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Guided Reading Level J 1st Grade
This is a guided reading lesson, day 3. A little livelier of a discussion than you are probably used to seeing from other videos.
Guided Reading Lesson 2nd Grade
This guided reading lesson was taken with 2nd grade students working instructionally in level L and reading independently in Level K. When introducing a brand new series, I try to give students as much background knowledge on the characters they'll encounter. I also try to show students what 'real' readers do when they pick up a book by checking to see if there's a blurb in the back that tells me a little bit of the story. As students are reading, I checked in with them individually to ask, "What's happening so far..." to monitor their comprehension (since that was the focus with this group). My teaching at the end of the lesson was one way that readers can use post-it's is to track the characters in their book because we want to make sure we know who the characters are. The Continuum of Literacy Learning by Fountas and Pinnell is a great resource to learn about the new characteristics within the different levels and to familiarize yourself with the levels your students are tackling. This video also shows what the other students "could" be doing when you're working with a guided reading group. This school has enough books to support students in a reading workshop model where students are reading a variety of books at their independent level. IF your school does not have access to enough books, many other teachers use literacy centers, independent workshop time, or universal access time as a way where the teacher can work with one or two groups depending on the stamina of his/her class.
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Guided Reading Lesson Level G
Working with a guided reading group on story structure and long vowels.
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Guided Reading Level B
This video is about Guided Reading Level B
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Guided Reading Group_Level K
JR-2 Instructional Facilitator models Level K Reading Group.
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Feb. Jennifer Sertyn-Bardell 3rd grade Garfield Guided Reading Lesson
Jennifer Sertyn-Bardell 3rd grade Garfield Elementary
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Level M guided reading
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Guided Reading Lesson: First Grade Level G
If you're wanting to start guided reading in your classroom and don't know how to organize, structure or manage it, check out my video. I go from beginning to end and show how to do a running record, how to stagger your readers, reading strategies, lesson plans, comprehension questions and word work. Enjoy!
Cambridge reading Adventures: Guided Reading Tutorial - Follow Up Activities
Our final video covers how to introduce follow up activities linked to the topic or theme of the book the children have read.
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A Guided Reading Lesson
A guided reading lesson in a class of emergent readers.
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Guided Reading Lesson
Intro to guided reading lesson for Kindergarten
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Guided Reading in First Grade
A teacher leads students in a guided reading lesson with The Storm (text level 16/I) to teach fluent, expressive reading.
Level D guided reading lesson
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Guided Reading Level E Part 1 of 2 ....Day 1 Jan Richardson model
These kiddos were in my Kindergarten last year. I pulled them the day before just to warm-up a little for the video recording but we hadn't had a full lesson together since May so I was proud of how they remembered out routines! Making words was a little confusing for them at first but they caught on (in Part 2). I went over time (of course! :) but continued so I could show all components of the lesson.
Ms. Crofford's 3rd Grade Guided Reading Lesson
3rd Grade Guided Reading Lesson. TLA Level K
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Guided Reading Lesson
Engage Literacy Guided Reading Lesson with Early/Fluent Level Nonfiction title Owls. During this guided reading lesson the rest of the students are reading from book boxes and eBooks independently. Before Reading: Individual student targeted for formative assessment go through a Running Record or Oral Running Record. Review strategies, provided sentence frames, model labels, read at pace, analysis text, and check for understanding.
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Guided Reading-3rd grade Level L
Guided reading-comprehension strategy-analyzing characters through their feelings
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Level H guided reading lesson
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Guided Reading Lesson
Guided reading lesson plan for LIST 4373
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Guided Reading Lesson Level L
Using informational text in guided reading.
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Guided Reading Lesson Training Video
This video is an example of an elementary school guided reading lesson.
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Guided Reading in a 3rd Grade Classroom
: Small group instruction and guided reading are critical components of the reading block. Guided reading, as defined by Fountas and Pinnell, is a teaching approach designed to help individual students learn how to process a variety of increasingly challenging texts with understanding and fluency. Small groups are made up of students with similar instructional reading levels and learning needs. Through guided reading, students learn how to develop and use strategies to construct meaning from text. Teachers pull small groups for guided reading while other students are engaged in Daily 5 activities or other valuable literacy work. Small group guided reading lessons should be carefully planned in advance of the lesson. In this video, the teacher will work with a small group of 3rd grade students.
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Guided reading pt2
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Grade 1 Guided Reading Lesson
TLA and Instructional L
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Guided Reading Lesson
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1st Grade Guided Reading Lesson- Jan Richardson Model
First grade guided reading lesson following Jan Richardson Next Steps in guided reading model. (Day 1 of a 2 day lesson)
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3rd Grade Main Idea Lesson
3rd grade lesson using Frog & Toad to identify the main idea and supporting details. Aligned to MA Curriculum Standards: RI 3.1 (Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, referring explicitly to the text as the basis for the answers) and RI 3.2 (Determine the main idea of a text; recount the key details and explain how they support the main idea).
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1st Grade Small Group Lesson
Small Group Reading Intervention with Tier 3 Students Using Fountas and Pinnel's Leveled Literacy Intervention Green System (Lesson 29, Level B)
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Guided Reading in Your Words: Differentiated Instruction
Scholastic Guided Reading improves the value and accuracy of assessments. Hear what these real teachers had to say about their experiences. To learn more about Scholastic Guided Reading visit http://www.scholastic.com/guidedreading.
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FISD guided reading template group - level H
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Introduction to Next Step Guided Reading in Action: Grades K-2
Watch America's favorite teacher of guided reading, Jan Richardson, lead targeted lessons that accelerate reading growth for K--2 students. Jan demonstrates exactly how to plan, teach, check for understanding, and reteach. An easy-to-use View & Do guide helps teachers put what they've seen right into action. Covers emergent, early, and transitional levels!
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Special Education - Teaching Guided Reading from L
TeacherTube User: Heinemannpublishing TeacherTube URL: http://www.teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=168938 This special education video is designed for SPED teachers, special needs students and parents of special education children. Teaching guided reading lesson 41 from the green level of the Leveled Literacy Intervention LLI reading intervention program developed by Fountas amp Pinnell. Guided reading programs use small group instruction and inclass activities to help all stud
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2nd Grade Reading
2nd grade reading lesson on fluency and learning new words.
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Second Grade Guided Reading
This teacher has planned for a highly supportive guided reading lesson. Think about how the lesson could have been planned leaving more work for the students to do. Why might a teacher plan for such a highly supported reading of this text?
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Guided Reading pre reading lesson in Spanish
Students getting ready to read "The Snowy Day" in Spanish.
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3rd Grade Guided Reading
This video was produced with a Swivl! DRA Level 28
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