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Bank Financing vs. Receivables Factoring
http://www.driveyoursuccess.com Costs of financing receivables with a bank versus receivables factoring. The video breaks down how to compare costs and how to use a sample excel spreadsheet on www.driveyoursuccess.com that compares financing with a bank versus financing with receivables financing.
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Factoring Receivables In QuickBooks
Visit the new NerdEnterprises.com Subscription Options: https://nerdenterprises.com/services/subscription-based-training/ One to One Training: https://nerdenterprises.com/services/one-to-one-training/ Get templates: https://nerdenterprises.com/resources-page/templates/
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Creating Loyal Customers with Receivables Factoring
Creating Loyal Customers with Receivables Factoring Repeat customer business, especially through a signed contract, gives you reliable income, while you expand your company and take on new challenges. You can maintain your customer relationships and ensure their loyalty many ways, including extending credit to them. However, offering extended credit for customers will result in periods of low cash flow. Extending credit to your clients allows them to purchase your goods or services and pay later. This creates loyalty due to the convenience and the relationship that you are cultivating through the arrangement. This is an excellent way to plan for increased sales and improved earnings. The down side is, this could mean waiting longer than your normal invoice due dates; putting payment out 15, 30, or 60 days. If you are concerned about the initial effect on cash flow, we recommend that you use your open invoices to bolster cash levels through invoice factoring. Factoring gets you cash fast, so that your cash flow remains positive, while you wait for your customer credit program payments to come through. Universal Funding can provide you with cash for your invoices through a simple process: • The applications and approval process is usually completed within three business days. • We will purchase some or all of your open invoices and pay to you up-front 75-90% of their value. • Your business will receive the cash within hours of approval Credit programs create loyalty and allow your customers to purchase more of your goods or services. Universal Funding can help you minimize the negative affect on cash flow so that you can make such an offer. Simply fill out our online rate form or call 1-800-405-6035 to receive a no-cost consultation. http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring http://www.universalfunding.com/invoice-factoring http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring-companies http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring-company http://www.universalfunding.com/invoice-factoring-companies factoring, invoice factoring, factoring companies, factoring company, invoice factoring companies,
Account Receivable Management
Account Receivable Management
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Free Guide to Account Receivable Factoring Companies
http://businessfactoringpro.com/businessfactoring/accounts-receivable-factoring-companies/ Video guide for businesses looking for accounts receivable factoring companies. Watch this before you apply for services from any account receivable factoring companies.
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Sources of Finance - Factoring
The use of factoring as a short-term source of finance is explained in this short revision video. Factoring is a way a business can raise cash by selling their sales invoices (trade receivables) to a third party (a factoring company) at a discount.
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Accounts Receivable Financing Can Prevent Bank Overdrafts
Accounts Receivable Financing can prevent bank overdrafts In today’s difficult financial environment, Banks still remain reluctant to lend to small and medium businesses, requiring companies to seek out alternative sources of funding to provide working capital. In the past year, smaller companies requiring fewer than $20 thousand dollars per month, have been able to find some financial relief via new online-lending-platforms. But for larger companies, needing to finance $50 thousand or even $1million dollars each month, where are they to turn while waiting on slow paying customers? These online-lending-platforms deem these larger businesses as too big and banks reject them as too small. Many of these SME’s wait 15, 30, or 60 days for their customers to pay, and are thus forced to use overdraft protection, which comes with some pretty hefty bank fees. In addition to these fees, growing companies simply just don’t have the cash-flow to support a new project. If you find yourself in this predicament, you can, instead, turn to Universal Funding, which can quickly turn your invoice-assets into cash and do it far more quickly than a bank loan and a lot less expensive than overdraft fees, thus allowing you to expand your business and take on new customers. Accounts receivable financing gives companies the flexibility to quickly access the cash tied up in their invoices. Universal Funding is one of the most experienced sources in this business finance space, providing their services throughout the United States for almost 20 years. If you’re ready to experience the financial support you need to keep your business growth plans on track, visit universalfunding.com or call 1-800-405-6035 today. Accounts Receivable Financing can prevent bank overdrafts In today’s difficult financial environment, Banks still remain reluctant to lend to small and medium businesses, requiring companies to seek out alternative sources of funding to provide working capital. In the past year, smaller companies requiring fewer than $20 thousand dollars per month, have been able to find some financial relief via new online-lending-platforms. But for larger companies, needing to finance $50 thousand or even $1million dollars each month, where are they to turn while waiting on slow paying customers? These online-lending-platforms deem these larger businesses as too big and banks reject them as too small. Many of these SME’s wait 15, 30, or 60 days for their customers to pay, and are thus forced to use overdraft protection, which comes with some pretty hefty bank fees. In addition to these fees, growing companies simply just don’t have the cash-flow to support a new project. If you find yourself in this predicament, you can, instead, turn to Universal Funding, which can quickly turn your invoice-assets into cash and do it far more quickly than a bank loan and a lot less expensive than overdraft fees, thus allowing you to expand your business and take on new customers. Accounts receivable financing gives companies the flexibility to quickly access the cash tied up in their invoices. Universal Funding is one of the most experienced sources in this business finance space, providing their services throughout the United States for almost 20 years. If you’re ready to experience the financial support you need to keep your business growth plans on track, visit universalfunding.com or call 1-800-405-6035 today. http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring http://www.universalfunding.com/invoice-factoring http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring-companies http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring-company http://www.universalfunding.com/invoice-factoring-companies factoring, invoice factoring, factoring companies, factoring company, invoice factoring companies,
Factor Funding. factoring receivable. Offers different plans according to your business needs.
Factor Funding. factoring receivable. Offers different plans according to your business needs. Link: http://www.factorfunding.com/
How Purchase Order Financing Helped An Injection Molding Company
A California based injection molding company has been using invoice financing for about 1 year, when they realized that they still required additional cash flow at the time they received a purchase order. The owner of the molding company maintained a good relationship with the business development rep at Universal Funding Corporation and thought to reach out to his rep for advice. When the rep determined that the molding company would benefit from using PO financing, in conjunction with their already established invoice financing program, the lightbulb lit up. Within a month’s time, an extraordinary transformation was underway for this California based business. No longer worrying how to fulfill their PO’s, they were able to payoff suppliers and purchase more raw materials, to produce and fulfill larger orders. Almost overnight they were able to bring their AP current and build up their AR with new larger accounts. “We are so grateful that our client turned to us to find a more flexible financing option that combined purchase order and accounts receivable financing”. States Universal Funding Corporation’s founder and CEO Henry Wozow. “Our programs are uniquely designed to help businesses to grow and they’re flexible to change as company’s needs change over time. In this situation it’s a win-win for everyone involved. Universal Funding can provide purchase order funding for companies to one million dollars per month, per client, in conjunction with an invoice factoring agreement. If your business is ready to undergo a financial transformation, like the one spotted here, call 1-800-405-6035 or visit UniversalFunding.com. http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring http://www.universalfunding.com/invoice-factoring http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring-companies http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring-company http://www.universalfunding.com/invoice-factoring-companies factoring, invoice factoring, factoring companies, factoring company, invoice factoring companies,
Improving the Collection of your Accounts Receivables [English Subs]
In today’s global business environment, debt collection can be a complex matter. Find out how to resolve late payment issues domestically or abroad and discover how Euler Hermes debt collection specialists can help you save time and stay on good terms with your customers. http://www.eulerhermes.com/products-solutions/debt-collection
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Accounts Receivable Factoring Companies, Services, Rates, Costs and More
http://www.accountsreceivablefactoringhq.com - Accounts receivable factoring companies are growing. The best accounts receivable factoring company charges the least (1-3% discount rate) and provides the most. Visit the website above to learn more about invoice financing costs, rates, and services provided by small business accounts receivable factoring companies, and how you can use invoice financing to expedite your small business cash flows.
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Accounts Receivable and Purchase Order Finance
Call DreamHouse Financial for all your business capital needs! (866) 476-2473
How To Use Factoring Services|Factoring Companies
www.factoring-accounts-receivables.info free book on factoring available
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Financing Receivables for the Garment & Apparel Industry
Financing Receivables for the Garment & Apparel Industry Prior to the Great Depression of the 1930's, invoice factoring was a financing tool that was used almost exclusively in the textile and garment industry. Today, factoring companies provide services for virtually all mainstream industries. What the trendsetters in the garment industry knew years ahead of other industries in the U.S., was the powerful financing tool that could help their businesses meet payroll, allow them to take advantage of supplier discounts, and increase liquidity to maintain growth. The cash flow challenges that are still prevalent in the garment industry stem from the fact that companies have extensive up front expenses to cover labor, materials, production and distribution of their product. Once the garments are delivered - credit is typically granted, which creates a longer payment lag equaling weeks or even months. Meeting operating expenses, or even financing the next job, becomes a challenge due to funds being tied up in Accounts Receivable. Apparel industry factoring is an arrangement that is specifically designed for companies operating in the fashion sector. Visualize what your business would look like, if you could take on more business and increase sales with larger companies that require extending terms beyond 30 and 60 days. When cash flow is not affected by lagging payments, you can continually produce bigger orders. By financing receivables you will have access to cash on hand which will allow you to take your business to the next level. It's one more tool to add to your toolbox to truly create a successful garment company. If you're ready to take on the runway and the red carpet with the confidence that comes with leaving all your cash flow concerns behind, give Universal Funding a call today at 1-800-405-6035 or visit universal funding.com. http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring http://www.universalfunding.com/invoice-factoring http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring-companies http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring-company http://www.universalfunding.com/invoice-factoring-companies factoring, invoice factoring, factoring companies, factoring company, invoice factoring companies,
Factoring - A New Source of Growth Capital for Small Business
View to gain an understanding of non-recourse account receivable factoring and which of your small to mid-sized business clients would benefit from this valuable financing program. Targeting businesses with revenue of $1 Million to $100 Million annually.
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How Receivables Financing Works For Manufacturing & Fabrication Companies
What Is Factoring Receivables For Manufacturing & Fabrication? http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring-receivables factoring invoices, factoring receivables, account receivables financing, receivables financing ...........Robert Benson, owner of Smart Tool & Die, regularly faced cash flow shortages due to the nature of the manufacturing industry. As a normal course of business, after making a sale, he paid his suppliers, produced his product, and then invoiced his customers with net 60 day payment terms. Meanwhile, he needed money to make payroll, purchase raw materials, and make payments for other overhead costs. To cover his cash flow shortage, he exhausted options with traditional, high interest, bank loans, credit card advancements, and loans from family. Cash was in such short supply, that he even asked his engineers to wait an extra week for their paychecks. Robert didn't want to turn down new business, nor did he want to layoff good employees, so he searched for flexible lenders who were willing to work with him. His research lead him to asset based financing options, called factoring receivables. Although Robert had never heard of factoring receivables financing, he learned that it had been around for a long time and was widely used by the manufacturing and fabrication industry for quick and inexpensive cash. Based on Robert's customer's credit worthiness, in just a few days, Universal Funding approved Robert's application and advanced him 85% of his accounts receivables balance. This allowed him to immediately meet payroll, purchase raw materials, and fulfill more orders. Plus, once his customers made payment, he received the remaining 15% balance, minus a small and reasonable factoring fee. Robert did not acquire any new debt and was able to meet his obligations with a smart decision to factor receivables. If your manufacturing or fabrication shop would benefit from a cash flow infusion call Universal Funding today at 1-800-405-6035.... http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring-invoices http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring-receivables http://www.universalfunding.com/account-receivables-financing http://www.universalfunding.com/receivables-financing http://www.UniversalFunding.com
How does a factoring company help manage your receivables? | Factoring Invoice 101
For more info visit http://www.invoicefactoringus.com/
Invoice Factoring
Invoice Factoring - http://commercialmedicalfactoring.com/ Invoice Factoring in Real Life It was not an issue that they had anticipated. When the two brothers started their business of industrial machine maintenance and repair, they knew that they would have to work hard to attract customers and to show those customers why they were better and more cost effective than competitors. The brothers had budgeted for startup expenses, created a marketing plan and marketing materials, and begun staffing up with technicians and office staff. Really, they did everything right except make one miscalculation. They thought that their clients would pay them quickly once the work was completed and invoices had been sent out. Toward the end of the first year, they recognized that although the company was growing, a cash squeeze was happening that would affect their ability to pay employees and buy supplies. Clients were taking 30-45 days to pay, so cash on hand was inadequate. They were not sure whether they would qualify for a bank loan due to the newness of their business, and did not really want to incur debt anyway. Then they heard about commercial invoice factoring. By factoring their accounts receivable, they were using a financial tool that was perfect for addressing a cash flow issue like theirs. With invoice factoring, there would be no loan paperwork or debts to pay back. The credit of their customers would be used to evaluate their factoring eligibility, not that of their own firm, which had little credit history. After the factoring company explained the process and addressed their questions, the brothers submitted information about their firm, provided a receivables aging report, and gave a copy of one of their invoices. In less than two weeks, the brothers and the factoring company signed an agreement for factoring the accounts receivable. Although the brothers' firm was billing out over $150,000 per month, they only needed to factor $50,000 of it. Since the factoring company had previously informed them that there was no minimum dollar commitment or time period, the brothers had the flexibility to only factor out the amount that they needed. For the first few months, they continued to want $50,000 factored each month. Within 24-48 hours of them sending out their invoices, the factoring company would electronically transfer $40,000 (80% of the invoiced amount) to their checking account, thus allowing them to pay their employees. When clients' paid their bills, the brothers would receive the other $10,000 of the invoiced amount less the previously agreed upon factoring fee. Over time, depending on cash flow needs, the brothers would some months factor much more than $50,000 and other months do less. The above is a real example of how invoice factoring is used. It allows growing companies to keep enough cash flowing to meet financial obligations without creating long-term debt problems or adding liabilities to their balance sheets. It is normal for a company to receive 75-85% of the invoiced amount, with the remainder paid out later. Invoice factoring can be used alone or in conjunction with bank loans to help companies stay afloat and prosper. If you have questions about whether factoring could help your company, give us a call at Seascape Capital. Invoice factoring, Factoring invoices, Accounts receivable factoring, Factoring accounts receivable, Factoring companies, Factoring company, Receivable factoring Invoice factoring companies, Staffing factoring http://youtu.be/CVWUo9g69lQ
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Banker Refers Staffing Company to Factoring Company for a Fast Financial Solution
Banker Refers Staffing Company to Factoring Company for a Fast Financial Solution http://UniversalFunding.com Avenue B Staffing Services borrowed $100,000 from a local bank, as they had been in business for several years, had a healthy client list, and a very steady revenue stream. Upon learning that their biggest client had gone into a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the owner realized the she was going to be unable to make the scheduled loan payments for the foreseeable future. Avenue B still had payroll to meet and a large quarterly tax bill due in a few weeks. The bank, while sympathetic, couldn't lend her any more money, and were prepared to hand her off to their special assets department. The business banker remembered a presentation he had seen regarding Universal Funding Corporation, an accounts receivable financing company. Universal Funding stepped in and was able to factor all of the other open invoices, providing access to immediate cash that was tied up in the accounts receivables. Working with the bank, Universal Funding was able to establish a workable payment plan, help Avenue B Staffing meet payroll, pay taxes, and grow the business back to where it was before the major client went under. An added benefit that came out of working with Universal Funding was that Avenue B was able to evaluate existing and new customers' credit to make sure they wouldn't face that predicament again. By utilizing services that are a part of Universal's standard credit processes, Avenue B would prevent the scenario from happening in the future. Avenue B continued to make their loan payment schedule with the bank, and in turn the bank kept the healthy business account open. As a banker you witness firsthand when your clients end up in these critical predicaments. Call us at 1-800-405-6035 or visit universalfunding.com to experience a favorable outcome like Avenue B and their bank did! factoring, invoice factoring, factoring companies, factoring company, invoice factoring companies, http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring http://www.universalfunding.com/invoice-factoring http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring-companies http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring-company http://www.universalfunding.com/invoice-factoring-companies
Debtor Finance Australia Invoice Factoring Business cashflow Solutions Business Loan
For More Info Visit Our Blog http://www.cashflowadvantage.com.au/Debtor-Finance/Australia/blog/ Debtor Finance Page http://www.cashflowadvantage.com.au/Debtor-Finance/Australia/cashflow-advantage-debtor-finance/ What is Debtor Finance? In simplest terms, a debtor financier is anyone who transacts business for someone else. Debtor Finance or Receivables finance (also known as factoring, cash flow finance or invoice discounting) has been a major component of business capital raising since the 1700s. Since then it has survived economic booms, recessions, and depressions. Nowadays, businesses often have misconceptions about, or overlook completely, how they can benefit from Debtor Finance. One of these misunderstandings is that only a financially weak company would factor their book debts. While that occasionally happens, Debtor Finance is more often than not done by companies who are focused on growth. These are the businesses that need improved cash flow so that they can receive discounts from suppliers, prepare their inventory for peak seasons, upgrade equipment, and produce and sell more goods or services. Traditionally, a debtor who takes a long time to pay an invoice causes the business to lose money due to financing, staff, and overdraft. Debtor Finance can be a solution to this issue. Customers can use Debtor Finance on their accounts receivable in order to avoid incurring debt. When they do this they do not borrow money. The book debts of a company are bought by the Debtor Finance company. The Debtor Finance company receives a discount. The other company gets the cash from the selling of the accounts receivable. This allows them to be paid quickly and avoid the problems of a lengthy invoice. Debtor Finance can be beneficial to any company that operates using accounts receivables, whether they are a wholesaler, manufacturer, distributor, or in the service industry. Companies that are new, have a negative net worth, or are growth oriented will be helped the most by Debtor Finance. This is because the cash from it can end losses from operating, allow prompt payment of creditors, or be used to increase sales and production. Script "Is Partnership Debtor Finance right for my business? Hi I'm Jason Smith, Director of CashFlow Advantage. Today let's have a quick look at whether Partnership Debtor Finance is suitable for your business. One of the greatest concerns we hear from businesses considering Debtor Finance is what will their customers think? Will the Financier take a heavy handed approach in the collection of outstanding invoices. Who's going to be doing the collection calls? And what's there experience. Will they do it tactfully or damage the relationship that the business has worked so hard to develop. These are all valid concerns. And let's face it. If you choose a Debtor financier who has the wrong person calling your clients, chances are the relationship will be damaged and you will lose that client. This is where Partnership Debtor Finance comes in. This service is ideal for businesses who want to retain the relationship with their client. The accounting, collection and administration functions are managed by you. Leaving you in complete control of the relationship you have with your clients. If you do need assistance on occasion, we are still happy to help. Thanks for watching and for more information visit our website, cashflowadvantage.com.au or call us on 1300 557 771. "
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Intro to "Medical Accounts Receivable Financing"
http://www.alleonhealthcare.com/medical-receivables-financing-1/ http://medicalfinancingreceivables.co Some basic information about what Medical Factoring is and how it can be used by medical providers as a tool to help them with their financing so they can focus on healing their clients. http://alleoncapital.com --END-- 1. We offer medical factoring and medical receivables factoring to healthcare providers and facilities. Competitive rates. Please call toll freeMedical factoring for healthcare providers and facilities. Affordable rates. Toll free Providing medical factoring finance to medical providers that invoice to Medicare, Medicaid and HMO's. 2. Currently medical factoring healthcare clients whose financial needs from Doctor/Physician, MRI center, Clinics, Home Healthcare or hospitals with insurance ... 3. Medical Factoring gives you the needed cash in 1-2 days. Our Medical Billing Service allows you to run your practice, and not chase claims. 4. Our medical receivables factoring company will advance up to 80% of your net medical accounts receivables and insurance claims. Finance medical ... 5. Medical Accouts Receivalble Factoring for Healthcare Professionals. Personal Injury Accounts Receivalble Factoring for Healthcare Professionals. 6. We can help you with Medical Factoring. 1stTrustFactoring can work with you on your businesses Medical Receivable Factoring and other Financing ... 7. We specialize in providing medical factoring receivables to healthcare providers nationwide including doctors, medical practices, nursing homes, hospitals, ... 8. Jul 12, 2011 -- Articles describes how medical factoring can help a health-care company stabilize their cash flows while awaiting payment from vendors.
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Jon Anselma of Paragon Financial Talks about Factoring Companies and Business Financing
Jon Anselma of Paragon Financial is interviewed on PBS' Nightly Business Report and talks about the role of factoring companies and providing business financing based on accounts receivables.
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AR Turnover Ratio
In this video, Geoff Chinnock, principal at Morrison & Company talks about how the A/R Turnover Ratio is used by businesses and proceeds to go into the detailed calculation of the ratio. Many times, when providing various accounting services to clients (such as interim financial help, CFO services, outsourced accounting projects, etc.) an organization can use some outside perspective on how their operations are doing and what they can do to improve. In order to know where you can improve, you must know where you're starting from. The A/R Turnover Ratio is an indicator of how well an organization is doing in collecting its accounts receivable. To see Geoff's videos on other important operational ratios and calculations, please visit: Days Sales A/R: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KatGwHqmrus Current Ratio: https://www.youtube.com/edit?ns=1&video_id=cLRGYy-VU7U Morrison & Company is a California based consulting firm providing business valuations, business planning (including budgeting, cash flow forecasting, strategic planning), feasibility studies, interim executive CFO services, competitive grant writing and special projects that don't fit into any conventional category. Visit www.morrisonco.net for more information on interim accounting services, special accounting projects and other consulting services.
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Accounts Receivable Factoring With Recourse (Sales Of Accounts Receivable)
Accounting for the sales of receivables (accounts receivable) with recourse, factoring of accounts receivable, factoring arrangement with recourse where the risk of uncollectibility of the acounts receivable remains with the seller (borrower), billing and collection is typically done by the factor (lender), for factoring accounts receivable, receivables are sold to the factor (financing company), the factor buys the accounts receivable at a discount from face value, once transferred the factor (lender) will pay a portion of the receivbles value in (1) cash and another portion will be held in a (2) reserve account (sales returns allowances and discounts), example is for seller (borrower) factors an amount of accounts receivable with factor (lendor) on a with recourse basis, factor assesses a finance charge of specified percent of the amount of accounts receivable and retains an amount equal to specified percent of the accounts receivable (for probable adjustments for sales discounts and allowances), the seller of the receivables sets up a special liability recourse account for the estimated payments which are paid to the purchaser of the accounts receivable for any uncollectible accounts, the example expands on how to account for the return payment to the seller for any balance which remains in the reserve payable due to the borrower for sales discounts and allowances, so shown how to close out any recourse liability for either collectibles over estimated or under estimated, detailed accounting example by Allen Mursau
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78: Factoring and Other Alternative Methods For Financing Your Business (Kim Bukovsky)
In this SeizeYourBusiness.com entrepreneur video, Kim Bukovsky discusses how to use factoring to increase cash flow at your business by selling accounts receivable to a third party, how the factoring process works, what types of companies and invoices are good candidates for factoring and other alternative finance methods. Related Websites: SeizeYourBusiness.com podcast & videoblog: http://www.seizeyourbusiness.com Learn About Law podcast, videoblog & blog: http://learn-about-law.com O'Flaherty Law: http://www.oflaherty-law.com O'Flaherty Law of Elmhurst: http://elmhurst.oflaherty-law.com O'Flaherty Law of Naperville: http://naperville.oflaherty-law.com Success Enhancement: http://www.improv-for-business.com/ SeizeYourBusiness.com is hosted by Kevin O’Flaherty, from O’Flaherty Law, and Jim Waszak, from Success Enhancement. Unlike other business-oriented podcasts, we will not give you “RA RA!” motivation. The purpose of this podcast is to provide you with actionable strategies and tactics that you can incorporate into your own business immediately. Every week, we will interview a successful business owner and plunge into the mind of our guest for specific lessons learned in the course of business. In the second half of each episode, we will have that business owner join us for an in-depth discussion of a particular topic apropos to his or her business, and hopefully to yours as well. O'Flaherty Law has convenient offices located in Downers Grove, Elmhurst, and Naperville, Illinois. Its attorneys focus on providing quality legal work, above-and-beyond customer service, and affordable rates in the following practice areas: divorce & family law; estate Planning, wills & trusts; probate & estate administration; litigation, civil law & dispute resolution; business representation & corporate law; guardianship, elder law & special needs law; residential & commercial real estate law; immigration; bankruptcy; and dui law and traffic & criminal defense. Please call us today at (630)324-6666 to schedule a free consultation.
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How Does Invoice Factoring Work?
The process of invoice factoring is simple. First, provide your service as you normally do. When it's time to invoice, send the invoice to the factoring company rather than your customer. When the factoring company receives the invoice, they'll advance you a percentage of the total value. Next, the invoice is sent to your customer, who then pays it on normal terms. When the factoring company receives payment, the remaining balance of the invoice is remitted back to you, less a small factoring fee. What Is Invoice Factoring? Invoice factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing, is a debt-free financing solution many B2B companies use. Instead of waiting weeks or months for customer payment, invoice factoring pays you on your invoices right away. Invoice factoring improves cash flow by unlocking working capital that is normally tied up in receivables. This cash can be used for bills, payroll, investing in new resources, and more. Many companies turn to invoice factoring as a finance solution because they are unable to get sufficient or any financing from a bank. Invoice factoring is based on the credit of your customers rather than yours. To learn more visit: https://www.tcicapital.com/invoice-factoring/
Accounts Receivable Financing - How Invoice Financing Works
http://www.accountsreceivablefactoringhq.com - Factoring Invoices or Accounts Receivable Financing is a great way to expedite cash flows to grow and expand your business. There are many uses of Accounts Receivable Factoring, whether to hire more staff, expand, open new locations, procure more inventory or just sustain working capital needs. Learn more on the Accounts Receivable Factoring Head Quarters.
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How to Qualify a Factoring Prospect by Asking Three Simple Questions Video
REQUEST A FREE QUOTE TODAY: http://www.prnfunding.com/contact-us It's a factoring broker's job to deliver companies with cash flow issues to the appropriate funding source. Although this task sounds easy enough, in reality, it's not always so simple. Picture this scenario: You have a client in need of cash flow who has been in business for a year, has three large customers and gets paid in less than 30 days. Eager to help this entrepreneur get the cash he needs to expand, you refer this small business owner to one of your factoring partners immediately. The factoring company tells you that they are interested in pursuing the lead, and they'll have an update for you as soon as they reach out to the prospect. The next day, you get a phone call from the factoring firm telling you that they are no longer working the deal. Has this ever happened to you? If you answered yes, then I have some good news for you. There's a simple way to drastically reduce the chances of the above situation ever happening again. All you have to do is ask three key questions before referring a lead to a factor. #1: Have Your Receivables Been Pledged as Collateral to Another Lender? The answer to this question can dramatically change how a factoring company views a prospect. Simply put, if the answer is 'yes,' the deal just got less interesting. In order for a factoring company to purchase invoices, it uses the company's accounts receivables as collateral. If the business owner has a loan (or is working with another factoring company), then that lender has most likely already filed a UCC-1 and claimed the borrower's accounts receivables as collateral. (NOTE: A UCC-1 is a legal document that a creditor files to give notice that it has an interest in the personal property of a debtor.) Discovering that a potential factoring candidate has a UCC-1 is problematic for a new factoring firm because it cannot fund on invoices if another entity is already entitled to them. In some instances, a factoring firm can structure an agreement where the previous lender is willing to release its ownership rights on the receivables, leaving them clear for the new funding source to use as collateral. #2: Do You Owe Any Past-Due Taxes? If your prospect answers 'yes' to this question, the next thing you need to ask is by how much? In general, a business that is behind on its taxes is not a good thing. However, how much or how little it owes will give the factoring company a better idea of how invested it would like to be in the deal. When the IRS learns that a business is behind on its taxes, it files a lien on the company's assets, including physical assets (property, computers, fax machines, etc.) as well as liquid assets (bank accounts, accounts receivables, etc.). This is the IRS's way of getting a business owner's attention because if the owner doesn't pay the IRS what is owed, the next step is to levy on those assets. When the IRS goes through with the levy, it claims the accounts receivables and other assets to compensate for the back taxes. In this situation, a factoring company cannot fund because the accounts receivables no longer belong to the factor. In other words, when the IRS levies on a company's assets, all of the payments for the receivables which the factor initially purchased now go to the IRS instead of the factor. Translation -- The factor never gets paid what it's owed. There are some situations in which the prospect, factoring firm and IRS could arrange a payment plan when taxes are past due. However, in general, if a company owes the government money, the risk level is usually too high for a factoring firm to want to stay involved. #3: Who Are Your Customers? Factoring brokers should pay very close attention to how their prospects answer this question because there are a couple of "entities" that simply cannot be factored. In a nutshell, the accounts receivable factoring model works best when smaller, less-established companies are selling to or providing services for larger, creditworthy companies. As such, a factoring firm is able to extend credit to the smaller entity, which may have little or no business credit history, based on the fact that its customers are financially sound enough to pay their bills in a timely manner. This ideal factoring model breaks down any time the above conditions are not met. The most common factoring deals that get turned down immediately because of who they bill are companies that are paid by private consumers and extremely slow-paying clients. For the latter example, it's important to note what the standard industry payment terms are to determine if the customer is a slow payer. For example, in the medical staffing industry, it's typical to see net-60 terms, whereas in another industry, net-60 might be considered too past due to purchase.
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Factoring - A vital source of capital for small business growth
Learn more about non-recourse account receivable factoring which can be a valuable funding source for small and medium sized businesses (SMB) in need of working capital which do not qualify for traditional bank financing but have quality accounts receivable on their balance sheets.
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Security Credit Corporation, a receivable management company, offers QuickPay, a service that helps you maintain financial stability and peace of mind. This allows you to concentrate on operating, maintaining and growing your business without the added expense of an in-house collection department. QuickPay is the easy way to guarantee cash flow for your business. With just one call, Security Credit will buy your accounts receivable (invoices) and you'll immediately receive a percentage of those invoices. When you turn over your invoice processing to the professionals at Security Credit, you won't have to worry about administrative details and financial burdens. With QuickPay, you can spend more time building your business. Security Credit Corporation factoring allows your trucking company to have immediate cash on hand to manage operations more efficiently. You can increase working capital, reduce debt and reduce credit risk through factoring. Generally, factoring converts the accounts receivable of your business into cash by assigning/selling those invoices to a factoring company, such as Security Credit Corporation, for a discount. Your business immediately receives up to 90 percent of the accounts receivable, or invoices. The balance, less financier fees, is paid to your business after invoice payment is received and cleared by Security Credit Corporation.
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How Factoring Can Help Startup Companies
https://www.interstatecapital.com/can-factoring-help-startup-companies/ More and more people are launching their own companies and becoming their own boss. They draw up their business plans and work day and night. But that’s not always enough for success. Many new businesses never make it past their first year. What’s a startup company’s biggest challenge? Cash flow! Even if a new business owner has a pipeline of customers, it’s tough to maintain a positive cash flow and get ahead. Without a long credit history and track record of success, getting a loan can be impossible, even at your own bank. The cash flow solution: Invoice factoring Fortunately, invoice factoring firms offer an affordable funding solution for startups. When you sell your invoices to a factoring company, you instantly speed up your cash flow. How does factoring work for startups? Startup companies need cash fast for payroll, suppliers, rent, equipment, insurance, and much more. The factoring company gives you those needed funds in exchange for your unpaid invoices. No more waiting weeks and months to get paid! Top factoring companies support startups The best factoring companies help startups with credit checks on customers, collections services, and other included benefits. Factoring companies also set up new startup clients with industry-specific support services, such as assistance with  Payroll services  Insurance providers  Business registrations  Discounts Smart startups turn to Interstate Capital Interstate Capital, one of North America’s top invoice factoring companies, has helped thousands of new and growing businesses succeed since 1993. The startup factoring specialists at Interstate Capital can help your company become more profitable in less time. Contact them today!
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Bridge the Gap in Income During Growth Periods With Invoice Factoring
Bridge the Gap in Income During Growth Periods With Invoice Factoring To maintain a competitive edge in today’s business world, your company needs to remain focused on improvement. Your business must continually invest, improve, profit and then invest again with part of that profit. Continual improvement leads to continual growth and profit, which are important factors for keeping on top in the market place. However, there will be times when the return on investment is slow and cash flow levels reflect that fact. Many businesses use invoice factoring as a way to bridge this gap in income between an investment and the return on that investment. Factoring your company’s open invoices allows you to receive funds for them before customer payments are due. Universal Funding will provide you with a sizeable advance and wait out the payment terms you’ve set up for your customers. The application process is simple, and approval can happen within a few days. Your business receives cash within a few hours of approval and account set up. This allows your company to quickly bridge the gap between a major investment and return on that investment such as: • Large material orders for new products • Improvement changes in product creation or service management • Research and testing • Expanded real estate and equipment to accommodate anticipated higher sales volumes • New talent searches and hiring Universal Funding has almost 20 years of experience supporting clients that are in the process of improving their businesses and waiting for return on their investments. We can help you bridge any cash flow gaps your company is facing through our accounts receivable factoring program. Find out more about our services by calling us at 1-800-405-6035 or filling out our online rate form to request a no-fee consultation at universalfunding.com. http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring http://www.universalfunding.com/invoice-factoring http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring-companies http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring-company http://www.universalfunding.com/invoice-factoring-companies factoring, invoice factoring, factoring companies, factoring company, invoice factoring companies,
What is Invoice Factoring?
Invoice factoring is a type of financing used by businesses to improve their cash flow, by accessing the cash that is normally tied up in their receivables. Instead of waiting 30, 60, or 90 days for customer payment, businesses that use factoring, get immediate cash, which they can use towards their daily expenses. Factoring is pretty simple. A company provides work, services, or products to their customers. When they invoice their customer, they send the invoice to the factoring company. The factoring company will advance a percentage of the value of the invoice, generally 80–90 percent, that same day. The invoice is then sent on to the customer, who processes and pays it in their normal terms. The customer pays the invoice to the factoring company. Once the invoice payment is processed, the remaining balance of the invoice, less a factoring fee, is rebated to the company. Invoice factoring is used by companies in a lot of industries. It’s commonly used by Over-the-road trucking fleets, staffing companies, and oilfield service companies, just to name a few. Factoring is based on the credit and payment history of the client’s customer. Because of this, it is an excellent form of financing for new companies or companies that have difficulty getting traditional bank financing. At TCI Business Capital, we customize our factoring programs to meet the needs and unique situation of each client. Our custom factoring solutions provide companies stable, consistent cash flow, to help their business grow and succeed. Learn more here: https://www.tcicapital.com/what-is-factoring/
Factoring Explained
Transfac Capital factoring finance explained in a video-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/ . Make your own animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video. PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch. Anyone can produce awesome animations quickly with PowToon, without the cost or hassle other professional animation services require.
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Factoring works when working capital needs are quicker than banks
Video proFile™ page: http://videoprofile.net/video/page/business/greystone/factoring-works Factoring is an alternative way to finance your accounts receivable. It uses the company's accounts receivable as the basis for providing working capital. As a factoring company, we can provide you with services that a bank won't provide. Allow us to furnish you with the credit expertise, the collection expertise and the proper reporting that will enable you to run your company more efficiently. If you have any other questions about factoring or financing your business, consider Greystone, we can help.
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Factoring Companies Secrets You Never Knew
www.jklfunding.com Businesses Choose Us Again and Again for their Invoice Factoring How Does Invoice Factoring Work? 1. What is invoice factoring? Invoice factoring consists of converting a companys accounts receivable into cash by selling invoices to a factoring company at a discount. Invoice Factoring is a valuable financing option for companies who are just starting out or who are experiencing a period of rapid growth
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Factoring: A financing solution for growing businesses
Learn how non-recourse account receivable factoring can provide vital working capital to a rapidly growing business.
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CFS Commercial Finance Solutions, Inc.
Factoring allows businesses to sell their accounts receivable (invoices) at a discount in return for immediate cash, providing a "line of credit" that grows automatically as the business grows. John Hoff of Commercial Finance Solutions, Inc. explains the advantages of this form of financing.
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Accounts Receivable Days
This course helps entrepreneurs and startups create a banker-ready business plan from scratch using award-winning StratPad software. Its 20 short lessons walk you through the creation of your business plan, step-by-step. Follow along in StratPad and you'll complete your business plan by the end of the course. You should be able to complete the course (and your business plan) in a single day. You'll learn: - the 7 key questions that you must answer to get a loan or investment - how to break your plan down into manageable pieces - the numbers you need to create your financial projections - how to strengthen your plan with metrics - how to build accountability into your plan The course contains everything you need except for a StratPad account. Get your free 7-day StratPad account at www.stratpad.com
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Invoice Factoring & Asset Based Lending
http://papersourceuniversity.com Invoice Factoring & Asset Based Lending Interview with Robert McHaon Robert McMahon is an expert in factoring accounts receivable, inventory finance, import-export trade solutions, purchase order finance, payroll finance, merchant cash advances and equipment finance.
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Invoice Factoring - Company - Invoice Factoring
Invoice Factoring http://www.ccassociates.com Hello, my name is April and I’d like to briefly tell you how Invoice Factoring will help your business. Since 1997, our Factoring Company, Creative Capital Associates, has been working with businesses like yours, providing regular working cash flow that allows you to bid on larger contracts. We help by relieving the stress of wondering how payroll and bills will get paid. With Invoice Factoring, our goal is to make sure you have the resources you need, when you need them. By factoring your accounts, we help monitor the creditworthiness of your customers, validate they have accepted your finished work, and help manage timely payments of your invoices. Like factoring companies have for generations, we focus on the relationships we have with our clients. You expect a partner who is flexible, easy to reach, quick to respond and empathetic to your business. At Creative Capital Associates, we provide the best Invoice Factoring you can find! So please, call us right now, toll free, to learn more how invoice factoring can help your company grow.
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RMP Capital Corp.  - We Make Funding Your Business Easier
RMP Capital Corp. is a national provider of Portfolio Management Services and Rediscounting Programs to Independent Factoring Companies offering Accounts Receivable based financing for small to medium sized businesses. We also provide Transportation Financing, Contractor Financing, and Risk Management Services for contractors working on Public Works Projects.
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How Factor App works in under 30 seconds (video)
Factor app is where you get the Most Money for your Accounts Receivable Invoices when Factoring Factors compete for the opportunity to buy your invoice! Download Factor App at www.factorapp.com and start Factoring now! The fastest and easiest way to Factor your receivables! #finance
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Why Accounts Receivables Financing can be Better than a Bank Loan
Why Accounts Receivables Financing can be Better than a Bank Loan Many often feel as though non-traditional commercial financing options are only for those companies that have been turned down for a traditional bank loan. Yet, for many other companies, going the non-traditional route through a product such as accounts receivable financing may be the better financing method even if the option for a bank loan is still on the table. A closer look at the unique advantages that receivables financing has to offer reveals many aspects that could potentially make such an option more attractive than conventional financing means. These benefits include: • Fast turnaround times: A traditional loan can take up to 30 days for a lender to process; as credit profiles are checked, collateral is arranged, and payment schedules are set up. When you choose to finance your receivables, you can often have your approval processed in as little as 72 hours. • Collateral: With a bank loan you’re required to put up a tangible business asset as collateral, in the case of financing your receivables, your invoices themselves are collateral. • Client relationships: Financing receivables allows you to continue to build solid relationships with your clients by offering them credit terms while benefiting from the monetary value of those invoices in the short-term. • Financial flexibility: Obtaining your financing through non-traditional means, allows you to get the working capital you need, without impacting your credit profile and/or tying up other valuable business assets. Should you need access to those tools in the future, they’re still available to be called upon. While unconventional, financing your company’s growth through accounts receivables financing offers you a number of distinct advantages. If you’re interested in financing your company’s receivables, just give us a call at 1.800.405.6035 today or visit universalfunding.com. http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring http://www.universalfunding.com/invoice-factoring http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring-companies http://www.universalfunding.com/factoring-company http://www.universalfunding.com/invoice-factoring-companies factoring, invoice factoring, factoring companies, factoring company, invoice factoring companies,
IMM Financial - Business Finance Solitions
IMM Financial is the Best Commercial Finance Company for your Business Funding needs. Small Business Loans, Accounts Receivable Factoring, Inventory Finance, Production Finance, Purchase Order Finance, Merchant Card Advances, Equipment Leasing, Letters of Credit and more.
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Capital Solutions Inc. Presents the S.B.A.'s How to Write a Business Plan
Capital Solutions helps accounts gain receivable lines of credit. They do so by factoring and asset-based loans. They also specialize in purchase order financing. Brian Battaglia’s unique experience in the financing industry enables him to quickly assess each client’s financial situation. During the past eleven years, Capital Solutions has closed over 250+ deals for clients based upon the best structure and price. http://capitalsolutionsinc.com FAST. RELIABLE. RESPONSIVE. | Call Us (626) 695-2280 or email info@capitalsolutionsinc.com
Bee Business Bee Debt Factoring Tutorial
Join Bee Business Bee in this debt factoring tutorial. Bee will explain with a logical example one of the more complex areas of Business Studies and how debt factoring can be used by businesses as a quick short term method of increasing profitability. More resources can be found online at; www.beebusinessbee.co.uk
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Transportation Debtor Finance  Invoice Factoring  CashFlow Finance  CashFlow Advantage
Phone : 1300 557 771 Our Web : http://www.cashflowadvantage.com.au/ Debtor Finance Page : http://www.cashflowadvantage.com.au/debtor-finance-recievables-finance-perth-sydney-melbourne-brisbane-adeliade-canberra Companies specializing in transportation often struggle with cash flow issues that seemingly materialize out of thin air. Increases in fuel prices, rising insurance costs and maintenance and repair expenses can all impact on the budget. Imagine facing these issues when your customers aren't paying their invoices on time? How are you supposed to keep your business going without sufficient cash flow? One potential solution to this problem is Transportation Debtor Finance. Before you apply for a facility, you should make sure you understand the possible benefits and risks of the arrangement. How Does Transportation Debtor Finance Work? Transportation Debtor Finance provides your company with working capital. In a debtor finance arrangement, you, as the owner of the company, agree to sell the value of your unpaid invoices to a financier. The financier then advances you up to 80% of the invoice value, usually within 24 hours. This cash can be used for any business purpose. When your customers pay their bills, the financier will deduct their fees from the remaining 20% and reimburse you with the balance. Advantages of Transportation Debtor Finance Debtor finance offers substantial benefits for transportation and freight companies. For example, if you choose a full-service facility, you won't have to make collection calls or undertake the typical accounts receivable work on your ledgers. It will all be handled by the debtor finance company. Another benefit of debtor finance is that you'll have access to cash quickly. Most debtor finance companies will issue you invoice-based cash within 24 hours. No more waiting 30 to 60 days for your customers to pay off their invoices. Transportation Debtor Finance Risks While debtor finance is a smart arrangement for most Australian businesses, there are a few risks involved with the process. Perhaps your customers never pay off their invoices. You would still be accountable for reimbursing the finance company for its cash advance. Another potential issue concerns the debtor finance company you choose to employ. Some debtor finance companies may have rigid requirements that are difficult to meet. To prevent this, you should research the company to make sure it has an established, respectable background in the industry. It's also a good idea to request client references before settling on a Financier. Despite the possible risks, transportation debtor finance provides freight companies with benefits that are difficult to ignore. If you're currently facing a cash crunch, Transportation Debtor Finance might be the perfect solution to your cash flow problems.
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South Dakota Factoring Companies    You Can Make Big Money Easily
http://jklfunding.com South Dakota Factoring Companies Business Finance: How to Do It On your own In contrast to what most small business owners think, funding a business is not rocket science. In truth, there are only three main methods to do it: via debt, equity or what I call "do it yourself" finance. Each and every method comes with benefits and drawbacks you should recognize. At various stages in your business's life cycle, one or more of these methods may be appropriate. That is why, a complete awareness of each procedure is important if you think you may ever have to obtain financing for your business. Debt and Equity: Pros and Cons Debt and equity are what most people imagine when you ask them about business financing. Traditional debt financing is normally provided by banks, which loan money that must be repaid with interest within a certain amount of time. These loans normally must be secured by collateral in the event they can not be repaid. The cost of debt is pretty low, particularly in today's low-interest-rate environment. However, business loans have become more difficult to come by in the current tight credit environment. Equity financing is given by investors who receive shares of ownership in the company, as opposed to interest, in exchange for their money. These are typically venture capitalists, private equity firms and angel investors. While equity financing does not need to be repaid like a bank loan does, the cost in the long run can be much greater than debt. This is because each share of ownership you divest to an investor is an ownership share out of your pocket that has an unknown future value. Equity investors often place terms and conditions on financing that can hog-tie owners, and they expect a very high rate of return on the companies they invest in. DIY Financing My favorite kind of financing is the do-it-yourself, or DIY, variety. And one of the best ways to DIY is by using a financing technique called invoice discounting. With receivable factoring products, companies sell their outstanding receivables to a commercial finance company (sometimes referred to as a "factor") at a discount. There are two key benefits of factoring:. Drastically improved cash flow Rather than waiting to receive payment, the business gets the majority of the accounts receivable when the invoice is created. This decrease in the receivables delay can mean the difference between success and failure for companies operating on long cash flow cycles. Say goodbye to credit analysis, risk or collections The finance company conducts credit checks on customers and evaluates credit reports to uncover bad risks and set appropriate credit limits essentially becoming the businesss full-time credit manager. It also conducts all the services of a full-fledged accounts receivable (A/R) department, including folding, stuffing, mailing and documenting invoices and payments in an accounting system. Invoice Factoring is not as well-known as debt and equity, but it's often more practical as a business financing resource. One explanation many owners don't consider factoring first is because it takes some time and effort to make invoice factoring work. Most people today are searching for instantaneous answers and immediate results, but stopgaps are not always readily available or advisable. Making It Work. For invoice discounting to work, the business must achieve one very important detail: deliver a top quality product or service to a creditworthy customer. Undoubtedly, this is something the business was created to do to begin with, but it acts as a built-in incentive so the business owner does not forget what he or she should be doing anyway. Once the customer is satisfied, the business will be paid immediately by the invoice factoring company it doesn't need to wait 30, 60 or 90 days or longer to receive payment. The business can then without delay pay its suppliers and reinvest the profits back into the company. It can make use of these profits to pay any past-due items, obtain discounts from suppliers or increase sales. These benefits will normally more than offset the fees paid to the factoring company. By receivable factoring, a business can grow its sales, develop strong supplier relationships and strengthen its financial statements. And by trusting in the factor's A/R management programs, the business owner can concentrate on expanding sales and raising profitability. All of this can take place without increasing debt or diluting equity. The typical business uses factoring companies for about 18 months, which is the period of time it usually takes to attain growth objectives, pay off past-due amounts and boost the balance sheet. Then the business will likely find themselves in a better position to look for debt and equity opportunities if it still needs to.
Distributor Factoring | By Factor Finders
Distributor factoring gives cash to distributors waiting for clients to pay on past orders. Factor Finders provides this cash easily with flexible options. Learn more here: http://www.factorfinders.com/distributors-factoring -Distributors, Importers and Resellers offer terms to their customers that may actually put a delay on receiving much-needed cash. Such a delay can block your business from meeting its objectives, taking on new clients and accepting new distribution orders. Because of this you, may try to depend on business loans or other types of business funding to get things running as usual. Unfortunately, these other forms of financing can carry fees that can break your company through debt. Distributor Factoring steps in to advance cash to these companies that experience slow-payments so that they can continue business. The process simply allows you to sell your unpaid invoices in exchange for cash advancement. To engage in invoice factoring, you don't need to be a perfect business. The presence of slow-paying customers, rejection from banks, poor credit and seasonal sales patterns can all actually qualify your firm for factoring. This is because we check your customer's creditworthiness instead of focusing on your financial performance or ability to pay a loan. Other factoring services we provide to finance your business include purchase order financing, asset based lending, and government contract receivables financing. The requirements for invoice factoring isn't complicated either. Here's what we need. - Application, an accounts receivable aging report, a customer list, copy of articles of incorporation, and your invoices to factor. With distributor factoring, distribution firms are able to dodge the pitfalls that come with other funding methods while obtaining cash fast. So get a factoring quote by contacting us today at 1-855-FACTOR-1 today.
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