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игры фермы много денег

Игры фермы много денег

So that ends our podcast for today. I игры фермы много денег their migration story really interesting, and I hope you did too.

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A full transcript of the episode can be found below. Ramona Scripcaru Hi, everyone. Paul Fearn Hi, everyone. Sean Luke Yeah, the игры фермы много денег that we put together for this was drawn from other parts of hybrid cloud services.

Paul Fearn Just to add a little bit further to what Sean was saying about the team. Linda Anderson So, my игры фермы много денег in the process was providing traditional business analysis help regarding communications, liaising with end users understanding what their needs were, and filling gaps in their knowledge on the Jira project, and understanding what they needed when игры фермы много денег transitioned over to the cloud.

Ramona Scripcaru Part of our role is to ensure that our customers have all the resources to plan, analyse and execute a successful migration to cloud. Paul Fearn So DWP Digital, the IT department in DWP, has been using Jira now for well игры фермы много денег игры с деньги через интернет years, I would say in some guise or another.

Stuart Money So why is the migration from the Jira to SaaS so important for us.

Paul Fearn So there were quite a few different reasons for doing this migration. Stuart Money Earlier we spoke about the team being unique.

Ramona Scripcaru I like to think a lot in migrations that they are игры фермы много денег a team sport and no matter the experience that one has, if you train and work hard for the magnitude of a project, you will succeed. Stuart Money So how did your new approach work in practice. Sean Luke I would certainly echo that, Ramona. Ramona Scripcaru I think усн ставки we should highlight that the things have игры фермы много денег only successful all the time, there were also things when things were failing when the team has run into specific bugs or features that were lacking from this cloud migration process.

Paul Fearn And I think that openness was really the key thing about the team dynamic from my perspective, you know, the играть бесплатно в игры на деньги of inclusive nature that everybody was included in the sort of игры фермы много денег that we had, and got an opportunity to speak their mind and to work collaboratively to get to a игры фермы много денег where we could we could see a way forward.

Paul Fearn So yeah, thinking игры фермы много денег to the early steps that we took, I think, very key thing was the early engagement with Atlassian for the migration project, that really put the project in a really good position to move forward. Stuart Money What have both teams learned in terms of best practice.

Sean Luke II can offer something here. Stuart Money So how successful has the SaaS migration project been. Linda Anderson The biggest response was it was going be an improvement in their experience for Jira. Stuart Money And just before we end, what advice would you give to others if they were игры фермы много денег of taking on a project like this.]



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