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Street Souls - Going In  (Net Video)
Street souls performing their track 'Goin In' Feat Smurf In Stature. This video was put together using behind the scene footage, which was taken on the day of the recording. Follow @SmurfInStature and Street Souls @kllejeross Camera and Edit : Mussa Abdalla @icefilmsent ICE FILMS UK
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'Want To be Music video
"Want to be" Feat: Remoh, El Nino, Bajan Mafia and 004 (aka: 4 de hard way) Music produced by: Remoh Productions Video Directed by: Mussa Abdalla Aug 2011
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Cryptic - Sound In My Town
Music video by Cryptic performing Sound in my town. Kill-A-Instinct. Ice Films Ent
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(Street Souls) K'llejero ft La Guerrera - Tell Me (What you know)
Street souls K'llejero and La Guerrera performing 'Tell Me (what you know)" Ice Films Ent Film and edited by Mussa Abdalla
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Light Up Ya Lighters
Bajan Mafia , Remoh , Juny Man and Elnino performing 'Light up your lighters' Directed by mussa Abdalla Ice Films Uk
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Street Souls Uk @ Reprezent Radio 107.3 FM
Street Souls UK on Reprezent 107.3, LIVE with Tarek from Revolution. Celebrating Reprezent 107.3FM's first year smashing the FM dial! Camera and Edit : Mussa Abdalla @icefilmsent Follow Street Souls uk @kllejeross and also on www.facebook.com/streetsoulsuk Follow @reprezentRadio and @tarekrevolution www.facebook.com/reprezentradio www.facebook.com/tarekrevolution
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Street Price
A man buys a brand new boxed up mobile phone off the streets. But is it the bargain he was hoping for? . Written and directed by Mussa Abdalla Language: English. Other Language: Swahili Starring: Abdulrahim Tauarua, Sabry Al-kindy, Juny Man. Music by Romano Yorke Ice Films Ent 2013
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Dogman - Freestyle #7
Dogman member of Street Souls gives us a freestyle. Hard!! camera: mussa abdalla
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Babiy Cee Ft Juny Man - 'Nakupenda'
june 2011
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Down Town - Bajan Mafia & Rebel Union feat. Supa Frost
Sterling World Films Ice Films UK Frost Entertainment Records A Remoh Production 004 Street Money Music Filmed By: Sticky & Mussa Abdalla Edited By: Supa Frost
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Its Wiskin - Freestyle #4
Its Wiskin is a upcoming rapper/ producer from East london canning town .http://www.facebook.com/ItsWiskin Camera mussa Abdalla. IceFilmsUK
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Dwayne Patrick the producer aka MR I CAN aka THE I CAN MAN!!
Dwayne patrick is an award winning Producer and the founder of the I CAN project
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Juny Man - Freestyle #1 (In Swahili)
Juny Man of M2S freestyling in swahili Camera: Mussa abdalla
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Making Of 'Sound In My Town"
Check the making of Cryptic single Sound in my town. With ice films entertainment. Video coming out soon!
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Al Bajoun - NIMI . Check out his channel DAWALINK for more for of his poetry and spoken word.
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Street Souls Performance at the UEL Underground Bar
Kllejeross and Dogman of Street Souls UK performing at a show in the Underground bar at the University of East London. Follow @kllejeross Camera 1 - Rastar vision @RaStar_Vision Camera 2 and Editor - Mussa abdalla @icefilmsuk Ice Films UK 2012
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Offside Trick Ft Black seed - Blah Blah
Muda Legend of "Offside Trick" and sabry al kindy of "Blackseed" performing " Blah Blah" Directed by mussa abdalla. Icefilms Uk
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Sabriy and Abdul - / Net video
Camera: Hassan Nazir Directed and Edited by Mussa Abdalla
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BlackSeed - Media Official Video
Al - kindy and Abdulrahim of Blackseed perfroming "Media" Directed by Mussa abdalla Ice Films Uk
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Mother's Day
On her way out. Zara meets a young girl who teaches her, how important her mother is. Written and directed by Mussa Abdalla Ice Films Ent 2013
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K'llejero - Freestyle #8
Met up with K'llejero member of Street Souls and he gave me a couple of of bars still. Follow @kllejeross www.facebook.com/streetsoulsuk Camera and Edit: Mussa Abdalla
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written by Maria Palmu
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Stop Smoking
A short film to raise awareness on cigarette smoking by Ice films UK follow @icefilmsent
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Street Price II
'With street life, you've got to pay the street price' The two hustlers are back on road and looking to rip off another person. Written by Sabry Al-Kindy Directed by Mussa Abdalla Ice Films Ent
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Danny&Matt - Butterfly - Jason Mraz cover
Acoustic Covers Duo Danny & Matt perform Jason Mraz ' Butterfly ' www.acousticcovers.co.uk Camera and editor: Mussa Abdalla Ice films Uk
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Kllejeros and Non Applicable - Freestyle #13
Chilling with Non Applicable and Kllejeros. And they gave me a back to back freestyle. Follow @NonApplics and @Kllejeross Camera and Edit : Mussa Abdalla @icefilmsent
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Time Is Up shoot ( Behind the scenes)
The making of Upcoming Movement - Time Is Up , with Kempy and Steveo. Camera: Atique Ali Editor: Mussa abdalla Ice films uk
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Street Souls - Freestyle #5 (Acapella)
Met up with Some of the members of Street Souls. And they gave me a little freestyle in acapella. In order of freestyle we got : K'llejero , Sleepa, Kam Kazzim and Dogman Camera: Mussa Abdalla
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Non Applicable - Freestyle #12
Met up with Non applicable and gave me a quick freestyle . Check out some of non Applicable music and video's on youtube. Follow him @nonApplics
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Making of 'Want To Be'
Behind the scene of " Want to be" Filmed and edited by Raj Chawda assit: mussa abdalla Ice films uk
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Bike Thief
A man chases after his stolen bike. Written and directed by Mussa Abdalla Music by Romano Yorke Starring : Robin Rhys Ramsurrun and Mudathir Said Hamed Ice Films Entertainments 2013
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Juny Man - "Huzuni"
Juny Man of m2s Performing his single "Huzuni". Remoh Productions. Video Created By Mussa Abdalla. IceFilmsUK.
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Behind the scenes of Hometown Glory
the behind the scenes , of the making of upcoming movements 'Hometown Glory' Music video Camera and Edit : Mussa Abdalla
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Street Souls UK - Freestyle #11
Street souls members spitting bars after their live show at Represent Radio 107.3 FM. We have Kllejeros, Collizion and Chunkz. Camera and edit: Mussa abdalla @icefilmsent Follow @kllejeross, @collizionuk and @SLAMDUNK_ARTIST
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Making of 'Watch What You Say'
Edited by Mussa Abdalla iceFilms UK
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Harry and Barry Singh: The Pilot
The trials and tribulation of Harry and Barry Singh.
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Cryptic - 'Boo '
Cryptic performing 'Boo' directed by mussa abdalla Ice films uk
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15R. This film was made for the London 48HR Film Project 2013. Team Name: NewMakers. Genre: Horror. Prop: Cushion. Character: Oliver Ball , an event planner. Line: There' s nothing to it.
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Kemposs - In The Zone music video
March 2011
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Fo - Freestyle #3
Fo freestyles to two beats. Fo is a rapper and a music producer. Boss Playaz Ent http://www.facebook.com/groups/171554329584092/ Camera: Mussa abdalla IceFilmsUK
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Raggo Zulu Rebel , Capital B and Mike Kelljeros - Freestyle #14
Freestyle from Raggo Zulu Rebel , Capital B and Mike K'llejeros after the Restless Beings 'Kukusanya' fund raising event at the Lantern Studio Theatre, London. http://static.restlessbeings.org/events/posters/13/large_poster.jpg?1332767207 http://www.restlessbeings.org/events/kukusanya
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Blackseed - Giza (dark) Music Video
Blackseed performing "Giza" (dark) Directed and Edited by Mussa abdalla Ice Films uk
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Kempyy - Freestyle #6
Kempyy freestyles camera : mussa abdalla
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Upcoming Movements - 'Time Is Up'
Upcoming Movements Kempy and steveo performing 'Time Is Up' Directed by Mussa abdalla Ice Films Uk
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New Money Ft Sultan King & Shareezy - Nini Tatizo
Made in March 2017
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Upcoming movement - HomeTown Glory
IceFilms Uk presents Upcoming Movement performing 'Hometown Glory' video created by Mussa Abdalla
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Making of 'My Boo'
Edited by Mussa abdalla Video coming soon Icefilms UK
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Zanzibar: Home after 21 years
After 21 years i finally return home for a month and half!! Here a video of some footage i managed to put together . Hope you enjoy it!!
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Corrupted Class AD 2018
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Some of the work Ive done o far
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