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The Importance of Bioidentical Hormones
Please visit https://www.thehallcenter.com/bioidentical-hormone-replacement/ to learn more! Dr. Prudence Hall discusses Bioidentical Hormones with the wonderful ladies from The Hallmark Channel. During menopause women often gain weight, lose their hair and simply do not feel like themselves. Dr. Hall and her team at The Hall Center specializes in Bio-Identical Hormones to help women regain their sense of vitality so they can live a long, beautiful live.
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The Truth About Bio-Identical Hormones in Menopause and Perimenopause
I am back with the amazing Dr. Prudence Hall, founder of The Hall Center, and today we’re talking about bio-identical hormones, which is a hugely important topic for me. Dr. Hall is a leading expert and advocate for bio-identical hormones, and has taught me so much on the topic. Dr. Hall talks about the most common hormone replacements, including premarin, (which actually contains horse urine) and the alternative treatments available today. Hormone health is absolutely critical, ladies, because hormone deficiencies can lead to heart disease, dementia, and even breast cancer. This video gives you lots of information on your options, how to seek help and how to find the best doctor for you. To learn more about the SonoCine, check out this link // http://www.sonocine.com/ And to learn more about the Institute of Functional Medicine, click here // https://www.ifm.org/ Get your copy of Radiant Again & Forever here // https://goo.gl/JgNjX1 Subscribe to Sophie’s weekly newsletter at http://sophieuliano.com/starterguide/ and get her free Wellness Starter Guide (over 50 pages of healthy living tips, tricks, recipes and reviews) today! This is a great way to start your wellness journey TODAY! You can also subscribe to my channel - I post three videos each week! http://bit.ly/1KXKBt6 Be sure to follow me on social media!! Blog // http://bit.ly/1IbnU0R Facebook // http://on.fb.me/1RIBRb4 Twitter // http://bit.ly/1Q5Rps4 Instagram // http://bit.ly/1If2kvo Pinterest // http://bit.ly/1KCAd6N
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Bioidentical Hormones - Oprah talks
Oprah talks about bioidentical hormones.
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What Are Bioidentical Hormones? | Dr. Mark Stengler
Alternative to synthetic hormones, bioidentical hormones are exact replicas of the ones already being created by your body. This results in a more efficient and natural release of hormones allowing for better regulation. Contact the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine to learn more about balanced hormones and increased energy levels As a San Diego bioidentical hormone doctor, Dr. Mark Stengler explains the difference between bioidentical and synthetic hormones and the benefits of using specific natural hormones that a person is deficient in. Estrogen, progesterone, testerone, DHEA, Cortison, and thyroid hormones that are imbalanced can be treated with natural bioidentical hormones. While diet and nutritional supplements can often be used, those with severe symptoms may need the support of natural bioidentical hormones. Dr. Stengler often treats women in menopause or men with low testerone with natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Learn More: http://markstengler.com/one-minute-video-list/ http://markstengler.com/full-videos/ Connect: http://markstengler.com/ https://twitter.com/drmarkstengler https://www.linkedin.com/in/markstengler http://www.facebook.com/markstengler
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Bio-Identical Hormones: Pros & Cons
Many of the foods we consume are filled with artificial hormones that are harmful to the body. Get your body back in balance by taking the right form and type of bio-identical hormones.
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Saliva Testing and BioIdentical Hormones- from Atlanta Hormone Doctor
Learn why saliva testing is the best way to monitor your hormones, from Top Hormone Doctor, Dr. Eldred Taylor. Taylor Medical Group, founded by Hormone experts, Dr. Eldred Taylor and Dr. Ava Bell-Taylor, is located in Atlanta, GA. https://youtu.be/Ifjuui6o1fQ
Why Don't Traditional Doctors Prescribe Bioidentical Hormones?
Your traditional medicine doctor may not be trained in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) as it requires extensive and continuous training after medical school. BodyLogicMD affiliated practitioners specialize in integrative medicine and BHRT. They are active fellows of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and strive to be up to date on the most advanced care. To learn more, visit www.bodylogicmd.com!
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Atlanta BHRT Hormone Doctor:  Success using Taylor MD Formulations
Learn how, through testing, Taylor MD Formulations, and the care of Hormone Doctor, Dr. Eldred Taylor, made a positive impact on this patient's health using BHRT therapy. Taylor Medical Group, founded by Hormone experts, Dr. Eldred Taylor and Dr. Ava Bell-Taylor, is located in Atlanta, GA. https://youtu.be/P7vRvcspQDs
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Bio-Identical Hormones and Synthetic Hormones - Suzanne Somers Breaking Through
Suzanne Somers talks to her gynecologist Dr. Prudence Hall, and Dr. Abe Morgentaler [author of 'Testosterone for Life'] about synthetic hormones, bio-identical hormones, and how these hormones affect our bodies in different ways. Bio-identical hormones can be incredibly helpful in treating, and potentially eliminating, the many side effects of menopause. Find out more in this episode, and don't forget to subscribe to see a new episode of Suzanne Somers Breaking Through every Thursday!
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Bio-Identical Hormones with MD, OB/Gyn Dr. Paoletti and Randy Alvarez
Bio-Identical Hormones with Christine Paoletti, M.D, OB/Gyn and Randy Alvarez on The Wellness Hour.
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The Bioidentical Hormone Debate: Are They Safe? - Dr. Kent Holtorf, M.D.
The Endocrine Society recently made a statement about the efficacy of Bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT). Dr. Holtorf explains why BHRT is actually a better, more regulated option than regular or synthetic hormone replacement therapy.
Bioidentical Hormone and Testosterone Replacement For Men by Dr. Breen
Visit: http://doctorbreen.com/boost-libido/ Schedule your consultation and receive a FREE Body Composition Test - $85 Value Dr. Sean Breen discusses the use of bioidentical hormone replacement for men. He discusses the benefits of using testosterone, DHEA and thyroid on men's health. Learn the reasons for erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, poor energy levels, cognitive decline and loss of strength and endurance and how to treat that naturally using hormones. His office is located in Irvine, CA and he services the entire Orange County California Area in addition to the entire United States
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Bioidentical Hormones
What are bioidentical hormones and how do they work in your body? OB-GYN physician Dr. Christiane Northrup answers all your questions about bioidentical hormones in this video. She explains why hormones such as Premarin are not good for you, and she gives you a list of biodentical hormones that are safe and effective. Dr. Northrup also explains how plant-based- hormones can support your body. If you want to take hormones, learn which ones your body recognizes so that you get the benefits without the risks associated with chemically – derived hormones.
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Side Effects Of Bioidentical Hormones | LifeXMD
http://www.lifexmd.com Dr. Stephen Graham MD discusses the side effects of hormone treatment for men and women. An Important question we are often asked about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy or BHRT, is "What are the side effects?" It is important to know that when we optimize someone's hormones, we keep them within the normal range. We do not go above the normal range like bodybuilders or other people who might tend to abuse. Our goal is to improve a person's health, well being, enjoyment of life, and life span and not to do anything other than that. When used in higher than normal doses, and very rarely for some people even within the normal range, some of the old thoughts were that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy might cause cancer of the prostate for men. That's very old data. Now, virtually everyone accepts the fact that it does not cause it, but is only "possible" but not likely, that when a man already has pre-existing prostate cancer, that bhrt can accelerate it. This is why we do relatively specific testing before placing a man on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. In women, it was believed that hormone replacement with estrogen and progesterone may cause cancers in women. The findings were based on testing with "synthetic" hormones and not bioidentical hormones which mimic the bodies natural hormones. It is now being shown that with bioidentical hormones, particularly estrogen and progesterone, that the negative effects seen with synthetic hormones are not present. So the risks of cancer that was once thought to be a side effect of hormone replacement therapy is greatly diminished, and we take precautions to ensure this is the case. Women will need to have pap smears and mammograms regularly to determine risk factors. Dr Graham is an expert in bioidentical hormone replacement and is a supervising physician at LifeXMD's Scottsdale office located at 10613 N Hayden Rd Ste J-102, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 (480) 696-5563 for more information on menopause, low testosterone treatments, and hormone optimization therapy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EgzQziV7cQ
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Dr. Jonathan Wright - Part 1: Natural hormone replacement for women
Dr. Jonathan V. Wright has long been recognized as a fore-runner in research and application of natural treatments for healthy aging and illness. Writing the first prescription for bio-identical estrogens in 1982, he was the first to develop and introduce the use of comprehensive patterns of bio-identical hormones (including estrogens, progesterone, DHEA, and testosterone). He directed the development of tests to ensure their safe use as well as discovering the effect of cobalt and iodine on estrogen and other steroid detoxification. He teaches use and laboratory monitoring of bio-identical hormones nationally and internationally at seminars on a yearly basis. Dr. Wright's latest release, "Stay Young & Sexy with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement", provides a comprehensive exposé of traditional HRT while explaining the science behind bio-identical hormone therapy and its benefits.
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Dr Nicole Talks about Bio Identical Hormones for Sex Drive, Weight Loss, Fatigue and Sleep
I am a Medical Doctor and balance hormones in Women and Men in their 30's to 60's, to improve low sexual libido or sex drive, weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, irritability, mood swings and sleep disturbance. I provide simple, affordable medical consultations in all of Florida.
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BioTE® Hormone Pellet Therapy on Great Day Houston, featuring Gary Donovitz MD
http://www.BioTEmedical.com - BioTE President and Medical Director Dr. Gary Donovitz makes a special appearance on Great Day Houston to discuss hormonal imbalance. In this segment, Gary Donovitz MD highlights the various ways that hormonal imbalance rears its head in men and women over age 30. BioTE Pellet therapy can offer relief from mood swings, hot flashes, low libido and more. For more information, visit http://www.BioTEmedical.com
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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy | Amen Clinics
Dr. Mark Filidei is an Internal Medicine physician and is the Director of Integrative/Functional Medicine for Amen Clinics. http://www.amenclinics.com/ Subscribe for the newest from Amen Clinics: http://goo.gl/AcPD2L Fluctuating levels of hormones can cause one or more of the following: hot flashes, fatigue, night sweats, irregular periods, insomnia, breast tenderness, memory loss, weight gain, mood swings, anxiety, low sex drive and increased skin wrinkling. At Amen Clinics, we realize the value of natural hormone replacement therapy. In addition to alleviating the symptoms of menopause and reducing risk of osteoporosis, hormone replacement can also aid in the anti-aging process, improve your memory and mood, and create an overall sense of well-being. We specialize in Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. After a thorough examination and the necessary lab tests, Dr. Mark Filidei will prescribe for you the proper natural hormones that will help you balance your hormones. Bioidentical hormones are exactly the same hormones, molecule by molecule that your body produces. They are modified in a lab derived mostly from plant sources but are still considered natural to your body because they are identical. Body does not consider then a foreign substance and so does not cause any adverse reactions. Synthetic hormones are also made in a lab, but most importantly are not identical to your body. Bioidentical hormones are superior to types of synthetic hormones commonly prescribed. Hormones are powerful substances that control multiple functions through out the body. Hormone levels should be sufficient and balanced. Too little or too much of them is not conducive to long-term emotional, mental and bodily health. Just as you cannot balance your bank account without numbers on your bank statements, hormones testing provide both a basis for treatment and proximity to your goal. One can then customize natural hormone dosing to meet individual needs. In other words Optimize hormone levels for minimum dose to relieve symptoms and avoid overdosing. We may choose to prescribe various different hormones like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid, Cortisol, DHEA, Melatonin, or growth hormone, depending on what your symptoms are and which hormone(s) your body needs. This is done on a gradient scale so as to let the body adjust itself naturally. As a woman approaches menopause, her hormone production may fluctuate wildly, causing hot flashes, moodiness, depression, loss of libido, sleep problems, and more. Some women experience symptoms early - in some cases 10-15 years before clinical menopause. Literally, menopause means the cessation of the monthly menstrual cycle and signals the end of a woman's natural childbearing years. Menopause is neither a disease nor an illness; it is a natural and usually gradual change in glandular function, when major hormonal shifts occur as a result of ovaries not producing estrogen and progesterone. On average, this occurs at age 52, but can occur much earlier or later. For more information on how bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help you or a loved one, please call 1-888-288-9834 or visit: https://www.amenclinics.com/schedule-visit/. Founder of the Amen Clinics, Dr. Daniel Amen, believes that brain health is central to all health and success. He and fellow expert doctors honor The Amen Clinics Method, a multidisciplinary approach to mental and physical health. If you or someone you know would like more information about Amen Clinics, please call us! Within the U.S. call 1-888-288-9834 Outside the U.S. call 1-949-266-3700 http://www.amenclinics.com/ https://www.brainmdhealth.com/ http://www.mybrainfitlife.com/ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmenClinic Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Amen_Clinics Connect with us on LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/AmenClinicsLinkedIn
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Portland Bioidentical Hormone Doctors - Doctor Kathryn Retzler
Portland Bioidentical Hormones Doctor Kathryn Retzler - Oregon 's premier concierge, bioidentical hormones, anti aging and functional medicine clinic. Our doctors focus on the underlying causes of aging and disease, integrating evidence-based therapies and recommendations based on physiology. Treatment is individualized and comprehensive. Your treatment may include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, testosterone replacement therapy, nutraceutical therapies, diet and lifestyle modifications, cardiovascular, neurotransmitter and brain support. Some prescription medications may be prescribed to lower risk for existing disease processes until optimal health is restored.
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Bioidentical Hormones for Perimenopause Symptoms and Treatment by Dr. Angela Agrios, ND
http://www.DrAngelaAgrios.com - California Licensed Naturopathic Doctor Angela Agrios (310-459-2942) explains what Perimenopause is, conventional treatment for the symptoms of Perimenopause, the natural medicine approach to treating Perimenopause (including the use of Bioidentical Hormones), and her treatment plan she uses for her patients that alleviates the symptoms Perimenopause. Find her at http://naturopaths.healthprofs.com/cam/name/Angela_Agrios_ND_Pacific+Palisades_California_510627 . To learn how to eat a health rejuvenating, organic, whole foods diet, read The Beginner's Guide to Natural Living. hormone therapy bioidentical hormone replacement bioidentical hormones hormones bioidentical bioidentical hormone hormone bioidentical natural hormone bio identical bioidentical hormone therapy bioidentical therapy estrogen replacement bioidentical doctors bioidentical hormone replacement natural hormone replacement estrogen therapy natural hormones bio identical hormones bio identical hormone natural hormone therapy bioidentical hormone replacement therapy bioidentical hormone doctors natural hormone replacement therapy estrogen replacement therapy bio identical hormone replacement bio identical hormone therapy bioidentical hormones doctors bioidentical estrogen natural hrt estrogen bioidentical bio identical hormone replacement therapy hrt hormones biodentical hormones hrt therapy bioidentical hormones side effects bioidentical hrt suzanne somers bioidentical hormones bioidentical hormone replacement doctors bioidentical estrogen cream bio identical estrogen bioidentical hormone therapy doctors bioidentical hormones menopause natural bioidentical hormones bioidentical hormone cream bioidentical natural hormones bioidentical hormone treatment bioidentical hormones doctor compounded hormones natural bioidentical hormone therapy bioidentical hormone physicians bio identical hrt bioidentical hormones for men what are bioidentical hormones bioidentical hormones women bioidentical hormone pellets bioidentical hormones canada bioidentical hormones therapy natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy bioidentical hormone replacement therapy doctors bioidentical hormones replacement bioidentical hormones safe bioidentical hormones breast cancer bioidentical hormones physicians bioidentical hormones risks bioidentical hormones thyroid bioidentical thyroid hormones compounded bioidentical hormones bioidentical hormone testing bioidentical hormone creams bioidentical hormones for women bioidentical hormones and weight gain bioidentical hormones weight loss bioidentical hormones cost bioidentical hormones estrogen bioidentical hormones for menopause endocrinologist bioidentical hormones suzanne sommers hormones anti aging bioidentical hormones bioidenticals hormones bioidentical hormones hysterectomy bioidentical hormone replacement for men bioidentical hormones online robin mcgraw bioidentical hormones bioidentical hormones perimenopause bioidentical hormones hrt bioidentical hormones and weight loss bioidentical hormones pellets purchase bioidentical hormones where to buy bioidentical hormones bioidentical hormones dangers suzanne summers bioidentical hormones bioidentical hormones estradiol bioidentical hormones reviews prudence hall bioidentical hormones suzanne sommers bioidentical hormones where can i buy bioidentical hormones bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men buy bioidentical hormones christine northrup bioidentical hormones cost of bioidentical hormones
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Doctor and Patient Discuss Bioidentical Hormones for Men
Bruce Thomas, M.D. and one of his male patients discuss how bioidentical hormone therapy can help men overcome symptoms of andropause - the male menopause.
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Dr. Usha Jain Anti-Aging Center Orlando Bio-Identical Hormones
Dr Usha Jain is an expert in Emergency medicine and Anti-Aging medicine. Hormone is essential and integral part of the health. Balancing hte hormones is important in a young patient and also in the older patient. Dr. Jain has cured many problems like anxiety, breast tenderness, depression, dizziness, hair loss, headache, hot flashes, insomnia, irritable, joint pains, flatulence, losing memory, palpitations, weight gain,
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Portland Bioidentical Hormone Doctors - Doctor Kathryn Retzler Oregon
Portland Oregon bioidentical hormones and functional medicine Doctor Kathryn Retzler presents HormoneSynergy® - a new paradigm in health - Doctors
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The Doctor is In: Bio-Identical Hormones
Pure Life Pharmacy takes your questions in this Facebook Live Chat on bio-identical hormones!
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Regina Johnson Before and After Bioidentical Hormone Treatment
http://biobalancehealth.com Bioidentical hormone patient, Regina Johnson, came to Biobalance Health six years ago after hearing the story from a friend who was a patient of Dr. Kathy Maupin. Regina describes her transformation due to bioidentical hormone pellets as miraculous.
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Bioidentical Hormones Expert Dr Anne Trussell Little Rock Arkansas
Anne Trussell MD (Board Certified Internal Medicine) offers Natural Bioidentical Hormone Therapy in her Little Rock, Arkansas practice which focuses on Healthy Aging. This seminar hosted by the BioTe spokesperson Terri Suresh goes into detail on the benefits of plant based Natural Bioidentical Hormones and identifies the benefits over man made synthetic hormones. Pellet Therapy uses hormones derived from natural plant sources to replicate the body's normal hormonal levels. Patients have found that bio-identical hormone replacement therapy with pellet implants is extremely effective. Implants, placed under the skin, consistently release small, physiologic doses of hormones providing optimal therapy. Unlike typical oral and transdermal forms of therapy -- which produce "roller coaster" hormone levels, resulting in mood and energy fluctuations for the patient -- BioTE® Medical Hormone Pellet Therapy, is the only method of hormone therapy that provides sustained hormone levels throughout the day, for up to 4 to 6 months, without any "roller coaster" effect. Because the hormones used are completely natural, Pellet Therapy is ideal for patients wanting the benefits of a natural hormone, without the drawbacks of a synthetic. The goal with hormone pellet replacement therapy in women AND men is to restore our natural hormone balance. The majority of symptoms that are associated with age related hormone loss are due primarily to testosterone deficiency in BOTH women & men. FATIGUE, sleep loss, memory loss, mental fog, confusion, depression, irritability, anxiety and mood swings are some of the BRAIN symptoms of low testosterone. There are thousands of receptors for testosterone in the areas of the brain responsible for mood, mental clarity and memory that are affected as testosterone levels decline with age. Symptoms of low testosterone include night sweats, joint pain, bladder symptoms, headaches, low libido, decreased vaginal lubrication in women, decreased ability to maintain and sustain erection in men, and weight gain. Symptoms of estrogen imbalance include hot flashes, vaginal wall thinning and skin related changes such as collagen loss. Estrogen is a woman's most important hormone. Without hormone replacement therapy, the loss of estrogen puts her at increased risk for premature ovary failure, osteoporosis, heart disease, colon cancer, Alzheimer's disease, tooth loss, impaired vision, Parkinson's disease and diabetes. The longer a woman is without the protection of her own estrogen, the greater the risk for serious health consequences of these conditions. There are estrogen receptors in a variety of organs throughout the body and brain. That's why hormonal imbalance produces different symptoms such as loss of skin elasticity, bone shrinkage, mood and cognitive decline. On the other hand, when estrogen levels rise as they do in the first week of menses, their overall effect is to increase the amount of serotonin available in the spaces between the brain's nerve cells. That improves mood. Within the brain, estrogen may in fact act as a natural antidepressant and mood stabilizer. It is therefore essential that a woman suffering from premature ovary failure or surgical menopause receive treatment from a HRT physician who understands the many ramifications of the disease and is willing and able to meet her endocrine and emotional needs. Sei Bella Med Spa Anne R. Trussell MD Medical Towers II 9501 Baptist Health Drive, Suite 940 Little Rock , AR 72205 USA Phone 501-228-6237 www.seibellamedspa.com
Educational Series - Bioidentical Hormones for Men - Part 1
The doctors from Hotze Health & Wellness Center explain the benefits of bioidentical hormones for men, and how hormone levels affect men's health. Plus, they cover hormone dosage and prescription information, explanations of types of hormones, and more! For more information, visit www.HotzeHWC.com.
Dr. George Weiss - Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy
To view the full show please visit www.wellnesshour.com and enter search keyword: weiss
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Dr. Derrick DeSilva on Benefits of Bio Identical Hormone Pellets
Dr. Derrick DeSilva talks about how WePellet's Bio Identical Hormone program can positively anyone experiencing symptoms. Go to wepellet.com to find out more.
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Is Bioidentical Hormones Right for You?  San Diego Doctor Now Available
http://www.hormonepelletdoctor.com Are you the right candidate for Bioidentical Hormones? Have you considered bioidentical pellet therapy one of the safest and most effective methods to put you in balance? Call 760-290-3552 to see if bioidentical hormones right for you.
Philadelphia Bioidentical Hormones Doctor Daniel Lebowitz: What Are Bioidentical Hormones?
Philadelphia Bioidentical Hormones Expert Dr. Daniel Lebowitz explains what bioidentical hormones are and why it is important to use bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) instead of synthetic hormones. http://worldwellnesshealth.com/services/bioidentical-hrt-in-philadelphia/ Dr. Daniel Lebowitz has been twice named the Top Anti-Aging Physician Nationally, by HealthTap.com. If you'd like to work with the most highly trained Bioidentical hormones Philadelphia physician, call Dr. Lebowitz at: World Wellness Health Institute http://worldwellnesshealth.com (610) 228-0400 info@worldwellnesshealth.com The Philadelphia Bioidentical Hormones physician is fellowship trained in Anti-Aging and Regenerative medicine. Transcript: 0:00 Hello I'm dr. Daniel Lebowitz from World Wellness Health Institute. Nowadays 0:06 everyone is interested in doing things as naturally as possible. (Bioidentical Hormones Philadelphia) When it comes 0:10 to hormone therapy, that means bioidentical hormone replacement. What is bioidentical 0:16 hormone replacement? Well, what bioidentical means is that the hormones 0:20 are identical in structure to the hormones that are made in the human body. (Bioidentical Hormones Philadelphia) 0:23 What this means in practice is that we're dealing with natural molecules that are 0:28 created from yams and soy. Another word for bioidentical hormone therapy would 0:33 be natural hormone therapy. (Bioidentical Hormones Philadelphia) 0:34 The reason it's important to use natural or bioidentical hormones is that these 0:39 hormones act in the body 0:40 exactly as the ones that are produced by the human body. You want to use 0:45 bioidentical hormones for hormone replacement because hormones function in our bodies like keys that are 0:50 floating around in the bloodstream looking for the right lock to fit into. (Bioidentical Hormones Philadelphia) 0:53 So the bioidentical hormone is a key and the receptors on the body's cells are 0:57 locks. A bioidentical hormone fits properly into the locks or receptors on our cells. 1:03 A synthetic hormone that is not bioidentical does not fit properly into the lock or 1:08 the receptor. These molecules will not have all the associated beneficial effects of 1:13 natural or bioidentical hormones. Worse yet, a synthetic molecularly different hormone 1:18 compound can have unintended negative consequences as well. So if you're 1:23 thinking about hormone replacement, please contact a qualified 1:27 BIOIDENTICAL hormone specialist. if you'd like to work with us at World Health Institute, (Bioidentical Hormones Philadelphia) 1:32 please give us a call today at (610) 228 - 0400, or visit us on the web at 1:40 worldwellnesshealth.com. Thanks for watching. 1:44 Take care.
Bioidentical Hormones Work! Tell your doctor about the Bioidentical Hormone Initiative
http://www.drerika.com | It's very important to understand that bioidentical hormones work! What works best is the preparation. I work with only one lab because I trust them to make combination's that are consistent and effective for my patients. If your Doctor is not familiar with bioidentical hormones please direct them BHI. The Bioidentical Hormone Initiative seeks to encourage the use of bioidentical hormone therapy as a key tool in the growing movement to promote true prevention with respect, compassion, and patient advocacy. http://www.bioidenticalhormoneinitiative.org/ http://www.drerika.com/Health-Hormone-Assessment-Quiz http://www.drerika.com/Phone-Consultation http://www.drerika.com/Catalog
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Bioidentical Hormones Expert Dr. Lee of Miami Discusses Oprah's Effect on BHRT
www.bodylogicmd.com Dr. Michael Lee of BodyLogicMD Miami discusses how Oprah has made bioidentical hormone therapy a valid treatment for hormonal imbalances.
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BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Becky and guest, Dr. Robert Briggs, BHRT doctor for External Affairs Medical Spas talk about hormone health and balancing. External Affairs Medical Spas is a clinic based out of Alberta, Canada that specializes in Beauty and Age Management medicine. http://www.externalaffairs.ca https://www.instagram.com/externalaffairsmedspa/ https://www.facebook.com/External.Affairs.Spa
Natural Thyroid, IV Therapy, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement - Lindy's Testimonial
Hi, I'm Lindy Tennat. I just want to tell you a little bit about my story & why I'm here. I first of all am feeling fantastic! This time about a year-and-a-half ago I was not. I was feeling tired all the time. I had a thyroid condition. I had a tumor on my thyroid & that thyroid was taken out along with the tumor. The doctors tried to then regulate my thyroid by giving me Synthroid medicine. I went from Doctor to doctor to try & regulate that. In addition to when all this is going on of course there is depression involved, so they also tried to put me on anti-depression medicine. That was a bit new for me for me because that's just not who I am. My life is active so not feeling so great & the thought of going on medicine just didn't do well for me. Although I had no other option. So, I chose to use it & they never got it right. I never felt better, I never felt the smile, in fact I felt like I was getting worse. I started to gain weight. I started to lose focus, my hands were shaking, I had trouble running which is my passion. I decided to give it one more shot. I tried a new doctor. While I was waiting in the waiting room there was a magazine on the table & I open it up & there's a full spread on Dr. Shell, & it's all about natural medicine & getting back to being yourself. I just thought this is the answer. I never saw the doctor that day. I actually got up from the waiting room & I left & drove straight to Dr. Shel's office. I made an appointment & the person that I talked to helped me make an appointment. I came back & I've been here ever since & I'll just tell you how Dr. Shel has changed my life in a year & a half. I wasn't so comfortable with as much testing & she wanted to do because I wasn't familiar with that, but she agreed with me that I was not feeling normal. She said that other women were feeling exactly what I was feeling, & by the way I'm 56, so at 56 I never thought I could feel as good as I do today. What Dr. Shel & Whitney & the whole office has done for me is, it is my thyroid, but thyroid controls so many things in your body that I was also aging. I didn't want to embrace that really! So, I didn't realize that what I was also losing & had lost in my body was estrogen & testosterone, which all of us as women have. We have a small percentage of testosterone, we have a larger percentage of estrogen. I had nothing! The testing came back & she said, Lindy, you're below the charts, they couldn't even give me a reading on it. I had no idea that I was that low, so she did the testing for the thyroid. I don't know if well, I had no idea what thyroid & hormone testing was, but hormone testing is through the saliva. I've never done saliva testing before, & she said that was to really get to, & I don't know if you're familiar with this this kind of language but, the Irish say "I got down to the gnat's ass" of what the problem was, & the problem was simply I had nothing in my body that was allowing me to live an active lifestyle anymore. So, she made a promise that she was going to fix that & she did. She put me on pellets. I have pellets that released on , the go into your hipline. It's a little tiny surgical procedure that doesn't really hurt. They numb you & put these little things in & they time-release when your body needs it. So, that is the estrogen & the testosterone. My gosh you know it increases everything! She put me on Armour Thyroid which is an all-natural thyroid medicine. Unlike Synthroid which is not. She got it down to the "gnat's ass" of being right for my body. In addition to that I come in for regular IVs that contain vitamins that your body needs, & it's not the same for everyone. It's what your body needs, & what my body needs. So, it's a little IV that goes in & it just makes you feel great. In addition to that what I have noticed is that my spirit has changed, my smile has come back I'm working out, I just finished a marathon. My business is getting better. My whole attitude is getting better. I'm still single. But, you know, that happens when you don't feel so good & your divorced already, but I feel like a new person. I feel I, actually I have to say I think at 56 I have never felt as good. Even before this all happened I was feeling ok, but she's fixed more than okay. She's fixed my mind, & I truly believe that as a woman you have to feel the best that you can be inside before you can present anything good outside. So, she's done that for me. In fact her whole team has done that for me. They're all so pleasant here. If you had seen me a year and a half ago you wouldn't recognize me. I'm a totally better person & I love my insides, & I love my outsides, & I just I'm looking forward to spending really, a very long relationship with Dr. Shel. Learn more at http://www.drshel.com/
Hormone Replacement Therapy Trophy Club | Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Doctors TX
Hormone Replacement Therapy Trophy Club | Affordable Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Doctors TX Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy involves hormones that are structurally identical to what the body produces, giving you a natural way to combat the symptoms of hormone imbalance. Executive Medicine of Texas offers the best treatment for hormone imbalance, menopause, and andropause using several options, with the most popular option being BioTE bio-identical hormone pellets. Only a bit larger than a grain of rice, our bio identical hormone replacement doctors place the pellets just beneath the skin in the subcutaneous tissue. This provides superior absorption allowing the hormones to go directly into the bloodstream. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is one of the most efficient methods for treating symptoms of hormone imbalance. The affordable pellets act as a 24/7 hormone delivery system. No other process of hormone replacement therapy provides such a stable state of hormone release. Pellet therapy helps the body avoid the typical hormonal fluctuations associated with pills, skin creams, injections, and gels. The BioTE bio-identical hormone replacement therapy pellets place by our Trophy Club TX hormone replacement doctors gradually dissolve completely and only need to be replaced every 3-6 months, depending on gender and activity level. #HormoneReplacementTherapyTrophyClubTX #BioidenticalHormoneReplacementDoctorsTrophyClubTX #BestHormoneReplacementTrophyClub #AffordableHormoneReplacementTrophyClub
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What are Bioidentical Hormones? Dr. Hotze on Bioidentical vs Synthetic Hormones
What are bioidentical hormones? Reporter Christi Myers interviews Dr. Hotze and Wendy about the benefits of bioidentical hormones. For more information, visit www.HotzeHWC.com.
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Bio-identical Hormones: Progesterone Success Stories!
Want over-the-counter Hormone Help? Our hormone cremes are promoted in Dr. John Lee's book "What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Menopause". Watch this quick video to hear inspirational testimonials from women AND Men! Don’t give up! Please call or write us if you have any questions . . . or just need a cheerleader! 877-880-0170 / barbara@askbarbarahoffman.com Find Better Health Naturally's progesterone cremes at: http://bhnformulas.com/
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Bio identical hormone doctor
bioidentical hormones are safer than those used in ... than hormones used in traditional hormone therapy for menopause symptoms.The interest in a more natural approach to hormone therapy has focused attention on bioidentical hormones
Why Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Is Good For You
Download your FREE gift here: https://goo.gl/WKMZLu In this short video, I talk with Dr. Glenn Wilcox about the benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Learn about: Why you might want to replace your hormones. (:34) Problems associated with decreasing hormone production. (:55) What may be causing a decline in your sex drive. How HRT can make you feel more frisky. (1:00) Why you may be losing lean muscle mass. (1:18) The impact hormones have on overall well-being and that “go get ‘em” attitude. (1:41) How testosterone can impact skin elasticity. (2:07) The psychological effects of low sex hormone levels. (2:45) Sex hormones and depression. (3:07) Sex hormones and sleep. (3:31) Why you should not take estrogen orally. (4:20) The best way to take estrogen. (4:33) Why it’s better to take hormones trans-mucosally rather than trans-dermally. (5:31)
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Grand Junction, Colorado. IMCWC.com. Dr. Rollins explains how properly balanced hormones will result in more energy, increased sex drive, better memory, sleep, and an increase in metabolism.
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Dr. Erika Schwartz demonstrates various bioidentical hormone prescriptions
http://www.drerika.com | Dr. Erika Schwartz demonstrates a bioidentical compounded prescription cream as well as an FDA approved bioidentical hormone gel.
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