 - 2015 RIP *** keyboarder, musical director and co-writer with German Band ALPHAVILLE & MARIAN GOLD (2 album solo) *** Biography 1967 - Student at the High School of Weimar (former East Germany) 1972 - Civil Service Examination. Further studies at the German High School for Music in Berlin. 1974 - Activity as a freelance composer and musician: Radio and record productions in the fields of rock, film, theatre music as well as music for children. 1976 - Various European tours as bass/keyboard player with the (East)German band "Wir". 1978 - After a concert in (West) Berlin's "Eisporthalle" decided to stay in the West. 1979 - Founded rockband "Extra". 1980 - Meets with Klaus Schulze. First musical collaborations and releases. 1981 - Release of the album "Extra" on Reflector/Metronome as well as the albums "Trancefer" and "Audentity" in collaboration with Klaus Schulze. 1982 - Flandern Festival Man-Music-Machine with Klaus Schulze in Gent/Netherlands. Release of solo-album "Dreamkiller". Theatre music for Alfred Jarrys King b. on Berlins Freie Theateranstalt. 1983 - Concert Tours with Klaus Schulze through West and East Europe. 1984 - Co-founder of the independent label "Inteam" with Klaus Schulze. Release of the album "Aphrica" with Klaus Schulze and the painter Ernst Fuchs. Release of solo album "Drive Inn 1". Release of the radio drama "Dr. Faustus elektrisiert" by Gertrude Stein. 1985 - Soundtrack for the Norvegian film "Havlandet". Release of the computer musical "AMPSY" after an adaptation of the classical subject "Amor & Psyche". 1986 - Solo Album "Drive Inn II" 1987 - Meets Marian Gold, voice and brain of Alphaville. Starts musical collaboration. Founding the project "Albert & The Heart of Gold". 1988/9 - Collaborating with Marian Gold and Alphaville as keyboard player and arranger. 1990 - Release of "Drive Inn 1" and "Drive Inn II" in the States and Internationally. Collaboration for the pre-production of Roger Waters' "The Wall" (Berlin) 1991/2 - Co-writing and co-production for Marian Gold's solo-album So Long Celeste. 1993/4 - Co-writing, arranging and programming for Alphaville's album Prostitute. Since 1994 - Collaboration as music pedagogue for the society "Le Merle Noire" as part of the European Music Action. Project: "Die Schöpfung" (Creation) by Haydn. Creation of the theme with children. 1996 - Co-writing, arrangements and programming for Marian Gold's solo-album United. 1997/8 - Collaboration on the new Alphaville album Salvation. Production of new solo-album "Drive Inn III"
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History of english literature
English Litature
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Ellen's Helping Out with Homework!
Is there anything she can't do? Ellen offered to help her viewers with their homework. This is how it turned out!
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English Literature, Dr.Faustus Introduction,  Prof: Munawar Ahmad Saeed
English Literature, Dr.Faustus Introduction,What's App@03334285350, M.A English, Punjab University Course, Prof: Munawar Ahmad Saeed M.A Eng, M.A. Phil. M.A, TEFL contactmunawar@yahoo.com Cell: +92-333-4285350 css, css literature, css preparation, css syllabus, Click on Suscribe for more videos… -Video Upload powered by https://www.TunesToTube.com
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Learn English Through Story - Blackbeard's Treasure by Jenny Dooley - Elementary
Learn English Through Story - Blackbeard's Treasure by Jenny Dooley - Elementary Story: Blackbeard's Treasure Author: by Jenny Dooley Level: Elementary What do you know about Bermuda Triangle? It’s a miracle place where a lot of people, ships and other things were lost. Have you ever heard about the Blackbeard’s treasure? It was lost in Bermuda Triangle and nobody ever could find it. Not many people want to have such risk for finding treasure. But there are no any barriers if you are a pirate, you are drunk and you hear the sound of coins. The greatest pirate in the whole world Captain Pike came into the bar of port where many sailors were resting. It was deep night and nobody expect for such celebrity. He proposed them adventure but even they didn’t hurry because nobody had never returned Bermuda. At last, Captain Pike managed to collect the team. But whether they can realize his plan? Thank you for watching this video "Learn English Through Story - Blackbeard's Treasure by Jenny Dooley - Elementary" with English Land channel. Please like, share this video and subscribe to our channel to keep contact with us. Here is the link to subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/SVkGbJ We're #EnglishLand!
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Video Lesson - Hamlet
This video lesson is for a course at Concordia - Portland, where I am teaching a close reading activity to my students reading Hamlet and considering the aspects of the biblical story of Jephthah and his daughter.
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The English dept. of our school coordinate the activity for this week based on topic 'ADAPTABILITY AND FLEXIBILITY'
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Life Changing Lessons | The Alchemist | Book Summary | Story and Lessons in Hindi
The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho Book summary Story and Lessons in Hindi -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- : "The Six Morning Habits To Become Successful | The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod|Book Summary In Hindi" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XOfertm9-I -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Life of Pi (Book) – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis
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Renaissance Era: Renaissance Introduction (Lecture)
Senior British Literature @Darthbobbya
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Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the World
Haunted Places in the World The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, Australia Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, originally known as the haunted Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum is a decommissioned hospital located in Beechworth, a town of Victoria, Australia. Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum was the fourth such Hospital to be built in Victoria, being one scariest of the three largest. Mayday Hills Hospital closed in 1995 after 128 years of operation. The Princess Theatre, Australia The Princess Theatre is a 1488-seat theatre in Melbourne, Australia. On the evening of 3 March 1888, the baritone Frederick Baker, known under the stage name "Frederick Federici", was performing the role of Mephistopheles in Gounod's opera Faust. This production ended with Mephistopheles sinking dramatically through a trapdoor returning to the fires of hell with his prize, the unfortunate Dr Faustus. The audience was spellbound. As the audience held its collective breath as Federici was lowered down through the stage into this basement, he had a heart attack and died immediately. They laid him on the floor, lifeless, in his crimson vestments. He never came back onstage, never took the bows. When the company was gathered together to be told that Federici had died, they asked, "When?". Being told of what had happened at the end of the opera, they said, "He's just been onstage and taken the bows with us The Bhanghar Fort, India Bhangarh is a town in India that is famous for its historical ruins. It is in the Rajgarh municipality of the Alwar district in the state of Rajasthan. According to legend, the city of Bhangarh was cursed by the Guru Balu . He had sanctioned the construction of the town on one condition, "The moment the shadows of your palaces touch me, the city shall be no more!" When a descendant prince raised the palace to a height that cast a shadow on Balu Nath's forbidden retreat, he cursed the town. Balu Nath is said to be buried there to this day in a small samādhi. Aokigahara, Japan Aokigahara , also known as the Suicide Forest or Sea of Trees is a 35-square-kilometre forest that lies at the northwest base of Mount Fuji in Japan. The forest contains a number of rocky, icy caverns, a few of which are popular tourist destinations. Due to the wind-blocking density of the trees and an absence of nearly any wildlife, the forest is known for being exceptionally quiet. Iulia Hasdeu Castle, Romania The Iulia Hasdeu Castle is a folly house built in the form of small castle by historian and politician Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu in the city of Câmpina, Romania. Work on it began in 1893, after Hasdeu's daughter, Iulia Hasdeu, died at the age of 19, an event that dramatically shook and changed Hasdeu's life. He claimed that his belated daughter provided the plans for building the castle during sessions of spiritism . The building was completed in 1896. Hell Fire Club on Montpelier Hill, Ireland Montpelier Hill is a hill, 383 metres high in County Dublin, Ireland. It is commonly referred to as the Hell Fire Club , the popular name given to the ruined building at the summit. This building -- a hunting lodge built around 1725 by William Conolly -- was originally called Mount Pelier. Dragsholm Slot, Denmark Numerous witnesses and psychics have claimed that there are three ghosts who are residents at the castle: a grey lady, a white lady and James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell.The Earl is said to ride through the courtyard with a full horse and carriage. Manila Film Center, Philippines The Manila Film Center is said to be haunted due to the accident that took place in the construction of the structure. It has been speculated that due to the 9 hours that passed before rescuers were allowed in the site, some of the workers were entombed alive and that the bodies were left in the hardened concrete slabs.In a 2005 documentary produced by GMA Network's i-Witness, all 169 workers were traced and the records show that not more than a dozen died.Furthermore all the bodies were retrieved and were given a proper burial. Highgate Cemetery Highgate Cemetery is a place of burial in north London, England. It is designated Grade I on the English Heritage Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England. There are approximately 170,000 people buried in around 53,000 graves at Highgate Cemetery Monte Cristo Homestead Monte Christo Homestead is a historic Australian property located in the town of Junee, New South Wales.Monte Cristo is claimed to be Australia's most haunted house, with reports of ghostly figures, strange lights, invisible forcefields, phantom sounds and animal mutilations. These are attributed to several tragic incidents in the property's past including the murder of a caretaker in 1961 and the imprisonment of a mentally impaired man for many years in the dairy. Audio credit: "Time Passes" Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Summary of a midsummer night dream Short summary of midsummer night dream A midsummer night dream summary in Hindi By RAHUL SHARMA
Vindictus CBT: Hoarfrost Hollow
First Map of the 2nd Area you visit in Vindictus. Had a bit of lag sometimes, which explains me standing there at certain points. :L If I upload more Vids..the Maps I do wont be in a Certain order, so dont count on it. My char is a Lann. Hint: Cunning Etunoch isnt so Cunning. He will point at you when he is going to swing. So as a Lann, use Nimble Dash to get away (like shown) and as a Fiona try to perfect Guard it. Or just Guard it. As for the 360 degree swing..no idea. Watch out for it.
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Eric Glista Marshall plan
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The myth of Icarus and Daedalus - Amy Adkins
View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/the-myth-of-icarus-and-daedalus-amy-adkins In mythological ancient Greece, Icarus flew above Crete on wings made from wax and feathers, defying the laws of man and nature. To witnesses on the ground, he looked like a god, and he felt like one too. But, in his society, the line that separated god from man was absolute, and the punishment for mortals who attempted to cross it was severe. Amy Adkins explains the myth of Icarus and Daedalus. Lesson by Amy Adkins, animation by TED-Ed.
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Drew Gilbert Dell'Arte audition video
THE DRAGONFLY Three years ago, while in a state of meditation, a vision of a dragonfly's metamorphosis came to me. I watched as the young nymph pulled itself up out of the muddy stew and onto the underside of a leaf. Its hard exoskeleton split, and it performed a beautiful ballet to extricate itself from the shell. Once free, it struggled against the wind to lift its new body into the air, but finally took flight over the marsh. I was once a very guarded young man. I sought to build a shell around my heart to keep the harsh world out. But many people, places and ideas came into my life and put fissures in this armor. And though the winds may try to blow me down, I push hard against the tempest. This vision was the culmination of that. I came out of the meditative state, and my heart was filled with warm glowing light. I have kept the image of the dragonfly with me since that day. MONOLOGUES Dr. Faustus from "Dr. Faustus" The Artist from "Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll" Special thanks to my parents for supporting me. Thank you!
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A tableau based on theme PATRIOTISM presented Marian Sr Sec School, Kalathilpady,  code :06518
Presented by the students of class 8 9 10.. with the guidance of hindi dept. Watch and support..
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Valak Prank Fail!
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You'll Crack Up Watching Kit Harington Teach Ginger Spice to Say "You Know Nothing, Jon Snow!"
You'll Crack Up Watching Kit Harington Teach Ginger Spice to Say "You Know Nothing, Jon Snow!" The Game of Thrones and Spice Girls worlds collided when Geri Horner (née Halliwell), also known as Ginger Spice, ran into Kit Harington, also known as Jon Snow, at the Italian Grand Prix on Sept. 3.
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Blew Bell Hornpipe - Anahata, melodeon
This 3/2 Hornpipe comes from John Walsh, "Third Book of the most celebrated jiggs, Lancashire Hornpipes etc." 1731, republished much more recently by Pete Stewart. Transposed from the original key of E♭ down a semitone to D. Two notes moved an octave higher than written, because I don't have the required D♯ accidental at the lower pitch. This was suggested for a melodeon.net Tune of the Month for February 2015. It didn't get voted in, but I had already made plans to learn it anyway and promised to make a video. This is a different version of the tune from the one played by Sam Sweeney and friends and copied by many. I don't know where that came from, but I am reasonably certain that this is as published by Walsh. Anahata : D/G Dino Baffetti/Oakwood Pro prototype.
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One act Play
By Adwaid raj
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Literary Freeze_Litfiesta '17
Literary Freeze by the students of the English Department, N.M. Christian College, Marthandam in Litfiesta-2017, intra-departmental literary competitions arranged by the Literary Club of NMCC.
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