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Navel peircing infec./allergic reaction
step1-iodine before showring step2- sea salt & peroxide soak, in warm water (15-30min) step3- soak with saline solution (10-15min) step4- apply antibiotic & iodine mixture(with/w.o band-aid) leave over night. repeat before bed everynight
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Claire's accessories mini haul!
Birthday Princess sash $3.50 Birthday princess tiara $6.50 Pearl Necklace earrings $16.50 Head band $3.50 Arrowhead Necklace $12.50 CZ earrings $10.50 Just to let you know that all of their jewelry is sensitive solution which means it has no nickel and other solutions that people have allergic reactions too. I am allergic to jewelry thats not real so I wear this jewelry for the whole day with out getting bump or getting itchy but if you are allergic I still wouldnt recommend wearing the jewelry over night.
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