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Retirement Tips: How to create your own Personal Pension Plan
Most retirees are not prepared for the income loss they will face during retirement. Social security and 401(k)s will most likely not be enough to sustain the lifestyle you have become accustomed to. Developing your own personal pension plan will help you overcome these challenges. Visit www.SafeMoneyPlaces.com for more information or give us a call at 1-877-844-0900 if you have any questions.
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Looming Pension Fund Crisis — The Political Vigilante
Graham discusses the pension crisis and how it was created. Suggested by Patron Logan D'Alessandro. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-06/unavoidable-pension-crisis?page=1 http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-04-26/who-ravenous-buyer-all-those-energy-stocks-here-surprising-answer T / IG: @GrahamElwood Use #PoliticalVigilante on social media! Independent news doesn’t come with a big corporate paycheck; The Political Vigilante is powered solely by support from viewers like you. Please consider supporting independent news by becoming a patron! https://www.patreon.com/grahamelwood Thank you so much to our current patrons: Dan Aquilina, Buck Smith, Karen Sheets, Courtney Hunt, Robin Hood, Danny Knapp, Francis Joaquin, Elizabeth Franz, Alex Vivian, Logan D’Alessandro, nds711d, Travs_Chula, Jeff Boutin, Marsha Smith, Erik Baker, Wanda Gresham, Adrian Byers, Alex Ratliff, Alexander, FroggyBear, AlexTalk, Polytikal Junkie, Darko Filipic, Jory Marcus Miller, Ivan G Shreve Jr, Teg’dirb NaMrog, Robert Eldridge, Zakiya Alake, Gail Casineau, Andrew, Shawn Dooley, Ernestine Wolf, Mikkel Jensen, Richard Reich, Michael Esau, Roger Kamben, Perry Ramstad, RondeyJ, Tim Stack, Annabelle Corley, Eric Butterfield, DigbyDavis LLC, Christine Zomack, Nathan Schreppler, where4art, Pat GW, Matt Nathe, Samuele Padalino, Davide Kapoor, Glide-On Wax, Dale Axelrod, Eric Messex, Dax Jacobson, Libby Julia, Michelle Donahue, Mitchell Heldt, Jami Miller, Gregg Kuljian, Raven Surrette, Sean Comitz, Edward McColl, Kristofferson Kakavecos, Daniel Sonnenberg, Siara Biuk, Kelley Crider, Andrew Moses, Barbara Hands, Gareth Francis, Thomas Witherow, AFchris77, Todd Price, Nic Meier, Joe Romano, Ryan D Fenyves, Lauryn Barrie, Art Designed for You by 3kkori D-Zined, James Mccoll, Julie Stoddart, Rob Roberts, & Jessica Page! NOTE: New patrons will be added to credit roll/description in their first official month of patronage (once successfully processed). Need to buy something on Amazon? Use this custom link to reach the Amazon website & your purchase will help The Political Vigilante! (Bookmark it!): http://tinyurl.com/TPVAmazon Like and subscribe for more of The Political Vigilante! Show produced by Graham Elwood & Lindsay Rose (@MarsOddity).
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AlgoCare Retirement Plan
AlgoCare Retirement Insurance Plan is an Insurance Policy Which helps fund your passive income on retirement , Important feature is 100% Loan and ability to withdraw profits after the first three months.
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Cash My Pension Plan Saving Retirement Money - The Business Defined
http://www.cashinmypension.com/ Call: 0800 122 33 24 Cash My Pension If you're preparing yourself for retirement, and need to cash in your UK pension there are a few things you need to take into consideration. First of all, the payment scheme is not very simple, and you will need an expert advice in order to help you along the cashing process. Secondly, you might not be able to benefit from this option on a few foreign countries (such as Gibraltar, Malta and Guernsey). Also, regardless whether you need the money for shopping or for an exotic holiday, you need to pay attention at the annual taxes. Your pension is going to be paid only based on your past contribution to the system, which needs to be higher than 5 years. The earnings that you'll receive will greatly depend on the energy that you spent on working. Keep in mind that deductions will apply anyway. When you meet the minimum specific age (65) to be able to cash in your income, you might request your money withdrawal. You might use the money for a new car, to improve your house, to start yourself a business or to achieve your plans and goals. Whichever it might be, it's important to know that the employees are the one who pay this tax for you (the money are deducted from their contributions). In order to find out if you're currently qualifying for a retirement, it's best to contact your pension company first or a good business advisor. You will need an efficient plan in order to achieve your withdrawal dream, which is common for every man and women, so it's best to contact the specialised businesses in your area. Also, you should be aware that the average retirement age is gender speciifc, for females it is 70 (differences may apply to widows), and your total tax amount will be taken from the local budget. Cashing in UK pensions is not one of the easiest tasks, due to the complicated rules for the paying process and due to the variable income, but it is an important life lesson for everyone. If you're looking for extra savings, this might be your best period to act, but also think at the future consequences compared to leaving things as they are - un changed. The greatest benefit is that you'll have more time for yourself and for your family. Another benefit is that you won't need an employer anymore. Various owners already create themselves a plan for retiring, thanks to the affordable rate and the ability to save a little money for later in their lives (every cent helps), the comparison stands up well against those who have done nothing. You should get in touch with a business for joining the best plan, though. Also look for an English or Scottish resource information to see what's defined as legitimate and what's not, you don't want something that makes you worse off. What might be defined as a long-term saving for retirement is actually an extra chance for you and your employer, since he won't have to deal with a line gap anymore, and that means you just found your way to opt for a free life. You'll be able to start saving, buy a new car, meet up with all the friends and women that you know, plus many other possibilities are starting to become viable. Note that your due amount might also be paid in the form of vouchers, so make sure to check for their availability. Finally, don't forget that while you rest, the other employees wil work for you. The law changes and new company measures won't affect you in any way, since you'll receive your cash at the defined date. For instance, if that date is set for the month october or september , than you'll get the sum exactly then. It's advisable to profit at maximum from your spare time, and to join a golf or swimming club if possible. http://www.cashinmypension.com/ Call: 0800 122 33 24
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Why does Calgary's city council pension plan cost five times more than Edmonton's?
CTF Alberta Director Colin Craig compares the payouts of the Calgary City Council pension plan with that of Edmonton's. The costs for Calgary's city council pension is $6.1 million compared to only $1.3 million for Edmonton. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Charmaine Stick thanks CTF for its help in fighting for First Nations financial transparency" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtegVFTlblI -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
NYC Pension Plans To Quit Investments In Fossil Fuels
NYC taking steps to divest pension funds of fossil fuels. Matt Yurus reports.
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Richard L. Kauffman: Reforming the Energy Vision
The Center on Global Energy Policy hosted a presentation and discussion with Richard L. Kauffman, Chairman of Energy & Finance for New York State in the office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. Kauffman offered keynote remarks focused on Reforming the Energy Vision (REV), a strategy to build a cleaner, more resilient and affordable energy system in New York State. David Sandalow, Inaugural Fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy, moderated a discussion after the presentation. Event Date: February 18, 2016
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Don’t Let Them Steal Your Retirement! | Mike From Rethinking The Dollar
You don’t have to let them steal your retirement! What’s a hopeful retiree to do, faced with our runaway national debt, looming state and city bankruptcies, under-funded pension plans, 401-Ks and IRAs vulnerable to stock market collapse, and pitifully low interest rates paid on bank savings or CDs (which are subject to arbitrary fees, withdrawal limits, and bail-ins anyway?) Popular financial blogger and educator Mike, founder and host of RethinkingTheDollar.com, joins Reluctant Preppers for this first interview to discuss one of his passionate concerns: preventing stolen retirement & security. Mike levels with us that we must seize this chance to learn what we need to learn - and take the actions while we still can - to prepare for and protect the fruits of our life’s labor! Take a listen and share this with your loved ones and friends! ​=================​================= Get Silver at SPOT PRICE and Support ReluctantPreppers! https://www.SDBullion.com/RP Donate to Support ReluctantPreppers! https://www.Patreon.com/ReluctantPreppers or https://www.paypal.me/ReluctantPreppers ================== Subscribe (it's FREE!) to Reluctant Preppers for more ► http://bit.ly/Subscribe-Free Channel graphics by http://JosiahJohnsonStudios.com Promotion by http://FinanceAndLiberty.com
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How to Invest for Retirement
What is the best way to invest for retirement income? Should you load up on dividend paying stocks? Buy annuities that guaranteed income for life? Or maybe you should follow an allocation model and use the “100 minus age” rule. In this class we cover: 1. The total return approach using systematic withdrawals 2. The “income only” approach where you buy high yielding investments and live off the interest and dividends 3. The guaranteed approach where you buy annuities that provide life-long cashflow 4. The asset-liability approach where you invest like a pension plan by matching up investments to the future cash flows they need to produce What You Will Learn The pros and cons of each approach outlined above How to make adjustments as you go along so that you never run out of money The four types of annuities you can buy and when they are - or are not – appropriate How the retirement rules of thumb lead you astray The biggest reason plans fail to work, and much, much more
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State of Union address, comment on energy, cloning
1. Various shots of US President George W. Bush walking in before speech 2. Various shots of President Bush at podium 3. SOUNDBITE: (English) George W. Bush, US President: "Keeping America competitive requires affordable energy. Here we have a serious problem: America is addicted to oil, which is often imported from unstable parts of the world. The best way to break this addiction is through technology. Since 2001, we have spent nearly 10 billion dollars to develop cleaner, cheaper, more reliable alternative energy sources - and we are on the threshold of incredible advances. So tonight, I announce the Advanced Energy Initiative - a 22-percent increase in clean-energy research at the Department of Energy, to push for breakthroughs in two vital areas. To change how we power our homes and offices, we will invest more in zero-emission coal-fired plants; revolutionary solar and wind technologies; and clean, safe nuclear energy." 4. Cutaway 5. SOUNDBITE: (English) George W. Bush, US President: "We must also change how we power our automobiles. We will increase our research in better batteries for hybrid and electric cars, and in pollution-free cars that run on hydrogen." 6. Various cutaways 7. SOUNDBITE: (English) George W. Bush, US President: "I have authorised a terrorist surveillance program to aggressively pursue the international communications of suspected al-Qaida operatives and affiliates to and from America. Previous presidents have used the same constitutional authority I have - and Federal courts have approved the use of that authority. Appropriate Members of Congress have been kept informed. This terrorist surveillance program has helped prevent terrorist attacks. It remains essential to the security of America. If there are people inside our country who are talking with al-Qaida, we want to know about it - because we will not sit back and wait to be hit again." 8. Cutaway 9. SOUNDBITE: (English) George W. Bush, US President: "A hopeful society has institutions of science and medicine that do not cut ethical corners, and that recognise the matchless value of every life. Tonight I ask you to pass legislation to prohibit the most egregious abuses of medical research; human cloning in all its forms, creating or implanting embryos for experiments, creating human-animal hybrids, and buying, selling, or patenting human embryos. Human life is a gift from our creator, and that gift should never be discarded, devalued, or put up for sale." 10. Various shots of President Bush after his speech ends STORYLINE: A politically weakened President George W. Bush addressed his constituency on Tuesday night. With Congress facing midterm elections in November, there was a partisan mood in the chamber, with minority Democrats cheering when Bush noted that Congress did not act on his main proposal in last year's speech, overhauling the Social Security pension system. Bush declared that the "the state of our union is strong" despite Americans' anxieties about the war in Iraq, the economy, and rising energy prices which throwing a cloud over the economy and pinching Americans' pocketbooks. Facing budget deficits that may approach or exceed $400 billion (euro330 billion) this year, Bush had no room for expensive initiatives, like last year's Social Security plan. Bush said the United States needed to strengthen its competitiveness in the global economy. Three years from leaving office, Bush went before the nation as a politically weakened president after the toughest year of his administration. With Americans anxious about the economy, weary of the Iraq war and unhappy about the administration's response to Hurricane Katrina, Bush's job approval rating is in the high 30s to low 40s. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/ab0b2be464753561a5e5a42aca4891e8 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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How did I get to my first £million in property? (quite easily actually and you can too!)
I knew my why - looking after my family, and my secondary why was developing my pension. The maternal protection why was so powerful, it was tangible. I spent 10 years developing up my first 3 Scottish farmhouses, and as soon as they were done, I would sell them and then move into the next one, which allowed my family to climb the property ladder. It was quite skintsville, and then we moved to Bristol, and I took 60k out of the mortgage to buy my first Buy to Let property. So you see the progression was step at a time, and with a good amount of learning. It was not without obstacles, the new legislation of the 6 month rule stopped me in my tracks, but actually my response to that - 'darn it, I want to go faster than that' and so I raised private funds, to buy houses faster, actually was the making of me. So sometimes the obstacles that are thrown in the way become the best things that happen to you. There is always a way - your job as an entrepreneur is to find the way forward, sticking to your overall goals! Hope the vid is useful to you and I wish you good luck in your own property plans. I love mentoring, training and delivering online and face to face workshops, so get in touch if you are interested in me supporting you and telling it how it is! check out the website; https://www.thegoodpropertycompany.co.uk/
AKI Pension Campaign
No one is invincible from old age. Get CIC Jipange Pension Plan
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🔴 PG&E Retirement: The 4 numbers you need to know!
🔴 The four numbers every PG&E employee needs to know when it comes to retirement! Schedule your PG&E Retirement Foundation Call - Free 30 minute call to help give you all four numbers. You can book it here: https://calendly.com/marathon/pge or call 925-726-401k Today I am going to tell you the four numbers every PG&E employee needs to know when it comes to retirement. Stay tuned for some good information. This is the PG&E Retirement show brought to you by Marathon Retirement Planning Join us LIVE every Monday at 11am PST Replays available on YouTube Subscribe to the show to get alerts. The PG&E Retirement Benefits Show is hosted by Dan Leonard of Marathon Retirement Planning Ph: 925-726-401K eMail: Dan@MRPPFG.com Calendar Link: https://calendly.com/marathon/pge *Marathon Retirement Planning is an independent investment advisor and not affiliated with PG&E
88-year-old retires and lives on cruise ship
An estimated 24 million people are expected to take cruises this year. One report showed more than a quarter of them are age 60 or older, and more than one-fifth are retired. For many of those passengers, the ships are like a second home, but for one woman, ocean liner Crystal Serenity is her only home. Peter Greenberg reports.
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FPB Board of Directors Meeting February 2018
FPB Board of Directors Meeting held on February 20, 2018 at the FPB Administration Building in Frankfort, KY. BOARD MEETING AGENDA: 1.Consider Approving Prior Meeting Minutes 00:01:25 2.Accept January 2018 Financial Statements 00:07:59 3.Discuss the implementation of new board software eMeetings. 00:13:35 4.Public Comment Period 00:37:49 5.Departmental Reports *.Website Customer Comments 00:53:54 *.Cable Dept. 00:54:18 *.Customer Service 00:56:22 *.Electric Dept. 00:58:25 .SEPA 01:00:40 *.KyMEA 01:03:27 *.Safety 01:02:45 *.Water Distribution 01:37:43 *.Water Treatment Plant 01:38:19 6.Consider Plan Amendment for FPB Frozen Pension Plan 01:44:30 7.Action Item: Consider Approving New Accounting Policy for Obsolete Inventory 01:50:46 8.Action Item: Consider approval for repair of one (1) Peerless 27MA 3-stage vertical turbine raw water pump for the water treatment plant for a total of $47,318. 01:53:52 9.Consider Award of Bid Invitation #1650, (Water Treatment Plant High Service Pump Station Valve Replacement Project), to Herrick Company Inc. for $167,600.00. 01:56:04 10.Action Item – Consider Award of Bid Invitation #1651 for a 2500KVA Pad Mounted Transformer to Brownstown Electric Supply Company in the Amount of $36,299. 01:57:43 11.Consider Approving: (1) Increasing rate for Retransmission Surcharge; (2) Increasing rate for Bulk Cable I and II; and (3) Increasing amounts for Multi service discounts. 01:59:06 12.Old & New Business 02:07:02 *.Consider Approval of Resolution Adopting KyMEA Joint PURPA Implementation Plan and Authorizing Filing of a Request with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for Approval to Implement Such Plan. 01:06:04 *.Consider Approval Pea Ridge Easement Access Agreement: (Hance Price will discuss): In 2008, FPB and Mr. Jim Cline agreed to blacktop the access road leading to the Pea Ridge Water Tank. 01:40:07 13.General Manager's Comments 02:51:33 14.Adjournment 02:51:52
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THESE Are the States Who Will Go Bankrupt First! Absolutely No Chance of Avoiding the Collapse!
LOOK THROUGH MY BOOKS!: http://books.themoneygps.com SUPPORT MY WORK: https://www.patreon.com/themoneygps PAYPAL: https://goo.gl/L6VQg9 BITCOIN: 1MbAUXsHa8XRFMHjGurd7L5nRDYJYMQQmq ETHEREUM: 0xece0Dd6D0b4617A8D94cff634C64155bb1cD8C2C LITECOIN: LWh6fji4WrJT7FAbFvFSZ9jVNCgVM3dHod DASH: Xj9RXrvhXbaL3prMDvdzAxM8gDB2vDiZrh MONERO:47q5qDPkDBLRadwcSXDsri3PNniYRYY1HYAhidXWAg8xXHFFZHFi7i9GwwmZN9J5CJd8exT4WARpg2asCzkuoTmd3dfcXr6 ******************************************************************** STEEMIT: https://steemit.com/@themoneygps DTUBE: https://d.tube/#!/c/themoneygps T-SHIRTS: http://themoneygps.com/store ******************************************************************** Sources Used in This Video: https://goo.gl/UpprQe
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Bones or Bonus? Brits barking mad at plan for police pooch pensions
Police dogs spend a life sniffing out crime and help put criminals behind bars. So, one police force in Britain thinks it's only fair that canine constables get the same rewards as their handlers when they retire. Sara Firth has more about welfare scheme that's raising taxpayers' hackles. RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RussiaToday Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTnews Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_com Follow us on Instagram http://instagram.com/rt Follow us on Google+ http://plus.google.com/+RT RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.
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'What Really Is Important?' - Retirement Documentary
by Becca Hopkins Twitter: BeccaHopkins_ Facebook: facebook.com/Becca.Hopkins1802
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The link: http://www.thailandretirementhelpers.com/how-to-retire-in-thailand-and-double-your-income/ A comfortable retirement on a fixed income in a warm, safe, friendly country? Where can I retire like that? In Thailand, where the Government’s retirement services are designed for people on fixed incomes like Social Security. But can you retire on Social Security alone? Well, rents here run from $80–$280/mo., eating out 3x day costs $8 – total, and a large bottle of premium beer is $1.70. The warm weather encourages T-shirts and shorts year-round, the people are the friendliest on earth, and the streets are safe, even late at night. In the book you'll learn.. * How to live in comfort and beauty on a fixed income...starting now * Why your income doubles when you get to Thailand (hint: buying power) * How much you'll pay for quality for medical and dental care * How to earn money legally in Thailand the moment you arrive * How to understand Thai culture and fit in * How to use the Thai Government retirement services * How to pay for your entire trip and your accommodation * How to save 50% on your air fare Plus Useful Charts, Step-by-step Checklists, Detailed Budgets that fit Social Security incomes, and Helpful Guides to Preparing and Moving to Thailand.  And you'll receive up-to-date maps, useful reviews and smart tips to help you get started. Amazingly comprehensive and extremely helpful. I worked out a detailed budget before I left home. – Krisztina Perematoni, Berkeley, CA, USA. I wish I'd read 'How to Retire in Thailand' before I started planning my retirement. I would have cashed out much sooner. – Steve Parkes, Goulburn, Australia Unless your pension's over £40,000 you ought to read this book. It opened our eyes to possibilities we never dreamed of. – Alpin McDowell, Glasgow, UK. how to retire in thailand, how to retire in thailand pdf, how to retire in thailand ebook, how to retire in thailand book, how to retire in thailand online, how to retire in thailand ebay, retirement, Phuket, retirement planning, Southeast Asia, best places to retire, retirement age, retirement wishes, early retirement, best place to retire, best states to retire, Krabi, Thai language, retirement communities, retiring, Thailand beaches, retirement homes, retirement plans, best retirement states, happy retirement, Thailand Culture, when can i retire, Chiang Rai, retire early, retirement directions, retirement home, retirement plan, Thailand Food, thailand tourism, where to retire, cheapest places to retire, retirement income, retirement living, Thailand Government, living in thailand, places to retire, planning for retirement, teaching english in thailand, thailand hotels, when to retire, retirement advice, Senior Travel, thailand holidays, travel thailand, cheap places to retire, cheapest place to retire, cost of living in thailand, jobs in thailand, jobs in thailand, retirement ideas, moving to thailand, retirement options, top retirement communities, visit thailand, Mae Hong Son, monthly income, teach in thailand, Thailand Politics, top places to retire, great places to retire, retiring in thailand, teaching in thailand, cost of living thailand, most affordable places to retire, thailand cost of living,
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Improving Retirement Security: Expanding Coverage to All Americans
Approximately half of Americans have no workplace retirement savings plan. As policymakers consider how to enhance retirement security for American households, this Congressional briefing focuses on the imperative to first expand coverage in order to make saving for retirement easier for all American workers. Keynote Remarks: Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) Chairman, Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Congressman Richard Neal (D-MA) Member, Committee on Ways and Means Featured Speakers: John Adler Retirement Security Campaign Director SEIU Jamie Kalamarides Chairman & CEO; Prudential Bank & Trust Senior Vice President; Prudential Financial Judy Miller Director of Retirement Policy ASPPA Eric Rodriguez Vice President, Office of Research, Advocacy, & Legislation National Council of La Raza Debra Whitman Executive Vice President, Policy, Strategy, and International Affairs AARP Moderated by: Lisa Mensah Executive Director The Aspen Institute Initiative on Financial Security
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Sarkozy pensions plan faces angry French street
French President Nicolas Sarkozy faces protests this week against pension reform plans as he limps into the last two years of his first term weakened by scandal and disastrous opinion poll ratings. French unions have called a national day of strikes and rallies for Tuesday, when Sarkozy's embattled labour minister Eric Woerth is due to present a draft pension reform law to parliament. Duration: 01:36.
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Yngve Slyngstad, CEO of Norwegian Pension Fund NBIM
Yngve Slyngstad, CEO of Norwegian Pension Fund NBIM - NBIM owns shares in 10 000 companies around the World, owning around 1 % of the Worlds listed companies. Yngve gives an overview of NBIMs investing and divesting strategies. From the seminar "Green investments and Nordic pension funds -How to manage environmental and climate risks? An increasing number of institutional investors in the Nordic countries are investing green for long-term financial and sustainable reasons. Investing in sustainable companies may give a first -mover competitive advantage and increased profitability according to research and recent experience. Large influential private pension funds in the Nordic countries are among the frontrunners in shifting investment portfolios into a green and sustainable direction and integrating environmental concerns into their investment strategies. A seminar from COP21 8 of december in Paris. Organised by OECD and the Nordic Council of Ministers.
The 401K Conspiracy
Truth be told, I do not approve of the 401k system as a retirement plan and let me tell you why. 401k is a conspiracy and there are three problems about it: 1. Fear of touching 2. Seductive match 3. Lack of leverage Watch and Enjoy! Kris Krohn & Nate Woodbury WORK WITH KRIS: ======================== Join our sales team: http://6FigureMastermind.com Other Websites: http://LimitlessMentor.com/TV/ http://KrisKrohn.com BOOKS By Kris Krohn ======================== The Straight Path To Real Estate Wealth: http://limitlessmentor.com/TV The Conscious Creator: http://amzn.to/2gFEkblLimitless: http://amzn.to/2gLQXoV Be On Limitless TV ======================== Record your questions on video, and join me in a future episode: http://bit.ly/2yO78c7 MUSIC ======================== Tobu - Infectious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux8-EbW6DUI Artist: https://www.youtube.com/tobuofficial Licensed under Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 #RealEstateInvesting #MoneyMindset
Off-grid float cabin: retirement tiny dream home in BC wilderness
Margy and Wayne Lutz were camping in Coastal British Columbia when they discovered their dream home: the float cabins of Powell Lake. They're not houseboats, but "float cabins", that is, they're permanently anchored to shore. Float cabins were first built on Powell Lake as inexpensive and portable homes for loggers and fishermen. Since then they've become regulated and the 200 float cabin owners here these days lease their water lots from the BC government for $500 per year. The Lutz's bought their retirement home in 2001 for 35,000 Canadian dollars (about $25,000 USD, at the time), what they considered worth the risk if their experiment in off-grid living didn't workout. A few years later they retired early from their school district jobs in Los Angeles, anxious to start living their dream, and moved into their small (420 square feet, plus a 200-square-foot sleeping loft) floating home. At the time it didn't have indoor plumbing so they hiked 4 flights of stairs up the granite cliff to an outhouse (they've since installed a composting toilet indoors). Today, the Lutzs live completely off-the-grid. There's no water heater (they boil it on the wood stove as a luxury) and no plumbing. They hand-pump water from the lake (for washing dishes, they remove most food first and use only biodegradable soap and the water is returned to the lake). There's no trash pickup. They compost nearly everything. For their energy uses, the Lutzs rely on solar, wind, and thermoelectric power. For heat, they rely on a wood stove (fueled mostly with driftwood) that has been rigged with an experimental thermoelectric system generating a trickle charge to their batteries. Their buoyant home doesn't make gardening easy, but Margy has found a way to provide much of the summertime produce. In addition to a hillside potato garden, she created a floating vegetable garden. More info on original story: http://faircompanies.com/videos/view/off-grid-float-cabin-retirement-tiny-home-in-bc-wilderness/ The Lutzs' blog: http://powellriverbooks.blogspot.com.es/ "Coastal British Columbia Stories" by Wayne Lutz: http://www.powellriverbooks.com/
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Guest Speaker: Kent Misener
Kent Misener is the CIO and treasurer of Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators and president and director of research for Crossroads Investment Advisors. Deseret Mutual Benefits Administrators is the employee benefits arm of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its affiliated organizations, including the church itself, BYU, seminaries and institutes and Deseret Management Corporation companies. Unlike traditional insurance companies that may look for ways to save money by denying claims, Deseret Mutual serves as a trust administrator. They collect premiums from employers and employees and hold the money in a trust fund. Deseret Mutual then pays claims from the trust according to plan guidelines. The employers, who pay the majority of the cost for the employee benefit program, help set these guidelines. The various church-owned companies that make up the trust have representatives who serve as Deseret Mutual's Board of Directors and Benefit Advisory Committee. Deseret Mutual offers a defined benefit retirement plan, defined contribution retirement plans, health, dental and death benefits. They have 27,500 employees and manage approximately $5 billion. Kent received his bachelor's degree in finance and economics and his MBA from USU. He is a CFA charter holder and is a speaker at various national conferences on the equity markets and the economy. He has served as an expert witness on investment returns and currently is a consultant to a variety of private and public sector pension plans. Kent is currently a member of the following organizations: Foundation for Education and Self Reliance; Corporate Asset Investment Committee and Benefits Finance Investment Committee -- Intermountain Healthcare; Investment Committee -- Beneficial Financial Group; Investment Committee -- Utah State Insurance Reclamation Office; Investment Committee -- Private Family Office; Investment Committee -- Community Foundation of Utah; Deseret First Federal Credit; and Salt Lake City Society of Financial Analysts. Kent is married to Lorraine, who is also a USU alumnus. They live in Bountiful, Utah.
Drake - I'm Upset
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2 Days & 1 Night - Season 3 : Remember the Members Pep Rally [ENG/THA/2017.04.30]
Click the "Caption" button to activate subtitle! ------------------------------------------------ - Ep.642: In this episode, the members go on their first pep rally together to Cheongsan Island! While the members explore the island together, they are given missions that they can only complete as a team. Through the first Lunch Game "Your Merits," the members become closer as they think of each other's merits. The exciting time continues as they have dance battles with tourists by the beautiful canola flower field. Through this trip, the members show even greater teamwork than previous trips. ------------------------------------------------ - 2 Days & 1 Night - Season 3 Play List : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muZcVM16_Pw&list=PLMf7VY8La5RGo0KXnpiSJuysZvKFP4XQI ---------------------------------------------- Subscribe KBS World Official YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/kbsworld ------------------------------------------------ KBS World is a TV channel for international audiences provided by KBS, the flagship public service broadcaster in Korea. Enjoy Korea's latest and most popular K-Drama, K-Pop, K-Entertainment & K-Documentary with multilingual subtitles, by subscribing KBS World official YouTube. ------------------------------------------------ 대한민국 대표 해외채널 KBS World를 유튜브에서 만나세요. KBS World는 전세계 시청자에게 재미있고 유익한 한류 콘텐츠를 영어 자막과 함께 제공하는 No.1 한류 채널입니다. KBS World 유튜브 채널을 구독하고 최신 드라마, K-Pop, 예능, 다큐멘터리 정보를 받아보세요. ------------------------------------------------ [Visit KBS World Official Pages] Homepage: http://www.kbsworld.co.kr Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kbsworld Twitter: http://twitter.com/kbsworldtv Instagram: @kbsworldtv Line: @kbsworld_asia KakaoTalk: @kbs_world (http://plus.kakao.com/friend/@kbs_world) Google+: http://plus.google.com/+kbsworldtv [Download KBS World Application] ■ IOS Download : http://apple.co/1NktctW ■ Android Download : http://bit.ly/1NOZFKr
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Canada's $1.5 Trillion Pension Fund Not for 33% in Poverty
Canada's $1.5 Trillion Pension Fund Not for 33% in Poverty
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Investing in Offshore Wind | Green Investment Bank
Chair of Strathclyde Pension Fund, Bailie Philip Braat talks about the collaboration with Green Investment Bank and how it works towards creating a stronger, greener, UK economy. Find out more: http://www.greeninvestmentbank.com/news-and-insights/2017/world-s-first-offshore-wind-fund-manager-powers-through-1bn-target/ For more great videos please subscribe: http://bit.ly/GREENTVSUB Website: http://www.green.tv Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greentv Twitter: @green_tv Business enquiries: hello@green.tv
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Part 1 - Administration's Auto Bailouts & Delphi Pension Decisions: Who Picked Winners & Losers?
The House Subcommittee on TARP, Financial Services, and Bailouts of Public and Private Programs held a hearing entitled, "The Administration's Auto Bailouts and the Delphi Pension Decisions: Who Picked the Winners and Losers?" on Tuesday, July 10, 2012.
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Can the US solve the crude oil crisis of the world?
America is now producing nearly as much crude daily as top global producers such as Russia and Saudi Arabia; private wealth rose 12% in the past 2 years to hit a high of $202 trillion and Niti Aayog has warned that India is facing its worst water crisis in history. BusinessToday.In Editor Rajeev Dubey explains this and more on The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. ---------------------- About the Channel: Watch Business Today videos to get the latest news on Business, stock market, sensex - BSE India, NSE India, personal finance, gold prices, petrol prices and more. Also, get an insight into the dealings of the top companies in India from Business Today's award-winning journalists. Get up to date with all investment options (Mutual Funds, SIPs, Debt, Equity, Insurance, Home Loans, Pension Schemes, Retirement Plans) from our Money Today team. Also, watch interviews of top CEOs. Regular shows to watch out: The Good The Bad and The Ugly with BusinessToday.in Editor Rajeev Dubey to know the top stories of the day specially curated from the world of business and economy. Watch Inside India's Factories to find out how different products get manufactured and processed for final consumption. You can follow us at: Website: https://www.businesstoday.in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BusinessToday Twitter: https://twitter.com/BT_India Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+businesstoday
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Why Wynne’s ORPP “scares the life” out of this Ottawa businessman
Brian Lilley speaks with Ottawa area businessman, Dave Howard, regarding the many reasons he is so concerned about Kathleen Wynne's proposed Ontario Retirement Pension Plan. MORE:http://www.therebel.media/brianlilley http://www.therebel.media/here_s_why_wynne_s_orpp_scares http://www.Facebook.com/JoinTheRebel http://www.Twitter.com/TheRebelTV Deleted emails. Cancelled gas plants. Bribery and more: Ontario's Liberal premier Kathleen Wynne has got to go! SIGN THE PETITION at FireWynne.ca http://www.therebel.media/firewynne
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California Gov. Brown on Public Pensions: Dec. 1, 2011 Part 2 (audio)
Audio of Dec. 1, 2011 hearing by the Conference Committee on Public Employee Pensions on Gov. Jerry Brown's proposals for state and local public pensions in California. Testimony by representatives of the Dept. of Finance, the Legislative Analyst's Office, Gov. Jerry Brown in person, CalPERS, CalSTRS, State Assn. of County Retirement Systems, University of California pension system, Employer groups (League of California Cities, California State Assn. of Counties, California Special Districts), Employee union groups (CTA, California School Employees Assn., Professional Engineers & Scientists, AFSCME, Peace Officers Research Assn.), Public Comments. Part 2 of 2
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Cities Leading on Climate  How Fossil Fuel Divestment Protects Pensions and the Planet
Done appropriately, fossil fuel divestment not only sends a strong market signal on climate action, but it also: • Helps ensure the long-term sustainability of pension funds by significantly reducing investment risk • Potentially decreases long-term taxpayer contributions to pension funds • Protects those who rely on the pension funds for their retirement We cover why New York City is pursuing divestment as part of a comprehensive climate action program, the financial outlook for the fossil fuel industry today and in the future, the evolving nature of fiduciary duty in light of climate change, and the perspective of labor on divestment. Speakers included: • Daniel Zarrilli, Senior Director of Climate Policy and Programs, NYC Mayor’s Office • Tom Sanzillo, Director of Finance at IEEFA and former First Deputy Comptroller of New York State • Susannah Vickers, Executive Director for Pensions, Office of NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer • Lisa Anne Hamilton, Director, Climate & Energy Program, Center for International Environmental Law • Henry Garrido, Executive Director, AFSCME District 37 Done in partnership with: NYC Mayor's Office, NYC Climate, Mayors Innovation Project, C40 Cities, ICLEI, Elected Officials to Protect New York
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Consequences of Exiting State Pension System | Kentucky Tonight | KET
On a Kentucky Tonight program about the state pension system, the panel discusses the potential consequences of Seven County Services and other mental health non-profits leaving the system. The guests are State Sen. Christian McDaniel (R-Taylor Mill), and State Reps. Brent Yonts (D-Greenville), John Tilley (D-Hopkinsville), and Brad Montell (R-Shelbyville). The program aired June 16, 2014. For more information, visit http://www.ket.org/publicaffairs/posts/3861/ Learn more about KET's programs at http://www.ket.org/video/ Visit KET's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KET Subscribe to the KET channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ketvideos
Part 2 - Administration's Auto Bailouts & Delphi Pension Decisions: Who Picked Winners & Losers?
The House Subcommittee on TARP, Financial Services, and Bailouts of Public and Private Programs held a hearing entitled, "The Administration's Auto Bailouts and the Delphi Pension Decisions: Who Picked the Winners and Losers?" on Tuesday, July 10, 2012.
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Lazer Team 2
In the YouTube Original Movie, LAZER TEAM 2, the pressures of sudden fame have left our unlikely Lazer Team heroes bitterly divided. But when a new intergalactic menace threatens all of humanity, they must somehow put their petty differences aside if they want to save the planet… again. Starring Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Colton Dunn, and Nichole Bloom. Available with YouTube Premium - https://www.youtube.com/premium/originals. To see if Premium is available in your country, click here: https://goo.gl/A3HtfP
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Fiona Joy Hawkins   Iced Rain ( Bethlehem Steel)  HD
scene from steel factories The biggest one Bethlehem Steel 1875 closed on 2003 The Bethlehem Steel Corporation (commonly called Bethlehem Steel) was a steel and shipbuilding company that began operations in 1904 and was America's second-largest steel producer and largest shipbuilder. The Bethlehem Steel roots trace back to 1857 with the establishment of the Bethlehem Iron Company; the Bethlehem Iron Company (also known as Bethlehem Iron Works or simply Bethlehem Iron) was established as the Saucona Iron Company and ceased operations in 1901. However, the Bethlehem Steel legacy began in 1899 with the formation of the first Bethlehem Steel, the Bethlehem Steel Company which was two years before the Bethlehem Iron Company ceased operations. The Bethlehem Steel Company (also known as Bethlehem Steel Works) leased all properties from the Bethlehem Iron Company from 1899 to 1901 and assumed ownership of all properties from the Bethlehem Iron Company after the Bethlehem Iron Company ceased operations. The Bethlehem Steel Company became the primary subsidiary company of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation in 1904. The Bethlehem Steel Company is the first Bethlehem Steel while the Bethlehem Steel Corporation is the second Bethlehem Steel; both companies existed simultaneously after 1904, but the Bethlehem Steel Company was eventually merged into the Bethlehem Steel Corporation in the 1960s. The Bethlehem Steel Corporation (using the Bethlehem Steel Company) and the Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation, which was also a Bethlehem Steel Corporation subsidiary, were two of the most powerful symbols of American industrial manufacturing leadership. Their demise is often cited as one of the most prominent examples of the U.S. economy's shift away from industrial manufacturing, its failure to compete with cheap foreign labor, and management's penchant for short-term profits. After a decline in the American steel industry and other problems leading to the company's bankruptcy in 2001, the Bethlehem Steel Corporation was dissolved and the remaining assets sold to International Steel Group in 2003; Bethlehem Steel Corporation did not merge with/into International Steel Group.In 1998, after denied pension benefits, a lawsuit was filed in the 3rd Court of Appeals in Philadelphia. “Lawrence Hollyfield, Fiduciary to the Estate of Collins Hollyfield v. PENSION PLAN OF BETHLEHEM STEEL CORPORATION and Subsidiary Companies; It was settled in favor of Hollyfield in 2001. It led to a class action lawsuit filed by the workers union soon after. This settlement also led to PGBC assuming all pension payouts from Bethlehem Steel, the largest such assumption in U.S. History. In 2001, the Bethlehem Steel Corporation filed for bankruptcy. In 2003, the company was dissolved and its assets, including its six massive plants, were acquired by the International Steel Group; the Bethlehem Steel Corporation did not merge with/into International Steel Group. International Steel Group was acquired by Mittal Steel in 2005, which merged with Arcelor to become ArcelorMittal in 2006. Since the Bethlehem Steel Corporation was dissolved instead of being merged into International Steel Group, the former company is not part of the former International Steel Group heritage, the former Mittal Steel's heritage and the current ArcelorMittal's heritage.[original research?] In 2007, the Bethlehem property was sold to Sands BethWorks, and plans to build a casino where the plant once stood were drafted. Construction began in fall 2007; the casino was completed in 2009. The casino had difficulty finding structural steel for construction due to a global steel shortage and pressure to build Pennsylvania's tax-generating casinos. 16,000 tons of steel were needed to build the $600 million complex. The site of the company's original plant in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is home to SteelStacks, an arts and entertainment district. The plant's five blast furnaces were left standing and serve as a backdrop for the new campus. SteelStacks currently features the ArtsQuest Center, a contemporary performing arts center, the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem, a gambling emporium, and new studios for PBS member station WLVT-TV (channel 39).[28] The area also includes three outdoor music venues – Levitt Pavilion, a free music venue featuring lawn seating for up to 2,500 people, Air Products Town Square at Steelstacks, and PNC Plaza, which hosts concerts featuring well-known artists. Levitt Pavilion and the Sands Casino Resort are connected via the Hoover-Mason Trestle linear park.Hello welcome for a moment of your time ***the copy rights are not my I do not earn anything with this it is a hobby of mine ***
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Lectures - 1 Electric Energy Systems
Lecture Series on Power System Generation, Transmission and Distribution by Prof.D.P.Kothari, Centre for Energy Studies IIT Delhi For more details visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in
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Zuckerberg pips Buffett to become 3rd richest person in the world
The Bloomberg Billionaires Index on July 9, 2018 showed that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has overtaken billionaire businessman Warren Buffett to become the third richest person on the planet. For the first time, the top three wealthiest persons in the world are all part of top global technology companies. Watch BusinessToday.In video to find out more about the top five wealthiest people in the world. ---------------------- About the Channel: Watch Business Today videos to get the latest news on Business, stock market, sensex - BSE India, NSE India, personal finance, gold prices, petrol prices and more. Also, get an insight into the dealings of the top companies in India from Business Today's award-winning journalists. Get up to date with all investment options (Mutual Funds, SIPs, Debt, Equity, Insurance, Home Loans, Pension Schemes, Retirement Plans) from our Money Today team. Also, watch interviews of top CEOs. Regular shows to watch out: The Good The Bad and The Ugly with BusinessToday.in Editor Rajeev Dubey to know the top stories of the day specially curated from the world of business and economy. Watch Inside India's Factories to find out how different products get manufactured and processed for final consumption. You can follow us at: Website: https://www.businesstoday.in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BusinessToday Twitter: https://twitter.com/BT_India Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+businesstoday
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Mexico's energy reform: Foundation, implementation, and challenges ahead
In a February talk hosted by the MIT Energy Initiative, Lourdes Melgar, the Robert Wilhelm Fellow at the Center of International Studies at MIT, outlined the historic energy reform Mexico approved at the constitutional level in December 2013 and provided an update on the implementation and challenges ahead. This reform, referred to as an energy revolution, aims at increasing Mexico’s energy security while mitigating climate change. It entails the creation of energy markets in the hydrocarbons and power sectors and the participation of private investors in all the activities of the energy sector. The implementation is moving ahead with bidding processes in the upstream, as well as in the power sector. Melgar also addressed the challenges Mexico faces as it consolidates its new energy model. This talk was presented on February 14, 2017. About the speaker: Lourdes Melgar is currently the Robert Wilhelm Fellow at the Center of International Studies at MIT. From December 2012 to February 2014, she served as Mexico’s under-secretary of electricity and from February 2014 to July 2016, she was Mexico’s deputy secretary of energy for hydrocarbons. She was a key player in the design and implementation of Mexico’s energy reform. She is a national researcher of the Mexican Science and Technology Council (CONACYT). ___ The MIT Energy Initiative is MIT’s hub for energy research, education, and outreach. Learn more at http://energy.mit.edu.
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First Wind Optimistic, Expects to Expand Thanks to the PTC Extension
First Wind Optimistic, Expects to Expand Thanks to the PTC Extension from The Daily Energy Report. Like this? Watch the latest episode of The Daily Energy Report on Blip! http://blip.tv/the-daily-energy-report/watch 011513 ? Tuesday First Wind Optimistic, Expects to Expand Thanks to the PTC Extension The late announcement of the PTC extension has already caused a significant decline in 2013 for the wind sector. However, one wind developer has high hopes for 2013. First Wind, which already operates 980 megawatts (MW) of wind projects in six states, says it expects to add up to 50% to its portfolio in 2013, thanks to the PTC extension. The company is optimistic because some of their projects are already in its advanced stages and PTCapos;s eventual extension provided "enough certainty" for the company to move forward with those near-ready projects to final permitting and design stages. http://www.renewableenergyworld.com/rea/news/article/2013/01/ptc-extension-means-big-business-after-all-says-first-wind?cmpid=rss Greece Approves Second Renewable Energy Tax Hike in Five Months Greece has approved higher renewable-power taxes for consumers, backing a second increase in five months to boost funds at market operator Lagie SA. The levy will recompense Lagie for guaranteeing fixed power prices to clean-energy producers. Customers will now pay 9.53 euros a megawatt-hour under the tax changes, up from the 8.74-euro charge applied on Aug. 1. The difference between the feed-in tariffs and the prices charged to consumers has resulted in a deficit of about 280 million euros. The Energy Ministry is aiming to erase that gap by the end of 2014. http://www.renewableenergyworld.com/rea/news/article/2013/01/greece-backs-second-renewable-energy-tax-increase-in-five-months?cmpid=rss Grid Delays Causes Risks to Scotland?s Offshore Renewable Projects Scotlandapos;s proposed offshore tidal, wave and wind power plants face risks from delays in building links to transfer electricity between the nationapos;s islands and the mainland, according to renewable energy developers. More than two-thirds of wave and tidal energy developments are dependent on the new links to deliver electricity from Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles to the Scottish mainland. Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission said that links to the Orkney and Shetland Islands won?t be come into fruition until 2018 because of challenges including planning approval, land acquisition and delivery of subsea cables. http://www.renewableenergyworld.com/rea/news/article/2013/01/scottish-offshore-renewable-projects-face-risks-from-grid-delays?cmpid=rss Saudi Arabia Moves to Expand Solar Development, Invests in Utility ACWA Power Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund Sanabil and the nationapos;s pension agency acquired 19 percent of ACWA Power International, a company that invests in power and water projects in the region. Riyadh-based ACWA issued 89.5 million new shares to Sanabil and the Saudi Public Pension Agency, each of which will have a seat on ACWA?s board of directors. The transaction will give Sanabil and the pension agency stakes of 13.7 percent and 5.7 percent, respectively. Founded in 2008, ACWA has a power generation capacity of 13,000 megawatts and produces 2.37 million cubic meters a day of desalinated water. It operates five power plants in Saudi Arabia, and was qualified to tender for projects in countries including Kuwait, Egypt and Turkey. http://www.renewableenergyworld.com/rea/news/article/2013/01/saudi-arabia-set-to-expand-solar-energy-development-buys-stake-in-utility-acwa-power?cmpid=rss See all episodes of The Daily Energy Report http://blip.tv/the-daily-energy-report#EpisodeArchive Visit The Daily Energy Report's series page http://blip.tv/the-daily-energy-report
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Quebec Votes 2018: English debate
With the Quebec election two weeks away, François Lisée (PQ), Philippe Couillard (Liberal), François Legault (CAQ) and Québec Solidaire co-spokesperson Manon Massé face off in Quebec's first televised English-language debate. To read more: http://cbc.ca/ »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: http://bit.ly/1RreYWS Connect with CBC News Online: For breaking news, video, audio and in-depth coverage: http://bit.ly/1Z0m6iX Find CBC News on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1WjG36m Follow CBC News on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1sA5P9H For breaking news on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1WjDyks Follow CBC News on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Z0iE7O Download the CBC News app for iOS: http://apple.co/25mpsUz Download the CBC News app for Android: http://bit.ly/1XxuozZ »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» For more than 75 years, CBC News has been the source Canadians turn to, to keep them informed about their communities, their country and their world. Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio, CBCNews.ca, mobile and on-demand, CBC News and its internationally recognized team of award-winning journalists deliver the breaking stories, the issues, the analyses and the personalities that matter to Canadians.
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Canada's Pension System Bracing for Change
http://www.ctvvancouverisland.ca http://www.facebook.com/ctvvi VICTORIA -- Speaking at the World Economic Forum Prime Minister Stephen Harper told Canadians "major transformations" are coming. Canada's pension system is one of many sectors expected to undergo change. Energy, Science, Immigration, and Trade are also pegged for reform. By 2030 Canada's pension system is expected to cost 108 billion dollars per year. It's a significant increase from the 36 billion dollar price tag in 2010. To get a grip on spending the government is planning to change the Old Age Security Pension by gradually raising the age of eligibility by two years from 65 to 67. Some believe the change could push low-income workers, on the verge of retirement, back into the workforce. But with baby-boomers approaching retirement the government believes Canadian pensions need to be controlled. Harper says the plan would not affect the Canadian Pension Plan and would not impact Canadians close to retirement. It's unclear when and if the plan would be brought into effect. Follow Joe Perkins on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/CTVNewsJoe
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Public Pension Reform: Questions of Politics and Policy
On February 26, the Brown Center on Education Policy at Brookings presented two papers by authors Patrick McGuinn and Patten Priestley Mahler that examine pension reform efforts across the nation and provide actionable policy solutions aimed at those states still struggling with underfunded pension systems. That was followed by a keynote presentation by San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, and a panel discussion with leaders who have helped to develop noteworthy reforms to public pension systems at the state and local level. http://www.brookings.edu/events/2014/02/26-public-pension-reform