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malvern ballers vs NBA 2K - funny clips
NBA 2K13 like you've never seen it before! Action packed with customised characters including: GOLOB, TRISHA, MONTGOMERY, AUGMON, MR.NIGHTMARE, PICKLENOSE, GOLIATH, McHAGGIS, CRISPY, NUTKINS, JACOBS, GRANDAD, KONVICT, BLOODY OWL FACE, CLOWN, BRYANT AND BISCUITEARS! Like if you enjoyed this vid! :)
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Just Cause 3: And they said it couldn't be done!! :)
So there's a secret speedboat in one of the lakes and like many I began trying to airlift it out or drag it using a vehicle, as you need to take it to the garage miles away in order to store it. Everyone on the forums said they have tried and tried to get this boat and many were saying the 'only' way to get it, was to manually drag it down to the garage (which could take the best part of an hour). After attempt no 30, i figured out how to do it!! It takes some doing, but here's the shortcut method. This video shows the boat being airlifted out to sea. From there, you just drive round the coast and straight to the garage, so I haven't covered that bit. Hope you enjoy!
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