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Ryan's Reaction to Lysol
Ryan, aged 4, has an allergy to Lysol. We sprayed a piece of paper with the substance and placed it about 2 feet away from him. His behavior mimicked that of when he comes home from school. Needing to cling to his mother, sad, and doesn't even want to pick up the pencil. He comes home like this because his school uses the product to clean the desks. Visit http://www.DrRapp.com for more information on allergies and their effects, and to order books from Dr. Rapp that can help you and your loved ones from suffering due to allergies.
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Do You Have Food Allergies
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Allergies And Your Childs Behavior
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Can An Egg Cause Abdominal Pain?
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What Is Provocation-Neutralization Testing and Treatment?
Visit http://www.drrapp.com/provocation-neutralization/ for more information on what Provocation-Neutralization testing and treatment is.
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Young Girl's Allergic Reaction To Food
If you or a loved one has an allergy, or you suspect there might be one and you want to learn how to determine that, visit http://www.drrapp.com
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Help For Allergic Reaction To Chlorine
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Allergic Reaction To Mold Causing Hyperactivity
Boy- "If I can ever find a knife, I'll kill myself." My name is Dr. Doris Rapp. I'm a pediatric allergist and environmental medical specialist. And I'd like to show you why some people become very angry. It can affect children and adults, and much to my amazement, this is frequently precipitated by molds. Exposure to a moldy house, a moldy room, on damp rainy days. And this particular 8 year old boy had difficulty on moldy, damp, wet days. His whole personality would change, and his teachers complained at school. Now let me show you how we did what's called Provocation/Neutralization allergy testing. You can check my website (www.drrapp.com) for more information about it. But basically we put one drop of mold in his arm. Now this is how he looked before we put the drops in. Notice that he is happy and wonderful. Then we put one drop of allergy extract in his arm, and look at what happens. He gets angry. He gives you the body language that tells you 'leave me alone!' Dr. Rapp in the video-"And as is typical of many children they will bite whatever is nearby, and if nothing is nearby they will bite themselves. You can see the teeth marks there and there." And then we gave him one drop of the right dilution of a mold solution, a mold allergy extract, and look at what happens. All of a sudden, he's happy again! Do you have a child that acts this way. You don't have a bad child. You have a child that is sensitive to molds in the air. But it could be that your child reacts this way to dust or pollen or a particular food or a particular chemical. So if you want to know more about this kind of reaction and how you can figure out what is causing it, and what you can do about it, please go to my books. Is This Your Child's World? discusses this particular answer. Thank you for watching. My name is Dr. Doris Rapp. Bye for now. Visit http://www.drrapp.com, and visit the online store for the book, "Is This Your Child's World?" and more.
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What Happens When Exposed To Certian Chemicals...
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Can Milk Cause Hyperactivity?
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Allergic Reaction To New School Carpet
Hello. I'm Dr. Doris Rapp. I'm a pediatric allergist and an environmental medical specialist. Do you ever see anybody who looks like this? This woman is a teacher, and you will see that she is having an asthma attack. By using the newer techniques of allergy testing called provocation-neutralization, you can actually cause someone to lose their voice and develop asthma with one drop of an allergy extract. And then bring back the voice and stop the asthma with a weaker drop of the same solution. Let me show you how it's done. Here is Sandra before she was tested, and you are going to see that she is given an injection in her arm and a little mark is made to show where it is. And within less than a minute, you will see that her voice becomes hoarse, and then she develops asthma. This is what happens when they put in new carpets in her school, in her half of the building. If she went anywhere in that area, this is exactly what happened to her. She became hoarse, and she developed asthma. And then to treat her, we made an allergy extract of the synthetic carpet that was put into her half of the building, and we made it so that it was sterile and we put a drop of the allergy extract in her arm, and we caused the reaction. And then we gave her a weaker drop of the same solution, just a weaker dilution, of the allergy extract of the carpet. We give her the drop, and within less than a minute, her asthma stops and her voice comes back to normal. Many doctors and people would think this is all psychological, which is exactly what happened at the school. And I can tell you that there are many people who react in this way to chemicals, and nobody recognizes why. If you want to find out more about this, and other aspects of strange ways that people can react to allergy extracts, please go to my website, http://www.drrapp.com. Get my books, "Is This Your Child?" "Is This Your Child's World?" This patient is described in detail in one of those books. Thank you very much for watching. Keep watching for my videos. Bye for now.
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Is Your Child Uncontrollable From Allergies?
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How Can Allergies Change Behavior?
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Can Fluoride Cause Severe Depression?
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What Can Mold Do?
This is the first run for a teaser, Doris. Please go through the video, critique it, and let me know what you think of it.
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Can A Child's School Carpet Affect A Child's Health?
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Allergic Reaction To Peas
I'm Dr. Doris Rapp, and I'm a pediatric allergist and environmental medical specialist. Does your child look like this and talk like this? Maybe your child has an allergy? Let me show you this young, ten year old girl. We put one drop of an allergy extract of peas in her mouth. Before that she was perfectly normal, and now look at what happens. She has difficulty speaking clearly, she acts in a silly inappropriate manner, and notice that her voice becomes very high pitched. For some reason her allergic reaction is not in her lungs causing asthma, her nose causing hay fever, it's in the area in the brain that has to do with speech. And usually we will have a picture but for this particular child we don't have one. But after she received one drop of the right dilution of pea, her voice went all the way back to normal. Notice that when she tries to say the alphabet, she can't say it clearly. What is happening? What this means is that she could be in a classroom and she is feeling fine, and she eats maybe some peanut butter for a snack, and peanut butter and peas are in the same family, and what could happen? She might not be able to speak. She might speak unclearly like you see here. Look up my website and get either the book "Is This Your Child?" or "Is This Your Child's World?" and you can get a video tape of this reaction. Thank you for watching. I hope I can help you. See some of the other video clips we're producing, and they may help you figure out why your child isn't fat, dumb or lazy. Why your child might be just having an unusual allergic reaction. Thank you, and good bye. Visit http://www.drrapp.com for these books and more info!
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Can Grass Pollen Create An Agitated Child?
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Allergic Reaction To Dust
This is how Braeden acted before he was skin tested for dust. We merely put one drop of a dust allergy extract in his arm. Look at how angry he is. This is how he acted at home and his parents couldn't figure out why. Now he is receiving a different solution of the allergy extract. Look at him rubbing his nose as a classical allergic salute, and he still looks very angry. It usually takes 4-8 minutes after they receive the correct dilution of allergy extract before they are better. Nurse- "Do you feel happy?" Braden nods his head yes. He's obviously happier. He's back to his adorable self. Visit http://www.drrapp.com for more information on fast, safe, effective, and affordable ways that could help alleviate allergies for you and your loved ones.
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Allergic Reaction To Tree Pollen
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Can Yeast Cause Arthritis?
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Dr. Rapp - Welcome
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Allergic Reaction To Strawberries
Does your child look like this? Maybe your child just has an allergy. This youngster came to my office and the mother said that she fed him fresh strawberries. He went to school, and as soon he walked into the classroom, his teacher said "I'm going to have trouble with him." Within 15 minutes he was in the principal's office. He wiped off the top of the desk, ripped all of the papers, threw them around, and he had a bad reaction. The school was going to call four people to hold him down. The mother gave him the right dilution of the thing that was causing the problem in the form of an allergy extract, and in a few minutes he was back to normal. Let me show you how we tested him. Here is before he was tested. This is how he looked. Then we gave him one drop of a strawberry allergy extract in his arm, and this is what happened. Notice he is hitting, he is biting, he even spits at some point. Watch and see very carefully. Do you see the bite marks on her arm? We're trying to not let him bite her, and he is doing it in spite of what we are doing. And we are trying to stop the reaction as soon as we can. And then he developed what's called the demonic look. Once you see it, you will know what it looks like and when you see that you should run and get away because that person is having an allergic reaction. You can sometimes stop it with a teaspoon of baking soda in a quarter of a glass of water. Then we treated him with one drop of the right dilution of strawberry allergy extract in his arm. The right dilution of the same thing that caused the problem and within 10 minutes he is back to normal. The point I want to make with this video is that they change dramatically in how they look. When children bite mothers, they are not being bad. They have got a medical problem frequently that hasn't been diagnosed. Keep saying, "What did he eat. What did he touch? What did he smell?" These children, once they are treated and the problems are recognized, eliminated, or they are given allergy extract treatment, they become fine! You don't have to worry about their future. Many of my patients went on to college, and they hold fine jobs now and they are doing very well. So if you need to know where the nearest environmental medical specialist is, look on my website http://www.drrapp.com. Read my books, "Is This Your Child?" "Is This Your Child's World?" It describes what to look at, what to look for, and how to figure out what's causing your child's problems. Thank you for watching. Bye. Visit http://www.drrapp.com for more information about Provocation-Neutralization allergy testing and treatment, and Dr. Rapp's books.
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Dr. Rapp's Pearls Of Wisdom
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Ben's Allergic Reaction to Chlorine
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Don't Drug Them First!
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Childrens Allergies to Food Environment - The Donahue Show
Dr. Rapp is dedicated to sharing important information about harmful environmental factors that can affect how children and adults feel, think and act in our high-tech, high-stress, high-profit world. The "progress at any cost" mentality is rapidly overwhelming our bodies as we attempt to cope with our increasingly polluted environment. Dr. Rapp is committed to educate both the public and health professionals about the ominous physical and behavioral changes frequently evident in children and adults. The more we know, the more we can protect ourselves and our loved ones by taking some often easy and inexpensive precautions. We simply have to be more informed so we can make better choices. In her breakthrough book, "Is This Your Child's World?" - Dr. Rapp identifies the major symptoms of potentially unrecognized allergies in children and adults, suggesting possible sensitivities to dust, mold, pollen, foods or chemicals. Allergies are much more than high fever, asthma and itchy skin. It is possible to identify allergies by simply looking at someone. At times it is surprisingly easy to find and eliminate the cause. The typical clues of allergies and environmental illness can include any combination of the following: Rubbing Nose Upwards, Eye Wrinkles, Dark Eye Circles, Sudden Aggression, Scarlet Earlobes, A Spacey Look, Extreme Activity Changes, Wiggly Legs, Red Cheeks, A Mottled Tongue Visit http://www.drrapp.com for more information, or to order printed materials or air purifiers.
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Psych Video
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Is Your Child Suicidal?
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Is Your Child Untouchable?
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Does Your Child Bite You?
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Can Tree Pollen Cause Hyperactivity?
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Can School Air Cause Vulgarity?
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Can New School Carpet Cause Asthma?
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Could Arthritis Be Caused By Yeast In Bread?
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Mom, Its Not Your Fault
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