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N.O.T. Neural Organisational Technique for Sinoux with Madonna Guy at New Leaf Natural Therapies
I studied 20 years ago with Trevor Savage ND and Dr Carl Ferrari DC - I've since integrated LEAP (Brain Integration) for the stress underneath the structural issues and Counselling Kinesiology to support better understanding of what allows us to stay 'out of balance'
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Explaining quirks, tips and tricks of kinesiology:  Madonna Guy ND
Here Sinoux & Madonna Guy ND go through some of the questions we've been asked about kinesiology - we discuss finger modes, stacking, locking and unlocking, even some basics of working with chakras.
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HCG Weight Loss Kinesiology for Joy:  Checking for organ/stress imbalances
In this video Joy is struggling with weight loss on the HCG programme: here we see what may be causing disruption with her weight loss: insulin, toxicity, fluid issues, liver function (or lack thereof), stress; cortisol etc
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Structural Kinesiology with Madonna Guy ND from New Leaf Natural Therapies
This is a little demonstration of Structural Kinesiology. Muscles switch on and off in daily life, but sometimes they forget to reboot! This uses Touch For Health muscle testing and diffuses a little stress at the same time. Just having a bit of fun!
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Quick Carpal Tunnel; Wrist Injuries / Weakness:  Madonna Guy
In this balance we quickly reset Joy's wrist. She's dropped a few things this week (she's 73!) but this is the first time this has happened and made her worry. Quick check for the wrist/forearm muscles and how they're affecting the nerves in the hand!
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Switching points and how to correct for better brain integration!
these points help with better left-right balance, front-back balance and help us to live more in the moment :-) We have an online kinesiology course for family and friends coming - keep an eye out on Facebook.
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Kinesiology Neck Whiplash and Jaw Support:  Madonna Guy
In this quick balance with Shelby I show a few kinesiology techniques to support correcting a whiplash injury - if localised to the neck. If there has been a spinal cord issue we do further work, as the whiplash, long term, has been linked to fibromyalgia, scoliosis and chronic fatigue syndrome.
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Quick shoulder and bicipital tendon reset using kinesiology techniques:  Madonna Guy
Quick shoulder and bicipital tendon reset using kinesiology techniques: - checking the shoulder joint - resetting the bicipital tendon - checking for wrist weakness - carpal tunnel correction
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How to rebalance between kinesiology sessions! Self-help with Madonna Guy ND
In this video Sinoux and Madonna talk though some basic energy balancing techniques that support better integration of the brain under stress. In kinesiology terminology these are called 'switching' techniques. We have a quick discussion about how each one works - and different people will respond differently depending on their needs. You will only find out by doing them and seeing how you feel! These exercises are great for kids doing before school each day; before homework in the afternoon; and any time they're feeling bullied or their self-esteem has been damaged by other kids or teachers. Many of our Asperger's', ADD, ADHD, ODD and autistic children feel more together when they do these exercises (or depending on where they are on the spectrum it's the parents and teachers who can tell if they have or haven't been doing their exercises between LEAP and NOT kinesiology sessions... It's great for bigger humans to do before work in the mornings if they're stressed; at the end of a workday if they're in a stressful work environment; anytime we're feeling anxious, stressed or unable to enjoy life!
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LEAP Kinesiology for Brain Integration with Madonna Guy ND
Here Madonna does some LEAP Kinesiology; discussing how we use this process to connect the left and right hemispheres of the brain via the corpus collosum; and how trust shuts this down. We then increase energy to the frontal cortex, via the anterior commissure; which particularly shuts down when feeling sadness, despondency or depression (bummed out); then we look at the hippocampus (memory centre) which often feels between a rock and a hard place because it often shuts down with both 'fear of failure' and 'a fear of success'. Next we look at integrative centres such as the Broca's areas; Wernicke's areas; auditory integrative points and master points for all incoming and outgoing visual and auditory memories! LEAP is a huge process - takes 10-20 sessions to clear all the main pathways of the brain from stress. Depending on the child / adult it can take more or less time - but generally once improvements are seen in behaviour and learning, we see people regularly for years on end - just to 'defrag from life!' Find a LEAP kinesiology practitioner and see if it supports you or your children for exams, schooling, friendships... just having a better life! Find a LEAP Practitioner if you've been the subject of bullying, sexual harassment, parental abuse as a child (or as an adult). LEAP basically allows you to be the best you can be!
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Thanks Katie!  Sharing a structural and emotional balance 😀
This is a client who flew from New Zealand for a treatment! Hi Katie - thanks so much - so lovely to meet you :-) Know that you are worthy for your place here on the planet - you deserve love, happiness and respect in your life!
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Goal balancing - energy healing with kinesiology:  Madonna Guy ND
In this process I simply show how goals 'stress' the body. If we say a goal, and we get a 'lock' with the muscle test, it means there's no stress (it's locking therefore the brain believes it). In this balance the goal is hefty. There's 5 sentences and we see an 'unlock' with each sentence; therefore the brain doesn't believe the goals and the goals create stress in the body and brain.
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Part 1: Kinesiology Surrogacy with baby Theodore!
In this quick surrogacy we're after showing you: 1. how we get 'daddy' to become 'baby' and see the changes 2. here from 'daddy' how he feels about surrogacy...
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Can Kinesiology help anger from post traumatic stress?  Madonna Guy Kinesiologist
Anger - is often caused by a fear of something... a fear of loss... a fear of feeling stupid... a fear of being hurt... a fear of being ripped off. As we go through this 'anger' balance we find the priorities for the nervous system over and over again. Relationships are tough. Break-ups are harder. Dealing with kids as well through the court system is NEVER an easy process. Yes, kinesiology can help!
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Quick energy balance for stress :-)
Last video before I go on holidays for a while. See you in December peeps!
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Shoulder and Neck issues supported by kinesiology; a little NOT for Joy...  by Madonna Guy ND
Thank you Joy for being in this video :-) Joy is 73 years old, exercises with yoga, pilates etc as well as doing just about everything heavy at home with her 88 year old hubby unable to do lots of heavy lifting these days. In this little demo I start with some NOT (Neural Organisational Technique); a kinesiology protocol that connects our centring reflex points (cloacals), releases the tailbone, connects and balances the sacral occipital points... this is a process developed by Dr Carl Ferrari from New York. By the way, it's Joy's birthday today!! Thanks Joy xxx
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Shoulder Pain:  How kinesiology can help.  Madonna Guy
In this process we look at lots of individual shoulder muscles.
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Quick Nutritional Testing with kinesiology:  Madonna & Sinoux
Nutritional testing isn't as easy as it sounds - with kinesiology it always depends on the context of the balance, the context of the question. People often say to me, so you didn't find any cancer? And I say, I didn't check for cancer.... Kinesiologists needs to know the questions you need answered before a balance is started, otherwise it's just working through whatever protocol we think it appropriate for the day! It's not magic (but it's really close!!)
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Kinesiology with Joy:  old injuries linked to PTSD trauma patterns!
Kinesiology with Joy: old injuries linked to PTSD trauma patterns! An injury 20-30 years ago ... linked to survival patterns. Sorry phone cut off!
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Before stress, after stress comparison... Madonna Guy Kinesiologist
In this quick video, I show how the structural check in N.O.T. (Neural Organisational Technique) were doing okay until we asked the body about a shock/trauma that happened 2 weeks ago. You can clearly see the before (where muscles lock) compared to asking about the shock/trauma where you see the unlocking muscle testing. This shows a lack of integrity of the body's balancing system under stress.
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Kinesiology for Infections/Inflammation & Survival Patterns they cause: Madonna Guy
Part 2 of a surrogacy balance Kat and I did for one of our clients - trying to discover what infection what causing a major issue in her body. We'd found Rickettsia and are doing a survival pattern around the mite.
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Kinesiology (Thyroid, Adrenal, Immune Stress) with Madonna Guy ND
This process shows how we find info about the HPA Axis with the use of the Teres Minor; Flexor Hallicus Longus and Core immune points to find how stress, adrenalin, pain hormones, medicaitons can affect our immune system, thyroid and adrenals
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Balance for Shelby:  Anxiety, organs & chakra balance!  Madonna Guy
Thanks for sharing again Shelby! Due to Shelby's anxiety, she had to take another break from study at the moment - in this balance we see how anxiety is affecting her organs, and we show how the energy healing / chakra balancing picks up the meridian energy of the organs... We also find the 'bully' meridian which was affecting all the others :-)
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Erica Surrogate Balance Part 1:  with Madonna Guy
Hi Erica, here we calm down your survival patterns, celestial circuit... there's a video that helps maintain these in the background. Also the moro reflex work could help you as well. I'll endeavour to attach these videos for you :-)
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Rebalance of muscles and body for Joy!  Madonna Guy kinesiologist
Darn this auto-focus - sorry about this! In this video we've been balancing Joy over the past few months... Why? lower back and hip pain (since some idiot pulled a chair out from behind her when she sat down in her 20's and she never recovered!). She's has had several weeks of driving (LOTS!) out west in Queensland (10 hours to and from) and home from Sydney (12 hours) and packing up a house!
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LEAP Kinesiology with Madonna Guy ND at New Leaf Natural Therapies
This is a short video showing some of the LEAP kinesiology programme. Finding lack of communication between different parts of the part, over-active amygdala and survival patterns.
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Muscle Testing for Nerve Impingement through the pelvic cavity: Madonna Guy ND
Muscle Testing for Nerve Impingement through the pelvic cavity: The pain has been creating 'anxiety' like 'shaking' - sometimes the adrenal glands releassing stress and pain hormones can make the body feel anxious when in pain. Madonna Guy ND - when someone is in pain, kinesiology can support better energy for specific muscles. There are 'tests' for individual muscles such as the psoas, hamstrings, quadriceps, abdominal muscles, fascia lata, quadratus lumborum, the iliacus, the pectoneus etc. We can then add energy to these muscles via meridian flushing, adding energy to the spinal cord, neurovascular points on the skull, emotional stress release points.
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About Madonna Guy ND from New Leaf Natural Therapies
Madonna Guy ND runs a clinic New Leaf Natural Therapies in Wynnum, Brisbane. We run a clinic that includes experienced naturopathy, kinesiology, acupuncture, remedial massage, structural balancing, LEAP Brain balancing, Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage etc etc Phone consultations available. Surrogacy Kinesiology balances available. Spiritual balances available with members of the team.
Using a 14 muscle balance (kinesiology) to start diffusing old pain memories
I remember in one of my apt many years ago I was practicing with a practitioner friend who said 'don't rub my hip - I broke it many years ago and it still hurts!'... The teacher luckily overheard and we did a whole session on pain-memory and how the cells hold the trace of old injuries... In this balance, Joy has two old 'pain spots / injuries' that occasionally play up - 10/10 in pain occasionally - for no particular reason. A 14 muscle balance can help to balance your body to any goal.... Any goal that's causing you stress, that is!
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Self-Muscle Testing Techniques:  Kinesiology with Madonna Guy
We've had so many queries about training from beyond: Yes I do kinesiology training, but only a couple of times per year - over a few months. We've got an online course coming! Find us on Facebook :-)
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Goals and Dreams Kinesiology Balance:  Madonna Guy
in this balance we're taking a layer off the stress over dealing with goals and dreams that have been put on hold... my mantra is always 'life is good, life feels great!' With kinesiology we can 'balance' your body to goals and dreams - we can balance the body to new beliefs....
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Part 2:  Anger / Frustration balance - 1 week later:  Madonna Guy Kinesiologist
This quick follow-up is just showing the difference between a part 1 balance and a part 2 balance one week apart... People often ask if kinesiology changes anything - this balance within 7 days of the original (where I discuss the processes that are all still 'okay' at this point) shows where changes start to happen...
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N.O.T. Neck, Whiplash, Cranials, Jaw & Hips.  Kinesiology with Madonna Guy
A little more N.O.T. Neural Organisational Technique... developed by Dr Carl Ferrari Great for kids with ADHD and learning issues - the cranials and whiplashes may impact on the brain and make it harder to concentrate. In this demonstration we work on the neck muscles, ensuring whiplash is cleared, compression of cranials due to stress and defensiveness are relaxed, and find the connections between the jaw and the hips. The neck muscles (and Pectoralis clavicular) both relate to the stomach meridian. We find a classic whiplash and the jaw has been overworking, unlocking some muscles in the lower body.
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Part 2:  Kinesiology balance with Joy for neck, shoulder & the stress underneath it.
Here Madonna Guy ND uses a kinesiology protocol, included in the LEAP process (as developed by Dr Charles Krebs) to diffuse some stress stored in the muscles of the neck and shoulders...
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Hip and Shoulders - discussing connections and stress lying underneath body pain....
In this video Madonna Guy does a treatment on Joy, who is currently suffering right shoulder pain and right hip pain. We look at the stress circuits underlying pain; the organs, meridians and muscles linked to pain, and show how it's all connected! Nothing is simple in the human body - we're all very complex - but kinesiology starts to unravel the complexity!
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Cramps, quick shoulder, hip, femur check for Joy, with some emotional gear!
Sorry, missed the beginning of the video.... It's getting really 'Queensland' cold where Joy lives, so the joints are starting to ache! Old injuries like the toe (from a few years ago), bursitis in the hip and shoulder, and sciatic pain on this opposite side! And a little emotional gear too thrown in! Body and mind are always connected!
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Chakra, cranials and Organ balancing...  Madonna Guy Naturopath/Kinesiologist
In this balance we work through each of the chakra/cranial combinations: they are either neutral (in balance); 1st stage stress (small amount); 2nd stage stress (over working like running on adrenalin) or 3rd stage stress - like chronic fatigue of the chakras. Children respond really well to energy work because they often have less emotional 'crap' than the rest of us. Children are also emotionally tender and their energy systems are often damaged with bullying by teachers, students and parents; by watching TV their immature brain is not ready for... and so much more. Most of us when in pain, stressed, dealing with 'life' have imbalances now and then, kinesiology balancing simply brings us back into alignment. Thanks again Sinoux!!
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Part 1 Di Balance :-)
As this is a real live balance, thanks so much Di! Welcome to AUS!
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MCAS & Histamine & Survival Pattern Balance:  Madonna Guy
In this balance we test for MCAS histamines: * is histmine linked to stress & hormonal symptoms? * is histamine linked to survival patterns? * is MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome) a link to health issues?
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Kinesiology showing connection between the jaw and hips; whiplash and cranial injury complex.
In this demonstration Madonna and Sinoux show the connection between the jaw, hips, lower back. The muscles of the jaw; when they're too tight may deactivate some of the hip and lower back muscles. After my clients have been to the dentist; after anaesthetics; falls - I recommend this process to reset the body. Initially I double check for whiplash and cranial injury complex, as the neck and cranial muscles all affect the jaw. This is a part of the kinesiology protocol known as N.O.T. Neural Organisational Technique, as developed by Dr Carl Ferrari who I did training with nearly 20 years ago!
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Primitive Reflexes Moro/Startle Reflex demonstration:  Madonna Guy ND
Here Madonna Guy discusses briefly the Moro Reflex, how we can calm it down are reconnect areas of the brain that are suffering a disconnect due to a jammed primitive reflex: the Moro reflex is linked to learning and behavioural problems, as well as mood disorders. The Moro Reflex is the big mumma of them all - if it's activated longer than it should, or is reactivated during times of stress (accidents, hormonal changes, birth of children etc) then it can start impacting on our lives and the world around us. An active moro reflex can cause many health problems, being another way of keeping fight and flight responses up and running. By doing the exercise morning and night along with flower essences and kinesiology balancing, we can start to calm it down so it no longer impacts so heavily on us. It's not a bad idea to have some support while you are unravelling your Primitive Reflexes - as they can cause your fight and flight responses to worse in the short term and there are calming nutrients and herbs (such as magnesium, passionflower, valerian, kava, GABA) and find something that works for you and helps you through the process!
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Communication Balance / Dyslexia Balance with Madonna Guy
In this balance we use our LEAP Brain Integration process to look at: - Goal Balancing - Integrating the brain for better balance of the brain - How we would support Dyslexia / ADHD - how anger and stress and anxiety can be our defence mechanisms when we've been bullied or picked on - Integration of memory centres - Integration of survival patterns which affect memory - and can lead to learning problems such as dyslexia... thanks again Shelby!!
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Kinesiology (Thyroid, Adrenal, Immune) with Madonna Guy
Kinesiology can be a tool used for really basic things, like seeing if a muscle goes weak and therefore something (food, a person, a substance, a supplement, a drug) is bad for you. Used well, kinesiology can really nut out what hormones are out, challenging which areas of your body. Kinesiology is tailored to the individual, and can let us know which medical tests would be a great idea to have.
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Part 2: Surrogacy balance with baby Theordore:  Madonna Guy
Part 2: quick little part on baby Theodore! very basic surrogacy kinesiology for immunity bacteria viruses :-)
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Shoulder muscle testing using kinesiology with Madonna Guy ND
In this video I focus on some basic muscle testing for the shoulders - so many of us end up with daily pain through the shoulder blades, the top of our shoulders - and this often ends up causing neck and skull pain. I also talk through a couple of basic 'switching' / 'balancing' techniques that all kinesiologists should consider doing at the beginning of any balance so we know that the clients' body is communicating with us correctly - if it's out of balance, then the left-right muscles can be confused, more unlocking muscles can show - since the brain is confused the connections between the brain and the muscles isn't optimal.
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How emotional stress affects structure!  Madonna Guy Kinesiologist
In this balance we look at the connection between emotional and structural stress... She doesn't really believe that muscles hold emotional trauma - that's cool, most people don't!
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Part 1 Rose balance
Thanks Rose and welcome to Oz from NZ! Please people - this is a real balance - live, all negative comments will be removed.
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