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The Monk Diablo 3 Xbox 360
If you guys play online Xbox 360 put your gamertag in the comments this video is just some gamplay for when you get your second follower on the first act.
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Bearded dragon eats big lizard
What happens in the wild lol
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Team of caragors!
Title pretty much explains itself this could make taking on a horde of orcs alot more manageable with a couple of Caragors on ur team!😎😈
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Diablo 3 Witch Docter
He strikes me as a necromancer that in the right hands could be very deadly i haven't explored it in a higher level but is definitely formidable leave your gamertag in a comment for Xbox 360 Diablo 3
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Diablo 3 Monk gameplay
Hey likes and comments are appreciated if u play xbox 360 live on Diablo leave ur gamertag in a comment guys.
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Gamplay Diablo 3 Act2
This is just a few of the characters just to have an idea of who does what and coukd possibly work well together. Any likes or comments are appreciated.
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Diablo 3 Demon hunter Level 12 gameplay
Title self explanatory again if u guys do play on xbox live for 360 comment ur gamertag if u want also like and subscribe for more to come.
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Diablo 3 level 17 Wizard gamplay
The title explains itself if u guys play online Xbox 360. Then get ahold by putting ur gamertag in a comment we can go fuck shit up lol 👌. Plz like
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Hybrid Lycanthropy/VampireLord
How to be both Vampire Lord and Werewolf.
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